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2012-04-04, 12:41 PM
I have been playing in a Red hand of Doom Campaign and I thought about it for a while that it would be cool to have a log of the things that happened. There are a lot of other people out there that have put in their two bits about this and I wanted to put this out there and see what everyone else thinks of our characters and how the game goes.

As of right now I am a PC but I am familiar with the storyline and all but I have only a vague idea of what happens later on in the game. The characters are all 4d6 for stats and max HP at first level. Over all we seem to be a little over average on our power level but I am not sure just because I am used to playing strong so we could be average and I would not know it.

1) CN Scout level 7, he is a knife thrower that has a high Dex/Int tries to be the acrobat.
2) NG Ranger Lv 7, Archer with bonus against gob.(She is new so I helped max her PC strength)
3) LN Druid Lv7, Only shape shifts into a wolf and a wolf for animal companion (pack mentality)
4) NA Bard Lv 7, over all bard in all senses (She is a bit of a watcher so she is very…quite I suppose)

The entire first session composed of character making and even took a little longer just because we all were trying to come up with a decent history to use. The Scout (human) and the Ranger (elf) travel as a mercenary pair that move north and south along the border protecting towns and cities from what every may be harrying them, normally the goblinoid raiders. The bard was from the west past all the mountains and into the next country but fled because she got framed for some crime so she met with the Scout and Ranger who was leaving headed east. They were in the west because the Druid (Human) was looking for medicine for his adoptive father giant in the witch wood and was being escorted by the pair.

One we had all this we called it good and called it a night and just relaxed because it had to have been 3-4 hours of planning. None of us were really ready to stay up late so that is it.
-Garrote (Scout)

P.S. - I did my best explaining what I wrote so you’ll have to point out any parts that don’t really make sense and I’ll try to edit and make it more coherent.

Scout 7/ Human
Originally was a sniper for the Kal sniper group but he decided to move on to bigger and better things so he got the Ok from lady Kal herself to leave. Once out he traveled out he had an incident with the Ranger while he was hunting and got hurt. The Ranger then stayed with Scout until he was better then they traveled up to see the Rangers town (Tiri Kator). Once with the elves he trained as best he could with a throwing knife and learned how to hunt. Now he travels with the ranger performing mercenary duties for gold keeping the towns as safe as he can manage.

2012-04-04, 03:43 PM
Session 2
Today the PCs all walked into what was supposed to be an ambush but the Ranger, Ciilvus, spotted one of the Hobgoblins getting impatient after it stick its head out to get a peek at what was coming. Combat soon ensued with the PC’s going on the offensive and the Hobgoblins raining arrows all about. The bard turns invisible and the Druid shifts into a wolf. The ranger kneels and fires into the woods hitting a Hobgoblin every turn. The scout splits off from the group and begins to engage in ranged combat using a series of throwing knives. The fire of arrows fails to hit any of the party as they weave and dodge to the sound of the Bards singing using ventriloquism. The Scout takes out the first of two Hell hounds and the Ranger hit the second right after it narrowly misses the Scout who only managed to escape because of his training in movement and dodging. In the woods the Druid and his animal companion move from Goblinoid to Goblinoid maiming and killing them one at a time taking advantage of their pack strength. The two warlords leading the raiding party then step out, one becoming invisible and the other going on the two weapon offensive. The dual bladed focusing on the Scout misses as he creates room for maneuvering and back hands a knife into the neck of it setting up the kill for the Ranger. All this time the bard uses the cover of woods to snipe out the goblinoids in the woods and the Druids animal companion choses one at a time to take out. Then after the two warlords are out the Druid moves to the center of the group and uses energy blast or something of the sort and takes out the last of the minions.

Afterwards the party gathers all the loot and the druid finds a Tiamat holy symbol although no one can figure out what religion it goes to. The Druid decides to take it to the church in Duran’s ferry since we are headed there anyways. Leaving before the sun sets they travel for another few hours until they find a guard post just outside of the town. We are let in on friendly terms right at sunset so our characters spilt up to do a few things. The Ranger goes to gamble and get our Rooms in the green apple while the Scout trades in the equipment for gold and credit in the store since the Dwarf doesn’t have enough money to buy it all. The druid goes and visits a druid that protects a forest just outside of the town and the bard wanders about a bit before meeting up with the ranger and starting a show in the tavern.

