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2012-03-29, 01:57 PM
I'm staying in the Washington downtown area for the next week on holiday, and I was interested in having a look in some fantasy/RPG stores. I'm really interested in anything you might think fits the bill, but I'm especially interested in a place that stocks Pathfinder books, minis, and/or interesting dice. It would be a huge benefit if the place is also within walking distance of a metro station. Price isn't really a huge deterrent since anything I buy here is bound to be cheaper than back home anyway.

So... Anyone know of a good store?:smallsmile:

2012-03-29, 04:59 PM
I actually asked this awhile back and on several different forums. Folks were able to recommend a few just outside of DC but nothing actually in the city. My searching while there lead me to the same results :(

Draco Ignifer
2012-03-29, 06:34 PM
Labyrinth Games and Puzzles is the one I'd recommend. It has tables in the back, has a lot of places to eat around it, and is a block or so away from the Eastern Market Metro.

2012-03-30, 06:32 PM
Thanks for the heads up! I'll check out the labyrinth tomorrow afternoon. :smallsmile:

2012-03-31, 04:26 PM
I visited the Labyrinth today. It's a charming store with very friendly staff and an impressive selection of board games. Unfortunately their RPG selection is very limited - one small bookcase of assorted books of various systems, and a half dozen or so minis. The owner was very helpful and explained that her customer base didn't really go for RPG stuff, she also offered to order in whatever I was looking for - unfortunately I won't be in town long enough for that to work out.

So in short, the hunt continues :smallsmile:

2012-04-02, 12:25 PM
Your best bet is Dream Wizards. It is actually in Rockville. You could take the Red Line to the White Flint Metro Stop. It's about a kilometer walk from there down Nicholson Lane.


2012-04-02, 01:01 PM
Yeah, DC is not a great area for RPG stores. It's mainly Wizards' fault. A few years back, they had their "Wizards of the Coast Store" phase. That opened up in Crystal City (I think). Put most of the mom and pop stores in the region out of business within a year or two, since the access was so easy and the prices were so much lower. Then Wizards decided to fold that operation too. The local stores stayed gone, and it never really recovered.

There used to be a gaming/comic book store somewhere on Wisconsin Avenue (catering to Georgetown students like me) but I think that went out of business a while ago.

2012-04-03, 07:30 PM
The best gaming store I found in that area was called Games and Comics and Stuff, with an outstanding selection of minis and pretty much every 3.5 book ever published. However, it's been a number of years since I was there, so I can't vouch for their current state. Here's their website, which has their address and so forth:


Unfortunately, they're in Glen Burnie, Maryland, which is at least an hour's drive away from D.C. That might be difficult on short notice, although I'd recommend it if at all possible. Their website lists an impressive array of products (http://www.gamesandstuffonline.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=63&Itemid=63), including all things D&D and Pathfinder.

Apart from GCS, I'd have to agree with what Telonius and the others have said. I hit up one of the Wizards stores just once, right as they were liquidating, and after that finding a gaming store in the D.C. metro area was virtually impossible.

2012-04-03, 09:08 PM
Thank you all for your input! I did some googling and had a brief look around Wisconsin avenue, but I couldn't find anything solid.

Palanan, really appreciate the tip but that's unfortunately a bit out of my range. Next time I'm in the Maryland area I promise to check it out :smallsmile:.

My flight out of the states is scheduled for Thursday afternoon so it looks like Dream Wizards is my best bet - I'm going to head out there tomorrow.

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2012-04-03, 09:13 PM
Yeah, I had a feeling Glen Burnie would be a little too far. Good luck with Dream Wizards, and hope you can range more widely the next time you're here.

Also, hope you had a good stay this time around. Cherry blossoms, yes? :smallsmile:

2012-04-03, 09:24 PM
I've had a wonderful stay in Washington! It's a beautiful city and spring really brings out the best in it. I can definitely recommend a visit :smallsmile:

2012-04-07, 02:09 PM
Final follow-up to wrap this thread up: I went up going to Dream Wizards and picked up two Pathfinder books, Advanced Player's Guide and Ultimate Magic.The store was well stocked in RPG books but the mini selection was pretty much exclusively Warhammer and Warjacks(?).

I was actually looking to pick up some more items, but the staff wasn't particularly nice so in the end I just picked up the books and I'll order the rest from Paizo online. Thanks to everyone who helped me out :smallsmile: