View Full Version : Looking For Other Homebrew Sites

Noctis Vigil
2012-04-02, 06:30 PM
So. I'm in college, and doing a web design project. I'm creating a website about homebrew for the course, and one of the things we need is external links about our subject. Unfortunately, I currently only have two: here and the D20 SRD. So! Does anyone on the forums here have a link or two to sites you would say are essential for a homebrewer to have access to?

2012-04-02, 06:34 PM
I can't think of anything essential.

The D&D Wiki (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page) has a ton of homebrew stored, but much of it serves as a perfect example of what not to do. There are some gems there. You just have to dig through several garbage mounds to find it.

The Pathfinder SRD (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/) is quite handy.

2012-04-02, 07:04 PM
Brilliant Gameologists (min/max forums)
Sorcerer Studios Forums
dandwiki (with a grain of salt)
dungeons.wikia (with a grain of salt)
dnd-wiki.org (again with a grain of salt)
enworld.org (I think; haven't been there for a while)
... Especially the top 3.

As far as reference the d20srd would be useful as would the DSP-d20-SRD.