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2012-06-14, 06:44 PM
I had a conversation with someone today about porn, how as a young man, the bra advertisements in a sears catalog were enough to inflame my passions, whereas now a full magazine layout only generates a yawn. The idea of densitization led to the idea for a D&D character, but as I don't have any active gaming group, I don't really have any use for it or a place to share it, so i figured I'd throw it out here to see if anyone else thought it was interesting.

Long ago, I don't even know how long ago, I made a very bad trade.....

The land of my birth is long gone and forgotten, I don't even know if the world I was born on still exists. I was rich, brilliant, gifted in magic, spoiled, and eventually very, very... bored.

That's when he came.

His offer? Nothing less than the fulfillment of my every fantasy. The price? My soul.

My soul, what did I care for souls, just babble from the priests in the temple district as far as I was concerned, I don't think I hesitated for a moment.

I was offered the most delicious foods in the multiverse, in limitless quantities, the finest spirits, the most intoxicating pills, potions, and herbs.

The most beautiful women I could imagine...

But they eventually became tiresome and plain. Then two women, three, a dozen, or other things. When pleasure held no pleasure, I turned to pain, first for others, then for myself, then I stopped feeling even that.

It took years, millennia perhaps, but eventually the passions of the flesh held no allure, there was no taste so unique that it wasn't ashes on my tongue, I'd explored every possible combination of substances and alterations of my own mind. I turned to demented things, things I could never ask forgiveness for, and eventually realized that there was no distraction from the fact that my existence had become... nothing.. gray... empty. No sensation, no meaning, no substance.

I don't know how long I existed this way, time only has meaning to those who have something to measure, I had nothing.

Until a voice in the darkness, a naive voice, belonging to a rich, spoiled, gifted wizard who was also very bored and who offered me a trade....

Reborn, I have vowed nothing less than the annihilation of Orcus, the prince of gluttony himself


I figure in game terms, it's just a backstory, (probably not even a very original one) a way to start a level 1 wizard with a motivation and drive to play well into epic levels.

He swapped places with an established wizard who had by random chance contacted him through a "contact outer plane" spell or perhaps even a poorly worded "wish" for one's heart's desire. He woke up almost powerless, and as a DM there's a host of fun, mistaken identity adventures practically ready made.

2012-06-14, 07:26 PM
That sounds pretty amazing. It leaves an opening for an interesting personality. Someone who just seems bored with absolutely everything, but still driven toward his goal.

Frenth Alunril
2012-06-14, 09:12 PM
I'm just waiting for Pinhead to show up!