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Hack Writer
2012-06-21, 12:35 PM

So, here it is - the Out of Character Thread. This is the place to discuss rules questions, talk about the game, and generally shoot the breeze. I'll keep this first post edited regularly with important details regarding the current scene: enemies you're battling against, your wound/fatigue levels, et al. I'll also link your character sheets to this page, too.

Ulysses Steele: 3/3 Bennies/-1 wound

Mick Muldoon: 2/3 Bennies/ -1 wound - Retired from campaign
Guo Zai: 3/3 Bennies/10/10 PP/-1 wound - Retired from campaign
Isaiah Salt:3/3 Bennies / 10 PP - Retired from campaign
Grant Foster: 1/3 Bennies / 10 PP - Retired from campaign

The maniacal GM himself: 3/3 Bennies!

Consider this section a kind of living errata for campaign house rulings during the game; I'll update as and when something pertinent comes up during play.

D20 Combat Initiative: We're following ThirtyThr33's suggestion of swapping out card draws for a flat d20 roll and counting the '20' as an Ace. Edges work basically the same way except Level-Headed (or Improved) allows roll 2 (or 3) dice and take the best, and Quick allows re-rolls on a 5 or less. A 20 counts as a Joker.
Mick spending Bennies on Sally: I've allowed this to happen because Sally seems too intrinsic an element of Mick's to just treat as an ally. Note, though, that Sally still follows all the regular rules for an ally (she can't do anything a Sidekick can do, for example) with the one key exception that Bennies can be spent on her. This is effectively a 'lite' version of the Beast Bond Edge, affecting Sally only and no other animal companions Mick picks up on his travels.
Hindrances: One thing I'm interested in reinforcing is the adherence of player characters to their chosen hindrances. If I think a player character is performing an action that goes against their stated hindrance, I'll inform them that they're going to break the hindrance rule and give them a choice: change their actions to fit the wording of a hindrance, or ignore the hindrance this time around for a -1 XP penalty at the end of the adventure (cumulative for every time you break the hindrance). I'll always make sure that I tell a player that they run this risk before actually deducting the XP, so no need to worry that you're being unduly dealt with. Yes, this might result in you being shoehorned into situations you didn't want to get into, but that's the fun of role-playing!
DAR official errata: Atomic Overmind have released some official errata for the DAR setting; most of it's actually quite drastic, including a reworking of many Edges. If you have the 3rd re-print of the DAR book, no need to worry; all the errata material has been merged with the core document. If you haven't, you can download it from the Atomic Overmind website.

2012-06-21, 06:10 PM
“Mick” Muldoon – Big Game Hunter

32 year old Male, Australian

Speaks in SeaGreen.


Bennies: 2
Wounds: 1
Clip: 8/8
Ammo: 3 Clips spare


Experience: Novice
Rank (XP): 0
Advances: None

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d4, Strength d6, Vigor d4

Skills: Fighting d4, Guts d4, Knowledge (Exotic Animals) d6, Knowledge (Biology) d6, Notice d6, Shooting d8, Stealth d4, Taunt d4, Throwing d4, Tracking d4

Charisma: 0 Pace: 6 Parry: 4(5) Toughness: 4

Edges: Giant Killer, Rhodes Scholar, Beast master

Hindrances: Overconfident (Major), Loyal (Minor), Stubborn (Minor), (Claustrophobic)

Languages: English, Russian

Worn: 26/30
M1 garand (.30-06) with Rifle Scope 4x, Rifle Suppressor, Bayonet
Range 24/48/96, Damage 2d8, RoF 1-2, Shots 8, Min Str d6, AP 2, Semi-Auto
Damage Str+d6, Parry +1, Reach 1, 2H
Bush Hat
Camouflage Fatigues
Belt holding:
Survival Knife
1x MkII "Pineapples"
Range 5/10/20, Damage 3d6, Medium Blast

Bag containing: 80/100
Rapelling Harness
Nylon Rope
Trap, Bear
Medics Kit
Fishing tackle
Camera (Photos of cave paintings and weathermachine)
Chunk of Blue Ore
3x Small Thermite canisters
6x clips (48 Bullets, Large)

Without bag: None.
With bag: -3 Penalty.

Dog/Wolf stats:
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6(A), Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Fighting d6, Guts d6, Notice d10
Pace 8, Parry 5, Toughness 4
Special Abilities:
Bite: Str+1
Fleet Footed: Dogs roll a d10 when running instead of a d6.
Go for the Throat: Dogs instinctively go for an opponant's soft spots. With a raise on its attack roll, it hits the target's most weakly-armored location.
Size -1: Dogs are relatively small creatures.

After The Fall the Australian outback somehow became even more desolate; only populated by the odd government facility and an increasingly large amount of creatures born of Chaos and Venom. A 30 foot long crocodile basks in the sun by the billabong. “Mister Muldoon?” A far away voice yells out. “Can you hear me? Mister Muldoon?” The calls are coming closer. A young man in formal wear climbs to the top of a large rock to get a better view, but can’t see what he is looking for. He cries out “I’ve a letter for you from Rhodes!”

The massive crocodile turns sharply and lumbers back into the muddy water. With just a few flicks of its powerful tail the reptile’s shadow disappears beneath the surface. A bramble bush a few yards away from the messenger bursts to life. “Blast it boy! You’re loud as a gumtree full of galas! Probably couldn’t catch a cold with you out here!” Mick stands up from his hiding position and the messenger falls off his perch, startled. “Owch! I.. uh... Mister Muldoon? I’ve a letter for you from Rhodes. They request your expertise at once.” He holds an envelope in an outstretched hand; his long shirt sleeve covered in dirt. Mick snatches the note from him and looks at it. Sure enough, it bore the Rhodes University seal. “What do they want? And for Christ’s sake, call me Mickey. Mister Muldoon was my father’s name.”
“I don’t know what they want sir, I just deliver the letters. Will you be needing – ” He is cut off mid sentence by a growl coming from behind him. The caramel coloured dingo has its tail held high and bares its teeth but does not bark. “Sally, heel!” The dingo calms and goes to sit by Mick’s side.

Mick tears the letter open and reads:

To Michael Muldoon,

We trust that you still have the best interests of the University at heart and thus we request your expertise in matters most urgent. We have reliable sources in Congress India who report that the serpent cults Shesha, Aparajita and Kadru have been uniting together under one leader. Usually, we would stay well clear of local affairs, especially concerning civil unrest, except that we fear it to be indicative of something far worse. We have received word of a magical “Naga with many heads” in the Wilds nearby. We suspect it may be a Hydra except that, as you well know, one has never been sighted outside Ras Al-Thuban. If the Hydra can survive outside the wastes and have travelled that far, we must find the cause.

We need someone of you expertise to locate and confirm whatever it is that has started these rumours and if necessary, put a stop to it. Of course, you will be handsomely compensated. We have already purchased your flight to Calcutta, see the attached ticket, but from there you will need to find your own way. Be careful; pirates have a habit of raiding the coasts and a band of rogue marines have been terrorising the region.


Rhodes University Minister

The young man manages to collect himself “Will you be in need of my services Mister Muldoon?”
“No. They expect no reply.” The messenger bows and takes his leave. Mick turns to his companion “Well Sally, I’ve yet to turn down a challenge.” The dingo tilts her head. “Don’t look at me like that. Besides, I think you will like India. Lots of snakes.” Sally wags her tail.

2012-06-21, 06:46 PM
Grant Foster (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=413575)

34 year old Male, American

Speaks in DarkSlateBlue


Gear List:
Colt M1911a1
Bowie Knife
Throwing Knife

Swiss Army Knife
First Aid Kit
Pack of Cigarettes
Pack of Chewing Gum
Iron Rations
5 M1911a1 Magazines
AK-47 Magazine

Cold Weather Gear
Leather Jacket
Web Gear

In Backpack:
Climbing Gear
Gun Cleaning Kit
Nylon Rope 200’
Rappelling Harness
Iron Rations 10
Ammo .45 65 rounds

2012-06-22, 06:48 AM
Isaiah Salt (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=409961)
33 year old male, Canadian. Occultist and reality-breaker.
Appearance: Always finely dressed, Isaiah Salt is a man in his early thirties of average height. His features are sharp and hawkish, his nose hooked like the beak of a falcon and he wears his unruly brown hair swept back from his high, intellectual forehead. His expression is often searching and severe, his eyes never staying focused on one thing as he searches for whatever it is that he is inevitably searching for.

April 3, 1947. British Controlled India.

Lieutenant Colonel James Soames, commanding officer of 13 Commando RM, sat at his desk and watched Dr. Isaiah Salt get more and more upset. He sighed. He had inherited Salt after the Serpent fell, and still wasn’t quite sure what to do with him. 13 Commando had been hastily formed and seconded to SIS as a mobile intervention unit for occult affairs. It had seemed like a load of tosh to Lt. Col. Soames, but if the Jerries were interested in the occult, well, so too would the Empire be. As it turned out, 13 Commando had become more and more needed after Serpentfall and “occult affairs” changed from performing raids on malign, but still mundane cultists to monster hunting, wizard killing and
“Have you been at the amphetamines again, Dr. Salt? You know that I said I would have you sedated next time,” said the Stone evenly.
“Lieutenant Colonel Soames, I assure you that I am not self-medicated. I have had a breakthrough in my work.” His face, with the hooked nose and unruly, swept back hair, resembled that of a hunting bird, down to the mad eyes with their intense focus.
Soames sighed again. Salt’s expertise in the occult, now terrifyingly real, had proved invaluable in 13 Commando’s operations. His work, however, was completely incomprehensible to Soames. Since the fall of the Serpent, Salt had been pushing himself to distraction on his theories of ontological errors and applied chaos magic, striving to understand the now-broken fabric of reality and the bizarre energies that infused the ravaged world they now lived in.
“I’m sure it’s very interesting, Dr. Salt. However, that is not why I called you to my quarters. We’ve had new reports of Casanova.”
Salt looked stricken, just briefly. Adrian Casanova had been Salt’s friend and colleague. As the war went on, Isaiah Salt and Adrian Casanova had been summoned from the university dungeon they spun their bizarre arcane theories, largely ignored by respectable academia and were brought in as consultants on the Nazis’ occult designs, baffling as they were at the time to SIS and therefore, 13 Commando. Soames remembered Casanova well- where the Canadian Salt was wild haired, hawkish and painfully thin, Casanova had seemed every bit the American romantic rebel- blond, handsome and with a devil-may-care grin. His black clothing and pretensions of Satanic dabblings had played a dark, charming opposite to Salt’s arrogance and scattered, mad theories.
They were both brilliant, Salt with his theories on chaos magic and a unified theory of sorcery and Casanova’s applied mythology and theoretical dark arts. But even the two occult scholars, now put in a position where their ideas were heard and even utilized, couldn’t stop the Serpent rising.
Serpentfall had shattered Casanova’s mind. He delved deeper into his mythology, applying legendary archetypes to himself. He claimed that the post-Fall world had become one of mythic metaphor, and that he would himself ascend to the archetype of The Adversary, the Dark Prince, the Great Beast. He had killed one of Soames’ Royal Marines and fled into the wilds of Congress India.
“What has he done now?” asked Salt, quieted.
“We believe that his cult was behind the massacres in Tamil, stirring up more separatist talk from that state. Congress India has declared him a wanted terrorist. Thankfully they don’t yet realize that he was formerly attached to this unit.”
Salt sighed heavily. Soames could sympathize- Salt had always been considered a madman back in the Colonies, and Casanova had been his only friend and his only peer in arcane studies. However, it was Casanova and his cultists that were responsible for the fact that Soames regarded Salt, the other burned out a year ago in a vicious firefight with Casanova cultists and the rakshasas they had gathered.
“Lieutenant Colonel, please allow me to go after Adrian,” said Salt. Soames started. That was unexpected. Salt was no soldier- his only fieldwork was analysing the remains of the monsters that 13 Commando dispatched and the evidence of black magic that they brought back.
“I don’t think that would be wise, Dr. Salt. Casanova is a dangerous terrorist, and you, not to put too fine a point on it, are an academic. You may carry a gun, Dr. Salt, but you are far from a Royal Marine.”
Salt smiled, thinly. “Lieutenant Colonel Soames, I’m afraid you don’t understand. I told you: I have made a breakthrough in my work. Not only have I isolated the weakness in reality through my work, I have, through meditative discipline, extensive philosophical experimentation and ontological dissection, become uniquely able to exploit these breaks in reality and bend them to my will.”
Soames looked at Salt with his good eye, his gaze steely. “Dr. Salt-”
“I don’t expect you to understand,” said Salt, some of the arrogance of the academic coming through now. “Let me simplify things. Through an ultrahuman perception of the complete falseness of the world, I am now able to impress my will on reality and distort it to my liking. Let me demonstrate.”
Salt gestured briefly and said a word that made Soames’ ears hurt, as if three voices were speaking at once. More alarming, however, was what happened to the empty ammunition case that was serving as a paperweight on his desk. The very fabric of reality shifted around it as it changed, twisting and tearing. Soames could see, or thought he could see, in flashes too quick to comprehend, changes in the case’s steel body. As it distorted, fragments fell from it only to turn into moths that fluttered away, steam rose from the tortured metal, and it cried out in a voice that sounded like a television tuned between stations.
All that in a fraction of a second. Reality assumed its normal state- there was no sign of the moths, the steam or the strange noises. The ammunition box was ruined and torn, however. Without any memory of moving, Soames found himself on his feet and his pistol in his hand. Salt looked triumphant, mad, crackling with power.
“That, Lieutenant Colonel, is my work. I have proven that nothing is real, and possessing that knowledge, I can make of reality what I wish.
I’m ready to go into the field and take care of my friend, once and for all.”

