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Dusk Eclipse
2012-05-22, 08:53 PM
My current Anima Beyond Fantasy character is a Technician based on the Lancer class from the Fate/ Stay anime/visual novel and on a somewhat silly whim I decided to make his techniques based on all the classes form the franchise, the problem is that I am not as versed on said universe as I would like, so I would love to have some help from the playground.

Now, while I would love to have some mechanical help some brainstorming and ideas would be perfectly fine. Please also take note that since I have only seen the first Anime (which I believe follows Heaven's fell route) and the OVA/Movie of Unlimited Blade works so I am basing myself on those characters.

Anyway, my ideas based on the classes are the following:

Archer: Standard range attack, perhaps adding supernatural effect to bypass some defenses.
Assassin: Three attacks at full attack bonus without allowing for a counterattack
Berserker: Some sort of effect that either upped my damage or allowed me to receive loads of punishment without dying
Caster: No idea really
Lancer: Automatic critical hit (yes it is possible as an effect)..maybe with a penalty reduction on called shots to the heart
Rider: No idea.
Saber: Again I have no idea

Thanks in advance

2012-05-22, 11:11 PM
First of all, the anime actually follows the Fate route, at least at the start.

As for abilities, do you mean the Servant Classes in general, or specifically the servants from Fate/Stay Night? Little tip in advance though, Caster should probably be some kind of detection or scrying ability.

Dusk Eclipse
2012-05-23, 12:27 AM
First of all, the anime actually follows the Fate route, at least at the start.

As for abilities, do you mean the Servant Classes in general, or specifically the servants from Fate/Stay Night? Little tip in advance though, Caster should probably be some kind of detection or scrying ability.

Fate route, right (I really need to get the damn visual novel >_<)

And I am not really sure, I mean the assassin's technique was developed by the fake assassin and the lancer one I guess is too similar to Gael Bolg so basing on the characters would be the best option; but some attacks like Excalibur or that weird blood thing rider did inthe school aden't the kind of techniques I had in mind. So in some cases I guess basing it on the class would be better.

2012-05-23, 03:51 PM
Yeah, Excalibur and Avalon are a tad... unnecessary.
Also, the blood thing that Rider did was partly her master's doing.

Well, on to idea suggestions. Archers have amazing vision and skill at range. Now, if you were to go with Archer from Fate/Stay Night, you'll want some way to fire any weapon as an arrow (not that difficult from what I remember of Anima), and some way to manifest unlimited weapons (also surprisingly easy). For Assassin, you might actually want to go with some way to hide your presence over an insta-kill. I know darkness magic is good for that, but that might not be ideal. For Berserker, you'd be looking to sacrifice intelligence for strength (and some form of invulnerability, if you can manage it) which I'm pretty sure is doable. Casters are best suited for manipulation and information gathering. Mind control, scrying, and their ilk. For Rider, definitely some kind of speed boost. For Saber, you'll probably want to go for their ridiculous magic immunity, since you've already got plenty of combat ability. Unfortunately, it's been a while since I've played Anima, so I'm not quite familiar with the rules, but it should be doable.

Dusk Eclipse
2012-05-23, 04:45 PM
I think all servants abilities, save for Caster's scrying and mind controlling, can be easilly replicated by Ki dominion techniques; but I am beggining to think that doing all seven would spread me too thin for them to actually matter in combat.

Perhaps limiting myself to only emulate the knight classes would be better, that would mean fewer; but probably stronger techniques.

2012-05-23, 06:24 PM
So, Lancer, Archer, Saber? Well, you'll want proficiency with a variety of weapons, and the ability to shoot all of them as arrows. You'll want superb accuracy, to the point that you can auto-crit from up to a mile away. You'll also want superb defense both against physical blows and magical attacks, in addition to high speed. Lastly, if you're looking to emulate Fate/Stay Night, you'll need some borderline gamebreaking ability that completely alters the course of battle, to act as your Noble Phantasm. I'm going to suggest looking up Unlimited Blade Works or (if you don't mind spoilers) Gates of Babylon.

Dusk Eclipse
2012-05-23, 06:45 PM
I think you might have missunderstood me, the bare bones of the character are already set in stone, he is a melee fighter who has access to ki dominion which allows him to create and use supernatural effects. He is already highly resistant to magic (having 95 base save in a d100 based game who considers 120 a difficult but not impossible DC) and has a really hight attack bonus.

I just wanted to have a technique (think a kind of hybrid between a psionic spell and ToB maneuvers) or two that would emulate some abilities from the servants.

By the way it is possible to make a technique that automaticallybcrits if it hits, thought it drains a lot of resources to do so.

Though I admit the idea of a noble phantasm sounds intriguing and makes my inner self to cackle in delight at the perspective of dropping a reality marble during combat.

2012-05-23, 07:45 PM
Drawing upon my memories of Anima, creating something akin to a Reality Marble should totally be within the ability of Ki. Make that a guarantee if you eventually spend points to gain Gnosis. It would be a technique, probably a duration based Area of Effect attack. Fluff is mostly up to you anyway.

2012-05-23, 08:00 PM
Also, the blood thing that Rider did was partly her master's doing.

Blood Fort Andromeda is one of Gorgon Medusa's abilities though. Given Shinji is basically an inept tool with no ability, I don't think anything beyond the idea might've come from him. Sakura did not participate in the making of the Bounded Field. But yeah, given its nature as an ability that takes 10 days to prepare fully, it's probably not really relevant for the crunch of the character.

And yeah, the anime follows the Fate-route with few tack-ins from Unlimited Blade Works and kinda-sorta from Heaven's Feel, but largely it's what you'd recognize as Fate with expanded roles for the characters Fate-path doesn't give screen time.

Archer: He's also incredibly adept at melee; maybe work that in there? He also knows orthodox magecraft so some basic casting ability might not be amiss. If there were some way to convert melee attacks into ranged ones, that'd fit his archery to the T.

Lancer: The throw he uses in Unlimited Blade Works is an anti-army grade ability so in addition to the confirmed critical, you might want to consider some ranged AOE attack.

Saber: Well, wave-motion sword may be hard to implement; again if there were a way to convert your attack temporarily into ranged one, that might work. It could cover both, Barrier of the Wind King and Excalibur itself.

Basically, all of them fall into the pattern of an array of melee techniques and one/two big ranged AOE techniques.

And just go get the bloody Visual Novel. Like right now. The online translation and Realta Nua additions for the PC edition are fanmade non-profit works so all you need is the original.

2012-05-23, 08:32 PM
Heck, while you're at it, get Fate/extra. It's a little different but gives a much wider range of source material for the various classes and some more examples of how Reality Marbles work.

EDIT: Almost forgot to mention, wave motion sword attacks aren't actually that difficult in Anima: Beyond Fantasy. I'm pretty sure that you can customize them, even.