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2012-05-14, 02:47 PM
is gone? I was just thinking about it and thought I'd read over some of its material, see what he'd put in the new version since I'd read it, and the entire website is gone! Anyone heard anything regarding it?

2012-05-14, 02:59 PM
very recent it appears. Google has cached pages from 3rd of may 2012. Maybe there is just a hosting problem? Domain names are just rented not bought outright.

2012-05-14, 03:36 PM
We can only hope. I really love that campaign setting.

2012-07-10, 05:41 PM
I know the forum frowns on thread necromancy, but I hope I can be forgiven, as I just noticed this question when I was doing a Google search.

As the author of the Sigil Prep website, it had been a long time since I'd updated it, the game I was running died over a year ago (after six-plus years), and I simply couldn't justify the expense of renewing either the hosting or the domain name.

A fan with whom I had no previous contact, however, had saved much of the 3.5 material, and put it up on this wiki: http://www.dndwiki.com/wiki/Sigil_Prep_%283.5e_Campaign_Setting%29

2014-11-30, 04:13 PM
Hello, I am not sure when this thread was last commented on, but could Captainswift, please help his fan on the wiki. The entire section on how to run the campagin is missing, and that is the part I need to run the campagin. Any help in this matter would be very much apriciated.

2014-12-17, 03:31 PM
Going back through my old material (what I have of it, and what I could find in the Wayback Machine), I don't think I actually had a "How to Run this Campaign" section on my old website. I think that's something the guy who salvaged the site and put it up on dndwiki was planning to do, but never got around to.

For what it's worth, though, I ran the game very much as a sandbox, letting players make the majority of decisions (though I would give little suggestions here and there; a campus bulletin board might have flyers for adventuring clubs who need someone for Friday night's trip to the Barrier Peaks or upcoming parties where the Freshmen might be sent on a rather eventful beer run.) You have to be pretty quick on your feet to react to things, but this isn't a traditional dungeon crawl setting. (Although, there's room for that. Students unhappy with their roommate situation have a pretty treacherous trek through trapped caverns to get to the housing director*).
I assume most of the classes happen between events in the game. Role-playing lectures isn't that interesting, but being in the classroom when something happens (radical clubs releasing the giant poisonous frogs from biology lab, or a random attack by the class one of the professor's rivals, maybe) can be a good way to start a thing.
My preference is being meta, but not too meta. "Hit points", "Armor Class", etc. have meaning to the characters in the game, but not because they think they're in a game. 'Hit point' is how they measure health, and such. Being able to refer to the rules in this sense adds to the comedy (in my mind, ymmv). But your human fighter wouldn't know why he was a PC while his roommate, the bugbear monk is an NPC.
Hope any of this helps.

Morgan Ironwolf gripped her sword tightly. The tunnels so far had been dismal, but they had been at least dimly lit. Now, it seemed light had simply given up on them, and the way, already uninviting, seemed to be actively hostile.

"This can't be the right path," Sister Rebeccah said, shrieking as she stepped on something slimy which then scuttled away.

"It's exactly as the old wizard told us," Morgan insisted. "Silverleaf, would you?" The elf nodded, despite the fact that his companions couldn't see, and cast a light spell. "Ah," Morgan said, "Here we go." She brushed some cobwebs off an old, handpainted wooden sign affixed to the wall by some unknown means. 'Housing Department', with an arrow pointing ahead. "You see?"

Sister Rebeccah nodded solemnly, girding herself as they headed forward. They journeyed another thousand feet before reaching a chasm, the bottom long since engulfed in darkness, its depth impossible to judge. A narrow earthen bridge stretched across it, without benefit of railing, and barely wide enough for a halfling to cross. "How is there even this much underground!?" Rebeccah challenged. "The old wizard said this was, 'the subbasement!'"

"Well," Black Dougal grinned, his teeth startlingly white beneath his cloaked and shadowed features, "this is below the basement, after all." He took the first step onto the bridge, using his highly focused agility to make the first few steps seem easy. Rebeccah swallowed and followed him, Morgan and Silverleaf close behind.