I can't find a good picture for Salt, I'll draw one later.

Hack Writer
2012-06-22, 12:13 PM
@Gull: Draw a picture? Sir, I salute you for your ambition! It goes without saying that I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

@everyone: Right, so we're still waiting for Java to post his character here, but that doesn't mean I can't fill you all in on the background to the first adventure. You've all chartered a private aeroplane - Ulysses Steele's - to take you from Kathmandu in Nepal to Lahore in British-controlled India; barring Isaiah Salt's connection with Mick Muldoon, none of you have met prior to boarding the flight (or maybe you have, it's up to you). Ulysses has ran this trip countless times in the past; he knows the terrain, the dangers (air pirates, mainly - though those are rare thanks to aggressive British fighter patrols over the Himalayas) and the time it should take you all to reach your destination. From there, you're bound on your own specific objectives, whatever they may be. Fate might have something to say about this however...

That'll do for the exposition. As I said, I'll wait for Java to post his character (so I know he's still about) before I kick the game off. If you have any question, ask 'em - to me, or the others.

Have fun, chaps!

EDIT: Could you all do what ThirtyTh33's done and pick a colour for your characters' speech text? It makes the act of reading that little bit easier. Cheers!

Hack Writer
2012-06-23, 05:42 AM
Java's still a no-show? I'll PM him, tell him the game's ready to roll. If Java still hasn't replied by tomorrow night, I'll go ahead and put up the first IC post. It doesn't seem fair to keep the rest of the team waiting.

Hack Writer
2012-06-25, 01:28 PM
I've waited for Java long enough now - I'll get the game going regardless and hope he jumps in soon. The first IC post is HERE (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=13453561#post13453561) and can be posted IC by you chaps now.

2012-06-25, 02:45 PM
I've waited for Java long enough now - I'll get the game going regardless and hope he jumps in soon. The first IC post is HERE (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=13453561#post13453561) and can be posted IC by you chaps now.
I just saw this note ... I'm here, just did not know there had been any update. I'm used to auto updates, and I guess I'll have to manually check the forums daily.

I'll post the character shortly with the new aircraft (the Beechcraft) you had suggested previously.

- Carl

2012-06-25, 02:52 PM
Ulyssess Simpson Steele


The Sheet:
NAME: Ulysses Simpson Steele (Alias: Trent Iron) 12/14/20
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Rugged man in his mid-twenties with a boyish charm and cockiness
RACE AND SEX: White Male AGE: 26 HEIGHT: 6’0” WEIGHT: 185 OTHER:


Driving d4
Piloting d8
Shooting d8
Fighting d6
Notice d4
Survival d4
Repair d8
Persuasion d4


MAJOR: Heroic
MINOR: Loyal, Wanted (by the occasional British and maybe Chinese authorities for occasional contraband and/or tariff violations)

Bush Pilot (p. 23 DAR)

RANK (XP): 0

K-Bar knife: str+d4, Wt:1, $5 (+1 Parry)
Colt M1911: 15/24/48, 2d6+1, $30, Wt: 4, Ammo: 7 (AP 1, Semi-Auto)
Holster: Wt: 1, $5
Springfield M1903: 24/48/120, 2d8, RoF: 1, $35, Wt: 9, Ammo: 5, Min Str: d6 (AP2, Bolt Action)
+50 rifle rounds: Wt: 8, $16
+50 pistol rounds: Wt: 5, $8
Tool Kit: Wt: 20, $60
First Aid Kit: Wt: 2, $3
Gun Cleaning Kit: Wt: 3, $5
Backpack: Wt: 2, $10
Bedroll: Wt: 4, $10
Fishing Tackle: Wt: 10, $20
Wristwatch: $5
Amphetamines (x2): $10
Iron Rations (x10): Wt: 5, $10

Beechcraft Model 18
The most common utility aircraft in North America; as the C-45 Expeditor it saw service with all the Allied militaries including China. It can carry a payload of 1200 lbs. (six passengers, or half a ton of gear) up to 1200 miles without refueling.
TOUGHNESS: 11 (2) CREW: 2+6 COST: $50,000
Cash: $18



Ulysses Simpson Steele was born in Mt. Pleasant Ohio in 1920 named for the famous president born there 98 years earlier. Ulysses always hated that name. His father, Hiram Jacob Steele, was a Methodist Minister, theologian, and amateur historian, while his mother, Mary Anne Steele, was a housewife born to a humble dairy family in south Ohio. When he was 10, the Steele family moved to Ada, Ohio where his father had obtained a position as a professor of theology in the School of Education at the Methodist Ohio Northern University.

The young U.S. Steele developed a knack early on for getting into a spot of trouble. He had a habit of standing up for others who were being abused or picked on and not backing down when it might be the easier – and safer – route to take. When not fighting for others, young Steele fantasized about flying. His thoughts were filled with planes and he would take every opportunity to watch a plane fly overhead. Befriending an elderly neighbor, Jack Townsend, Ulysses heard tales of Townsend’s glorious days as a fighter pilot in the Lafayette Escadrille Squadron during the Great War from 1916 through 1918, and then with the American Air Service until the end of the war. Mr. Townsend would take the adolescent Steele up in one of his three biplanes he used as part of a flying service and having no sons of his own was eager to teach the young Steele the ins and outs of the flying trade. Though a disappointment to his father’s ambitions, the young Ulyssess opted to avoid college and entered straight into Townsend’s flying service after his 18th birthday in 1938.

With the outbreak of war in 1939, Ulysses found himself seeking the action and adventure of combat overseas. The image of being the medieval knight in the air filled his head. He first tried to join the Eagle Squadrons but was caught when he tried to lie about his age to the RAF recruiter (he stated his age as being 20, but put his real birthdate on the forms indicating he was 19). Disappointed, Ulysses had to stay out of the European conflict for now. Believing that America would soon be involved, Ulysses joined the US Army Air Corp in January of 1940 only to resign in April of 1941 to join the 1st American Volunteer Group destined to join the war against Japan in the Pacific as part of a covert operation to aid the Chinese approved with a wink and a nod by the President of the United States.

Shipping to Burma in the summer of 1941, Ulysses received his training from members of the RAF in Toungoo and soon learned to become a near master of the Curtiss P-40. When trained, Ulysses deployed with the members of two squadrons of the “Flying Tigers” first to Kunming, China then to Rangoon, Burma where he would begin a notable, if short, career.

By spring of 1942 the 1st AVG had been brought under the formal US Army Command structure, and the undisciplined Ulysses Steele found that he was ill-suited for Army life after all. With the cockiness that comes from being an ace pilot, Ulysses found himself in conflict with his superiors from the start. When the Tigers were finally integrated into what would become the USAAF 23rd Fighter Group, there was no place in this formally disciplined structure for Ulysses Steele. Unemployed and on the far side of the world, Ulysses had to choose between limping home and admitting to his father he had made a mistake, or, making his way in a distant and foreign land at war.

Making his way from Burma to northern India, Ulysses paid his way by piloting and repairing any rustbucket with wings that he could find. Yes, some of the jobs were less than legal, but as long as no one was likely to get hurt, Ulysses rarely asked questions; if the money was good, he’d fly.

When the Serpentfall came in 1945, Ulysses was in Dhampur, India not far from the border with China. He had settled in to a nice business running goods across the border from India to China, and found himself settled down and married to a beautiful young girl of 19 named Madhumathi (beautiful moon). Her parents had not quite approved of their union – and Ulysses was certain his parents would not have – but they wed in a traditional Hindu ceremony all the same.

With the fall of the serpent came chaos and uncertainty. Independence groups rose up to cast off the yolk of British rule, and Islamists rose up to avenge the conquest of Christian infidels. Chaos and war had reached northern India when even the Japanese could not.

When British soldiers finally came to Dhampur ostensibly to restore order, they came not as peacekeepers, but as conquerors. Ulysses knew not what to make of these “soldiers” but they were scarcely more than a disciplined gang of thieves bent on plundering whatever they could as their platoon made their way from home to home ransacking and pillaging. Ulysses had been holed up in the home of his wife and her parents hoping that the ravages of the British “soldiers” might pass them by. He was wrong.

Bursting through the door, Ulysses struggled to hold the men off. He fought a running gun battle with the soldiers as he attempted to guide his wife and her parents to safety through streets and alleys of their rural town all the while engaging the better armed British soldiers.

He was never certain quite what struck him … it might have been the temple collapsing around him, or it might have been the concussion of the fragmentation grenade that blew out the load-bearing wall of the temple, but no matter the cause, the last image Ulysses had of his beloved Madhumathi was her screaming for him as he reached out from amongst the rubble for her … and then succumbed to blackness.

When he awoke he was being treated by the villagers who had found him three days later amongst the rubble of the Hindu temple. No one knew what had become of his wife, though they spoke of the execution of her parents at the west end of the town along with dozens of others that dared to defy these renegade soldiers. Ulysses set off with a plane and what treasure he had accumulated over his few years of flying contraband and determined to find his “beautiful moon” once more. After not quite two years of searching he has come to a dead end. He has learned little about the men that invaded his home and took his wife, and has lost their trail. Wherever they had gone, they could not have headed south as the legitimate British government and even the lands of the Congress India would not tolerate the murderers of Dhampur. So, they were somewhere within the ravaged northern border region … somewhere.

