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2012-04-25, 01:14 AM
I've seen rules for the anime/manga Naruto, but what about O-Parts Hunter?
O-Parts Hunter's author is none other than Seishi Kishimoto, the younger brother of Masashi Kishimoto, the artist and creator of Naruto!

Actually, the original name for O-Parts Hunter is 666Satan, referring to the monster the main protagonist's has inside him.

I don't want to ruin this manga for anyone out there, but I will say some:

The manga takes place on a world littered with O-parts, named after "out-of-place artifacts". These devices range from the fairly simple, like a gun that uses moisture, to a massive ship. Everyone in the manga seek something called the "Legendary O-Part", something that is involved deeply in the main protagonist Jiro's past. The parts are greatly sought after, and those who can control the O-Parts, called O-Part Tacticians, (O.P.T.), are therefore sought after as well.

The story surrounds a treasure hunter girl named Ruby, and a boy named Jiro Freed. Ruby wants to find the "Legendary O-Part", and Jiro wants to conqueror the world. Jiro contains in himself a being claiming to be Satan, who in 666Satan is a legendary civilization-destroying monster, who has done so several times in the past.

As the story progresses,
it is revealed that there are two factions, The Stea Republic and a organization known as Zenom, are running across the world, looking for creatures connected to a pair of devices called the Kabbalah and the Reverse Kabbalah. Specifically, The Stea Republic seeks the Kabbalah, while the Zenom Organization is after the Reverse Kabbalah. These creatures are divided into two sets: The angels, who are connected to the Kabbalah, and the demons, connected to the Reverse Kabbalah. These creatures and their Kabbalahs, when collected and inserted into their respective and used with the "Legendary O-Part," unleash a power capable of world domination.

As the story progress, the history of the world, the O-Parts, the Kabbalah, and even Jiro's past, origin and ultimate purpose are shown to be connected, and in the end, explained.

A rather interesting story, no?

666Satan makes use of of the Kabbalistic traditions and Judeo-Christian demonology, as well as a bit of Japanese folklore.