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2012-05-08, 12:38 PM
I'm positive I've seen this info posted previously, but after an hour fighting with the forum search and its many "server errors", I surrender. :smallfrown:

I have built a continent for my Players to rule, I know who lives where, have the plots, hooks, etc all figured out. What I need is to put my NPC's on paper as actual numbers that can be used when necessary. LOTS of NPC's.

I need some tips on how to make a few dozen NPC's fast and efficiently. Any info would be great please. My current system of Exel templates takes about two hours per Level 5 or higher NPC. Like I said, I've seen this info before, but can't find it. If someone has the link, I'll be their friend :smallbiggrin:

2012-05-08, 02:25 PM
There's this (http://www.myth-weavers.com/generate_npc.php) one.

Then there's this (http://www.rpgattitude.com/joomla/npcdesigner-npc-generator.html), which requires a download.

I'll get back to you if I find more.

EDIT: There's one here (http://www.andargor.com/) if you scroll down to "Jamis Buck's NPC Generator." Clicking on the link to it downloads the folder, so if you don't want to download something, don't bother.

2012-05-08, 04:24 PM
Thanks Temotei! I'm your friend now :smallbiggrin:

I was hoping for a way to do it myself, but these generators look FAR superior to any other ones I've looked at. I'll defintely give em' a try!

2012-05-10, 05:52 AM
If you have any questions concerning NPC Designer, feel free to ask.