Ulyssess Steele has once again set up shop in the north part of India offering to shuttle people and contraband to wherever he might … so long as he gets paid. And, perhaps one day he will hear something more of these men and of his precious Madhumathi.

(I left what he knows vague so as to allow it to be fit into a plot line or thread as might be necessary)

Hack Writer
2012-06-25, 04:24 PM
@Java: cheers mate, you're good to go now. There's an introductory post that sets the scene, so go right ahead and put your character in the game.

2012-06-29, 07:01 AM
Should I roll Arcanum (or Occult) for Salt to know what Foster's talking about, or would he have picked up Indian mythology over the last few years?

Hack Writer
2012-06-29, 11:46 AM
@Gull: A roll wouldn't be called for; Isaiah either knows it, or he doesn't - simple. This is a freeform role-play scene, so it's quite rules-lite. What you need to establish is whether that knowledge is created by mcellis as part of Grant Foster's back story, in which case it's down to mcellis to decide whether Isaiah would be privy to it too. In this particular case it isn't - Ananta Shesha is an aspect of the greater World Serpent as understood by the peoples of India and central Asia (and detailed in the DAR book). If, however, somebody posted something like, "Oh, yeah, the Incarnations of the Beast - great book! I especially like the part with the forty virgins and the novelty jello moulds" - that would be out of bounds. It's a creation of your own devising, and thus the sole purview of your character to extrapolate upon (*ahem* and the GM's to manipulate...)

@Java: Posting in spoilers IC is fine, mate; I shall PM you the results shortly!

2012-06-29, 11:46 AM
Sorry for getting so esoteric so quickly. OOC Ananta Shesha is one of the Indian names for the serpent, from the Serpent Cults sidebar in DAR p.81, that and a quick Wikipedia search later and I'm spouting all sorts of strangeness. :)

Hack Writer
2012-06-29, 11:50 AM
@Mcellis: Yep, that's it. I think I Ninja'd you.... And esoteric's fine; I'm planning to get plenty esoteric on yo asses in the not-too-distant future.

2012-06-29, 01:09 PM
Cool, I just didn't want to be all like "yeah my dude knows that because he's rad and I know how to look things up on wikipedia."

Hack Writer
2012-06-29, 05:37 PM
@Gull: it's good that you took the time to ask. Generally speaking, if it's in the rulebook, it's common knowledge - generally. I can't stop meta think, so it's a waste of time even trying; stopping to ask yourself whether your character would know a certain topic given his background and origins is about as good a piece of role-playing as any GM can ask for from his players. In this case both yourself and mcellis had strong foundations for knowing that piece of info on the Serpent cult.

2012-07-01, 06:25 AM
Okay ... a note to myself, and to others ... if you try to PREVIEW a post where you have a die roll, it reformats the rolls to read [roll0] for the first roll, [roll1] for the second, and so on. And then it will not allow you to edit the post to correct that reformatting.

Sooo ... I had to add a "spoiler" IC post with the actual roll.

2012-07-02, 07:55 PM
You mentioned you wanted to keep this combat abstracted.

Are you aware of the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition chase combat rules available freely online here (http://www.peginc.com/shop/savage-worlds-core/) via the link near the bottom of the page?

They abstract chase combat quite well without requiring map drawing. I agree that figuring out how many ‘cards’ to draw and what they correlate to may be a pain and so may not be appropriate.

Hack Writer
2012-07-04, 01:06 PM
I didn't have a chance to update the game yesterday, because I couldn't get to my computer; I'll make amends for it now and get the combat moving.

@ThirtyThr33: Anything that makes the combat run smoother I'm in favour of, so I'll look through the rules and get back to you all soon. Yeah it's as you suspected; Giant Killer won't apply to the air pirates because, despite their categorisation, they're not truly 'giant monsters'.

Right, I'll get this scene shifted up a gear now. Bear with me...

2012-07-04, 01:12 PM
Bearing with you ... :)

Darn that real life - plays havoc with gaming!

Hack Writer
2012-07-04, 02:01 PM
Whoops! well posting the air pirates' attacks didn't seem to work in the IC thread, so I'm going to try 'em here:

Air Pirate 1

Air Pirate 2

@Cdwjava: if these hit and damage, you can spend bennies to soak, as per the Bush Pilot Edge.

2012-07-04, 02:07 PM
Given the need to keep in the air, and in one piece, I shall do just that!

I already discovered that dice rolls seem to be disabled when there is an edit ... I think it is to prevent constant edits to get the perfect roll.

of course, as GM you could always roll yourself and simply write the result.

Hack Writer
2012-07-04, 02:13 PM
yeah, I think I see what you mean. I'd like to keep my rolls open, purely because I think transparancy adds to everybody's feeling that they're involved in a game where chance and shrewd action plays a part - but I might reconsider that lofty goal if the forums keep kicking me up the arse. Actually, I think the best bet would be if I started a dice roll thread too. What does everybody else think?

Here's the rolls for the next Initiative round anyway:

Ulysses: [roll0]
Air Pirates: [roll1]

2012-07-04, 02:57 PM
I like the idea of dice rolls being ion the same post, but, that might also prevent edits when they are necessary ... like when the player blatantly FUBARs a comment (writing "right" when it should have been "left") or some such thing. So, maybe a separate thread might be useful.

2012-07-04, 10:42 PM
So I did a quick check on Stun while my roll certainly wouldn't have hit given the -4 range modifier, but at a 2 yards per inch scale 96 yards is the maximum range. Again I really don't want to map stuff out, and I'm cool with missing. At that range it was a long shot anyway.

Though I am curious how spending bennies will work? Besides when you ask for a potential soak roll that is. Any thoughts or guidelines?

2012-07-07, 06:17 PM
As a note to all, I will be leaving Monday afternoon (July 9th) and traveling from the far north of California to San Diego for Comic Con 2012, stopping at Disneyland in between. We are taking my oldest son to college in San Diego and leaving him there :)

I cannot predict my computer access during that time, though I suspect I will have internet access at least periodically. Disneyland will be an all day affair on Tuesday with travel and Comic Con taking up my time most every day from Wednesday evening (preview night) through Sunday. I should be home late, late Monday night (July 16th) or Tuesday afternoon if we stop on the way.

I will have my iPad with me, so if I do reply it will be using that. I apologize in advance for messed up or short replies if they occur.

Hack Writer
2012-07-07, 06:46 PM
@Java: Thanks for the heads up, Java; it sounds like you've got a pretty hectic - though not entirely uninteresting - week ahead ahead of you. Good luck to your lad as well for the future. If he's anything like I was with my own parents when I went through my college phase, I'm sure you'll figure out pretty quickly that half a country's distance just ain't no guarantee of a child-free existence! And don't worry about the sporadic absence, I'll ensure Ulysses stays (pretty much) in one piece!

On the subject of the game: I'll wait for Gull and mcellis to post their own actions before resolving the sky pirates'. I'd like to give everybody a shot at pulling off a memorable stunt or two before the scene reaches its cliffhanger finale.

2012-07-07, 07:01 PM
Eh, it's about 600 miles - certainly not half the country (more than half the state, though) - but far enough. My wife hopes he'll come home more often, but he hates driving more than 45 minutes, and it's a 9 1/2 hour drive!

As I recall from previous years at Comic Con wifi access AT the con was spotty, and access at the hotel can be a toss up.

He was a 4.1 GPA student in high school, I can only hope that "freedom" doesn't enter into his bloodstream!

2012-07-09, 04:38 PM
@Java Hey I'm going to be in the SDCC area on Friday 13th, but not actually at Comic Con. I'll be attending Gam3rcon which is a small gaming convention that runs concurrently with Comic Con. I'm sure you will be extremely busy given all the stuff you have planned, but if you're interested you might want to check it out as a gaming break from standing in the long lines at Comic Con. Here's the link:


I meant the 13th which is this Friday.

2012-07-09, 07:25 PM
I'll consider it. Huh ... I lived and worked in the San Diego area for 8 years and never knew about this con. Unless it's relatively new.

I'll take a wander over if there's a gap. Thanks for the heads' up.

2012-07-09, 10:53 PM
It's pretty recent I think this might be only the second or third year.

Hack Writer
2012-07-10, 05:58 AM
Okay so I did it again; I rolled the Pilot check and edited in a previous roll! Here's sky pirate 1's Pilot roll, requiring a 4 or better:

@mcellis: regarding the question you posted earlier concerning spending Bennies; you can spend 'em ahead of time by posting in a spoiler that you'd like to make a certain roll a 'Benny roll'. If you succeed in the check, the Benny isn't spent; if you fail the check, you can re-roll OOC or leave me to roll for you (knowing full well that I have the 'can't successfully dice roll for toffee' Hindrance). I'll allow Benny rolls retroactively in certain situations too, such as when you really, really needed to pass a roll but forgot the mention it.

Hack Writer
2012-07-10, 06:09 AM
I'll create a dice roller thread after this combat's concluded, things are becoming too jumbled now. Here's the attack roll for the air pirate, he needs to Ace:

2012-07-10, 06:22 AM
Forgot to roll initiative for this round: [roll0]

Not that it matters since I missed everything anyway.

In regards to having Salt miss his turn, I think it would be best to have him 'On Hold' instead of simply skipped, so he at-least gets first action on the next round.

Edit: well bugger me silly. With the +2 from drawing a joker I hit him twice! With a wound and a raise no less!

Hack Writer
2012-07-10, 06:37 AM
@ThirtyThr33: yeah, I think that's probably fairer on Gull if we do it like that. He can stay on hold and act when he wants.

I''ll treating everybody's initiative as being simultaneous to Ulysses's for this encounter, just to speed up play and keep things simpler - no need to worry about who acts when and how it impacts on everybody else; but, well, blimey, you rolled a...20? We can't let that one go! Tell you what, the Joker can count as the Initiative roll for the whole team; so that just leaves me to roll for the air pirates:


One last thing: I like that Mick's picked up on the fact that Salt and Foster are both magic users, it's far too easy to just forget about those little roleplay points when you're familiar with each others' character sheets; be sure to build upon it when you all have the chance. Free-form roleplay's the opportunity to get a bit of exposition in and pad your characters' backgrounds out!

One more last thing - @ ThirtyThr33: Because you've now hit, your Agility roll suddenly becomes relevent. Make an Agility roll for Mick, just in case Java fails his Pilot check.

2012-07-10, 06:53 AM
Agility Roll.

[roll0] Agility 8
[roll1] Wild Dice

I would like to use a benny for the following re-roll if I fail above, assuming there are no modifiers.

[roll2] Agility 8
[roll3] Wild Dice

Can't have a wound and a raise going down the toilet after two turns of Aiming.

2012-07-11, 02:49 PM
Now, ThrtyThr33, which of the Aircobras was Mick firing at? Going by the positioning at the start of round 4, he could’ve attacked Sky Pirate 3 on the Beechcraft’s three-o-clock point, or Sky Pirate 1 (the one that Grant Foster’s been exchanging angry thoughts with) on its five. Sky Pirate 2’s currently free-falling and won’t be in your line of sight.

Sky Pirate 1, as he banked around to come for another pass.

2012-07-12, 01:00 PM
Sorry fellows, it's been a busy time, thanks for covering for me. Looking at the IC thread, I'm assuming Salt blew his agility roll, so he'll be getting back on his feet.

Hack Writer
2012-07-12, 03:34 PM
@ThirtyThr33: I'll update the IC post to reflect Mick's peerless shot.

@Gull: no big deal if you're busy, real life has a tendency to happen like that. Yeah you did (or I did, at least) fail your Agility roll, but Java passed his Pilot check (the really crucial one), so you're all good.

