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2012-06-15, 03:40 PM
So I am planning a game where Aasimar and Teiflings are playable races (and vital to the plot). I have changed their stat blocks a little to try to balance the planetouched with the Core Races, clarify rules, and give them some extra flavor. Do these seem fair when compared to Elves/Dwarves now? Or should players still have to spend a trait or feat? Critiques and ideas are welcome!


Additional Flavor: The original Teiflings were the children of Devils that chose to give up immortality in order to sow more chaos and destruction on earth. Teiflings are a constant reminder good clerics and their deities that despite all they do, evil walks on the earth and corrupts it every day. Teiflings can also be born to random individuals who are visited by outsiders and impregnated against their will. Despite Teiflings having free will, they either grow in communities of their kin where evil is encouraged, or are shunned and abandoned where hateful feelings naturally develop. Teiflings can speak to Devils as a supernatural ability, they do not need to be taught.

Tieflings have the following racial traits:
• Ability Adjustments: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, –2 Wisdom. Tieflings are quick in body, overwhelming in personality, but make rash decisions and are poor conduits to the divine.
• Senses: darkvision (60 feet.)
• Racial Skill Bonuses: +2 racial bonus on Bluff and Stealth checks.
• Spell-Like Abilities: darkness 1/day (caster level equals the tiefling's class level.)
• Resistance(s): acid and fire resistance 5.
• Planetouched: A Teifling has orgins from beyond this plane, and cannot be affected by spells targeting ‘humanoids’. They are Outsiders (Native).
• Evil blood: A Teifling always counts as ‘Evil’ for all spell effects regardless of his actual alignment. He may never take levels in the Paladin class (Antipaladin is fine) and can never become a cleric to a Good aligned Deity.
• Languages: Tieflings begin play speaking Common and Infernal.


Additional Flavor: The original Aasimars were the children of Angels who descended to earth, voluntarily giving up their immortality to help protect humanity. They sought out believers with pure hearts to have children with, creating communities on earth that were very near paradise. The Aasimars raised in these communities consider it their sacred duty to travel to distant lands and fight evil wherever it is. Aasimar are occasionally born to the faithful who pray for children, and sometimes are born from virgins or barren women. As they are descendants of angels, Aasimar can access divine blessings with ease, even if they do not maintain the usual piety or good deads required of other races. An Aasimar falling to evil is one of the most horrible things imaginable, and it usually takes death and damnation to take their divine blessing away. They can naturally speak in the tongues of angels, sometimes without being aware of it.

Aasimars have the following racial traits:
• Ability Adjustments: +2 Charisma, +2 Wisdom, -2 Dexterity. Aasimars are insightful, confident, and personable. However their bodies are somewhat uncoordinated as if they do not belong in this world.
• Senses: darkvision (60 feet.)
• Racial Skill Bonuses:+2 racialbonus on Diplomacy and Perception checks.
• Spell-Like Abilities: daylight 1/day (caster level equals the aasimar's class level).
• Resistance(s): cold and electricity resistance 5.
• Planetouched: An Aasimar has orgins from beyond this plane, and cannot be affected by spells targeting ‘humanoids’. They are Outsiders (Native).
• Sacred blood: An Aasimar always counts as ‘Good’ for all spell effects regardless of her actual alignment. She will never lose Paladin or Cleric abilities even after committing evil acts, and may continue to gain levels in those classes even if her alignment changes.
• Languages: Aasimars begin play speaking Common and Celestial.