I think at this point we take a break and call it a night but I can be sure just because it was a couple of nights ago when this all happened so forgive me for redundancies. This particular encounter last time I played really destroyed our party for some reason but this time it was…just easier. I can’t say why but it all went well. I can say that the Scout, with improved skirmish was doing pretty good and the Druids animal companion was defiantly needed for the extra turns and HP. Over all it went rather well

2012-04-04, 04:14 PM
I just wanted to say that the Ranger and the Bard had their own little mini adventure in the tavern. First after splitting off and heading their own way the ranger, female elf named Ciilvus, found her way into the green apple. At first she tried to get a room but her animal companion, a small red fox, wasn't allowed. A few unhappy words were exchanged and a special short woman owning the tavern was called a 'Troll Woman'. Well, not taking it to well the cost of having a pet in the room suddenly skyrocketed for some reason. An ensuing argument rolled on until the Bard, half elf named Anelli, walked in and talked the fight down. Eventually the prices dropped until it was manageable and the Bard paid for all the rooms. The events that followed came in three parts

1)The (newbie) bard finds out how good she is at dancing by fascinating many of the patrons of the bar. While this is happening the ranger gets into a dice game with a town guard and a farmer. After taking all the guards money he left (14 copper) with no money in his pocket and nothing to bring home.

2)Then the Bard convinces the patrons to tip generously and she continues to play with the minds of the people and slowly removes the money from them. Meanwhile the ranger gets into a high stakes bet with the Shadowbanks, the town halfling/rouges, and is joined by the scout after he is done bartering with their goods. Soon after the Scout loses several games and more than 27 gold.

3) After all this the party reunites and the scout gives up on gambling at dice or the such. The scout gets into telling stories of his adventures and impresses many of the patrons while the druid watches quietly, the bard gets the tavern filled to the brim with drinkers and gets a hefty tip from the town.

2012-04-07, 12:00 PM
After the night began to settle down Garrote, who had recived a letter in the town where the party found the bard, passed the letter down to its recipient, Captain Sorana. After handing off the letter the town speaker and Sorana both approach and have the party go upstairs into a room where they could discuss the defense of the road and a price. After some bartering and a few coins passing hands the Town speaker settles on 700 a head up front and aid from the town. Agreeing to all the teams the group decides to set down for the night and everyone goes to bed.

In the morning the party disperses throughout the town and performs readying tasks. Garrote heads to the blacksmith and buys a magical dagger and calls his preparations good. The Ranger, Ciilvus, travels with the bard to the wizards tower and looks about but decides not to buy anything. The Bard, Aneli, goes into the tower and buys a wand and steals some magical liquid that recharges the wand after all its magic wears away. The druid, Son, travels about but does little more than buy more food and wine for his bag which in all honesty seemed a little less than druid like.

Setting out of the town, the whole party together and ready, they depart traveling into the swamp so that they can find Jor, the swamp ranger guide. The travel through the woods is decent going until they had a quick encounter with a pair of giant wasps. A few bard magic missiles and ranger arrows later the wasps lay dead and the group continues on their way. Not long after the group ran into Jor and Garrote puts in money to hire him. Traveling on they find the bridge supposedly harried by the Hydra. Spotting the Hydra, or least one of its heads, resting on top of a distant cart on the side of the path they dart across as quickly as possible.

The scout and the bard immediately cross the bridge leaving no time to pass while the ranger and the druid ride on a large wolf with fly cast on it. After crossing the river the group posts up and waits for the Hydra after it pops up three crits lop off 3 heads and injure two others. A sever mauling on the scout and a slightly less than death defying attack on the bard are the only two things that happen to the party while the Druid and the ranger put down a ranged beat down. The scout provoking an unsuspecting series of attacks of opportunity for trying to make a skirmish attack but was knocked down to less than half his HP in the AoO. All the AoO and the beating in this particular encounter happened in less than 18 seconds. WAY EAISER THAN LAST TIME.

Afterwards the groups reassess and gather all they can and find the treasure in the abandoned cart off to the side of the path. Collecting everything that they can and moving on we call it a night.

A series of criticals from the scout, Ranger and the bard lop off heads in the readied attacks because they all sat by the water’s edge waiting to attack the first thing that they see pop up. Those in combination with a lightning from the druid and a high rolled daily ability from the scout put the Hydra down much easier than expected. Last time we had this encounter three party members in the group were mauled and didn’t recover. Overall this went about even. One spell, one daily, and attacks from the whole party and two people at half heath make this seem to be about a fair fight.