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2012-04-03, 11:38 AM
Working on a system that focuses very highly on the d20 and MoS (margin of success) rolls. The rolling system is very similar to the Dark Heresy system except the scale ends at 20 instead of 100. Rolls consist of adding up to a number based on stats, situational modifiers, etc. and having to roll under that number. For every number under the total you roll you achieve a degree of success.

Alignment: Alignment works on a sliding scale of -10 (Pure evil) to 10 (Pure good). Characters start at 0 though Feats may alter your starting Alignment. The full effect of alignment has not been established yet: should there be an effect that changes as your alignment does or should something happen when you reach cap? Thoughts?
Size: Determined by your race and other modifiers. Your size is also a measure of how fast you can move. (In combat you move your size as a half action and twice your size as a full action).
Speed: A measure of how quickly you can act. For every full number increase you can perform an additional full action during your turn. For every half number increase you can perform a half action during your turn. (EX: a person with a speed of 2.5 could perform two full actions and a half action before passing to the next player).
Health: You maximum health pool. Every time you level you roll to add a d4 plus your CONmod.
Constitution (CON): a measure of your how tough you are
Strength (STR): a measure of how muscular you are
Dexterity (DEX): a measure of how agile you are
Wisdom (WIS): a measure of fluid thought, your ability to think creatively
Intelligence (INT): a measure of ability to execute plans and focus
Perception (PER): your ability to pick up on cues social or otherwise
Charisma (CHA): your ability to manipulate social situations
STATmod is half your STAT rounded up

Saves rename?
Saves are used as response rolls in certain situations. They are two of your STATmods combined.
Readiness is your PERmod + DEXmod. It adds to your initiative roll and aids in your ability to dodge
Intent is your PERmod + CHAmod. It is your ability to pick up cues in social situations
Wit is your PERmod + WISmod. It is your ability to quickly respond to situations and figure out what's going on.
Hardiness is your CONmod + STRmod. It is your tenacity and resistance. You will roll against diseases and poisons, as well as when you are at 0 health.
Grapple is your STRmod + DEXmod. It is your ability to wrestle and grapple with an enemy. When an enemy attempts to grapple with you, you will roll opposed MoS tests.
What other saves(?) might be needed?

Currently using a list of about 40 skills. Skills are distributed into Physical(STR, DEX, CON), Mental(WIS, INT, PER) and Social(CHA) disciplines. Skills are subdivided into schools. You can spend up to your stat in a school. For each point you spend in a school you get an internal point to distribute to a specific school. When you have 5 points in a skill you can declare a specialty. This should be decided between you and the GM. When rolling on specialty rolls you get an additional +2 to your under.
EX: My STR is 5. Athletics is under STR so at most I can put 5 points into athletics. I do and then distribute my internal points so that I have 3 in Climb and 2 in lift. On a Athletics test I would roll under an 8 [my STRmod(3) +Athletics(5)]. On a Climbing test I would have to roll under an 11 [STRmod(3) +Athletics(5) +Climb(3)].

Character Creation
campaigns should start about level 5. 1-4 are considered the formative years, thus most civilians in a game world are level 3 or 4.
STEP 1: Pick a race. Add your mods up. You are now level 1 and have a 1 in every stat.
STEP 2: Roll your starting health (d20/5 rounded up or d4) + your CONmod (which will generally be 1 unless you have bonuses from your race choice).
STEP 3: You choose a level one feat AKA a personality. This describes some truism about your personality and should be the kind of character you want to play. This could be a flaw your character is trying to overcome (trying to be less BRASH) or something that your character excels in (ENTERTAINER).
STEP 4: You level up.
STEP 5: Add d20/5 or d4 and your CONmod to your health.
STEP 6: Distribute 3 points. No stat can be numerically higher than your level. Considering making it where you can only add one point to each stat per level also.
STEP 7: You receive your current level-1 + WISmod skill points. You may spend them or save them.
STEP 8: Pick your feat for the level.
STEP 9: repeat 4 through 8 until you achieve the starting level of the campaign.

To start combat each combatant rolls initiative (d20 + readiness).Turn order goes from highest to lowest. If there is a tie, compete d20s.Each combatant then spends their Speed worth of actions during their turn and passes to the next highest initiative.
Half Actions: half actions take .5 speed to complete.
Move: Move your Size meters in any direction. -2 to any accuracy rolls this turn.

Charge: Charge into combat. Do a Tumble(?) check. If you pass you charge your Size meters towards an enemy. If you reach them you get a +2 to a Grapple or Disarm test.

Hide: Do a opposed MoS roll of your hide check against enemies spot. If you succeed you are considered hidden until you act. If you act you must pass another opposed MoS hideVspot check roll.

Disarm: Opposed MoS roll of your grapple and target’s Weapon Skill + Dex. If you succeed the target is considered unarmed and must pass a Weapon Skill + Readiness - Weapon’s evasion to rearm themselves while you remain in melee range. If you leave melee range they can recover the weapon as a free action.

Flee: Flee from melee combat. You must pass a Tumble check and an opposed MoS Grapple test. If you succeed both you may pick up any item nearby as a free action (disarmed weapon or rock, etc.) or take a Move half action as a free action.

Full Actions: full actions take 1 speed to complete. Any action involving an Ability is considered a full action unless otherwise stated.

Play Dead: If you are under 5 health (10%?) you can attempt to play dead. Roll an opposed MoS Act(?)V Investigation(?)

Sprint: Move your Sizex3 meters in any direction. -2 readiness until your next turn.

Grapple: Opposed MoS roll of your grapple and target’s grapple. If you succeed both combatants are considered disarmed and take 1d4 true damage each turn and can only perform a Flee. On either player's turn they can attempt a Flee.

Response Actions: Actions that are taken in response to a Half or Full Action. You can only take on in response to each action.

Dodge: When a combatant is attacked in melee or ranged combat they may take a Dodge roll. Any character may make a dodge attempt. The dodger of the attack takes a MoS test against their Readiness + the weapon’s dodge. If they succeed subtract the MoS from the attackers attack roll. A critical success on a dodge roll is a successful counter attack.

Block: If a combatant has the Block Ability they may make a block attempt. The blocker rolls a MoS block roll against their readiness and their shield’s block rating. A successful block reduces the attacker’s damage roll and readiness by the MoS. A critical success on a block roll is a successful counter attack.

Parry: If a combatant has the Parry Ability they make may make a Parry attempt. The parry-er rolls a MoS parry roll against their readiness and their weapons dodge. A successful parry reduces the attacker’s attack roll and readiness by the MoS. A critical success on a parry roll is a successful counter attack.

Attacking: Attacking with your weapon drains your weapons speed from your your speed. You can only attack if you can perform at least half of the attack. If you cannot fully perform the attack this round, your turn ends and next round you roll your opponent's response with +2 to readiness and your hit roles and subtract the remaining speed of your weapon from you new round.
EX: A player with a speed of 1.5 is using a bow of speed 2. He takes a half action move leaving him at 1 speed. He then declares he’s attacking and his turn ends. The goblin he is shooting at takes his turn to move towards the player but doesn’t reach him. The goblin then takes his dodge roll at +2 and the player shoots his arrow, leaving him with .5 speed for the round.

Any suggestions or concerns would be highly appreciated. We currently have a small list of feats that is growing. I'm not sure I want to add them here because they will be constantly changing, but we have a google doc you can view for that. Not sure what posting rules are on links like that (didn't see anything against it) so I'ma give it a shot. Please leave comments and ideas. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B2g9RRNjykf9Nm5FVjFNNzZSOWl3ZnNGZjk2X3lPQ Q