View Full Version : fixing eldrich blast (PEACH, 3.5, modified class feature)

2012-06-09, 11:40 PM
ok, so my problems with eldrich blast
1. damage... unless you are a hell fire glave lock, it is kinda sad. you can do things with it, but I hate the fact it is forced and the shapes/essences are a trap. they should have actual damage through invocations.

2. the forced flavor, you must be a devil spawn or you can go home. you have to throw out good feats to make it fit any other flavor.

3. the lack of class features that tie in. it is really sort of tacked on as the class needed somthing to do.

so my proposed fix.

1. the warlock no longer has eldrich blast

2. it is replaced: at first level, a warlock chooses a eldrich armament. this is a the manifestations of their power sources offensive power. You can still apply eldrich essences to these powers.

Eldrich Breath: A drakonic breath weapon, dealing 1d6 damage per warlock level, allowing a reflex save for half damage with a DC of 10+1/2 warlock level+charisma modifier. When the warlock first gains the ability, they must chose weather it is a 15' cone or a 30' line and its element(either fire, cold, electric, acid, or sonic(sonic damage dice is one step lower then normal eldrich breath weapons of the warlocks level.)) after using it, the warlock must wait 1d4 rounds before using his breath again.

at sixth, eleventh, and sixteenth levels, the area of the breath doubles and the damage die increases by one step, from 1d6 to 1d8 to 1d10 to 1d12.

Eldrich Entropy: A field of entropy, dealing one point of damage per warlock level to everything within the a 30ft radius of the warlock, ignoring hardness or damage reduction, but the damage can be resisted with a DC 10+1/2 warlock level+charisma modifier fortitude save. This damage takes the form of apparent aging or decay. The warlock can selectively exempt targets from this effect.

at sixth, eleventh, and sixteenth levels, the area of the entropy doubles.

This is what I could think of, please suggest more.

2012-06-10, 01:06 AM
Ive always thought that Eldritch Blast was one of the abilities that wasnt as flavor-locked as others the Warlock had. It had no inherent parts that screamed fiendish and performed in a rather normal way, as far as magical blsasting is concerned. The essences and shapes did that.

As for fixing it, putting in essences and shapes alongside regular invocations was a mistake. Most Warlock fixes out there separate them, mine included. A separate progression for shapes and essences would be much preferable (like one every time your eldritch blast ups a damage die or something)
Other than that making the blast itself more versatile would be a markable improvement. Adding Eldritch Blast damage to weapon attacks instead of requiring a shape to use it in melee is a good one, and making it iterative is another good step.
Depending on how much you alter it, you may want a cooldown or a times /day limit.

2012-06-10, 01:20 AM
you know, your right... I am going at this wrong... I should just do another full fix. the class itself is the problem...

2012-06-10, 02:26 AM
Sounds like a lot of work.

If your going to that much effort, why not just make a new class to replace the warlock, and let it cater for a variety of flavors? Thats what I did.