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2012-03-26, 01:34 AM
So I just started DMing a game of classic 3.5 through an IRC channel. It's my second time DMing, and as a group we have a lot of fun ripping the parts of other works of fiction and retrofitting them to our D&D sessions. In the previous campaign we essentially took the plot from the Phantom Menace and played it through, and while I can imagine at first glance the concept seems a little silly, retelling the story of the "Mercantilist Alliance's" blockade of faux-Naboo turned out to be an awesome adventure as we made a campaign that both did and didn't take itself seriously at the same time.

This time we're taking Mass Effect and Skyrim and dropping it into a blender with D&D. With homebrewed turians and krogan, an impending apocalypse at the hands of the Reapers/dragons, and a better grasp of storytelling within the medium of pen-and-paper gaming, our first session seemed to be the first episode in another awesome, not-so-serious campaign rife with references, parody, and drama.

Now, I love writing, and I'd like to keep a record of this weekly adventure of ours, so I figured I might as well post it here. Would anyone be interested in reading this?

Dr Bwaa
2012-03-27, 02:16 PM
This certainly sounds interesting; I know several other people around here have been keeping campaign logs in this forum. If you're planning to write them in a more story-based format, you should put them here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=224548)![/shameless]

Kol Korran
2012-03-29, 04:13 AM
will people be interested in reading this? :smallconfused:
well, as any log, it depends on the content, the writing style and possibly other factors. most logs don't get a lot of comments to them, and they do take a bit to write, but according to some people in the forum, there are quite a few people who read them.

i suggest to write the log for yourself first and foremost. if you want responses then try and entice the readers with questions and requesting help with suggestions and the like.

i suggest to look over various logs in the forums (i have two in my sig, one from a DM's point of view, and one from a player's, but they quite extensive, probably way too extensive for comfort) to get a feel of what might be your preferred style.

the logs that got the most acclaim and were most read are SilveClawShift and Saph's logs, which can be found in the stickies threads (top of the forum threads). their success comes from excellent gaming as well excelletn stroytelling, which is just as important.

i'll look over your log if you publish it, see if it catches my interest.