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2012-06-05, 02:34 PM
I'm going to be soon playing in a 4E campaign, and noticing the monk Power "Drunk monkey" made me want to do a drunken master monk, so I wrote up rules for drunkenness (loosely based on the rules from the 3.5ed Horizen Spellslinger book), and some new feats (adapting some material from Kolbold magazine #4, "cluracan: bottoms up" by Scott Gable). I'm also taking inspiration from one of my favorite movies "Legend of the Drunken Master" with Jackie Chan.

I'm pretty new to 4E, so I have no idea if this is balanced (probably not), and would appreciate feedback. Then I'll see if the GM will allow this. (He's already said he was OK with other home brew stuff). New ideas for feats and powers are welcome too.

I'll probably be modifying this as new ideas come (and obv. as feedback comes in).

Drunkenness Rules

When a character takes a drink, he must roll Will vs. 10+ The number of drinks consumed in the last 8 hours. (A drink is a mug of beer, a glass of wine, or a shot of hard liquor). On failure, you go down 1 more level on the drunkenness track. Every hour you go 1 level up again.

You take a -1 penalty to all defenses and rolls for 24 hours after sobbering if drunk or lower.

Sober (0): No effect
Tipsy (1): -1 to all defenses and rolls
Drunk (2): -2 to all defenses and rolls
Smashed (3): -3 to all defenses and rolls
Unconcious (4): Falls unconcious for 8 hours.

Drunken Master Feats

The drunken fighter is unpredictable, and is versatile in fighting. They often use ploys that make them look foolishly weak, making their opponents underestimate them.

Crane Playing Flute
You make a move to avoid getitng hurt, but stand in a way that makes you more vulrable to trips.
Trigger: Hit by a melee attack
Cancel the effect of the attack, but you have -2 AC against attacks that cause you to fall prone.

Crazy Corkscrew
At Will
Dexterity vs. AC
Hit: melee damage + 3
After this attack is done, regardless of whether you hit or not, you are prone.

Down the Hatch (Longer "cool down" of 3 turns?)
When marked and tipsy or worse, you may ignore the penalty for attacking a non-marking enemy. You may not use this ability if you used it last turn.

Drunken Stagger
Req: Drunk Monkey Power
Do not take penalty to AC when tipsy or worse, and instead gain a bonus to AC equal to your drunkedness level.
(At Tipsy: +1 AC, Drunk: +2 AC, Smashed +3 AC)

Drunken Step (Already exists as a power? Idea is one extra use?)
Trigger: You are tipsy or worse on drunk track, and a melee attack against you misses.
Effect: You may shift 1 square.

Hold it in
when you fail a fort check and reach the unconcious level of drunkedness, you may take a 5 damage and to delay the effect for 5 turns, at which time you all unconcious. You may not use this abillity if it would cause you to be reduced to 0 or less HP.

Never underestimate a Drunk
Do not take penalty to attack rolls when tipsy or worse, and instead add your drunkeness level to your attack rolls equal to the drunkednerss level.
(At Tipsy: +1, Drunk: +2, Smashed +3)

Numb to Pain (Too strong? Maybe have a higher level version of this as well?)
You gain damage reduction 1 while drunk. damage reduction is increased to 2 if smashed.

Pull from fall (make at-will?)
Encounter. While tipsy or worse, If an effect would make your prone, and you are ajacent to at least one creature make a dexterity based touch attack with a +2 bonus to cancel the effect of falling prone.

Quick Drink
Can drink potions (and ale and wines etc.) as a free action).

Rancid Breath
Standard Action. 1 Range
Req: Must be Drunk or worse.
Target: One creature
Attack + Drunkenness level vs. Fort.
Hit: Do 1D3 + Drunkenness level damage and is dazed.

Staggering Lean
You Fall against an enemy, unbalancing him.
At Will
Req: Tipsy or wose
Attack: Dexterity vs. Reflex.
Hit: Target has -1 to rolls and AC for 1 round. Miss: You are prone.

Stir the barrel
At will. Melee Touch
Req: Tipsy or worse.
Target: One Creature
Attack: Reflex vs. AC.
Hit: Target is dazed, and is shifted 2 steps away from you.

Turtle Holding winebarrel
You do not take a penalty to attacking while prone and Tipsy or worse.

Other names, that might spawn new ideas:
Eagle Carrying Wine bottle
Monkey Drinks Master's Wine

{table]Name|Cost|Doses|Drunk DC Mod. (Per Dose)
Ale, Mug|3cp|1|+0
Wine, Glass|6sp,5cp|1|+0
Dwarven "Stout Ale", Mug|6cp|1|+1
Gnoll Liqour,Shot|8cp|1|+2
Ale, Pitcher|2sp|8|+0
Dwarven "Stout" Ale, Pitcher|4sp|8|+1
Gnoll Liqour,bottle|6sp|8|+2
Wine, Bottle|5gp|5|+0