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2012-04-24, 05:58 PM
Hey all! I have for you today two new sets of contracts for Changeling: The Lost. These are both second drafts, so I'm confident in them but still think they have some kinks (probably major ones, in couple cases). So here you go:

Contracts of Doors

This set of contracts are essentially a re-write of the Opening Gifts from Werewolf: The Forsaken. However, much of the mechanics have been changed from their source, and I think they're different enough to warrant review.
Contracts of doors are affinity contracts for Darklings and Wizened.
Variation: At storyteller's discretion, this contract may be affinity for other changelings as well, depending on their concept. A Cycclopean Ogre made to guard the gates to his master's palace might count this as an affinity, as might a Manikin Elemental themed around keys.

Clear The Way (*)
The changeling raises a fist in front of him and opens it, commanding nearby portals to do the same. The character may target a specific object, or he may target the immediate area as a whole.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Larceny
Action: Reflexive
Catch: The changeling owns the property upon which he uses this clause.

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: Within the area of effect, all objects with the capacity to lock immediately do so. In addition, the changeling is cursed for the next scene – any computer he tries to use requires a password (or a different password, if his computer already has one he knows), books and magazines will not open unless their titles are read aloud, and food containers become stuck.
Failure: Nothing opens, but no greater penalty is levied.
Success: If the changeling was targeting a specific object, it opens, provided it was not locked or barred in any way. If the changeling was using this clause on an area, all applicable objects within (Wyrd x 2) yards open, so long as they were not barred or locked.
Exceptional Success: If the changeling was targeting a specific object, it opens, regardless of being locked or barred (in which case, the barring object might break or be pushed aside). If the changeling was using this on an area, he finds himself drawn towards a portal that is of unexpected use to him – a secret passageway he didn't know was there, a floorboard pops up to reveal a stash of money, or the like.

Lurker's Key (**)
This gift allows a changeling to bypass locks with a simple knock, even getting past computer security by – essentially – politely asking. The changeling must be able to knock upon the target object for this clause to take effect.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Manipulation
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling is using the clause to retrieve something that was stolen from him.

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: Not only does the lock refuse to open, but it becomes damaged beyond repair. Computers freeze up, tumbler locks crack, and electronic locks short out.
Failure: The lock refuses to open.
Success: The lock opens, or the password fills itself in.
Exceptional Success: The changeling gains a brief vision of the appropriate mundane method of opening the lock – he learns the password to the computer, the number combination to the electronic lock, or knows the shape of the key for the door.

Side Door (***)
Sometimes, when all other options have failed, it's best to make your own way in. This clause allows the changeling to create an opening in a single inanimate object within 10 yards.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Larceny – Object's durability
Action: Instant
Catch: The object is entirely lacking in other doors, windows, lids, or other way in that the changeling might use.

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The object actually solidifies further, gaining 2 points of durability.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The object pulls itself apart, creating an opening for the changeling to pass through. Especially thick objects may require successive uses of this ability, as the clause only creates a passage with a depth of up to one yard per success. The passageway is of a height, width and shape of the changeling's choosing, with a maximum height or width of the changeling's Wyrd in yards; he might decide to create an opening just large enough to use as a peephole, or he could make a tunnel large enough for himself to fit through.
Exceptional Success: Aside from potentially creating an exceptionally long passageway, no additional effect.

Releasing the Floodgates (****)
A changeling's memories of Arcadia are repressed deep within his psyche, locked up behind iron doors for his own safety. But when a changeling activates this clause, he can open that door just a sliver – and let it break down the barriers to his target's mind.
The changeling must make eye contact with his target for this clause to take effect.
Cost: 2 Glamour, 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Intelligence vs Wyrd + Composure
Action: Instant
Catch: Both the changeling and the target are asleep and dreaming

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The changeling's repressed memories prove too much for him to handle. While he is able to close it all up again before he risks his Clarity, he gains a minor derangement for the next 24 hours. He is unable to use this contract again before the derangement fades.
Failure: If the changeling fails or his target achieves more successes on the resistance roll, he is unable to affect the target's mind. Nothing else happens.
Success: The target is overwhelmed by the surreal horror of Arcadia, becoming effectively blinded and deafened for one turn per success on the changeling's activation roll (minus successes on his resistance roll). The target takes penalties equal to the changeling's Wyrd on any further Resolve- or Composure-related resistance rolls for the rest of the scene.
Exceptional Success: The target also gains a minor derangement of the storyteller's choice, which lasts for the remainder of the scene.

