View Full Version : [4E DnD] Another Miniboss Monster

2012-03-26, 02:06 PM
First off: If you are one of my players, get out! You know who you are~

Okay, so, my players quite thoroughly trashed the hydra I sent at them at level 6. For reference, this was the final version I went with:


So now they're level 7, and I'm hoping to give them a bit more of a challenge this time. This is the monster I intend to use:


I'm thinking of placing it in a room with a long, 4 or 5 tile wide bridge across water. The exact nature of the encounter will vary: the previous encounter will include an elite controller, that will attempt to escape when bloodied. If it succeeds in escaping, it will also be a part of the encounter at the start, with as much HP as it escaped with. Thinking of giving the kraken a surprise round in that case. Otherwise, it will be hiding and depend on the player's perception as to whether or not they spot it. There will be mechanisms in place to prevent easy escape from the room, with the door being sealed by a complex lock requiring a skill challenge to open.

The kraken will prefer to engage opponents from across the water, using its reach to its advantage if possible. It can use whirlpool to draw grabbed creatures in, and then use fatal plunge to toss them into the water. If it can't do that it will either constrict them, or throw them at each other. I decided to borrow the purple worm's bloodied frenzy once I saw how many minor actions I was giving it. The rest of the design is based heavily on the kraken from the MM3.