View Full Version : Pathfinder Modules for Larger Parties?

Aust Nailo
2012-05-01, 10:59 PM
Does anybody here know about Pathfinder Pre-Made campaigns for larger parties (5-6 players, maybe more?) or barring that advice for changing existing modules for larger parties?

Thanks in advance

2012-05-02, 05:58 AM
Some, but by no means all, include instructions for both larger parties and/or different levels than immediately recommended.

Also, search the Paizo forums they've got a lot of active participants focused, somewhat obviously, on Pathfinder products.

Good luck!

2012-05-02, 01:47 PM
Modules are aimed at parties of 4 but playing with 5 doesn't stretch the module too bad. 6 generally means adding a couple additional monsters to encounters or buffing, which is usually included as a side bar.