Bats swooped down from the impossibly high ceiling, swarming around them, dogging their steps. Rebeccah screamed, started to fall, but felt Morgan's firm grip around her wrist, holding her up. "Sleep!" Silverleaf bellowed, and the bats began to fall into the deep chasm.

"See," Dougal laughed heartily. "Nothing to worry--" His words were cut short as the largest bat Rebeccah had ever seen swooped down and snatched him off the bridge, flying into the distance with him.

"I'd suggest we hurry," Morgan said. They hustled across the bridge as quickly as they dared, Morgan swinging her sword fiercely as the giant bat's brothers threatened to share Dougal's fate with them. Morgan and Rebeccah reached the stability of the other side just as the bridge crumbled beneath Silverleaf. His eyes widened with surprise as he fell, but Morgan hastily grasped outward, clutching his shirt and pulling him, one-armed, onto solid ground.

Rebeccah buried her face in her hands. "We lost Frederik to the arrow trap, and now Dougal..."

"I'm pretty sure the medical plan covers this," Morgan said. "At any rate, onward."

"Through what!?" Rebeccah barked. "We've already faced a collapsing ceiling, a pit of poisoned spikes, and that exploding lock on the door marked 'Subbasement J'. The office hours were even posted! It's supposed to be open now!"

"I suspect our tribulations are over," Morgan said, triumphantly, pointing across the massive cavern to a desk and filing cabinet, sitting awkwardly in the middle of the vast chamber. "Although the housing director doesn't seem to be in."

The small party approached cautiously. The desk and cabinet, and many other furnishings one might find in a typical office, were set appropriately to one another, oddly centered around a twenty-foot stalagmite which towered above them. A plaque on the desk declared it the property of 'Stah'nlee Roper, Housing Superintendent.' Suddenly an eye opened in the stone column, and a gaping maw appeared. "WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS!?"

"The old wizard..." Morgan began, for the first time as startled as Rebeccah had been all along, "That is... Professor Bigby said that we needed to see Mr. Roper in the Housing Department. Is he..."

"I AM THE MR. ROPER OF WHOM YOU SPEAK!" the monster declared, viney tentacles whipping about beside him as he spoke. Or... well, not 'spoke' so much as 'bellowed'. "STATE YOUR BUSINESS AND THEN REMOVE YOURSELF FROM MY PRESENCE!"

"Well, see..." Morgan looked around. "There are... were... five of us, and we were all assigned to the same room. Which, you know... it has two beds. Two... single beds."


"Well, we all paid for on-campus housing..."


"Sure, it's just... well, two of us are female, and it's just unusual for..."


"And Rebeccah is supposed to maintain a vow of chastity and all..."

A burly, tall man crossed the room, wearing a tunic of the Sigil Prep school colors --Gold and White-- with the number 34 on it and 'Sigil Prep Planeswalkers' across the back. Across the man's shoulders was a dire elk, which he tossed adjacent to the desk. "Hey, Mr. Roper," he said. "I was wondering if I could have a room in Triton Hall? Y'know, a spare, just to keep kegs in."

The monster's giant eye glanced down at the massive elk carcass. With astonishing speed, its tentacles whipped down, enveloping the elk, and drew it up with its massive mouth, biting the head off the ruminant with its rows of razor-sharp teeth. As it chewed, Mr. Roper said, "I BELIEVE THIS REQUEST IS REASONABLE," bits of blood and flesh sprayed over the room, causing Rebeccah to nearly puke.

Morgan eyed the display with passive interest, then said, "If we bring you one of those, can Rebeccah and I get our own room?"

Roper slobbered and chewed noisily. He glanced at Morgan as a man might glance at a stain on his shirt. "AND A PIE! A PIE GETS YOU A ROOM." Morgan smiled. "TWO PIES GETS YOU A PRIVATE BATHROOM."

(from the hopefully-coming-soon revived sigilprep.com)