View Full Version : Dragon Shaman/Dragonfire Adept Combo Feat (PEACH)

2012-05-30, 10:54 AM
I've seen a lot of discussion regarding the Dragon Shaman (PHBII) and the Dragonfire Adept (DM) classes...and on a number of occasions, people have even suggested combining the two classes together.

Not quite willing to take such a drastic step (nor do the bookkeeping involved), I thought I might try an intermediary step...to do one of those "advance this class's features and advance that class's features" Combo Feat, a bit more powerful than the typical but still well less than a full-on gestalt of the two classes.


Dragon Hearted
Preq: Draconic Aura, at least one Breath Effect (the DFA class feature)
Benefit: Your Dragon Shaman and Dragonfire Adept levels stack for the purpose of determining your number of Draconic Auras known, number and type of Draconic Invocations known, and your total Breath Weapon damage (though each breath weapon still remains separate and governed by the rules of its respective class).

2012-05-30, 11:07 AM
If you're interested, I already made a DS-DFA combo class.
It was inspired by a character build I once encountered, of a Dragonborn (Mind aspect) Raptoran DFA.

Just click my sig and download my house rules codex.