@ everyone: The Agility check was playing wicket keeper (or catcher, to use a different analogy) to Java's Pilot roll, just in case he failed; he didn't, so there's no impediment to anybody's actions. Java, you can still act; the Pilot check's a passive one, intended to see whether Ulysses could handle the sudden buffeting winds.

@Java: I haven't expressly stated it, but you're free to ad lib details regarding the scene to make the chase more interesting. For example you might what to say "I'm going to perform a Stunt check against my Pilot skill and fly between that narrow gorge over yonder, force the other aeroplanes to follow me." I've got no problem with players establishing the action if it adds to the fun of the scene; if it involves a modicum of risk by both parties, chances are I'll be happy to let it happen!

So that leaves Gull and Ulysses (remembering that he could still pull of a fancy stunt or two) to take their actions, before the Sky Pirates take theirs (mcellis, I'll roll Vigour for the Sky Pirate you attacked too). Oh, we'll be heading into Twilight Zone territory soon...

Hack Writer
2012-07-17, 02:45 PM
@Java: pre-empting the inevitable question regarding the radio that mcellis mentioned, I can tell you that the cockpit's held up pretty well, considering what you've been through. The radio itself looks fine, but a quick toggle of the dial reveals that the circuits are fried - courtesy, no doubt, of the lightning storm.

On an entirely unrelated note, now the comic convention?

2012-07-17, 03:18 PM
@Java: pre-empting the inevitable question regarding the radio that mcellis mentioned, I can tell you that the cockpit's held up pretty well, considering what you've been through. The radio itself looks fine, but a quick toggle of the dial reveals that the circuits are fried - courtesy, no doubt, of the lightning storm.

On an entirely unrelated note, now the comic convention?
Comic Con was it's usual awesomeness! Exhausted, recovering, and depressing a bit when we dropped off my oldest son at school there when we left. After a nearly 9 hour drive, we made it home at about 3 AM PST.

2012-07-17, 04:28 PM
I'd like to look around for someplace to get us out of the cold I'm assuming a notice roll, though it looks like it might be a survival roll.

2012-07-18, 09:48 PM
I'll just do my bunch of rolling here so it doesn't further clog up the IC thread.

For Mick
Agi -1 test

Benny to do Agi again if needed

Str test if required

For Sally
Agi -1 test

Benny to do Agi again if needed

Str test if required

Edit: I think everyone just died except Sally.

Hack Writer
2012-07-19, 01:31 PM
Edit: I think everyone just died except Sally.

Ha, I may just add this to my sig!

Lots of updates for the IC post, so everybody take a look. Not sure if there're any outstanding questions that need answering, but remind me if I overlooked something important.

2012-07-19, 01:39 PM
Well, I lived! :)

Hack Writer
2012-07-20, 04:22 AM
@ThirtyThr33: yeah, your stuff would've fallen down to the cockpit with you, so you can grab what you want out of it; actually, you could role-play finding the gear however you want, I'm assuming that your equipment is on our near your person anyway. Grant managed to pull out his rope and grapnel and has secured you all an exit out of the Beechcraft.

I'll save you all the tedium of role-playing out the escape (unless you want to, in which case, post it) and I'll assume you're all now safe and sound in the freezing, barren and desolate Himalayas mountains.

2012-07-20, 05:27 AM
I think considering the character interaction it is more compelling to have Mick direct Uly to ransack his gear. It shows trust and teamwork, instead of Mick just finding himself in trouble and magically having the right item for the job sitting right next to him.

2012-07-20, 12:03 PM
Haha Salt you poor dozy bastard.

Hack Writer
2012-07-20, 02:47 PM
@ThirtyThr33: I see the logic and your idea works fine, though remember that Grant's already secured you all a ride up with his grappling hook, in case you'd rather use that. Either way, I'll post either later tonight or some time early tomorrow morning (GMT), just to give you all a chance to natter.

@Gull: I shouldn't worry, a scholar the likes of Salt probably never had the chance to get out much during his youth. He'll bounce back.

2012-07-20, 07:35 PM
Oh, I see what you mean.

I had assumed that the climbing harness would be compatible with the rope he threw down with the grappling hook. The rope give us the opportunity to climb out and the harness gives a +4 to climb tests, I believe.

2012-07-20, 09:31 PM
I'm actually finding Salt blowing every roll and being pretty much ineffectual regardless of how much exquisite occult power he thinks that he has as being pretty hilarious. He's "that guy" in a pulp story.

Hack Writer
2012-07-22, 05:17 AM
@ Gull: That's the spirit, I say. I've always been a firm believer in the theory that the dice tell the story as much as the people that play the game. Some people get disheartened when their character consistently fail to achieve their expectations but when you think about it, there's as much (if not more, in fact) of an opportunity to twist the situation into something cool - 'when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade,' as the old saying goes. Which is just as well for mcellis, because -

@mcellis: you're going to need to take a persuasion check, my friend. Grant doesn't have any ranks in persuasion and he's lumbered with the Blank Stare hindrance, which means you're rolling 1d4-4 (though a natural 4 means an Ace) and 1d6-4 (again, a 6 will allow an Ace). You can Benny it.

2012-07-22, 09:00 AM
I was debating have Mick pull the pin of the grenade and hold it out for all to see and make an intimidate check. Seemed a bit reckless though, since there is a fair chance they may have come only to help and the guns are for self protection.

Hack Writer
2012-07-22, 10:59 AM
@ThirtyThr33: it's a valid tactic, and one you're welcome to pursue should things turn ugly - or uglier, depending on your point of view. The three strangers look mean, determined and dangerous, though more than that will have to be determined through player action.

I'll wait for mcellis to post his persuasion roll, and for the other players to post their own actions, before the newcomers react.

@ Gull: Salt's line about not knowing how to tie the rope made me smile. "Dammit, Jim, I'm a mystagogue, not a sailor!"

2012-07-22, 12:35 PM
Yay! Blank Stare and not having the Persuasion skill. I really am trying to talk my way out of this with no one getting hurt, but much like Gull and Salt, I'm enjoying Grant being unable to actually talk his way out of anything.

Hack Writer
2012-07-22, 01:07 PM
@mcellis: yeah, not looking too good; provided you don't roll snake eyes (double natural 1), you'll just fail the check, without too many repercussions. I'll update the IC thread once you've made the roll.

2012-07-22, 02:15 PM
Yeah that didn't go great how far am I from the leader now? Still about 20 yards?

Also is an Knowledge (Occult) roll in order to know about Bhairava?

Hack Writer
2012-07-22, 02:41 PM
@mcellis: no, you didn't make any ground on the leader, not with a failed Persuasion roll. Every raise on the roll will allow you to close by ten yards, so two raises would be needed to take you into melee distance - twenty yards is quite a bit of distance to cover when you've got three angry men with machine guns pointed in your direction and no cover worth mentioning anywhere in between.

I'll accept Occult, History or Religion for rolls concerning this Bhairava fellow, because he's not quite common knowledge.

Hack Writer
2012-07-22, 03:32 PM
Has everyone deleted the items they lost from their character sheets? Just checking, because it's easy to forget when you get caught up in other matters.

2012-07-22, 04:07 PM
Going to try for the occult roll as well-

2012-07-22, 04:15 PM
Aced the d8, so let's run this **** into the ground- [roll0]

So 13 final result.

2012-07-22, 05:54 PM
Sorry I didn't reply yesterday. On the road for 6 hours and visiting with family out of the area so I was away from a computer from 9 AM until just before 11 PM, and then it was time for bed!

2012-07-23, 08:59 AM
Here is some rolls for Sally's Stealth Ace roll.

[roll1] (in-case I get another)

= Total 12. Awesome, Sally's going to rip out someone's throat.

2012-07-23, 11:58 AM
I just noticed that Steele's languages are not on his sheet ... I have a note that they are English, Punjabi, Mandarin Chinese, and Hindi.

Hack Writer
2012-07-23, 02:36 PM
@ThirtyThr33: Yep, Sally slipped past my notice as GM, so I'll consider he outside the notice of the strangers, too. Sally's rolls are solid, so I'll allow her to move to within striking distance of any of the three newcomers - ready to pounce, on your command!

@Java: tough break about the long day, mate; I hope you're fully recovered now. And you don't need to outline in advance what languages Steele knows, although you're perfectly entitled to, if you prefer. All characters have a number of language slots equal to half their Smarts dice, one slot of which will always be the character's native tongue - English, plus it many subtle variants (page 18 of the DAR book).

I'll wait for Gull and mcellis to post their replies before taking the scene on (they could choose to translate the conversation, which might have an impact on your actions, the emphasis being on might.)

2012-07-23, 02:40 PM
Sure, I'll take Nepalese as one of my languages. Once you tell me what they're going on about, I'll post Salt's actions.

Hack Writer
2012-07-23, 03:35 PM
@Gull: If I remeber rightly, you get a redonculous amount of language slots because of Salt's high Smarts die - five, I think; so yeah, I'm sure Salt can afford to spent a slot on Nepalese. Add that language to Salt's character sheet now. I'll PM you their conversation.

@mcellis: I'll PM you details of Grant's discover.

2012-07-24, 09:33 AM
Is it worth the time to roll an arcana/occult check to see if Salt identified the things that the Nepalese are talking about in the storm, or would that have been a notice check back when it happened?

Hack Writer
2012-07-24, 10:22 AM
@ Gull: You can roll it, if you want; I can't guarantee it'll be anything but wild conjecture, though. Still, might be worthwhile. I'll PM you details.

EDIT: @ThirtyThr33: While I'm at it, I should mention that Mick might want to try to check against his exotic animals knowledge, too. Again, nothing substantial might come out of it, but it's worth a shot.

2012-07-24, 10:31 AM
Cool. Pick whichever is appropriate-


2012-07-24, 08:19 PM
Ah nuts, I just noticed that barrier is a seasoned rank spell. I'll pick another.

2012-07-25, 02:13 AM
Swamped at work. Probably won't be able to post for 24-48hrs.

In the meantime,

Knowledge exotic animals
[roll0], [roll1]

Hack Writer
2012-07-25, 10:54 AM
@ Gull: thanks for the honesty, mate. Yeah, pick him a new power and run it past me.

@ThirtyThr33: No problem, ta for letting me know and not leaving me worrying (I'm a proven worrier, it's terrible.). I'll also PM you that Exotic Animals roll you made, too.

Right, there's a pretty substantial post up on the IC thread, but I warn you - it's looong, not to mention that it looks a bit tatty in its present guise. But fear not, for I shall edit it to within an inch of its life!

2012-07-25, 03:33 PM
Would it be ok to roll Smarts to see if Salt heard anything about this Lieutenant during his time with 13 Commando? Like if he was a crazy mutineer living in a mountain in Nepal or something.

Hack Writer
2012-07-25, 04:26 PM
@Gull: Yeah, go for it. It'll be general knowledge for Salt - and possibly Mick, because your backgrounds sort of cross over slightly. For Ulysses and Grant, it'll be less general, and thus at -2.

2012-07-25, 05:34 PM
Cool. Any excuse to roll the d10. [roll0]

2012-07-25, 05:47 PM
Wild- [roll0]

2012-07-26, 02:06 AM
Out of curiosity how are we handling getting Power Points, Bennies, and Experience points?

Hack Writer
2012-07-26, 02:37 AM
I'll PM people their Knowledge checks shortly, just after I've gotten round to writing something up.

@mcellis: Bennies are listed at the beginning of the OOC thread, alongside prevailing status effects and player PP levels, where applicable. PP recharges at the standard rate listed in the core rules - 1pp per hour; I'm keeping track of this and updating the post as and when. Grant hasn't quite had enough time to regenerate a power point yet (well, maybe he could've - just about).

