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2012-05-01, 01:30 AM
So I'm a huge fan of the Mistborn series, and I was extremely excited for the Mistborn Rpg to come out, only to be absolutely disappointed when the complex and awesome magic system is gimped to the point of not being fun in my opinion. It doesn't allow for nearly the amount of creativity the magic system should allow for. I wanted to write my own homebrew mechanic for it based around 3.5, but it's proving to be a vast and complicated undertaking. In the meantime, I'm trying to make one character as a trail run, and I've been using this as a base http://www.myth-weavers.com/wiki/index.php/Mistborn_(3.5_Class) I've been trying to make a lot of changes with it to make it's damage viable, so far I've gotten to this(sorry for the incoming wall of text, I don't know a better way to post it

If the Mistborn is not wearing metal armor or encumbered, the Mistborn adds their Intelligence bonus (if any) to their AC. In addition, a mistborn gains a +1 bonus to AC at 5th level. This bonus increases by 1 for every five monk levels thereafter (+2 at 10th, +3 at 15th, and +4 at 20th level).
Class Skills(WIP): Balance, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Sleight of hand, Spot, Tumble
Bonus Feat
At 1st level, a Mistborn may select either*Improved Grapple*or*Point Blank Shot*as a bonus feat. At 2nd level, she may select either*Combat Reflexes*or*Deflect Arrows as a bonus feat. At 6th level, she may select either Many Shot*or*Improved Trip*as a bonus feat. A monk need not have any of the prerequisites normally required for these feats to select them.
Class Features:
Burning metals:*Allomancers have the ability to burn metals that they have ingested. There are 8 standard metals, which all allomancers can use, and special metals, which an allomancer gains the use of as they become stronger. Allomancers typically carry supplies with them, and allomantic metals should be treated as spell components for purposes of whether or not a Mistborn has supplies of that metal. An allomancer can craft a week’s in supply of allomantic metals in 2 hours using common raw materials and a Craft(Alchemy) check DC 15. A Mistborn bypasses the regular requirement of being a spellcaster when using Craft(Alchemy) when making allomantic metals.
You can choose to activate or deactivate 1 metal per round as a swift action. This increases to 2 at level 10, and 3 at fifteen. For all abilities that function as spells, treat a Mistborn’s casting score as Int.
Level 1*Bronze:*Detects the use of Allomancy by another person. Becomes more astute and increases to Detect Magic at 2nd level. At Level 7 burning Bronze gives a +3 to sense motive, +6 at level 12, +10 at level 16.
Steel:*Gains the ability to "push" metal objects. While burning steel a Mistborn can see the location of nearby metal objects, and how heavy those objects are. He can "push" any metal object that within his weight capacity in a direction directly opposite himself. He can use this ability to make any metal object into an improvised weapon with a range equal to his Steel range. Thrown objects will do 1d4 damage at level one, 1d6 at level 3, 1d8 at level 7, and 1d12 at level 10. His steel range is equal to 10' per Mistborn level(caps at 60). He can not affect any object outside of his Steel range with this ability. His weight capacity is equal to ½ his class levels times 100, minimum of 100. If the Mistborn can use metal behind him to stabilize himself, he can double this weight range. Otherwise, when pushing an object that weighs more than himself he must make roll of 15+the number of times the object doubles his weight. At level 4 a Mistborn has gained enough control with Steel to make a ranged bull rush. Against foes wearing metal armor, you can make a ranged bull rush attack. This functions as a regular bull rush except that you do not provoke an attack of opportunity. You gain a +2 bonus on this attempt, and may use your intelligence modifier in place of your strength modifier. You still provoke attacks of opportunity as normal from movement as a result of the bull rush. At level 5, the Mistborn gains the ability to use Steel to hurl himself across the room using any source of metal as a base. The Mistborn moves in a straight line away from that metal, and can move double his current speed. At level 8, anytime a Mistborn is falling they may use steel to slow their fall provided they have something metal to drop or a metal object below them. When first using this ability, she takes damage as if the fall were 20 feet shorter than it actually is. This ability improves each level by 10 feet until at level 20 the Mistborn can fall from any height and not be harmed.
Level 2*Tin:*+2 bonus to Spot and Listen checks. Increases to +4 at 6th level, +6 at 12th level, and +8 at 18th level. Burning Tin also grants blindsight out to 5 feet per 2 class levels and blindsense out to 5 feet per class level starting at level 8.
Level 3*Pewter:*+2 bonus to Str, Con, Dex, and tumble, climb, swim. and jump checks. At level 7 increases to +4, plus fast healing 2, at level 13 it increases to +6 and fast healing 4, and he gains DR 4/Adamantine, and at level 20 it increases to +6, fast healing 6, and DR 8/Adamantine. (considering whether or not to make this a quicker increase). This ability is usable for a number of rounds per day equal to 2 times your class level.
Level 4*Iron:*Iron functions as steel except that it is a "Pull" rather than a push. The object moves in a straight line towards the Mistborn unless he chooses to stop pulling or something impedes his path. Like with Steel, he can use this to make any metal item into an improvised weapon. At level 7 you gain the ability to make a ranged disarm attack. You do not provoke an attack of opportunity from this attempt. You make the attempt as if wielding a 2 handed weapon and gain a +2 bonus on the attempt. If you succeed and are unarmed you make a reflex save to catch the weapon, DC equals half the distance between the opponent and you, minimum of 10. If you fail, your opponent does not get to make a disarm attempt against you.
Level 5*Copper:*The Mistborn has learned to hide themselves. While burning Copper, the Mistborn gets a +2 to hide, move silently, and all stealth checks
Level 6*Brass:*Allows a Mistborn to “soothe” another person’s emotions. This acts as the Calm Emotions spell.
Zinc:*Allows a Mistborn to “riot” another person’s emotions. This functions as the Rage spell and also causes the affected subject to attack the closest creature to them for the duration of the spell.
Level 7*Duralumin:*A Mistborn can burn Duralumin to multiply the bonus or range of any other metal by 1.5, for one round, but loses the use of that ability completely on the following round. For example, Steel and Iron would increase the normal weight limit and range by 1.5, and bonuses on bull rush and disarm attempts would be +3 instead of +2. Similarly, the modifier on the copper check to avoid detection would increase by 1.5 as well, as would the stat increases from Pewter. This bonus increases to times 2 at 17th level.
Level 8
Level 9*Atium:*+10 to Attack rolls, reflex saves and AC. This functions for 5 rounds/day, and increases to 10 rounds per day at level 15
Level 10 Cadmium:*You alter time around yourself. This ability creates a bubble in which time moves at a much faster rate, allowing the Mistborn to see incoming threats. 1 Time per day anytime an attack is used on the Mistborn, they may dodge any incoming projectiles or attacks by moving to any square within half your move speed. The Mistborn may also use this on their own turn as an immediate action, and it then functions like the spell Time Stop, giving the Mistborn one free turn in which they cannot attack or harm any enemies.

Unfortunately at level 6 she is little more than a skillmonkey, and is being even there proved pretty useless. My DM(who is also my roommate, so we spend way too much time discussing this) suggests taking elements from Monks and rogues to make it more of a stealth based close range fighter that can also be extremely mobile. I could definitely use some suggestions though on ways to scale her damage to make her more reasonably useful!

p.s. if I made any formatting errors, I'm not terribly forum competent but I do take correction well, just let me know ^_^