View Full Version : [Deadlands] Original RPG Music: The Ballad of Lil' Lemon

2012-05-25, 06:10 AM
Note: Possible Flood Spoilers!

Hey there, marshals and cowpokes.

Like a few of you, me and a few friends played through the Flood a while back. And, yes, like a lot of you, we got pretty damn attached to our characters. After all, it took a year or so to take down that preacher we all know and love.

Now, I don't know how your gangs went round California, but for us, a personal high note happened in the town of Perdition. See, when a certain gunslinging journalist called Lil' Lemon was made marshal, she could do no wrong. She stopped a bar fight with a single bullet, shot between the feet of a drunken soldier. She split up a duel (and ended a generations long feud) with nothing but her wits and sharp tongue. And when the house of a wealthy businessman unexpectedly burned down, she knew exactly what to do to stop the spread of flames. Town of Perdition damn near started worshiping her.

And when she died? Well, then the stories just got grander.

It gets interesting down the line, though. See, me and the DM? We don't just play games together. We're also in a band (if you can call our steampunk storytelling septet that). We are also particularly miserly. So, when the player of Lil' Lemon's birthday came round, we decided that, instead of shelling out for some tat she'd never use, we'd write her a song.

And not just any old song. The folk tale the townsfolk of Perdition still sing to this day, when the fire burns low and the whiskey runs dry.

I give you:

The Ballad of Lil' Lemon (http://themechanisms.bandcamp.com/track/the-ballad-o-lil-lemon)

Thank you.

(PS: I apologise for the totally overt plug, but if you like our music, we've actually got an indiegogo project up with a few days left to fund the recording of our first real CD - Once Upon a Time in Space (http://www.indiegogo.com/The-Mechanisms-Once-Upon-A-Time-In-Space). Yeah, we're already overfunded, but if we get about 100 more we can get everything properly mastered (and you can get cheap copies of the CD/goodies!))