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2012-06-19, 11:59 PM
Modern warfare

Purpose-To create a war game simulating modern wafare.

Attack-How much damage dealt.
Defense-Roll a d6 against this to hit.Equal or higher hits.
Speed-How much squares you can move in one turn.
Range-How much squares you attack can go.
Health-Amount of damage you can sustain.
Cost-How much you cost.

Setting up
You fight on a grid of squares.You are distributed a equal amount points to spend and you deploy your units on the edges of the grid.You can save up points call in reinforcements at edges.You roll a d6 at the beginning of the battle for each players order.

Solider-Attack 4
Health 12
Defense 3
Speed 4
Range 5
Cost 2

Rocketeer-Attack 10
Health 5
Defense 2
Speed 3
Range 10
Cost 5
Special ability
Affects by a 3 by 3 square

Sniper-Attack 12
Health 4
Defense 2
Speed 4
Range 15
Cost 5

Tank-Attack 15
Health 18
Defense 5
Speed 6
Range 16
Cost 10
Special ability
Affect by a 5 by 5 square
PEACH please.