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Grimsage Matt
2012-05-23, 09:00 AM
"What many fail to realize, that wealth is merely ameans to a end, not the end itself. The end? Why control of course. Control of what? Everything."- A Statment from the CEO of Mattcorp.

Many adventuers fail to understand how important business is. They fail to understand the many ways where economic might can be used aginst them. In addition, they are content to grub for handful of coins, when they could be putting their talents to better use by running a business, which makes so much more, with far less chance of death or dismemberment.

To qualify to become a Business Exuctive, a character must fulfil all the following criteria.

Alignment; Any Neutral
Feats: Business Savy, Skill focus(Any profession), Skill focus(Diplomacy), Skill focus(Bluff), Skill focus(Intimidate), Skill focus(Sense motive).
Skills:Profession(any two) 18 ranks, Knowledge(Local) 13 ranks, Diplomacy/Bluff/Intimaidate and Sense motive 15 ranks.
Special: Must have created and made a profit on at least 20 business for at least 5 years.
Special; Or, They may be a Economoist 15, and have created and made a profit from 5 businesses.

HD; D8

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
1st * * * * Oppertunity cost, Junior Executive, Suit
2nd * * * * Money Talks, Investment Oppertunity, Tie
3rd * * * * Breif Case, Executive, Grease the Wheels
4th * * * * Incorperated, Watch.
5th * * * * Senior Exucutive, Experinced Bussinesman,
Oppertunity cost; If the character has levels in Economist, they use the oppertunity cost they selected. They may pick from one of the following options;
Full BAB and one good saving throw
Medium BAB and two good Saving Throws
Poor BAB and three Good saving throws

Skills; They may pick any 6 skills to become class skills. These are added onto profession, Knowledge(All), Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate and sense motive. They gain 8+int mod skill points per level.

Investments; Many of the class abillitys depend on how much gold is invested into them. You may invest in Class abillities once for each level of Business Executive plus half your levels in economist. Each Investment is the basic investment (If the base investment is 500gp, you can further invest at 500gp per level).

Junior Executive[EX]; You've been climbing the corperate ladder! No longer just an other wage slave, you've managed to get this far becaue your a combanaition of skilled and ruthless. You also gain new insight to how things are done from higher up. You may trade in your old profession skills, in order to gain profession(executive). Profession(executive) can subustuite for all skill checks when it involves a business that your a executive in.

Business Apperal[EX];
At each level, you gain a peice of business apperal that shows your staure as a businessman/woman. Each has a bonus thats determined by how much your invested in it. You may invest in Class abillities once for each level of Business Executive plus half your levels in economist.
Suit; The first peice of the set is the business suit. For each 500gp you invest in it, it gives a +1 Executive bonus on all business related checks. If you invest at least 5000gp, you gain a +20 circimstance bonus to slight of hand checks to concel a light weapon in your sleve and can draw it as a free action if you invest at least 7500gp.
Tie; A businessman without a tie is unforgivable! It is a common symbol of hardwork and honest men everywhere! (Snicker). For every 750gp you invest in the tie, it gives you a +1 circimstance bonus on bluff checks. If you invest at least 7500 in the tie, you are under the constant effect of a EX Glibness. If you invest at least 15,000 in the tie, your alginment cannot be discerned.
Breif Case; The symbol of the legal process, their are many hidden bebnifits to a breif case. For every 1000gp you invest in it, you gain a +1 circimstance bonus on legal checks. If you invest at least 15,000gp, when you are the defndant, the penaltys you take are the minimum. If you invest at least 25,000gp in it, your legal enemys take a penalty to legal checks equal to half the cirmimstance bonus granted by the Breif case.
Watch; You have a very fancy watch that also keeps your apointments and acts as a communication device. There are three models of watch you can pick from. Each costs the same to invest in, but confers diffrent effects.
Timekeeper; For every 2000gp you invest, you gain a +1 circimstance bonus to initative checks.
Wrist PDA; Your watch may show time, but it's primary function is to hold vast amounts of data on various subjects. For each 2000gp you invest, the watch has a effective Knowledge(you pick at investment) skill of 10+1 for every 1000gp that was invested.
Communicator; For 2000gp invested, you can send message at will. For 4000gp, it can be anywhere on the same plane. For 8000gp, the message can cross planar boundries. For each 2000gp invested, the word limit increases by 25 words.
If you've invested in the watch at least 9 times, you may invest another 200,000gp to give it the features of all three models, with the investment totals, not inculding the 200,000gp used to grant it, are divied between the three features.
Hat; The bussinessmans Hat is a simple thing. It protects his head from the nasty Psions, Clerics and Wizards. Or rogues who like to steal ideas. For each 50,000gp invested, the Hat gives a +5 Circimstance bonus to saving throws agnist anything that would affect the Executives mind magicly or psionicly. If you've invested at least 250,000gp in the hat, all spells or powers that would affect your mind instead affect the one who used them, using their own save dcs. If you have invested at least 500,000 in the hat, anyone who targets you with a mind effecting spell or power is Febbleminded, with a save DC of 10+Highest Mental abillty mod+1 per 10,000gp invested. This is a EX abillity.