Experience Points I'll hand out to players across each adventure, and it'll be a flat 5 XP plus XP for every Benny you haven't spent (so you'll certainly Advance after this adventure, and maybe increase in Rank within three, depending on how fortune favours you). Generally speaking, I won't throw in additional XP to individual players; I've tried it in the past in cases of profoundly good role-playing/commitment to the cause, and found it can breed resentment and a feeling that others are being overlooked - which is a natural instinct given that people's ability to access their computers or knack of writing prose varies, and unappreciated is something I don't want other people feeling. With that said, I'd still like to show my appreciation to people that keep with the game and post meaningful (not necessarily 'frequent' or 'verbose') additions to know their efforts aren't unrewarded. This'll probably manifest itself as weapons, spells, contrived items and opportunities to pursue personal quests. It won't happen a lot, but it will happen.

2012-07-26, 01:06 PM
Okay, sounds good.

Hack Writer
2012-07-26, 02:28 PM
How's everybody finding the game so far? Are you enjoying it, becoming jaded with it, wanting your character to get the chance to do something specific? I ask this because, at the end of the day, these games are supposed to be a cooperative exercise - we help each other have an entertaining time; for what it's worth, I've enjoyed the contributions of your characters immensely so far. There hasn't been much of a chance to explore individual characters' back stories in-game, but that's just the slow nature of forum-based Role-play games.

Consider this current scene an opportunity to expand on the motivations of your character: why he's doing what he's doing, and what he intends to do long term in the world. FYI, Ulysses' plane was destined to eventually reach Lahore (where I've got some fun stuff planned, assuming we make it that far), so maybe you'd like to mention potential contacts you have there or aspects of the world you'd like to dig up (for me, there's tons of cool stuff I'd hope to touch upon: Dero, the Conan-esque hell-on-earth that's the Drowned Coast, dinosaurs, underwater adventures....The setting's awesomely weird!).

2012-07-27, 03:43 PM
I'm having fun with it so far ... still trying to get a better feel for the character within this environment, but it'll come. Life has been rather hectic the past three weeks with vacations, work, grad school, a funeral, and job interviews (requiring more travel). I'll be out of touch all of Saturday (tomorrow) as I will be on the road and attending a funeral. Sunday I should be back in the world, though - ad off of work for three days. :)

2012-07-27, 08:47 PM
Liking the game so far. I was expecting the game to wind up being in a jungle, but snow makes sense too. It hadn’t even occurred to me that dinosaurs would be a possibility but it makes my Giant Killer edge itch with excitement.

Sorry about my post rate recently, it isn’t because I’m not interested. I’m working all this week (I work 12hr shifts 8 days straight then have 6 day weekends) and I’m not really finding a lot of this conversation relevant to Mick’s knowledge, making it hard for him to contribute.

2012-07-28, 12:16 AM
It's a quality game, I like it a lot.
Anyways, I don't really know where the mutinous Marines went a-viking, is there something canon that Salt should tell Steele?

Hack Writer
2012-07-28, 03:18 AM
It's good that everybody's still involved, and I'll be sure to try and provide opportunities to everyone. This adventure was intended as a tester to see how things would run, so it's going to be relatively short as a consequence. If it's a success, I'll run another adventure. I'm a fan of adapting pre-written modules personally, but DAR suffers from such a lack of support (despite Atomic Overmind having a huge list of material they've promised but yet to publish: a Cape Town sourcebook, a bonkers but fun-sounding Mexico-based vigilante/masked wrestler module involving Inca cults and Serpent worshippers, plus the long touted Memphis book that's been at the printers now for I think the best part of three years!) that I'm writing my own adventures and tweaking them as I go.

The game will eventually find its own default pace; at the moment, because I've got ready access to a works computer, I can write pretty frequently and get something posted. I appreciate that not everybody has that luxury, so I'll keep the rate of GM posts to around once a day or so.

@Java: My commiserations on the funeral you need to attend, hope the day passes off as well as can be expected. I've been in the position of job hunting more times than I can count, and I know it can be a frustrating time. Hope you land a good one.

@ Gull: Salt would know far about 666th Commando than Lieutenant Mooreland-Lee would; you can reveal whatever you want to the other characters present and we'll consider it canon straight away. Actually, you'll be doing me a favour, because I'll have something to build upon later on.

@ThirtyThr33: Ouch, you work twelve hours a day? A few friends of mine work similar shifts, on their feet all day most of the time - not nice. Don't worry about jungle not being on the cards - it'll certainly play a bit role at some point in the future, depending on how things pan out.

2012-07-28, 03:49 AM
I'm enjoying it a lot. It's my first play by post game so I don't have much to compare it to, but it has been very engaging so far. I'm a big time DAR fan and like you I lament the lack of official support from Atomic Overmind. But I'm digging the chance to explore and expand on a very interesting section of the DAR map, that's a little unusual and far afield even in such a crazy, rich setting like DAR.

I also realize that I've been remiss on getting you Grant's background before we started. I do have one worked out and I should probably get it finished as I think I've got a good potential tie into Cassanova and the 666th Commando and my reason for heading to Lahore. Hopefully I can finish it up this weekend.

Hack Writer
2012-07-28, 06:43 AM
@mcellis: Why'd you think they've held back on releasing the stuff, at least electronically or as short print runs on the US convention circuit? Not only is Ken Hite an excellent writer, he's also pretty prolific, so I'd assume most of the content is stored on a hard drive with Atomic Overmind. I know they're a relatively small publisher and Ken's just released a new supernatural game setting for another company, but weren't we promised a few things for 2012? Just a few more Serpent Scales - it's all I'm asking! Monster Island was a fantastic addition to the setting, which only Ken Hite and his stylised choice of writing voice could pull off.

In truth, though, I'm happy to muddle through the setting and and answer the questions Ken's asked in the main source book: just what ungodly discoveries have soviet braniacs unlocked in Science City 14 (or 13, or 12, or 11...)? What horrors does Ras-Al-Thuban (the nearest thing to hell on earth in the game) hold for the inquiring adventurer? How far into the guts of the Serpent have British mining teams dug, and what have they found? It is a very cool setting, just a shame there isn't a touch more for the GM to work with.

2012-07-28, 07:36 PM
@Hack Writer: I don't know for sure, I imagine it's mostly time and money, both Ken and Hal are pretty busy doing work that other people pay them for. I have asked both of them about it several times at various conventions over the years. Usually Ken points to Hal, and Hal makes noises about getting to it eventually. Ken has said that for the most part the DAR setting is in the hands of the fans now, but I agree that his writing and ideas make DAR what it is, and I certainly want more of it.

I also wonder if the DAR fan base is actually big enough to make it worth their while to put out new stuff, even PDFs. Maybe they could Kickstarter it, but I'm not sure that they want to deal with the hassle of crowdfunding.

Hack Writer
2012-07-29, 06:31 AM
@mcellis: getting the poison land supplements out would help, I think; the core buyer base is probably American, so a supplement set in your own back yard would find more traction than, say, focusing beyond the continent's borders, at least for now. I'm sure something with the DAR name printed on it will surface from official sources eventually, especially if Ken's listed a whole heap of topics he'd like to explore.

From your own experience with meeting him, what has Ken told you about the contents of the products Atomic Overmind had planned? I was totally sold on buying the Memphis sourcebook the moment I read the advertising blurb about the 'glowing men of Oakridge' and all the other cool bits and bobs, did he tell you hat was in it? I loved Monster Island, found the Klan issue of Serpent Scales amusingly derisive of their silly hierarchy and Kustoms, not to mention scenario provoking (the idea of slaying Hell Heints with melted down Lincoln Pennies could easily be expanded into a whole adventure of its own). Ken's greatest strength as a writer is alluding to possibilities without overtly stating 'this is here, so deal with it.' More stuff along those lines would've been great.

With that said, where's the best place to look for fan generated material on the net? I've looked about but haven't bound much. Like you say, it's probably indicative of a setting that's been overlooked by the larger RP community.

2012-07-29, 02:14 PM
@Hack Writer: Well Memphis is the closest thing to a poisoned lands supplement we are most likely to get in the possible future, whenever that actually happens is the question. There's been some talk of making the DAR setting available for a few other systems as well, I'm not sure if that would help make people aware of it or dilute the brand. Of course neither HERO or SW are my go to systems, so I wouldn't mind seeing it done in a system I like better.

I honestly haven't pressed Ken for too many details about the books contents, I've been more willing to wait to be pleasantly surprised when I read them. As you say his ability to show and imply awesome setting material rather than straight up telling and statting it all out is one of the reasons I enjoy his settings. I'll probably see him around at Gencon, are there any specific questions you want me to ask him by proxy?

As for finding fan created material the best place I've found is the DAR forum on the Atomic Overmind site.


After that the Savage World forums in general and the SW Licensees section in particular over on the Pinnacle site is about the only other places I've found that has some DAR stuff, barring a few personal websites and gaming blogs that usually get linked to in those two forums.


Hack Writer
2012-07-31, 05:26 AM
@mcellis: I've found that SW's a better system than many for emulating DAR, partly because it has pulp style hard-wired into its DNA. The HERO rules are just far too obsessed with little fiddly details for this and that to ever make me a fan of them. Still, like you, I'm not hugely thrilled by any system that tries to be all things to all men - generic's fine, but you can't beat a set of rules specifically written to capture the spirit of the setting.

Can't think of anything to ask Ken off the top of my head, other than to press him to release more material for the setting.

Hack Writer
2012-08-02, 10:08 AM
I'll move the game on tonight or tomorrow, I just wanted to wait to see if Gull would post. He hasn't, so we can fast-forward twenty-four hours, to where the team will set out on their reconnaissance patrol. If you fancy doing some interaction between characters, or want to outline how you spend the next day cooped up in the cave, go ahead.

Salt's bumps and bruises will have healed by the time the team sets out, and Grant will be back up to 10PP.

Hack Writer
2012-08-03, 01:24 PM
@ThirtyThr33: I'll RP out the dialogue for the allies, lest it turns a bit schizophrenic with a single player replying to himself. You're welcome to run general chatter between your character and his ally though, like if you have an idea of how the ally would act in terms of personality. Oh, and the tracking modifier is correct - you receive a +4 for the check. I'll PM you the details of your discovery.

EDIT: One important note concerning allies: you effectively control their actions, rolling skill and attribute checks for them and using their abilities as you see fit. If I think you're using them in a particularly suicidal or throwaway manner, I'll veto something, but that's about the only rule I'll place on them. During combat, allies act on your Initiative draw and perform whatever combat manoeuvres you want.

2012-08-04, 07:12 AM
Sorry guys, was kept pretty busy these last few days.

Edit: Am also looking forward to narrating the adventures of Rifleman Sarki, the Ghurka with a notoriously poor attitude.

Hack Writer
2012-08-04, 09:02 AM
@Gull: And I'm looking forward to reading it. Like I said, role-play your allies as you like, though accept they're transient additions to the party and don't get attached. Oh, Salt's no longer fatigued from his bumps and bruises; I've updated the first page of this thread to reflect as much, but just wanted to reiterate it to you in case it slipped by.

Hack Writer
2012-08-06, 04:41 AM
If no one else wants to chime in with anything, I'll assume you all want to follow the tracks up through the maintains and move the post on tonight.

2012-08-07, 08:45 AM
Tracking rolls:


[roll1] [roll2]

Sally if applicable?

Potential extra dice:
[roll4] [roll5]

2012-08-07, 10:35 AM
Dr. Salt-
Rifleman Sarki- [roll1]

Edit: Salt wild die- [roll]1d6

2012-08-07, 11:24 AM
Made my tracking rolls over on the dice rolling thread. Was that roll supposed to include our wild die?

Hack Writer
2012-08-07, 03:33 PM
@mceliis: yeah, if it's an action committed by a Wild Card it uses the Wild Dice. Heroes are always treated as Wild Cards; NPCs, unless designated as such, never roll Wild Dice.

@Gull: you forgot to roll Salt's Wild dice.

2012-08-08, 09:07 AM
Edits and dice rolling seems to work strangely- [roll0]

2012-08-08, 01:31 PM
Just checking in ... the boards appeared down a couple of days ago, and I have been out of town until last night. Working my way over to the IC thread to see what I might have missed.

Hack Writer
2012-08-10, 05:13 PM
@Java: no problems, I've been unexpectedly busy too over the last couple of evenings. And yeah, it was the combined passes of every player, not five rolls each. No worries, I should have tried to be clearer when I wrote it.

@everyone: I'll total up your results and try to post tonight.

Hack Writer
2012-08-26, 02:05 AM
Really sorry for the week-long hiatus, chaps; I've been swamped at work with dead lines and a new project that just landed on our laps - it's been manic recently, but signs are that the frantic part is over with now.

If you're all still around, I'd like to carry this on. I'll address everything that has been posted so far and get the game running again. How many of you are still about?

2012-08-26, 02:14 AM
Yep! Still here and waiting!

2012-08-26, 10:21 AM
I'm still good to go.

2012-08-30, 01:03 AM
I am also interested in continuing this game.

Hack Writer
2012-09-02, 10:40 AM
@everyone: once again, thanks for your patience, chaps; I'll now re-focus and get this game up-dated for tomorrow. I've had the weekend to look through my game notes and pick up the plot again, so I'll have something substantial to move the game along with within the next twenty four hours.

ta for being so understanding.

2012-09-02, 10:42 AM
No problem ... I'm not going anywhere. :)

Hack Writer
2012-09-09, 04:39 AM
I've PM'ed mcellis and Gull and told them the game's running; mcellis has been on line recently, but Gull's not been active in three weeks. Hopefully we'll still have Salt with us when the game moves on.

@ Java (and anybody else that would care to know): knowledge of who the Narts are will require Occult or History rolls. Raises earn you more details on specific Narts.

on the gear you discovered: Note that the AK 47s have ammunition that is incompatible with any weapon the players are carrying. I'll post stats for the AK 47s in the house rules section at the beginning of this thread.

Hack Writer
2012-09-10, 03:23 PM
@mcellis: roll one notice check for the miscellaneous gear and one for anothing relating to the mentalist; I'll PM you the details later. Note that Grant can take the AK 47s and use them, but firing at a living creature with the intent to kill (wounding's fine because you only have the minor Pacifist hindrance, but you'll need to call the shot) will contravene Grant's Pacifist hindrance and cause you to suffer an experience point penalty at the end of the adventure. Just thought you'd like to bear that in mind.

I'll also PM you Grant's occult roll on the subject of Akala.

2012-09-10, 03:49 PM
Okay I'll do the rolls over on the dice roller thread.

Yep I'm trying to keep my pacifist in mind, but I'm curious what about non thinking animals or supernatural creatures that are attacking? I've been trying to be pretty good about trying to talk first and only go for non lethal attacks when I do, but the minor version of Pacifist seems to allow for defending ones self if attacked.

The AK thing was mainly cause I like the nice cinematic moment of it, rather than getting excited about a new toy for blowing things away.

2012-09-11, 08:03 PM
Gents, my apologies. I've been working like a dog and real life vicissitudes have been taking their toll, and as such I completely forgot about my pbp commitments. I will catch up and have a post tomorrow, I'm terribly sorry to have kept everyone waiting.

Hack Writer
2012-09-12, 12:49 PM
@mcellis: you're right regarding the hindrance - Grant can fight in self defence with lethal force, so that gives you a bit of leeway. Also, Grant's notice check for anything regarding the mentalist turns up a blank, despite the high success score. It's safe to assume he departed for the mountain and took all his belongings with him. Because you got a raise on the roll regarding gear, you can suggest to me two items that Grant finds that you think might be of any use to the party - though like I said before, I'll veto anything I think is out of place in a mountaineering's camp site.

@gull: happy to see you still about mate. You haven't missed anything too revelatory, but Salt's skills might be useful for tackling the current mystery. It's nice to see the whole party is still together.

@everyone: You all have a decision to make regarding your next move: up the mountain in search of the Mentalist or something else. All ideas are good, I'm more than happy to cater to moments of inspired storytelling brilliance.

EDIT: While I'm at it, let me shamelessly plug another Savage Worlds game I'm trying to get off the ground on these forums; it's called Dawn of the Super Powers, is a Golden/Silver Age game set in the Cold War, and has more than a little in common with DAR, thanks to Ken Hite and his infectious writing style. If you're interested in playing in it, jump over to the recruitment thread and look for the [SW Explorers Edition] Super Hero thread. The game proposal and background is there.

2012-09-14, 06:13 AM
Rolling Arcana or Occult, whichever works, to check if Salt knows anything about what the psychic was going on about-

2012-09-14, 12:41 PM
As for useful items I'm inclined to go with climbing gear, and either rappelling harnesses or more rope.

Hack Writer
2012-09-14, 02:21 PM
@mcellis: a wise decision, and I'm more than happy to allow it; if that's what you want, I'll give you enough climbing equipment to cover the entire party.

I'm assuming you're all wanting to head up the mountain in search of the mentalist (I do so love using that word)? If that's the case, just post IC with a confirmation, so that I know we're all still in the game. I'll get the next post up as soon as everyone has confirmed.

2012-09-14, 06:39 PM
Okay, then let's go with climbing gear for the team.

2012-09-15, 02:40 AM
How much do we know about the Narts or Jotun in general?

Is Knowledge exotic animal applicable even though they are "humanoid"?

If so;

Otherwise, I'll try a "common knowledge" roll;

PS: Mick already has climbing gear in his backpack, but more can't hurt.

Hack Writer
2012-09-15, 11:07 AM
@ThirtyThr33: The Narts aren't a secret as such, they're probably far too proud and powerful to deign concealing their identity from the wider world. Plus, the Jotun (Nordic cousins of the Narts, but Ken Hite hasn't explained how the two races interact) are known to terrorise Greenland and eastern Canada. It would be reasonable that the average Joe adventurer (if that isn't a contradiction) would've heard of the name and their affiliation with the soviets.

And no, they would'nt fall into the category of Exotic Animal, but I'll allow a common knowledge roll in its place; note, though, that common knowledge being what it is (namely common), you'll need to achieve higher results than usual to obtain more information. Suitable skills for the real juicy stuff are Occult, history, knowledge [mythology], etc.

@Gull: your question to the crowd regarding man-apes can be addressed and pondered upon by the rest of the party as you make your way up the mountain. I've got a couple of things left to do today, but I'll update this evening (GMT).

@everyone: update your character sheets with the items you've taken, remembering to add climbing gear too.

2012-09-15, 02:09 PM
And, to be clear, that AK47 is one weapon and two mags? Or is that two EXTRA mags in addition to an already loaded AK?

Hack Writer
2012-09-16, 06:03 AM
Is anyone else having trouble with viewing Java's last post on this thread? Java, is it displaying for you? Hopefully the post I've written now will have dislodged it from whichever trans-dimensional pocket its currently residing in; if not, can you post it again?

Anyway, I'll get ThirtyThr33 his general knowledge roll written up and PM'ed to him now, and I'll wait until I've received those tracking results before I update the IC thread.

EDIT!: Yep, it worked - Java's post has now shown up. In answer to your question, it's 1 in the weapon plus 1 spare magazine; not much, but they're markedly more powerful weapons than anything else the team is carrying at present.

Stats for AK 47's can be found on page 45 of the revised core rulebook. I'll add them to the beginning of this thread anyway, just in case any of you don't have the rule book. Personally, I think the AK's need a slight tweak when compared to the weapons presented in DAR, but I'll just leave them as is for now.

Hack Writer
2012-09-24, 12:22 PM
a second mea culpa from me in as many weeks gang, this time for slightly different reasons; my PC died and took all my prep work for the campagin with it - gone, vamoosed. The loss of the DAR stuff was a minor annoyance; going out and buying a whole new PC was slightly more irkesome.

Well I'm up and running now and tirelessly striving towards getting the momentum going again - especially since we've been gaming together for a fair old while. expect an update from me either tonight or tomorrow depending on how thing turns out.

Hack Writer
2012-09-28, 02:24 PM
@mcellis: I accidentally posted in the dice roll thread; take a look in there to find out how to proceed.

Hack Writer
2012-10-02, 03:10 PM
For ease of reference, here're the stats for the two man-apes you're in combat against; they're basically chumanzees (stats listed on pages 84/85 of the DAR book), but with a few thematic additions:

Soviet Snow Ape
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d10, Vigor d10
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d8, Guts d6, Notice d6, Shooting d8, Stealth d4, Survival d6, Throwing d6
Charisma: 0 Pace: 6 Parry: 6 Toughness: 7
Edges: Fleet-footed (In snowy conditions only)

Special Abilities:
- Stress Atavism: as per the DAR book
- Unimaginative: A hero can predict A Snow Ape's combat actions with a successful Knowledge (Exotic Animal) roll. He and any companions he can communicate with get +1 to their attacks for the combat; +2 on a raise.

2012-10-02, 11:04 PM
Haha, only realized the grenade missed after I had already made all the rolls for Mick to catch it.

Oh well, maybe someone can laugh at Mick for running so far to catch a grenade that was going to miss.

:smallredface: Mick was under pressure, OK!? :smallredface:

Hack Writer
2012-10-06, 06:26 AM
I take it the forums are back up and running now? Good. It's been nothing but stop-start stop-start for this campaign recently, and having the forums taken down was starting to make me wonder whether this game was doomed to a spluttering failure. For now though we're back up, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that admin don't pull the plug again for further maintenance. Until then, let's keep the action rolling!

Gull's been inactive for a while now, so I'll run Salt on his behalf (I'd have just left him on hold, but I figure you're going to need the extra muscle in this fight).

@ThirtyThr33: that would've been fifty flavours of awesome if Mick would've pulled it off! But yeah, the grenade missed; Mick's heroics will have to be relegated to a 'what if' moment I'm afraid. Mick can still act though, or you can just put him on hold until next round - up to you.

EDIT: scratch the chumanzee with the grenades off your hit list, folks; Sarki, Salt's ally, managed to down it with a lucky shot!

2012-10-08, 02:36 PM
Sorry dudes, every time I've tried to post something I've been getting database errors and then the whole forum went down. Back in it.

Hack Writer
2012-10-08, 04:05 PM
nice, always happy to see you're still about. You haven't missed much, just a brief bit of combat; the next scene will be slightly more revelatory however, so it's good you resurfaced when you did.

Hack Writer
2012-10-16, 03:03 PM
A bit swamped today with work so I'll post tomorrow; Mick's intimidation roll has mixed things up a bit - in a good way.

Hack Writer
2012-10-19, 09:04 AM
Everyone that hasn't been stunned (that's Ulysses, Salt and Ulysses's ally, Gopal - everyone else has either made the roll or been stunned) give me a Notice roll at -6 (-8 if you haven't got Notice). Note, Java, that Gopal can make the check with 'only' a -3 penalty because he was farther up the passage and got a better look at which way the mentalist headed (Gurkhas have Notice d6, so the modifier is just -3).

