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2012-06-06, 07:58 PM
get out your pencil and paper (or your computer)
and get ready to blow others minds. I am starting this thread for the weird the funny the powerful and the creepy or all of the above. Lets get to it and start posting some wacky homebrew races

2012-06-06, 08:01 PM
the first part of this thread will be about any homebrew race you have created. I will also post some of my own so have fun and enjoy yourself. (no spam!):smalltongue:

Grimsage Matt
2012-06-07, 01:50 PM
The Sentient* Pug (WIP)

The sentinet* Pug is a very intresting little beastie. These dumber then dirt dogs have a secert. They're all Telepaths. And Telekentics, but thats not important. How the Hell did a pug gain psionic abillities?

Type; Magical Beast (Psionic)
Size; Dimenutive
Abillitiy scores; -6 Str, +4 Dex, -8 Int(Min 3), +6 Cha.
Specail attacks; Psionic Attack modes, Telepathy focus.
Special Qualities; Hard head, Black hole with a tail, Book it, scent, Empathy, Telepathy 100ft.
Speed; 40ft.
Languages; They can't talk. They can beg however.
Skills; +10 racial bonus to Preform(Beg). +4 Racial bonus to tracking by senct.

Psionic Attack modes; A Sentient Pug may use the Charm person power at will, and has a PP reserve to agument it equal to twice it's HD. It can also make a DC 10 Int check to use Mind Thrust. Uses Cha for saving throws.

Telepathy Focus; The Save DC of any telepathy powers increases by 2. This stacks with any other focus feats.

Hard head; Don't target the head. It's treated as a medium sized Admentine Greatclub. May not be encahnted. Also, they're immune to mind affecting effects. Go figure.

Black hole with a Tail; Treat their stomachs as a type 4 bag of holding(EX). Yes, they eat that much.

Book it; As a full round action, every 1d4 minutes, you may move 400 feet. This does not provoke Attacks of oppertunity.

2012-06-10, 12:24 AM
lolz that is a really funny one i am working on a funny one at this moment and i will post it on sunday at some point:smallamused: