View Full Version : d&d 3.5 sacred exorcist evil version?

2012-06-19, 12:56 PM
So, in a d&d 3.5 campaign I am running a sorcadin character. At the end of the build the sorcadin takes 8 levels in sacred exorcist. However, there is a problem. Sacred exorcist requires approval of a church and is filled with good cleric-like abilities (healing, turning undead, etc.). The problem with this is I am chaotic evil. So i was wondering if some people here could help me make an evil version of the sacred exorcist prestige class.

2012-06-19, 05:04 PM
It shouldn't be too hard.
Replace Turn Undead with Rebuke/Command Undead, Detect Evil with Detect Good, Dispel Evil with Dispel Good, Holy Aura with Unholy Aura, and Consecrated Presence with... I dunno, Desecrated Aura (which exudes negative rather than positive energy, suppresses consecrate spells).

Chosen Foe would work against undead or good outsiders, though if deathless are common in your game you could swap them out with undead since they are often the 'good' version of those beings..

I would recommend keeping the Resist Possession (though make the sacred bonus profane, and make the bonus against charms/compulsions apply to good outsiders).
You could also keep Exorcism, since an evil being can use it to banish rival fiends.

Alternatively, we could come up with a way to replace this ability entirely. Maybe an astral projection themed ability that lets you leave your body and possess someone else?

Or maybe some way to weaken someone else's defenses, to make them more vulnerable to possession? If you went that route, maybe you could pair that with an ability that lets you turn the evil outsiders or undead you summon into possessing entities?

(Like, you could summon a demon and turn it into a possessing creature that can possess someone you hate?)

If that's a little too much, what about giving the evil exorcist the power to control the demons/undead inside of someone who is already possessed? That way, instead of helping the victim like the good guy would, you would instead just exploit their condition by taking control of the fiend lurking in their head?