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2012-06-17, 09:22 AM
Hey, haven't logged in a while, and haven't posted here in a very, very long time. Just figured I'd ask kindly for some critique of my latest brainchild, yet to be playtested and still a WIP.

Basically what I'm going for is a 5v5(PvP) team game in an arena with varied environments and random encounters. I'm implementing an accelerated exp gain system; characters will start at level 1 and are expected to build their way up to level 20 over the course of the game. Characters will die a lot and respawn after 10 rounds, +1 round per death. Kills will give XP, and a limited selection of items can be purchased/enchanted/upgraded. Items drop on death.

The arena itself is 720x960' (144x192 squares). On either side of the giant rectangle are fortresses within walled bases. Each team must successfully defend its fortress from enemy assault while attempting to infiltrate that of its enemy. Three "lanes" connect the bases, and each lane is defended by three magic missile-firing turrets. Turrets drop gold upon destruction.
Each lane is provided with waves of level 1 commoner reinforcements. These minions aren't expected to be challenging to fight, they are mostly just turret fodder. A wave of minions will spawn for each lane every 10 rounds from one of three (destructible) portals and march down its lane until it reaches something to fight (usually enemy minions, if left untouched). Minions give XP and drop gold on death.
Between the upper and middle lanes there is a "jungle" stocked with random encounters and paths connecting the two lanes. The encounter tables will be CR 5-7, 8-10, and 11-13 based on location. The jungle's actual climate for my playtest will be Temperate Forest, but it would be easy enough to switch the tables around or even allow the teams to choose their own climate. Random encounters give XP and sometimes drop gold or loot on death.
The lower lane is only a turret-guarded battlefield for about 240' (48 squares) before funneling into a trapped maze. Minions will not spawn for the bottom lane until a lever in the central room of the labyrinth is pulled. At that point, if a player didn't trigger or disable the traps, the minions will certainly be happy to die to make the labyrinth a little safer. The maze contains a set of mirrored teleportation circles, and a teleporter right smack dab in the middle of the jungle. Traps give full XP when disabled and half XP when simply survived. Chests containing gold and loot are in predetermined locations within the labyrinth.
Finally, nestled in the labyrinth but connected to middle lane there is a dungeon entrance which leads to the lair of a Great Wyrm Red Dragon. The dragon is an optional boss fight, meant to provide the team able to defeat (or kill steal) it with a game-winning gold boost. The dragon drops a lot of gold on death, and he gives XP if he is somehow defeated before level 20.

I have a host of premade characters that are currently in the works. Each character has a signature spell, weapon, or power which is unavailable to any other character. Spellcasters have their full spellbooks and spell lists set. Stats are fixed but used point buy, and I did away with level adjustments in exchange for fewer points (the Kobold has more points). Oh, no multiclass XP penalties either. I'm keeping most everything here core as far as character builds go, if only because I'm not familiar with most splatbooks to be able to balance them to this very specific game's syle. I use a bit of Unearthed Arcana, most overtly the Battle Scion prestige class.
A rough list (levels are with full build where listed):
Sundering CN Human Barbarian/20. Signature weapon +X Adamantine Maul of the Titans

Healing/Protection NG Aasimar Cleric/20. Signature Spell Protection from Slaying (Wards one ally to instantly revive upon death to half health)

War Domain LN Dwarven Cleric/20. Signature Weapon +X Dwarven Thrower

Necromancer CE Necromancer/5 Cleric/5 Mystic Theurge/10 Signature Spell TBD

Reptile Shapeshifter N Kobold Druid/20 Signature Spell Shapechange(fixed, I hope. Limited to several forms, at the very least) Signature Special Venom Traps

Grappler CE Human Fighter/12 Barbarian/8 Signature "Weapon" Armor of Spiky Doom (+X Mithral Fullplate with +X Vicious Spikes). For the sake of this game, Armor Spike enchantments also apply to Spiked Gauntlets.

LE Drow Battle Scion (WIP) Signature Weapon "The Timescythe"

Battlemage LG Human Fighter/1 Sor/9 Eldritch Knight/10 Signature Spells: Iron Body, You-Know-Who's Transformation

Cavalry LG TBD Paladin/20 Signature Weapons +X Lance of Charging (enhancement bonus increases by +1 on a mounted charge) and Holy Avenger

Stealth Assassin NE Tiefling Rogue/10 Assassin/10 Signature Weapon +X Assassin's Dagger of Puncturing (possesses qualities of Assassin's Dagger and Rapier of Puncturing) Signature Special Spike Traps

Universalist N Elf Wizard/15 Archmage/5 Signature: Huge Spellbook!

Elementalist CN Gnome Sorcerer/20 Signature Weapon Staff of Evocation

Engineer N Human Rog/20 (WIP) Signature Special Traps, Siege Weaponry

More to come.

I'll update this later, I'm getting mighty tired of typing at this point. Tell me what you think.

2012-06-17, 09:23 AM