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2012-03-30, 06:43 AM
I know this is mostly a 3.5 place but this seems like the best place to make this. Maybe it should go in World-Building?

I have this idea about a Pokemon Table-Top Adventure game set on a deserted island. It would be a survival game so the first part of it would be things like:

Finding shelter
Learning how to stay well fed
Keeping warm at night
Staying safe from predators
Learning more about your surroundings

The game would be a mixture of Pokemon (well duh:smalltongue:), Drake's Uncharted, Lost in Blue, Robinson Crueso and a little bit of Pirates of the Carribean/Monkey Island. It would be set somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, in the modern day Real World but pokemon exist. The PC's wash ashore after their cruise ship crashes, they awake alone on the island.

My ideas:

Mutliple Islands (3?) within a days sail from each other
Some pokemon only found at certain places on the Island (an old ruin for monkey pokemon like Primeape, Simisear and Aipom, more fire pokemon at a Volcano, grazing pokemon like Zebstrika, Tauros and Rapidash found on flat plains)
PC's start seperated from each other (no interaction unless the stumble upon each other on the island, splitting up is bad unless you know where to meet up)
Ancient Ruins (Aztec or African, maybe both) full of traps, also some old pirate shipwrecks, and stuff washed up from the cruiseship crash
Magical items (A magical fire sword gives you the Blade Weapon Proficiency and Flame Weapon Modifier for example)
Psychics would use Witchcraft, Mystics would be using Voodoo. Need a trainer for learning a Class
Bad guys would be modern day pirates (with AK-47s), with a few others (like maybe a skeleton pirate? Cannibals?)
A few friendly and unfriendly wandering NPC's

How would you handle things like healing in a world without pokecentres? How would herbs be good to make potions? Any suggested homebrew feats to help player survivability? Rules of hunger/starvation and lack of sleep? Any cool magic items or curses I should include? How big should each island be? How much should be realism, how much magic? Should I use 1.29 or the 1.30 rules? Rules for escaping the island?

The one idea I had was for healing. When a pokemon gets a full nights rest at a full camp (campfire, shelter, bedding and food) it regains half its maximum HP and is cured of one status effect. If a pokemon is fainted it has -HP and must first heal that before reagaining HP. (eg. if a Psyduck had 7/33 hp left hen got hit for 12 damage it would be at -5. Heal for 1 night would give it back 16 Hp, bringing it to 11hp, another night would give it 27 hp and one last night would bring it back to full). Later skills or items might boost this and not having a proper camp would heal for less.

It is designed for PbP games if that makes any difference. Suggestions? Comments? Criticisms? This will be my first try GMing and I want it to be something awesome.

2012-03-30, 06:50 AM
Take a look at the Pokemon Zero project.

The idea is playing as a young professor oak/agatha in a world before pokemon centers & all that:

Pokeballs are made with power stones + apricorns.
More often, though, it would involve befriending the pokemon rather than beating and capturing them. Comes down to 'do you fight or do you befriend?'
Healing would involve herbs, berries, and the like.

Consider also the idea that perhaps the ruins could have spaces for 'pokeballs'. At specific times of day (dawn, noon, sunset) the light from the sun could be channeled into healing for X pokemon at a time. A-la pokemon center.

Or the ruins do have this type of healing, but activating such a pedestal makes the earth rumble, and draws attention. Doing it too often could theoretically agitate every pokemon on the island and call them down on your head.

2012-03-30, 12:31 PM
Ancient Ruins (Aztec or African, maybe both) full of traps

Oh dear...


2012-03-30, 06:02 PM
Oh man, you're combining two of my favourite things in the world, right now - Pokemon and pirates!

Personally, I can see a pirate using Pokemon like Krabby, Wingull, maybe Raticate (rats stow away on ships, after all).

2012-03-31, 12:40 PM
Ruins as pokecenter, I like that idea. I'll also use the luring pokemon from healing, but will do it as pokemon being attracter by the smell of berries if you rely on them too much. The ruins would be safe heal spots, but you need to deactivate the traps in the ruins first.

Pokemon for the pirates, good idea but remember most of the pirates would be modern day pirates (like the guys in somalia). There will be some old school pirates, but the average mook will have uzis and ak-47s rather than flintlock and sabers.

Siglyph and Xatu will now be found exclusively in the temples. Cheers for the ideas so far guys.:smallsmile:

2012-03-31, 01:00 PM
Don't forget Unown. Maybe have the magic weapons have Unown related puzzles? You can also use Prime Unown, they can be a challenge in a fight. Spiritomb keeping them on the island through magic? Just a thought.

Most magic Trainer items can be found in Artificer and Fashion Designer. Most of the cool new items are 1.3, so I'd use that.

Pirate Pokemon: Depends. If it's full metal ships and such go for Steel types like Magnemite as well as big bulky Water Types. Throw in Hariyama and Machokes for the heavy lifting and you have a good crew.

If it is wooden ships I'd go with the above but replace the Steel types with Flying to provide constant wind to the ship.

What I've always done for healing is that in 8 hours of rest a Trainer heals CON+level and Pokemon heal their HP stat. I'd just highly reccomend that somebody plays a Medic and allow them to find herbs that are equal to "X amount of money for us in Medic features."

Actually, if you're on an island money won't really be that useful. Have them salvage the parts for any features they may want to take. e.g. If they want to take that Pokeball Arm Cannon feature allow them to find a few pistons and a piece of pipe to create a cannon.

Personally I like the idea of colonial times. Everyone stuck on muskets and such, big wooden ships. Guns could be implemented easier this way as well. I'm working on some rules for them, but haven't figured them out.

2012-03-31, 02:49 PM
Muskets and flintlocks will exist, plenty of ship wrecks to loot. Might throw in some celbi/dialga time travel. Either way some old sschool pirate stuff will exist for sure.

Money might be mostly useless but can be used to bribe npc's for favours. Butherbs for resources seems fine.

I'm learning 1.30 ..anyway, so will lok into using those rules.