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2012-05-14, 11:47 AM
The world we as we now it is long gone, faded into myths. It died 50-100 years from now due to human neglect and abuse. Mankind is all but wiped out and the world’s resources are virtually nonexistent. 15,000 years later, the planet has repaired enough damage for primitive cultures to start up again. This is the basis of the game. There will be the occasional bit of ancient tech for them to stumble onto. There will also be brand new super-predators that the players will need to content with.

D20 is the group’s stock game but I'd like to try something else. I like D&D but there are things that drive me nuts too. I want lower power but still fun for combat. I'd like damage to mean more than just a portion of HP lost. Fairly simple would be a plus.

I have World of Darkness (including Changeling and Mage) as well as the Dresden books but never played them. GURPS too but if I remember it is so slow combat-wise (or at least it was when I was playing Champions). I don’t mind investing in new material so any good system is an option.

Savage Worlds looks promising but I also have seen a lot of negative press concerning the game. A lower tech Deadlands sounds very close to what I was imagining.

Any suggestions?

2012-05-15, 05:21 AM
d20 Modern with the d20 Apocalypse expansion is decent. You can use the d20 Future to fill in any blanks if your apocalypse happens in the future as you described (for things like scavenged tech).

The Dark Fiddler
2012-05-15, 03:33 PM
If your main problem with d20 is the HP problem, then maybe Mutants and Masterminds could work? It's a d20 system, but instead of using HP, it uses a condition track, so every bit of damage you take will, at the very least, make the next bit of difficult. I don't know how well it'd function for a grittier game, however, or how well it'd mesh with what you intend for the characters to be able to do. It's made primarily for super hero games, and while it's not restricted to that, it should give you an idea of the sort of stuff it's capable, maybe.

2012-05-15, 04:39 PM
I say go with the fate system from Dresden, but give it your own twist. Try looking up the original Fate system game, Spirit of the Century. Combat is fun, and fast paced (since enemies are grouped up into minions or mooks) and the characters really get a lot of flexibility since the results of attacks are measured in consequences, rather than straight HP.

That's got a lot of potential for a post apocalyptic game. Rather than just, "You take 8 damage" the PC receives a "Minor Consequence" like a sprained ankle, a swollen eye, or maybe they're forced to drop some piece of equipment as they flee.

The core rule book for Spirit of the Century details a pulpy action oriented adventure to take place during the 20s and 30s, but it's easily adaptable to other settings. After we finished the initial campaign that I ran (The PCs had to stop a mad cult of reptile worshipers from causing worldwide volcanic eruptions while on a dinosaur infested island), we decided to transition into the second world war, and our next campaign pitted them against an Old One worshiping Nazi secret society. Needless to say the campaign was suitably more dark, but the system transitioned perfectly.

The back of the book even gives ideas on running a 1960s campaign or a turn of the 21st century with a whole new set of PCs! I've been toying around with the idea of running a Spirit of the 12th Century with the heroes being Knights of the Round Table and the like. It's not hard to imagine a Spirit of the 22nd Century in a dark, post apocalyptic wasteland.

2012-05-20, 09:53 AM
It is a d20 3.x derivative, and is very similar to Mutants and Masterminds (as has been suggested already).

It's good on a number of levels.

1) if you're group is a d20 group, this system is similar enough that everyone will understand the basic principals of what's going on, you won't need everyone to learn a new system.

2) it does away with HP (which is one of the worst RPing inventions ever).

3) A character's combat skill directly effects how hard it is to hit them.

4) Characters do not get tougher as they go up levels (unless they constantly take feats to do so, a 1st level character and a 20th level character will generally be as tough as each other).

5) Conviction.

6) Conviction tied into a character's Nature is a great way for having the game system influenced by roleplaying.

7) Combat, especially with big guns, is lethal. Pack your bandages when you go out.

8) It is effectively classless (having only 3 classes, Warrior, Expert, Adept), everything is chosen by feats that you get every level.

9) The whole game uses just a single d20 for every resolution - combat, skills, getting hurt, healing etc. So you don't need to carry a plethora of dice with you just to game.