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stabbitty death
2012-04-10, 08:56 PM
a chronicle of a pathfinder campaign I am in
the characters:
wizard(me), actually has a name but no one remembers it actually a magus but no one remembers that name either.(sighs)
tank (his characters real name) stereotypical dwarf fighter fights with two intelligent undead bane returning throwing hammers.
ned the sneaky halfling rogue, common sense of the party.
meribeth:kender, but that is ok because our main way to decide on a course of action is to wait for her to do something and then clean up afterwards.kenders are not native to this campaign setting.
luigi, the half elf mass murderer, somehow manages to be more distruptive than the kender."i'm chaotic neutral. it says so right here on my character sheet. makes interrogation difficult because before we can ask our captive anything luigi beats them to death or sets them on fire, or shoots them in the face etc.

the npcs
the oracle mischievious precognizant, never tells us anything. greetings I am healbot
the incredible re alive guy a really old knight who was (gasp) brought back from the dead.
titus first order of thte white circle member we met while delving the same dungeon.
sir amy a knight of a barony that she now owns. leader of our army.
house vasheen the villians who discovered necromancy and plan to take over the world with their army of undead
order of the white circle the clergy of the one living godess in the setting, also the head of the theocracy that rules the onlycountry with a army large enough to beat vasheen, highly beurocratic and refuses to aid us.
the story thus far
we met in a tavern. went to reclaim a dwarven keep. while there we met a knight of the white circle who was looking for something red. and a crazy noble who tried to kill us as we exited. she stole our red book, but we made copies, so we were buth on the same trail. she sent bandits and we managed to get information from one before he was promptly beaten to death by luigi. we found out their plan from a magic library which was their short term goal. their long term one was world domination via walking corpses with themselves as vampires. we were all confused at this except for meribeth who had had experience dealing with things like this. we decided to assemble an army, we had a barony, and at present have had troops sent from dwarves, desert nomads, goblins,and the creatures of the forest.at every turnwe found and stopped vasheen. along the way I decided to be a tavern owner and own several taverns. we found out about another of vasheens plots in the western kingdoms, they are drawing in the armies of the region to be slaughtered and reanimated. we stopped one army but some have already been killed. so now we are assulting a keep outnumbered 2.5 to 1. we blew open the front gate with 3rd level spells that I got at level 7. we are level 7 now.

2012-04-10, 09:39 PM
Did you do all that in one session?

stabbitty death
2012-04-11, 08:41 PM
Did you do all that in one session?

no, if you look it says the story so far, I only recently decided to write the campaign journal. we have been playing every two weeks or so (supposedly 1/week but we have far too many absences) for about 6 months now.

session 1 or 3rd level spells ftw
ned ooc "so we are trying to take a dwarven keep with even more defenses than normal, an army is going to arrive tomorrow which we may or may not be able to convince to help us, even if we do convince them to help us we are still outnumbered by 30,000 men, and a signifigant portion of their force are mid level wizards. am I missing anything?
me ooc well we have a fairy dispatched by the forest folk to aid us, we leveled up last time, and I have a new spell that fits the bill perfectly.
ned ooc what spell is that?
me ooc do you want the real name or the name I'm gonna be calling it?
ned ooc what are you calling it?
me ooc falcon PAUNCH
DM: the army arrives and with your very long list of commendation at least gets you a conversation with the commander of the vanguard.
meribeth ooc the fairy brought her itty bitty dragon(read pseudodragon) with her didn't she?
DMyes, why do you ask?
I ask him if he would like a chance to see his enemies firsthand. safely of course.
he agreed, saw the skeletons guarding the gate, talked to the general, and we gained the army's support, but they weren't willing to assult the keep of a supposedly freindly force on the whim of five strangers. so a diplomatic party from vasheen came and upon recognizing us threw a flask that broke, releasing a black fog which killed several soldfiers including the general(gasp
) most of the party was sickened and took damage, except for the oracle, who happened to be standing just outside the blast radius:smalltongue:. we were debating what to do without the general, when it was revealed that the real general was the leader of the vanguard.
all did we just get amidala'd?
DM yep. :smalltongue:
there was another army coming on the morrow. that would even the odds. we decided to soften the defenses a bit before then. unfortunately the point where the army stopped was within an arrows flight of the parapet.
tank(addressing the army) get behind me , I'll protect you.
so while the army was retreating from the deadly rain of arrows and delayed blast fireballs, we charged. we got to the gate with no scratches.I managed to beat down the front gate with my falcon paunch. we found 10 feet of corridor, burning pitch filling it and another gate:smallfurious: we got some neat backup. three mind frog things 50 sprites, 3 grim reaper dudes, and a fate:smallsmile:.
we teleported in, fireballed the rooms it was coming from, looted the bodies, set loose the fey, and ended the session.