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2012-03-24, 07:41 PM
I am currently up to my elbows in number crunching and class feature designing that mind is at a loss. I am trying to make a base class based on the wetboys from Brent Weeks Night Angel Trilogy. For those who havent read the books, the characters are all naturally gifted with the ability to use magic but have to be trained in how to use it. Most of them have displayed an ability to change appearance, change their voice, enhance their strength/speed/endurance, magically move small objects, wrap themselves in shadows, muffle footsteps, and other things such as magically shielding themselves from harm (punches, stab wounds, sword blows, and jumping into a lake from about 150' up.

I am designing them to have a spell progression that is a hybrid of bard and duskblade. So alot of spells, but none above sixth level.

I am asking the playground for help in designing a spell list or giving just blanket open and banned schools, as well as how to handle their spells known. They definitely seem like spontaneous casters, but in the book the fact that they aren't inately aware of how to do anything with their magical energy and must be tought or left to fumble and figure it out on their own makes me want to give them elements of prepaired casters ability to add spells to their lists.

2012-03-24, 09:02 PM
well, psionics would fit the fluff of the wet boys better. I would sugest using psici warrior as a base, and moving out bonus feats for a sneak attack progression, or perhaps rogue style specials(using rogue features with level requirments).

most of the big tricks are covered(perhaps add a minor alter self to the power list for the disguise...).

2012-03-24, 09:13 PM
I thought about psionics, but I want this to be an int based class instead of wis. I am also far more familar with spells than psionic powers and their mechanics. Though it definitely a good suggestion if I can find my books for psionics and relearn them.

The class so far has a number of abilities to keep pace with ToB classes, and help them make the assassin PrC look like trash. I am intending it to not PrC well or just be a front loaded dip class, but instead a full 20 level rogue gish in a can with useful class features spread throughout and few to no dead levels. I am trying to hold true to its concept that they make assassins in their world look like ineffective chumps without making the class OP or complete garbage.

2012-03-24, 09:37 PM
free, and with most psionic rules+a good part of the crunch from the PHB, DMG, MM, and UA.

as for spells... perhaps domains to represent spechilazations, with a little advanced learning? then they get like 2 domains and some basic universal spells?