View Full Version : 2 feats, as a sneak peak for a project im working on.

super dark33
2012-03-26, 10:41 AM
Well, im working on a project, which is a Campeign fittable for many settings.

These two are Wizard school feats, which can only be taken at first level.
I intend they will make a wizard stronger, but will give him a major flaw.

In the great city, there are two Magical Colleges.

One is the strict and conservative Pedabidun
The outer is the innovative and changing Jegozis

Or with less fluff, the first resambles a british college while the latter resambles an American college.

Graduate of Pedabidun

Congratulations! you have graduated from the strict and tough Pedabidun! your wizarding career has started!
you will not forget your time in Pedabidun easily.
from the forced hospital corners in the beds to that necromancy teacher who would grab and squish your ear until you said the vocal component of 'Finger of death' proparly.
You learnt to cast spells by the book, and you cant really apply anything new to your spells.

Benefit: You add half your Int modifier to your caster level.
Penalty: You get two thirds of your will save instead of the regular, you also can chose only one metamagic feat for each spell, that means that if you make Empowerd magic missle, you can only metamagic Empowerd to your magic missle.
Requierment: to be taken at level 1.

Graduate of Jegozis

WOOO! you finnaly graduated! all the hard work is done!
Now you can finnaly do what you want, without all the work on your back.
You will never forget your time in Jegozis.
You even still keep that picture book of your friends if you made any!
you remember the parties, the love, that boring teacher with the monotonous voice...
But your time in Jegozis gave you some serious expirience.

Benefit: You can also prepere Backup spells. these spells can be casted instead of one of your regularly preperd spells. you can make half of them for each spell level.
I have problem finding a flaw for this one. Help?
Requierment: To be taken at level 1.