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Duke of URL
2012-03-28, 02:05 PM
Changes to Eldritch Disciple to accommodate Dragonfire Adepts instead of Warlocks:


Dragonfire Disciple

A Dragonfire Disciple uses the same rules as Eldritch Disciple (CDvi, 53), except as noted here.

Under Entry Requirements, strike Invocations and replace with:

Breath Weapon: At least one breath effect.

Under Class Features

Strike "Invocations" and replace with:

Draconic Progression: At each level, you gain new invocations known, new breath effects, increases in breath range and damage, and increase in invoker level as if you had also gained a level as a Dragonfire Adept. You do not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained.

Under "Gift of the Divine Patron"...

Strike "Corrupting Blast" and replace with:

Corrupting Breath: In place of applying a breath effect to your breath weapon, you can change it to a corrupting breath. In addition to its normal effect, the breath applies a penalty on the target's next Will save equal to 1/2 your class level (minimum -1). If the target doesn't attempt a Will save before the end of your next turn, the effect fades.

Under "Damage Reduction", strike the sentence the describes stacking with the Warlock ability.

Strike "Fiendish Resilience" and replace with:

Draconic Resilience: You gain resistance to one element of your choice equal to 10 + your class level. This resistance stacks with any energy resistance granted by an invocation or a Draconic feat. You may choose a different element each time you use this ability. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + your Cha modifier (minimum 1 round).

Strike "Healing Blast" and replace with:

Healing Breath: In place of applying a breath effect to your breath weapon, you can change it into a healing breath. The breath heals living creatures instead of dealing damage to them (the damage healed is equal to the damage normally dealt); living creatures under the effect of the endure exposure invocation for your breath weapon are affected by the healing breath. Against undead, the healing breath deals damage as normal; against constructs or objects, the healing breath has no effect. Your deity must be non-evil for you to select this gift.

Under "Wild Frenzy", replace the first sentence with:

Your breath weapon damage is increased by 1d6 and the difficulty class of any saving throws for your breath weapon is increased by +1; you also gain temporary hit points equal to twice your class level.

Strike "Eldritch Spellweave" and replace with:

Draconic Spellweave: Beginning at 5th level, you can apply a breath effect you know to any divine spell that affects a target or that requires a melee or ranged touch attack. See the chart below for the minimum spell level to apply particular breath effects. If the breath effect requires a saving throw (most do), use the normal save DC for that effect. If the breath effect changes the damage of the spell, it can be applied only to a spell that deals damage (you can't add cold breath to dimensional anchor, for example). Breath effects that affect the shape of the breath (e.g., cloud breath) cannot be used with this ability.

Using this ability increases the spell's casting time to 1 full-round action. A spell that has a normal casting time of 1 full round or longer takes an extra full-round action to cast. If the spell has more than one target or allows more than one attack, you must choose one target to be affected by the breath effect; all other targets take only the normal effect of the spell.

You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Cha modifier (minimum 1).

{table]Breath Effect Level | Minimum Spell Level
2nd | 1st
5th | 3rd
10th | 5th
15th | 8th[/table]


Epic Progression:

{table]Level | Special | Breath/Spells
11 | - | +1 draconic advancement, +1 spellcating level
12 | Epic Draconic Spellweave (no time increase) | +1 draconic advancement, +1 spellcating level
13 | Epic Gift of the Divine Patron | +1 draconic advancement, +1 spellcating level
14 | - | +1 draconic advancement, +1 spellcating level
15 | Bonus Feat | +1 draconic advancement, +1 spellcating level
16 | Epic Gift of the Divine Patron | +1 draconic advancement, +1 spellcating level
17 | - | +1 draconic advancement, +1 spellcating level
18 | Epic Draconic Spellweave (at will) | +1 draconic advancement, +1 spellcating level
19 | Epic Gift of the Divine Patron | +1 draconic advancement, +1 spellcating level
20 | Bonus Feat | +1 draconic advancement, +1 spellcating level

Epic Draconic Spellweave: At 12th level, you may use your Draconic Spellweave ability without any increase in the casting time of the spell. At 18th level you may use this ability at will rather than 3 + Cha modifier times per day.

Epic Gift of the Divine Patron: At 13th level and every 3rd level thereafter you may choose another Gift of the Divine Patron but may disregard any alignment-based requirement for that gift.

Bonus Feat: At 15th level and every 5th level thereafter you gain an Epic bonus feat. (List TBD: assume most feats that improve divine spellcasting or breath weapon would be included)