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2012-04-08, 04:57 PM
I have an idea for a setup that I think would make for some interesting stories. Some mercenaries(pcs) are hired to protect an archeological expedition on another continent. The man who hired them booked them passage on a pirate ship by way of the first mate(the gm can use this guy for railroading.). They head out on the ship and after a few days they are hit by a storm killing most of the crew and other passengers. The first mate takes control of the ship with the captian dead and they head for a small inhabited island for repairs. The place is abandoned with no sighns of struggle and due to the damaged ship the pcs have to dock there for a will to repair it. After a few days they are attacked by a necromancer and all of the villagers now undead. They kill them then find from another passenger(the man who hired them recognizes the necromancer from the area history. And if he's back other evil forces from the past probaly are too. The first mate takes them to the contintent they were originally going for and then they go off to kill the ancient evils that are starting to resurface and find out what's bringing them back.
Please give me feed back.

2012-04-08, 05:08 PM
At which point in that story does the game actually start? (That is, which part of that is backstory narrated by the DM as the game is beginning, and which part of that will be roleplayed out?) It's definitely a promising storyline but one thing you should watch out for is that the way you have it presented is very linear, which works fine for backstory but needs to be more flexible in case the players don't react the way you expect them to.

One thing that might come up --

What happens if some or all of the PCs aren't interested in solving the zombie mystery? Do you have backup plot hooks or inducements that you can use to bring them along? (Something in their own backstories linking them to the mystery, a personal connection of some kind, or even just treasure?)

2012-04-08, 05:39 PM
It starts around the part with the necromancer attack all of it before hand is backstory.
There will be treasure because the guy who hired you to come over will pay you whenever you take them down.
With plot hooks involving backstory I hadn't given it much thought but you could make one of the guys coming back have wronged them in the past or something like that.
Thanks for the feed back.