Hedge Key (*****)
The changeling who reaches this level of mastery becomes privy to a great blessing: he may now travel between the hedge and the real world without a hedge gate. The changeling closes his eyes and makes a motion as though turning a key – and there before him, a temporary portal to the hedge appears.
Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Wits
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling is entirely alone and unobserved.

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The changeling reaches out to open the way, but the hedge strikes back. Not only does the clause fail, but the changeling cannot pass through any gates to or from the hedge for the next 24 hours.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The changeling creates a temporary hedge gate, which lasts for a single round – it closes at the end of the changeling's next turn. While the clause allows the changeling no particular control over where he ends up, the gate never opens to anywhere that is particularly hostile to the changeling (well, any more hostile than the hedge normally is), be it from hungry hedgebeasts or from accidentally stepping into the middle of 5th Avenue.
Exceptional Success: The changeling gains a moderate amount of control over the destination of the gate, allowing him to choose from any general area where he has been before. “The third stall in the men's room on the second floor of the Hilton” is too specific, but “the Hilton on Oak Avenue,” “My hollow,” “Jack's apartment,” etc. are all acceptable targets.

Contracts of Breath

Breath is known to represent both the flowing of air and the presence of the spirit, and in many cultures these were one and the same. In turn, there were many creatures known to deal with mortal life in the form of air, from black cats sitting upon sleeping mortals and stealing their life through their breath, to the hopping vampires of China that could track their targets by their breathing.
Contracts of Breath are affinity contracts for all changelings. The changeling must not be holding her breath, drowning, suffocating, or otherwise impeding the flow of her own breath in order to use any of the clauses in this contract.

Sense Breath (*)
By activating this clause, the changeling gains the ability to sense the living through their breath.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Wits
Action: Reflexive
Catch: The changeling has meditated for at least 10 minutes, focusing on her own breathing the whole while.

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The changeling believes the clause to have worked perfectly – but when she closes her eyes to see the breath, it gives her false readings. For the next scene, living creatures seem to appear where none exist, while actual living creatures are not registered by this power.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: For the next scene, the changeling is able to sense the presence of any breathing creature within (Wyrd x 5) yards. She must close her eyes to take advantage of this sense, but does not need to keep them closed for the entire scene – just when she wants to use the ability. Breathing creatures appear to her as airy, bluish figures of the rough size and shape of their physical forms, which means that the changeling may decipher who's who with a successful (Intelligence + Wits) roll, provided she is familiar with the appearance of the person. While this ability can penetrate barriers, it does not let the changeling know about any barriers she can't perceive otherwise – nothing but breathing creatures are signified.
One thing to note is that creatures who are holding their breath, suffocating, or have otherwise impeded airflow are invisible to this clause.
Exceptional Success: The changeling is also capable of interpreting the quality of any breath she senses. For instance, she might be able to tell that a body laying on the ground is breathing slowly and deeply – probably sleeping.

Kiss of Life (**)
Changelings may use this most merciful clause to impart some of their own breath on an ally. The changeling must be able to breath into her target's mouth to use this clause, so it normally requires that the two be face-to-face. Clever changelings may be able to blow through air tubes, straws, or other makeshift channels.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Medicine
Action: Instant
Catch: The target is in love with the changeling.

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The changeling accidentally sucks the breath out of her target – the target begins to suffocate, and continues to do so for a number of rounds equal to the changeling's Wyrd – or she dies, whichever comes first. The changeling may attempt this clause again to save the victim, but at a -3 penalty to the roll.
Failure: The changeling releases her breath, but nothing happens. Normally, this isn't much of a problem, but in situations where the changeling herself might be short on air, this can be a very large issue.
Success: The changeling imparts healing breath upon the target, resulting in one of two effects: first, if the target is dying, she stabilizes automatically. Secondly, if the target is holding her breath, the changeling gives her air as though the target had just taken a full breath.
Exceptional Success: The breath was exceptionally potent. If the clause was used to stabilize a a dying target, the target also heals downgrades one point of lethal damage to bashing. If the clause was used to grant a target extra breath, the target uses the higher of her Stamina and the changeling's Wyrd as her effective Stamina for holding her breath, which lasts until the target next breathes. If the changeling's Wyrd is lower than the target's Stamina, her Stamina is considered 2 higher for the same purpose.

