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2012-05-16, 05:01 AM
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All that you see will soon perish; those who witness this perishing will soon perish themselves. Die in extreme old age or die before your time Ė it will all be the same.
~Marcus Aurelius

Much of this (including the picture) was riffed from Phosphate. A thank-you goes out to him.

Also, dead levels will be filled by archetype stuff. Tell me what you think so far!

Hit Die: d8

1st|+0|+0|+0|+2|Primary Archetype 1

2nd|+1|+0|+0|+3|Diehard, Mind of the Void

3rd|+2|+1|+1|+3|Secondary Archetype 1

4th|+3|+1|+1|+4| Primary Archetype 2

5th|+3|+1|+1|+4|Hollowing, Eyes of Clarity (See in Darkness)

6th|+4|+2|+2|+5| Secondary Archetype 2

7th|+5|+2|+2|+5| Primary Archetype 3

8th|+6/+1|+2|+2|+6|Hollowing, Eyes of Clarity (See Invisibility)

9th|+6/+1|+3|+3|+6| Secondary Archetype 3

10th|+7/+2|+3|+3|+7| Primary Archetype 4

11th|+8/+3|+3|+3|+7|You Will Fall, Eyes of Clarity (Arcane Sight)

12th|+9/+4|+4|+4|+8| Secondary Archetype 4

13th|+9/+4|+4|+4|+8| Primary Archetype 5

14th|+10/+5|+4|+4|+9|Timeless Body, Eyes of Clarity (True Seeing)

15th|+11/+6/+1|+5|+5|+9| Secondary Archetype 5

16th|+12/+7/+2|+5|+5|+10| Primary Archetype 6

17th|+12/+7/+2|+5|+5|+10|Return, Eyes of Clarity (Nondetection)

18th|+13/+8/+3|+6|+6|+11| Secondary Archetype 6

19th|+14/+9/+4|+6|+6|+11| Primary Archetype 7


Skills (x4 at 1st level): 4 + Intelligence Modifier: Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Listen (Cha), Move Silently (Dex), Profession (Wis), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str).

New Terminology: Resist
Resist (which will be italicized for emphasis in other places) is a universal form of damage reduction. A creature with Resist X reduces all damage taken to it by X. Resist is only overcome by damage that explicitly overcomes damage reduction, despite the fact that it reduces damage from all sources (including energy, divine, and untyped damage). Resist is a powerful defensive ability.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: The nihilist is proficient with all simple weapons, light armor, no shields, and any two exotic or martial weapons.

Archetype: The nihilist follows a path based on his understanding of the universe. These unique beliefs dictate a nihilistís powers, which manifest in frighteningly potent ways.

At 1st level, a nihilist chooses a single archetype as his primary archetype, which provides its starting ability at 1st level, and the next ability every 3 levels after (4th, 7th, 10th, etc.). At 3rd level, a nihilist chooses another archetype as his secondary archetype, which provides its starting ability at 3rd level, and the next ability every 3 levels after (6th, 9th, 12th):

Nothing here yet, I promise it's a WIP

The Ceaseless

A nihilist who is ceaseless comes to see existence for what it really is. Each life is only a small spark of life, and in the grand scheme of the multiverse means almost nothing at all. As long as it is in tiny increments, change can be brought to nature through sheer force of will.

Strength of the Core (Ex): If a nihilist who chooses The Ceaseless as his primary archetype, his nihilist hit die increases to d10 and all saves he takes as a nihilist have the advancement of Will save (good).

Unnerving Grace (Su): The edge that a ceaseless nihilist posses in battle is anything but normal. Through a series of little shifts of space, the nihilist can enhance and prevent any sort of movement. Every time the nihilist makes an attack against a creature, even if he misses, he generates one of the following effects:

If a ceaseless nihilist attacks a creature within his reach, that creature is immobilized for 4 rounds or until the nihilist takes damage from a creature immobilized by his effect.
If a ceaseless nihilist attacks a creature outside of his reach, he may move up to 10' closer to that creature, provided the movement is directly towards that creature and that it is in a straight line from his position.

The nihilist cannot use either of these effects on a creature that he cannot detect, or a creature further than medium range away (100 ft + 10 ft per nihilist level)
No Weakness (Ex): A ceaseless nihilist is immune to [Fear] effects. A nihilist may use remove fear as an immediate action spell-like ability, and dismiss the effect as a move-equivalent action. The nihilist can only have one instance of remove fear active from this ability, and using the spell-like ability suppresses his extraordinary immunity to [Fear].
To Endure the Pangs of Time (Ex): A ceaseless nihilist has a Ceaseless Threshold of HP equal to his level multiplied by his Constitution modifier. Until a ceaseless nihilist takes damage equal to his Ceaseless Threshold, he is not treated as having taken damage or being hit (for the purposes of effects such as bleed damage or Unnerving Grace, or effects that force a save upon attacking).
Denial of Nature (Ex): If a ceaseless nihilist would be subject to the effect of an attack, spell, or ability, he may delay it up to 1 round per point of his Constitution modifier as an immediate action. For the duration of this he is fatigued. A ceaseless nihilist may not use this if he is exhausted.