Once the rolls are in, I'll move the game on.

2012-10-20, 03:28 PM
From die rolling thread ...

Wow! Steele got a 10-6 for a 4! (6 on Wild die plus another 4)

Missed that Gopal had a D6 Notice .. new roll found a "6" plus exploding die of 3 for a total of 9 minus 3 for a total of 6.

(As a note, I am regularly running into busy server notices at this site ... there have been a couple of days where I have not been able to access posts at all no matter when I try to log in ... I have tried three times to post this!!)

Hack Writer
2012-10-22, 12:42 PM
@Java: What sort of fluky rolling... Well, I think Ulysses has more than earned that success. I'll try to post tonight the results, In Character. And yes, I've been receiving similar server error messages; I have absolutely no idea what all that maintenance downtime was for a couple of weeks ago....

2012-11-05, 02:55 PM
Hey guys, it's been a while and I've still not been able to devote the attention to this game that it deserves. As such, I'm going to have to bail- it's a good game and needs better than a player who posts every couple weeks (or whatever schedule I've been keeping). Thanks for the opportunity to play and sorry for the abandonment.

2012-11-06, 02:07 PM
Gull, if your bailing because you think this game moves too slow then so be it. But if you are bailing because you think you are holding us up; please don't.

I for one have a very busy schedule and a slow game is preferable to me. Hack Writer has done an amazing job of keeping this game moving with everyone's infrequent posts.

I don't know about the other players, but I for one would prefer to have a slow game to no game at all.

Just my two cents.

2012-11-06, 06:09 PM
I have to agree. While I would LOVE to have a game ripping along (though I am in 4 of those via GoogleDocs posts, and it can be daunting to keep those going), I am satisfied to play something that is updated even as infrequently as this. hack Writer does a yeoman's job updating the posts and moving the action forward with vivid description and action. So, please, if it is the frequency of posting that concerns you, I encourage you to stick it out.

2012-11-07, 04:12 AM
I've been a little slow to post recently due to scheduling as well, but I don't have any problems with the pace of the game either.

Hack Writer
2012-11-10, 04:14 PM
Crickey, and I was about to make (yet another) apology for being late to the show, but Gull's beaten me to the punch... Is that what you really want to do, leave the game? If it is, that's fine. But I'd like to reiterate a point ThirtyThr33 articulated: that this game is, essentially, just something to pass the odd moment of free time away on; it was never intended to be a big commitment. I don't have the ability to update as frequently as I'd like, and I'm certain none of you want to pour hours away on a trivial thing like a forum-based role-play game - even if the setting is gosh darn awesome.

Gull, don't sign yourself out of the game because you think you aren't contributing enough. You are. Thanks to Salt, I now toss the word mystagogue into every casual conversation I have. Also, I've got 'Big Things' planned for Salt and the rest of the party, which'll happen as soon as you've gotten off this mountain...And that isn't very long off now.

Gull, it'll be a shame to see you go. If you do decide to, you - and Salt, because I won't kill him off - are welcome back at any time.

As for everyone else: I'[ll write up a new post tonight, try to get things back into a regular rhythm again. As you say, things have become far too infrequent, and the game's lost its mojo a little. If the rest of you want to stick at it, I'll make an effort to have the posting rate updated by next week.

Hack Writer
2012-11-13, 01:43 PM
Mick has once again put an interesting proposition to the team - head back down the mountain and inform the lieutenant. For what it's worth, I've no objections to the party trying that tact; I can accommodate whatever you guys want to do at this juncture. Mick point about finding your way back through the tunnels is a good one, though; you'll need to take a tracking check (just one, using the highest tracking value of a single hero or NPC ally). Discuss the merits of either course and come to a decision.

Also, I just want to reassure you all that I've still got a lot of love for this campaign - my enthusiasm, while occasionally overcome with real life distractions, is still very much there. I've got the next adventure written up for you guys; it's a bit madcap, I won't deny it, but it'll hopefully provide an interesting contrast to this game.

2012-11-14, 09:41 PM
Ulysses feels the same - time to head out! Unless there is something compelling to search for here, he is not THAT curious about what might be here. His goal would be to get back down to civilization ... though, the fates may conspire against it.

Hack Writer
2012-11-15, 02:31 PM
Just a few things regarding players' character sheets:

@ Java: Can you add that Luger you got from the crashed air cobra to Ulysses's inventory, please? Also, you've expended 9 rounds from your AK 47.

@ThirtyThr33: can you add Russian to Mick's language slot. He's also used rounds from his rifle, but I'll need to double-check how many.

Anything else I've missed? If so, give me a nudge.

Hack Writer
2012-11-19, 01:12 PM
I'm making Java's Guts roll in the dice roller thread to keep things moving. mcellis and ThirtyThr33, feel free to post your reactions (horrified, mortified and similar adjectives) and what you want to do now.You're both under the grip of your new-found phobias (Mick's got claustrophobia; mcellis, you need to pick one too - and it's MAJOR, i'm afraid).

For this scene, I'll simply treat minor phobia as a -2 to all Attribute and skill checks; I'll treat the major phobia as a -4 penalty. Harsh it might be, but it's not every day you come face-to-face with an eons old race of flying insect-squids hell bent on who knows what.

2012-11-20, 03:34 AM
Ouch! Sorry guys! Real life has gotten in the way! Working 11 of the last 14 days (12+ hour shifts), and family activities in the middle ... my apologies. Honestly, I forgot about everything not work or family related for a while! I usually keep these posts queued up so I do not forget them, but these slipped down. :smallsigh:

I can post a reply hopefully tomorrow some time ... it's my only day off, but I work until about 6 AM at the rate things are going tonight (I'm a Sergeant with a police department and we got slammed tonight!)

Just thought I'd drop a line to say I'm alive and still playing ... just distracted.

Hack Writer
2012-11-20, 01:02 PM
@Java: no worries at all, but thanks for the update on your status. You're a police officer? A very noble profession! You have my admiration. I shouldn't really ask, but what do you mean when you say you got 'slammed'? Sounds painful. Hope it wasn't.

@ThirtyThr33: straight down to business, then. I like it! Your post conveyed Mick's newly discovered phobia nicely, and the subsequent reaction of Prem and Sally was suitably in keeping with the situation. Combat wasn't necessarily on the cards, but since you insist...

I'll give Sally surprise for this round, allowing her attack before I dice for initiative. Wait a bit and I'll put up a post for the combat, as well as a stats block for these mysterious Akalaian chaps.

Hack Writer
2012-11-20, 02:14 PM
Here's the amended combat order, tidied up for ease of reference. Grant goes first, working downwards.

Grant: (1d20)[19]
Akalaian 1: (1d20)[19]
Akalaian 3 (currently Shaken): (1d20)[17]
Ulysses: (1d20)[17]
Akalaian 2: (1d20)[13]
Isaiah: (1d20)[9]
Mick: (1d20)[4]

Also, here's the stats block for the Akalaians, with a few things kept back as a surprise:

Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d10
Skills: Intimidation d8, Knowledge [Primordial Lore] d10, Knowledge [all Earthly sciences] d10, Notice d6, Shooting d8, Guts d8
Charisma: 0 Pace: 6 Parry: 2 Toughness: 7

Special Abilities:
- Fear 1: Innately horrific to the human eye, Akalaians trigger an automatic Guts check at -1 against all characters that see them.
- ???
- ???
- ???

Hack Writer
2012-11-20, 06:04 PM
ThirtyThr33 has asked some pertinent questions over on the dice roller thread and I thought I take the time to bring them to everyone’s attention, just in case either of you were feeling the same:

A couple of questions/observations:

Mick already passed his spirit test; this turn he remains shaken but can still take free actions like speech and can act normally next round.

Ah, I think I see what’s happened here. Essentially, I’ve considered Mick’s attempt to recover from Shaken to be part of his upcoming combat round (in other words, those rolls are ‘on hold’ until Mick and Prem’s turn comes around), and not done during the non-combat encounter. I did this because I felt that mcellis and Java hadn’t had the opportunity to react before Sally provoked the combat. The fairest thing to do here is to permit Mick’s roll to stand (so Mick’s passed and is essentially fine to act), and then give both mcellis and Java a chance to recover from Shaken before their turns come around.

So, to summarise: mcellis and Java, make a Spirit roll for your character and your ally. If you fail that one, make another roll on your turn.

ThirtyThr33, did I interpret what you’re asking right?

Prem failed his spirit test and will try again next round. Does the running effect of the Fear continue until he passes his spirit test?

Prem will fall under my control until you pass the Spirit check to regain control of him again. I foresee that he’ll be legging it as far away from the Akalaians as possible, but it’ll be at my discretion. Like I mentioned above, Prem gets another shot on Mick’s combat round, but won’t be able to act if he passes.

I don't believe Sally wounded the jellyfish, merely made it shaken. To wound a T7 creature requires a damage of 11 I believe. Killing 3 wild cards with T7 is incredibly difficult; I don’t know if this was intended or not.

You’re absolutely right there, the Akalanian’s just shaken; he’ll need to pass a standard Spirit check to recover. That was me getting carried away with the description for Sally’s attack. He never really needed that extra appendage anyway!

Also, I couldn’t help but notice their parry is a measly two, almost guaranteeing automatic hits in close combat whilst also provoking opportunity attacks if they try to use mind powers (which I expect to be shot with shortly). What is your opinion of meta-gaming? On the one hand I think going to melee is easily the best choice tactically even though I wouldn’t imagine our characters wanting to anywhere near them. On the other hand, I don’t know how we are going to kill 3 T7 S8 wild card creatures without pulling out all the stops.

First, I appreciate that you’ve asked me that question; the fact that you’re concerned about meta-gaming sort of excuses any meta-gaming that might take place. Parry 2 is certainly a substantial chink in their armour you might want to exploit. Honestly, in this case, justification can be found in the general composition of the creatures and the fact that they don’t ‘look’ suited for close quarter combat. Still, you never know what tricks they might have up their many-tentacled sleeves…

Short answer on the balance of this encounter is – trust me. I know that’s not very reassuring, but it isn’t in my interests to kill any of you off; I’m not a GM that gets jollies out of PC death, unless its dramatic and fun for all involved. I would definitely suggest pulling out all the stops (and guns – and grenades!) you have at your disposal. This is intended as a dramatic, cliffhanger style set piece – like when Indiana Jones is being beaten around the shop by some thuggish mook, or when he’s surrounded by hordes of grinning fanatics armed with sharpened swords. He shouldn’t have any reasonable chance to get out of it - but he does. And then he winds up in a whole heap of even worse trouble….

Sally's attack for the first round of combat
attack - (1d6)[1]
damage - (1d6+1)[5]
extra dice - (1d6)[2]

And finally, another spirit roll for Prem
spirit - (1d6)[5]

Now, I’m going to treat this as their rolls for Mick’s upcoming round. That means that Prem will stop fleeing and be able to make a move at half his pace. Sally's attack hit but dealt no damage.

2012-11-20, 06:38 PM
The way I thought the rounds had gone so far were like this:

Surprise round:
Sally attacks and shakes a bad guy

First combat round:
Everyone else does their things.
Mick is shaken but passed the spirit test meaning he can act next round.
Prem moves full speed away and remains shaken. Failed spirit test.
Sally makes her second attack but it in ineffective.

Second combat round:
I mistakenly rolled an extra spirit check for Prem, but it would have been for round 2. Ignore this result.