Aeolus' Bag (***)
Aeolus was the King of Winds, and was known for granting the hero Odysseus a special bag. When Odysseus opened this bag, the winds flew out from it and barraged his ship, blowing it well off course. With this clause, the changeling can turn any container into a bag to catch the winds... and let them out later.
To use this clause, the changeling must have a closeable container on hand: nearly anything will do, so long as the container can be securely closed. A draw-string bag, a glass jar, or a wooden crate will all work, although an open pocket or a zip-lock bag will not. Further, the changeling must be able to feel naturally moving air – he can stick his head out of a window to use this clause, but could not use it in a wind tunnel or under a ceiling fan.
Cost: 2 Glamour (+1 Willpower)
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Stamina
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling has created an ornate container explicitly for the purpose of catching the wind. Such a container generally takes at least an hour to make.

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The container is rent from the changeling's hands, and she is picked up and hurled a number of yards equal to his Wyrd score. She lands prone on the ground.
Failure: The winds remain uncoerced.
Success: The changeling is able to draw the winds into her container and close it tightly, keeping them inside for the remainder of the scene (or until she opens it). The wind within a number of miles equal to her Wyrd score die entirely, and are halved at twice that distance. She may even draw winds created through other supernatural powers, but must get more successes on her roll than the activation roll for the initial wind-generating power.
At any time during the scene, the changeling may release the winds from her container, returning them to full force. If the effect is originally supernatural in nature and would have different effects on the generator of the effect and/or the generator's allies, the changeling is considered the generator of the original power for those purposes.
If the container is destroyed, the winds are released and take effect as normal. Only one set of winds may be kept in a given container at any time.
Exceptional Success: On an exceptional success, the changeling may choose to spend 1 Willpower point to keep the winds in the jar until released. While the winds may be kept indefinitely, the normal weather patterns of the area reassert themselves after the end of the scene.

Stolen Breath (****)
This clause allows the changeling the terrible power of stealing life through a target's breath. She must be able to suck the breath straight from the target's mouth, meaning the target must be retrained, unconsious, grappled, or willing.
Cost: 3 Glamour, 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Medicine – target's Stamina
Action: Instant
Catch: The target is asleep and breathing deeply, and the changeling is in physical contact with her.

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The breath is sucked out of the changeling and into the target. The target heals a number of bashing or lethal damage equal to the changeling's Stamina, while the changeling begins to suffocate, and continues to do so for a number of rounds equal to her Wyrd. She may continue breathing again with the expenditure of a Willpower point (on her next turn, since she already spent one this turn to activate this clause).
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The target takes a number of lethal damage equal to the number of successes rolled, and the changeling gains glamour equal to the amount of lethal damage dealt.
Exceptional Success: No additional benefit beyond more damage and glamour.

Whirlwind Steed (*****)
With the final clause of this contract, the changeling may call upon the winds to bear her aloft.
Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Presence
Action: Instant
Catch: The changeling is in the midst of a hurricane or other instance of destructively high winds.

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The winds hold the changeling aloft – against her will. She is unable to move for 1 turn as the air keeps her in place.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The winds coalesce beneath the changeling, bearing her aloft for the remainder of the scene. The “steed” is semi-visible to everyone nearby, often appearing as a small funnel of air, a spinning ball, or sometimes even the rough form of a creature (birds and dragons are both common). The changeling floats a few inches above the ground, allowing her to glide over water or other surfaces that could not hold her weight. She can direct the steed where to go as easily as moving by herself, but moving higher, lower, or doing particularly complex maneuvers requires the changeling to succeed on a (Presence + Drive) check. Failure indicates that the wind will not obey that particular command, although the changeling may then move normally that round.
The steed's speed is equal to (5 + the changeling's Wyrd + activation successes), and is capable of flight (but see above). The changeling may dismount the wind at any time, where it will remain still until the end of the scene or she commands it to move as a free action.
Finally, while on her steed, the changeling is immune to the effects of high winds – she can fly through a tornado without a problem.
Exceptional Success: The changeling gains a +2 bonus to all rolls to command the steed.

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