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2012-05-06, 11:19 AM
The product of several minutes boredom. Generally based on his encounter at Narshe for those familiar with FF6, though I've incorporated some, IMO, interesting elements from his fight with Leo, particularly his use of illusions. I chose to make him an elite rather than a solo, because Kefka as a human is likely going to be accompanied by several minions and lackeys.

May as well refine what I've produced, so constructive feedback is certainly welcome:

https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1YoHWaNa_bz9DfnhKc6osR6CAmi8mT5vE8lSmfnBqNJ E

As tactics go, aside from the standard opening action point nova, he'll generally want to start off by creating an illusory duplicate, attacking through it for as long as he can. Subsequently, if appropriate, he'll disguise himself as a lesser creature, if he hasn't started a fight already mimicking a less threatening/conspicuous opponent. He'll also tend to prioritize attacking the bloodied, making full use of his trait.

Concerning elemental selection, opponents will generally be hit by whatever targets their lowest defense, or synergizes/stacks with other effects. In addition stealthy opponents will typically be hit with fire attacks to light them up and prevent stealthing, while meleers will be slowed/immobilized via cold attacks, or prevented from making OAs with lightning attacks. Lightning is generally used in neutral cases in order to gain CA and hit more accurately while denying actions.

Kefka will work to maximize the number of enemy targets, and minimize friendly targets where possible (he's not stupid) but will ultimately disregard friendly fire if it is required to hit the maximum number of enemies with an area attack.

Kefka is cowardly, and will run the moment the battle turns decisively against him, either by assuming a disguise, teleporting away, using his Legerdemain power (if he's held onto it) or some combination thereof. He does not necessarily have to be bloodied for him to decide to flee, and his capacity for self-preservation tends to exceed his bloodlust or even anger.

Provoking opportunity attacks is a major concern for Kefka, so he'll often try to keep his distance from meleers by using slowing, area denial zones and immobilization. Failing that, he'll resort to dazing and his lightning RBA to prevent OAs.

It should be noted that Kefka's Hate power is a daily, so it will not work on subsequent encounters with him before he has had an extended rest.

2012-05-07, 01:08 PM
Expanded on the tactics section; link contents should be more accessible (document was 'published').