Money Talks[EX]; For each 5000gp you invest, you gain a +1 Bonus on social skill checks.

Investment oppertunity[EX]; When it comes to your businesses, you know just how to get other people to invest. When you can reinvest to improve your business, you may also make a diplomacy check. The DC is 30+any penalties you have to your business checks. If you make the check, you may use 1d6 instead of 1d4 to deterimene the bonus to future profit checks with that business.

Executive[EX]; You've been getting quite the reputation as a savvy businessman. You've ruthlessly wheeled and dealed your way to the top. And you've, as the famous godfather said, "Made them a deal they couldn't refuse." You may now invest in Profession(Executive). For each 1250gp you invest, you gain a +2 competence bonus. You also gain the effects of a sancutary spell (DC10+3 per 1250gp invested) as a extraordinary abillity.

Grease the Wheels[EX]; Your social skills are oily beyond compare. Pick three social skill tricks. You can use them as if you had spent the skill points for them.

Incorperated[EX]; You can put a number of related business (Related by resources/risk) and can consolidate them. They now add thier bonuses together, and are counted as the same business for all benifical purposes, inculding how much profit was made. If profit was made, add all of the various multipliers and multiply the profit by that.

Senior Executive[EX]; You've been in the game for a long time, and have risen almost to the top of the heap. Your economic might is legend, and the power of your investments is not to be compared. You may use your full Economist level or twice your business Executive level to see how much you can invest. You also gain a +2 untyped bonus to a abillity score of your choice.

Experienced Bussinessman[EX]; You can invest in profit checks now. This is handled diffrently then normal investments, as you invest 25% of what the business is worth (Resources+upgrades). For each investment, you roll a 1d8. The profit checks for that business permentaly increase by the number rolled. You may only do this once per fiscal year for each bussiness you control.

Grimsage Matt
2012-05-23, 01:06 PM
let the peaching begin. Will be working on the CEO PrC in a bit. Whats required for that sucker? The 5 levels of Business Executive.

2012-05-23, 04:50 PM
Almighty Table generator (http://pifro.com/dnd/NEW/)

also, needs Tax Evasion

Grimsage Matt
2012-05-26, 01:45 PM
Some Feats, the Tax Evasion Tree, for all your business needs. Hey! Why the hell is the IRA on the front lawn!?!

Tax Evasion!
Required; Diplomacy 18 ranks or Bluff 18 Ranks, Business Execuitive 1.
Benifit; Instead of making a saving throw, the wise businessman can instead Exploit how it's just like bloody income taxes... by making a Diplomacy or Bluff check to avoid it.

Improved Tax Evasion
Required; Tax Evasion!, Business Executive 3.
Benifit; Each time your attacked, you may make a diplomacy or bluff check opposed by their attack roll. If you win, the attack is negated.

These look good/evil. Peach, or I'll introduce the Sue! feat line...

Required; Knowledge(Local) 12 Ranks.
Benifits; If a creature damages you, you may sue them for compensation. Make a knowledge(Local) check opposed by their will save. If you win, the target is forced to provide compensation. It takes 1d6 points of damage for every 5 points you beat them by (Minium 1d6) and your healed for twice the damage they take.

Improved Sue
Required; Sue!
Benifit; The you may now Sue a target as it's attacking you 1/round. You need to make a Bluff, Diplomacy or Intimidate check to do so, opposed by their attack roll. The Benifits of sue! now increases so they take 1d6 damage for every 3 points you beat them on the opossed check.

Greater Sue
Required; Improved Sue
Benifits; You may now Sue targets if they damage a ally in 30ft of you. In addtion, you may sue whenever a target attacks you, not just 1/round. The damage they take increases to 2d6 per point you beat them on the check.

Extraplanar Lawsuit
Required; Improved Sue, Knowledge(The planes) 16 ranks.
Benifit; If the target of the lawsuit has the Extraplanar subtype, you may choose for them not to have the damage delt to them. Instead they serve as if they were summoned by a Calling spell for 1 round for every 5 points you beat them on a Knowledge(The planes) check opossed by a Charisma Check.