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2012-05-28, 11:21 PM
The idea I have currently, and please inform me, where YOU, the reader, feel improvements could be made.

Bard level 1 - Feats already taken, Skill Focus: Perform (Piccolo), Combat Reflexes. (I am human)
Only get 0 level spells. teaser level

Thinking of going 10 bard / 10 sublime chord, maybe throw some shadow dancer in there taking 1 level from both classes. Still able to cast 9th level spells, and get evasion, darkvision, and uncanny dodge. So, in reality, it would like this:

Bard 9th level, Sublime Chord 9th level, Shadowdancer 2nd level.

progression as follows (B = Bard, SC = Sublime Chord, SD = Shadowdancer).

B,B,B (3rd level take Dodge),B,B,B (6th level take Mobility),B, SD,SD (9th level take Extend Spell) B,B, SC (12th level take Persistant Spell) SC, SC, SC (15th level take Metamagic Song) SC, SC, SC (18th level take Extra Bardic Music), SC, SC

Plan on having a lot in Hide, Move Silently, Perform and Perform, Knowledge Arcana, Spellcraft, and Tumble. This is a buffer build and meant for support only, lol, you could garner some spells to make this a battle-caster type, so have fun and let me know your thoughts...:smallcool:

2012-05-29, 02:13 PM
Another thought was a Wu Jen, Bard, Ult magus.....thoughts?>

2012-06-05, 08:39 PM
While I've strugled to understand quite wha you're saying here, it looks like it's character optimisation, a part of the Roleplaying (3.5) subforum's remit, not homebrew.