The Indefinite
Shroud (Ex): If a nihilist chooses The Indefinite as his primary archetype, his alignment is concealed from all forms of divination used by a caster with equivalent or lower caster level than his nihilist level. [Something Else]

Nothing else here yet, I promise it's a WIP.

The Metaphysical

A metaphysical nihilist knows that all of the world is simply based on perception. Things are only a certain way because we think of them that way, and that effect can be taken advantage of. When a nihilist perceives himself as something different, be becomes different.

My Name is War (Ex): A nihilist who takes The Metaphysical as his primary archetype changes his medium base attack bonus progression to a full base attack bonus progression for nihilist levels only.

Dark Lightning (Ex): The movement of a metaphysical nihilist demonstrates their innate understanding of the workings of the world. He gains two abilities:

As an immediate action when a metaphysical nihilist takes damage from a creature within his reach, he may make an attack of opportunity against that creature.
As a swift action, a metaphysical nihilist may charge up, so that the next attack he rolls that deals damage deals an additional 1d6 cold damage equal to the number of abilities (Dark Lightning, Hulk, Shape Without Form, etc.) he possesses.
Hulk (Ex): A metaphysical nihilist shows his potential for self-modification to a degree that begins to ignore physical limitation. Each round where a nihilist makes an attack, before the attack is rolled, he gains a stacking +2 bonus to Strength, but takes a -1 penalty to all saves and armor class. At the end of the round where a metaphysical nihilist has increased Strength from this ability, he takes damage equal to his hit dice (this damage cannot be reduced or mitigated, and ignores temporary HP). The duration refreshes and lasts 3 rounds, or until the metaphysical nihilist spends a full-round action to concentrate (he does not take damage from this ability in a round where he does this).
Exploit Weakness (Ex): Once per round as a free action, you may know the ability score modifier of any creature within close range. If there is a tie, you learn all of them. If you know the target's highest ability score modifier, and if you are within reach of that target, you may use a move-equivalent action to roll a d20 with a bonus equal to any of the following (your choice):

A save bonus based off of the highest ability score modifier that the target has.
The target's base attack bonus + their highest ability score modifier
A skill the target knows that uses their highest ability score modifier (the target chooses which skill)
The DC for this ability is 10 + 2/3 the metaphysical nihilist's HD + the metaphysical nihilist's Strength modifier. If the target fails to meet or exceed the DC, they are flat-footed against all attacks form the metaphysical nihilist until the end of the metaphysical nihilist's turn.
Shape Without Form (Su): A metaphysical nihilist's self-awareness begins to ignore the boundaries of comprehensible reality. He gains a set of forms that he can shift into or out of as a move-equivalent action. The transformation that the nihilist performs is supernatural, while the forms he takes are extraordinary.:

Tentacle Over Tentacle: The metaphysical nihilist's currently wielded weapons meld into his body, becoming part of a foreign appendage. The actual form of the melded weapon can take the form of chains, tendrils, or large metallic arms. Nihilist's wielding with the multiweapon or two-weapon fighting feats gain an appendage for each limb capable of wielding a weapon. These changed limbs give the nihilist an extra 5 ft. reach.
Icarus (Borne on Wings of Steel): A metaphysical nihilist grows large and potent-looking wings. Armor and carried equipment that the wings would interfere with meld into the nihilist's body and do not change in effects. The wings take similar characteristics to the nihilist's skin, and incorporate the armor and weapons consumed as well. These wings provide the metaphysical nihilist with a fly speed equal to his land move speed (which includes encumbrance and armor penalties), and gives him a +10 ft. bonus to his move speed.
Strange Clouds: The metaphysical nihilist is surrounded by a dark haze within 20 ft. that grants concealment (a 20% miss chance) to everything within the darkness. This can be suppressed by an effect with a higher caster level than the metaphysical nihilist's hit dice.

Body of the Void: A metaphysical nihilist believes in nothing, and so he becomes nothing. By joining with the denial of existence, a metaphysical nihilist gains Resist equal to 2 + 1/2 his hit dice as an extraordinary ability. He can choose to suppress this ability for 10 rounds to use temporal stasis with a duration of 2 rounds (DC 10 + 1/2 nihilist level + the nihilist's Strength modifier) as a supernatural ability.
Amorphous (Ex): The metaphysical nihilist's ever-shifting form and denial of nature grants him immunity to poison, sleep, paralysis, polymorph, and stunning effects. It is not subject to critical hits and cannot be flanked.
I Am Everything: Metaphysical nihilist's aren't bound by their imaginations but by their rejections. As a swift action, a metaphysical nihilist may increase any one of his physical attributes by decreasing any other attributes on a 1:1 ratio and may change size between two sizes larger and two sizes smaller than his natural form (this does not change the nihilist's ability scores). No attribute may be reduced by below 3 with this ability. Changing shape is a supernatural ability, but the forms themselves are extraordinary.

