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2012-05-09, 02:38 AM
So I went about this in a pretty different way than I have seen others do it. I don't think that planeswalker is a class but rather something that you are. As such, I made this template to modify any existing sentient creature with the spark feat (also below). The assumption is that there is no teleportation of any kind in the world (or any sort of transdimensional/intraplanar movement, which I am counting as teleportation for the purpose of this template). Summoning creates a being out of magical energies that is new and has never existed before, and it ceases to exist when the spell expires.

For the flavor people out there, I am personally imagining the Blind Eternities to be as the far realm (insanity inducing, logic does not function, etc) for anyone who spends more than a few seconds there (i.e. the time to plane shift).

I imagine a few things need to be tweaked, so please give me suggestions. I also imagine that certain things might need to be added (such as new spells, feats, etc.) that I didn't think of. This was a "flash of inspiration" type idea, and I don't know how balanced it is (hence the lack of LA).

Anyway, here we go:


Planeswalker is an acquired template that can only be applied to someone that has taken the spark feat. The character must have at least 5 hit dice, and have just gone through an extremely traumatic experience (Death and resurrection, near death, torture, loss of a loved one, etc) at the DMs discretion.

Size and Type: Stays the same
HD: Nothing to change
Speed: Nothing changes
AC: Gain a +2 enhancement bonus to AC
Attacks: nothing changes
Spell-like abilities: Dimension door, at will; Teleport, 1/day; Greater teleport, 1/week; Planar shift, 1/ month.
Qualities: everything from the base creature, gains the ability to cast and learn [teleportation] spells, spell resistance equal to 10+HD
Saves: Unchanged
Abilities: Unchanged
Feats: Unchanged
LA: ???


Spark: There is a spark within you that grants you a special tie to magic. This does not mean that you are necessarily a spellcasting class, but rather that you have more potential than others in this area. A certain natural amount of magic pervades your very being and you gain some spell-like abilities. You gain one spell every other level (including this one). The ability can be chosen from the cleric, druid, or sorc/wiz spell list, and the maximum level is shown on the table below. Your caster level is equal to half your hit dice, DCs are charisma based, and you must have a charisma equal to 10+spell level to learn or use the spell. Cantrips/Orisons can be used at will, 1st level spells can be used 5/day, 2nd level spells 2/day, and 3rd, 4th, or 5th level spells 1/day.

Special: This must be taken at first level.

{table=head]Hit Dice|Maximum Spell Level

2012-05-09, 05:15 AM
I'm not sure about LA on the template, but the feat definitely needs some work. So a level 1 character with at least 15 Charisma who takes the spark feat can immediately gain a 5th level spell from any spell list as a 1/day spell-like ability? And they gain another one every other level? At the very least, I would restrict the maximum spell level of the spell they choose to their level plus 2 over 3, and I would also probably restrict it to one list or even a small custom list. Alternately, I would restrict it to spells that they know at least one level lower than the highest-level spell that they know, but I don't know how important the "giving SLAs to non-casters" angle is to you and even with that restriction that's still a broken, must-have feat. It seems like it should be a class ability instead.

Why do you need this feat in order to have the template?

2012-05-09, 12:58 PM
Spark: ...you are considered to have only half your hit die in class levels of the respective class to see if you are high enough level to learn that spell...

That's why this clause is there (and the clause is why fifth level is the max, 20/2 = 10 "class levels" = level 5 spells on all 3 lists provided). First level all you can learn is an orison or cantrip (which I should probably put in there, because as written you can learn nothing: 1/2 wizard level grants no spells, with obligatory link (http://www.goblinscomic.com/09032005/)), 3rd and 5th, you can gain level 1, 7th and 9th is level 2, 11th and 13 is level 3, 15th and 17 is level 4, and 19th is level 5 (and those are maximums)

Once that is recognized, the progression is so slow that there is little point in taking the feat except in hopes that your character become a walker unless your the caster. The wizard will be able to do everything better and sooner than you, but you get a few nice tricks to help you out. If you are the caster, you may take this to lessen the need to use slots on a commonly cast spell - but that's what wands are for anyway.

The non-caster part is inspired by MTG characters like Elspeth Tirel and Gideon Jura who were primarily physical combatants. Also Radha, who never awoke into a walker, was also a highly skilled mundane fighter - who used some magic (rather than a mage who fought).

The feat is in the same line as the birthright or bloodline feats. Not something that you did, but something about you. A planeswalker has a spark before they are awakened, but when they are awakened the spark is fanned into flame (to paraphrase Teferi).

Thank you for your response though, as you voiced some of the same concerns that I pondered while working the details. It also lets me know that I may want to make a chart to describe maximum spell level instead of making it formulaic (which I was afraid may be confusing).

2012-05-16, 02:31 PM
Well, it's been a week. I am bumping this one time to see if anyone has interest in PEACHing this, but I suppose I will let it die after this.