View Full Version : Request: Know-it-as-you-ask Guy

2012-06-11, 02:56 PM
I'm playing a Changling Rogue: Lvl 4: Eberron World

Idea for character. His goal is to know the answer/info that someone is going to give/answer before they know it. His favorite thing to do is say it as they are, or just before.

Also to answer the question that someone else is being asked, but I shouldn't know the answer to.

We've played 6 sessions so far and I've managed to not draw my cutlass once, which another goal is to never have to use a weapon.

Please advise on how to best re-build him to optimize. I looked at Factotum but wasn't sure I'm looking at Jarlaxle as a inspiration.

Thank you ahead of time :)