View Full Version : I Need to Brew Something. What?

2012-05-19, 09:54 PM
I'm at an utter low point for creativity.

So give me a base class concept. I'll make it. Because i'm bored :smalltongue:

2012-05-19, 10:04 PM
Whatever happened here? (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=241053) :smallconfused:

2012-05-19, 10:12 PM
I forgot.

Off I go to make that. Thanks for reminding me!

2012-05-19, 10:33 PM
If your still having trouble or don't like those votes you can always go Tier: 2 Masked Gish who resembles a True dragon of Kingship.


yes those were my votes. yes that makes them more important. you were saying?

2012-05-19, 10:36 PM
I might actually do masked instead of machine.

2012-05-19, 11:47 PM
or you can use the sugestions i PMed you

2012-05-19, 11:57 PM
or you can use the sugestions i PMed you

The scion? Or was that virdish...?

Sorry. I've been away for a little while and sort of lost track of things :smallfrown:

2012-05-20, 01:06 AM
Your names have the same first and last letters with the same number of letters. That and you both post homebrews. You might as well be the same person. :smallbiggrin:

No seriously, the first sentence is why the human brain confuses them...
Of course, since im trying to sound smart, you probably already knew that, at least with my luck.
Masked is totally the way to go. Tier 2 as well.

2012-05-20, 10:12 AM
Kobold Fu
Half Dwarf Half Orc
Half Dwarf, Half Elf
some others should be in your inbox if you didnt clear that out

2012-05-20, 10:29 AM
Just for entertainment.:smalltongue:

2012-05-20, 12:53 PM
An aquatic race would be cool. Something that wouldn't work as well on land, but would kick butt in the water

2012-05-20, 01:20 PM
Yeah that was definitely me. Which I am totally at a loss for how to finish them. I've got their chassis mostly done but I'm afb still for a couple weeks and I honestly don't know enough about balance to know what spells are broken and do not need to be included and how to balance out their disparate casting.