Diehard: Starting at 2nd level, a nihilistís beliefs begin to change him physically, and he gains diehard as a bonus feat.

Mind of the Void (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, a nihilistís detachment gives him incredible social faculties when he focuses on them, but this same detachment becomes harder to repress around others. A nihilist takes a -1 circumstance penalty to bluff, intimidate, and diplomacy. As a swift action, a nihilist may focus gain a +2 circumstance bonus to one of the skills and take a -2 circumstance penalty to others. The bonuses and penalties for focusing increase by 1 every three levels after 2nd (5th, 8th, 11th, etc.)

Hollowing: Started at 5th level, a nihilistís insight extends further into the physical world. A nihilist picks one of the three choices belowóonce made, the choice is permanent:

Undeterred (Ex): A nihilist who chooses undeterred gains immunity to [Fear] effects. If the nihilist already has immunity to [Fear] effects, or gains it later, he instead gains +2 circumstance bonus on saves against [Enchantments] and .
[I]Unpredictable (Ex): As a standard action, a nihilist can make a single attack roll against one target. The target is considered flat-footed for that attack, and if they are flat-footed from any other source, they are treated as helpless for the attack.
Uncontrollable (Su): The nihilist gains a gaze attack. He may mark one opponent with the gaze attack as a free action once per round. The opponent knows it has been marked, and may avoid the nihilistís gaze (effectively giving him full concealment). If it makes eye contact with the nihilist, it must make a Will Save (DC 10 + Ĺ nihilist level + Charisma Modifier) or be rendered shaken. This is [Mind-Effecting] effect. If the nihilist already can cause an opponent to be shaken with a free action, he instead uses the higher of this DC or the original effectís DC, and then gains +2 circumstance bonus to that DC.

Starting at 8th level, a nihilist gains the other two abilities from Hollowing that he did not choose at level 5.

Eyes of Clarity (Sp): Starting at 5th level, a nihilistís piercing awareness sees through the world itself. He gains the See in Darkness ability of the baatezu, allowing him to see through darkness of any kind, including magical darkness, out to 50 feet. For every 60 feet of darkvision a nihilist has, he may see an additional 10 feet in magical darkness.

Starting at 8th level, a nihilist may instead use see invisibility, as per the spell. This is a type of sight granted by Eyes of Clarity, and he may only use one type of sight granted by Eyes of Clarity at a time, switching between them as a swift or move-equivalent action.

Starting at 11th level, a nihilist may also see with arcane sight, as per the spell. This is another type of sight granted by Eyes of Clarity.

Starting at 14th level, a nihilist may also see with true seeing, as per the spell. Even though this effectively replaces see invisibility, this is another type of sight granted by Eyes of Clarity.

Starting at 17th level, a nihilist using Eyes of Clarity ignores nondetection, and similar divination-fooling spells below 8th level.

You Will Fall (Ex): Inexplicably, a nihilistís ego begins to bend the fabric of reality so much that it begins to interfere with the lives of others. Any healing effects (including fast healing and regeneration, and healing of ability damage or drain) within 5 feet per level of a nihilist fail so long as he is aware of the target. A nihilist may designate a target as immune to or receptive to the effect as a free action once per turn.

Timeless Body (Ex): Starting at 14th level, a nihilist no longer takes ability score penalties for aging and cannot be magically aged. Any penalties he may have already incurred, however, remain in place.
Bonuses still accrue, and the nihilist still dies of old age when his time is up.

Return (Su): Starting at 17th level, a nihilist becomes inexplicably resistant to harm. If a nihilist dies, his body turns to dust immediately. After one day, the nihilist will reform from the dust, reviving in the spot where he died at half HP with no negative levels. The only way to prevent a nihilist from reforming is to take some of the dust and place it in a sealed container. Typically, dangerous nihilists who are slain are separated into many jars, which are hidden throughout the world in case someone naÔve or destructive tries to bring them back. If the place where the nihilist died is placed under an effect that suppresses supernatural abilities, such as an antimagic field, the nihilistís revival is delayed until the suppression ends.

Epitome (Ex): After attaining 20th level, a nihilist is one with the answers of the universe, and becomes immune to all death spells, magical death effects, energy drain, and any negative energy effects. In addition, a number of creatures equal to the nihilistís Charisma Modifier cannot be reduced below 1 HP, except voluntarily.