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2012-04-07, 08:57 PM
I put this together as I was considering different track combinations for Final Fantasy-type jobs. I'd love to hear some feedback. The main balancing factors of having an extra character are:

The Guardian can't heal because all damage dealt to it is [HP Reduction].
The summoner and the Guardian share their actions, it can't attack unless the summoner doesn't.
The Guardian has its own track, but it's one circle behind.
It requires the Guild Initiate feat and the summoner must be have an actual spellcasting track. Most spellcasting requires standard actions, which means the Guardian probably won't be doing much of anything that round.

The Guardian: A Guardian is a Medium-sized Outsider with a base land speed of 30'. A Guardian's level is the same as its summoner's, and its ability scores are Str 12, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 12, and Cha 12. However, it uses its summoner's KOM and KDM for all purposes. A Guardian has 4 + Con mod hit points per level (double at first level), Poor BAB, good Will saves, speaks any two languages of your choice, and it is trained in Arcana. The guardian has a natural attack which deals 1d8 damage.
Guardians cannot be healed normally. All [Healing] effects fail on a Guardian. At the start of each [Scene] A Guardian's hit points are completely restored, and effects that would normally be permanent or last a [Scene] or longer are dispelled. A slain Guardian will be resurrected at the start of the next [Scene]. If a Guardian has healing abilities then it heals normally. If the Guardian's summoner has Shaman spellcasting then those effects heal the Guardian normally.

Prerequisite: To take this track, you must take the Guild Initiate feat and you must have a spellcasting track (either Shaman or Tactician).

1st: Call Companion - You may summon a loyal Guardian to your side to do your bidding.
You may call your Guardian as a swift action to any point within [Close] range of you, and you may dismiss it as a swift action. Your Guardian is "leashed" to [Close] range, it instantly becomes unsummoned if it leaves [Close] range. While unsummoned your Guardian becomes [Ethereal], moving to the square you occupy and following you when you move (even when slain).
Your Guardian obeys your commands, but if you command it you lose the same type of action that it takes. If your Guardian takes a standard action you cannot take a standard action and vice-versa.
Pick one of the following:
Humanoid: Your Guardian wields a weapon and armor of your choice and may wear a shield. You may give your Guardian any of your magic items. This equipment is restored at the start of each [Scene] if damaged or lost.
Winged: Your Guardian flies at a speed of 40'. This improves to 60' at 5th level, 90' at 10th level, and 120' at 15th level.
Beast: Your Guardian's key abilities are treated as being 4 points higher (for a +2 bonus to KOM and KDM). Your Guardian's speed improves to 40' at 5th level, 60' at 10th level, and 80' at 15th level.

2nd: Guardian Force - Pick one of the following:
Warrior Spirit: Your Guardian's attack bonus improves to Full BAB and its KOM improves by +1. When slain your Guardian deals three points of [Negative] damage per level to all adjacent enemies.
Guardian Spirit: Your Guardian's hit points per level improve to 8 + Con mod and its KDM improves by +1. Enemies within your Guardian's reach are [Checked] and cannot move out of its reach unless they have directly caused hit point damage to it this [Encounter].
Champion Spirit: Choose a track (besides Shaman or Tactician spellcasting). Your Guardian gains one 2nd-circle or lower ability from that track. This track uses the Guardian's ability scores, but it uses your KOM and KDM.

3rd: Summoner's Bond - Your Guardian is now leashed to [Medium] range, but you still must summon it in [Close] range.
Pick one of the following:
Linked Souls: When you cast a spell you may have its effect originate from your Guardian instead of yourself.
Shared Souls: As part of the swift action used to summon your Guardian you may choose to become [Ethereal] until you dismiss your Guardian. You are leashed to your Guardian in the same way your Guardian is normally leashed to you while [Ethereal].
Vigorous Souls: You and your Guardian no longer share a move action. For example, you could perform a full-round action and your Guardian could take a move action.

4th: Fused Lifeforce - Pick one of the following:
Lifebond: As long as your Guardian is summoned you may redirect any amount of damage from yourself to your Guardian or vice-versa.
Spellbond: Once per day you may choose to have a single [Healing] effect that targets you also heal your Guardian for the same amount.

5th: Awesome Force - Your Guardian is now leashed to [Long] range, but you still must summon it in [Close] range.
You gain the following ability which corresponds to your Guardian Force ability:
Warrior Spirit: Your Guardian gains the feat To Iron Married.
Guardian Spirit: Your Guardian gains the feat Truly Bad People.
Champion Spirit: Your Guardian gains another 5th-circle or lower ability from the same track, or it can cast one 5th-circle or lower spell twice per [Scene].

6th: Astral Bond - Two of your Guardian's ability scores improve by +2.
You gain the following ability which corresponds to your Summoner's Bond ability:
Linked Souls: Once per [Encounter] as a full-round action you may cast two spells, one of which must originate from your Guardian. After using this ability your Guardian becomes [Ethereal] and cannot be called for a number of [Rounds] equal to the circle of the spell that it cast.
Shared Souls: Once per [Scene] when you use Shared Souls you may grant your Guardian full use of one of your tracks until the end of the [Encounter]. Your Guardian uses your ability scores, KDM, and KOM for all abilities of this track.
Vigorous Souls: Once per [Encounter] you and your Guardian may both perform a full round's worth of actions independently.

7th: Planar Paragon - Pick one of the following:
Grand Summon: Once per [Scene] when you summon your Guardian it gains a +10 bonus to KOM and KDM, and it may perform an additional standard action for one [Round].
Eternal Summon: Your Guardian heals completely at the end of each [Encounter]. If your Guardian is slain you may summon it again in the next [Encounter].
Master Summon: Your Guardian knows two feats. At the start of each [Quest] you may change which feats your Guardian knows.

Also, you can see my take on the Blue Mage (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=12572326#post12572326). I'm considering Dancer and Gambler next, but it's possible that a Bard class or some other type of support track will be released by Rule of Cool.

2012-04-13, 01:23 PM
I really like this. At a first glance, i can't see anything wrong with it, but i will read through it thoroughly and give you proper feedback as soon as i can

2012-04-13, 02:11 PM
I've tweaked several things for balance.

2012-04-13, 02:29 PM
problem [hp reduction] is capped at 1/2 total hp IIRC. Also I feel each step gives a little to much per circle. Also requirement of the spell casting track is just bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. I realize most Beastmasters would be using the mount rules but... let's not limit options unnecessarily.

2012-04-13, 05:26 PM
Yeah, I figured it was overpowered too.

I've tweaked it some more. Its ability scores, KOM, and KDM are now completely dependent on the summoner. Instead of getting a track, it has abilities that give it abilities from one track. I made the 7th-circle ability have some variety. I tweaked all of the abilities to be more straightforward. Does that work better?

9mm, it has spellcaster as a prerequisite because that's pretty much how it worked in Final Fantasy. Also, all of the abilities listed here are meant for a supernatural extraplanar being, not a tamed pet. That would be a different track, I think.