If as Hack Writer suggests we should go all out, we probably need to melee Ganging Up on the already shaken guy (You can fire pistols in close combat vs parry instead of TN4, remember?). There is also no reason to no use Wild Attacks since I doubt they will be targeting our parry with their powers.

And by the way, I didn't insist on combat; the dice gods did. My only choices were to reroll Sally's Fear result and possibly get something even worse or to have Mick shoot Sally before she attacked. I don't want to spend my last benny on something that isn't a Soak roll and given the panic and fearful state Mick is in I doubt he would have the presence of mind to make such a brutal and calculating disicion as killing his own companion like that... Although that could have led to a really nice tear jerker scene.

Hack Writer
2012-11-21, 02:52 AM
@ThirtyThr33: Cool, okay. Sorry for the ambiguity with the setting up of this scene, hopefully we're sorted now.

@everyone: Remember that when it comes to getting into close combat, everyone with the exception of Sally (who's adjacent to the aliens) and Mick (who was on point doing the tracking and is thus 6 yards away) are 10 yards from their opponents, meaning them will need to run to close the distance in a single round.

EDIT: I'll wait until tomorrow for mcellis to post, then I'll take Grant's action for this round. I don't like doing that, but it keeps play flowing (and you're all so close to the finale now!).

2012-11-23, 10:34 PM
I guess I wait until Grant and an alien makes his attempt to act ... ??

My preference would have been to burn a Benny to remove the Shaken status and then act without penalty.

Hack Writer
2012-11-24, 07:30 AM
I've waited for mcellis long enough now; I'm sure he's busy, but I thought I'd give him until the week end anyway. Combat's one of those situations where you can't wait around too long, and I have. Sorry, mcellis, I'll run Grant until you're back.

@Java: you can spend a Bennie if you'd like to remove the Shaken status. As I said, you get a free roll to avoid Shaken now and another standard roll when Ulysses activates. Choice is yours.

2012-11-24, 05:28 PM
I'll spend the Bennie to remove the Shaken status ... the roll may be too iffy.

Hack Writer
2012-11-25, 06:47 AM
I hope mcellis hasn't dropped from the game, but I've now given him long enough. Going to make his actions now, followed by the Akalaian.

2012-11-25, 05:30 PM
I presume that places the next action in the hands of Ulysses?

Hack Writer
2012-11-26, 11:57 AM
@Java: yeah, you're next. Sorry if I didn't make it clear but Ulysses is up next, following the initiative order. Mick's proposed actions were given early, but they're not considered to have happened until Ulysses has acted. I've still to read through ThirtyThr33's proposition for his turn.

Hack Writer
2012-11-27, 01:14 PM
knowing that Java's probably a bit busy, I'll give him a couple more days to reply with Ulysses's actions. mcellis hasn't been on for a while, so I'm suspecting the worse and will continue to game under the assumption that he's dropped (mcellis, prove me wrong mate!).

Either way, I plan to recruit another player or two once this adventure's over and we're off again.

2012-12-04, 03:10 PM
Kinda bummed this looks like the game is falling apart.

Hack Writer
2012-12-04, 03:40 PM
First, ThirtyThr33, thanks for the persistence; I’d really like this game to continue, but a game without players (barring your good self) is going to be very tricky to run. I’ve been holding out for either Java or mcellis to respond, but no joy. This leaves me at an impasse, of which there’re a few of remedies:

Soloing the game with just you, GM’ing the absent players until a suitable juncture where they can be left to walk off into the sunset.

Reboot the game using a different adventure and fresh characters – I love DAR, so I’ve got plenty more adventures to send you on!

Or, least favourite of all, cancel the game entirely. Yep, you’ll all be left in the depths of the mountain for all eternity… Not nice.

That’s the options, but I’m debating which way to proceed – for my convenience, as well as everybody else’s. Because I love DAR and want it to earn a greater awareness among the RP-playing fraternity, I’d love to keep The Game/any game going, but that requires players. Ideally, it’d like it for this game to remain.


2012-12-05, 03:29 AM
Sorry ... work has turned into a 60 hour a week affair and then storms here in Nor Cal kicked my home system around and knocked out the servers at work for a couple of days. Since I also double as my city's IT I had my work cut out for me.

I have enjoyed the game and your style of GM and narration to keep things moving. I regret only that my current work situation is likely to get even more hectic after December 14th with what are likely to be 5 to 6 12-hour days each week from January through the end of February to cover staffing and administration holes because of layoffs, departures, and non-renewal of my Chief's contract. The time crunch is made harder as I am also in grad school and I may be appointed interim Chief ta boot ... will know more next Tuesday.

I'm still here. Weary, soggy, but here.

2012-12-05, 06:38 AM
No dramas. I understand your situation more than most. I don't know if I've said so before, but I work 100+ hr weeks as a mining engineer. While on mine site it can be hard to get mobile and internet access depending what my job tasks are that week.

So yeah, if you need time to get more important things sorted no worries. I don't mind waiting; even if it may be weeks between posts for a few months.

Hack Writer
2012-12-06, 04:08 PM
it's great to hear from the both of you, and I fully understand your respective commitments. Don't worry if you're going to be absent for a while; so long as I know I'm not just performing to an empty room, I'll keep the game ticking over in some way, shape or form. Give me until tomorrow and I'll post something to get this game back on track

Hack Writer
2012-12-07, 03:35 PM
I've fudged the story for the sake of brevity, and to adjust to the fact that we're running on just two player characters now. You know what, I'm thinking of shoehorning in another player right away, just to inject a bit more bang into proceedings. Would either of you object?

2012-12-07, 10:50 PM
That sounds great to me.

Hack Writer
2012-12-08, 09:44 AM
Well I've added a bit more meat to the next scene, which should serve the pair of you nicely. It'd be good if we can get the next part handled swiftly, because we're almost at the adventure's end now.

Also, I'm in two minds whether to recruit new players in this adventure; we're so close to the end, there's only one remaining window of opportunity to insert them into. If we get a bit of motion and speed through, I'll involve a couple of new players during the interlude between adventures. Ho-hum, I'll think about it a bit.

Hack Writer
2012-12-14, 01:21 PM
@ThirtyThr33: The Nazi's haven't noticed Sally yet, so you're free to contrive something cunning and smart with her if you'd like. Generally, if I haven't explicitly included her in a scene, then the chances are it's an oversight on my part and thus you're perfectly entitled to exploit it - within reason, of course. Basically, no having her jump into the cab of the mining tank, start its engines with her paws, and ploughing into those nasty Nazis. Not that you'd suggest such a trick. :smallbiggrin:

Also, on the matter of languages: I subscribe to the Robert J Hogan school of pulp writing when it comes to the depiction of language: if you've got a well defined European stereotype, reinforce it with a few choice and easily defined words that allow the reader to 'get' they're speaking a foreign language, without ever having to write it yourself: "mon dieu!", "verdammt!" "Jahwhol", etc. Simply put, Mick and Ulysses are allowed to use common sense to figure out what the Nazis are saying; if I want their words to be reserved for characters with the requisite language skill, I'll simply say something like, "and they all start speaking in (insert language here)."

2012-12-15, 06:43 PM
I am tempted to vote for run. The reason being, Ully and Mick have both navigated the maze to the Russian and back and presumably the Nazi haven't. Provided we aren't just gunned down on the spot, I can't see a realistic way of them catching us especially if we split up.

There was still the passage out the opposite end of the blue veins room to explore. It probably all ends up at the same place anyway :smallbiggrin:.


Is the "earthquake" continuing or was the Nazi drilling machine the cause of the rumbling?

Hack Writer
2012-12-15, 08:17 PM
Earthquake's stopped, so it's reasonable to assume the mining vehicle (if it was just the one) was the cause of it in the immediate vicinity. Assuming, of course.

As for the Nazis' understanding of the tunnels and what lies beyond, you'll have to find out for yourselves - or be shown, depending on what you agree to.

Hack Writer
2012-12-16, 04:54 AM
We'll wait to see what java's opinion on the matter is, considering as how either course of action will have ramifications (not to mention risks!) to the party's immediate status. I'll give him until, say, Tuesday, before temporarily GM'ing Ulysses in java's stead. I'd like for java to be involved in this decision though, so I'll hold out for now.

Hack Writer
2012-12-19, 02:34 PM
So I've given Java long enough but he's probably still swamped with work, so I'll run Ulysses in his stead for the next scene. That means, ThirtyThr33, the decision on what to do next rests on Mick's shoulders. Do you still want to try to make a break for it? If you do, here's how it'll play out:

I'll need for Mick to make a Taunt test; you roll for Mick's Taunt and I'll roll for the lead Nazi's Smarts. Is he going to actually attempt to toss an unprimed hand grenade at the Nazis? If he is, you can add +1 to the roll due to the 'authenticity' of the ruse, but you'll have to scrub an grenade from Mick's inventory (bringing him down to 2 grenades). Mick won't have enough time to prime it - that would initiate combat, trigger an initiative roll, and, well, you know the rest.

Afterwards, tell me which tunnel you (and Sally - assuming you want her to run alongside you; I'm considering her a pretty cunning canine, so she'll follow your cue without prompting) want to head down and whether Mick and Ulysses want to split up. This'll probably trigger a chase, but I'll outline the details for that after you've decided what you want to do. Either way, I'll update once you've posted Mick's decision.

Fingers crossed, Java will be back on-line soon.

2012-12-20, 08:54 AM
Looks like I'm going to be unavailable the next day or so and I won't be surprised if that time frame pushes out past Christmas. It's just that time of year.

So no pressure, I'm not ditching this game.

Hack Writer
2012-12-20, 02:08 PM
That's cool, a hiatus is probably called for, and now's a more opportune time than most. In fact, I think it's a fittingly pulp moment to leave it for the next week or two - a cliffhanger! "Can our heroic duo escape the clutches of the nefarious nazis and their alien allies? Tune in next year to find out!" So yeah, that's pretty much pucker.

With that said, if either of you have a spot of free time and fancy posting, I'll be happy to reciprocate in turn. Next year, the fates willing, we can continue the game on with more players, more perils and more adventure! Hopefully you'll make it to the top of that frigging mountain, too!

Have a happy Christmas and a good new year, the both of you.

Hack Writer
2012-12-28, 12:21 PM
Hope you're both having a happy festive holiday so far! Game's not officially kicking back into gear yet, but I noticed that Java posted, so it's my turn to respond.

Ulysses seems happy to go with Mick's plan, which just leaves ThirtyThr33 to make his Taunt roll. Having now seen what Mick needs to do, you're quite entitled to decided against it if you want, ThirtyThr33. If you're up for trying, make your Taunt roll in the dice roller thread and leave it to me to make the Nazi's opposed Smarts roll.

Again, we're still all on holiday, so no big drama if people don't feel the urge to get to their computers.

Hack Writer
2012-12-31, 08:45 AM
I've put a post up for new players on both the official DAR website and the Savage Worlds boards, hoping to grab a few interested bods who want to get involved in the game. If we get a response, I'd like to drop at least one of the new players into the mix straight away [it'll be a bit of a conceit, but there ya go].

As for you guys and your present situation, I was thinking about waiting for Java to get back to use, knowing full well that most of us and our immediate families are still on Holiday break; but I think I'll just run with a tacit acceptance on Ulysses's part that he too would like to keep going into the caves.

Java, if you'd prefer to stand and possibly fight, post to the contrary before the end of the day, if possible.

Hack Writer
2013-01-05, 10:13 AM
Guys, I've been spending the past couple of days in communication with another potential player over on the Atomic Overmind forums; his name's Azahul, he's creating his character this weekend, and I'm hoping to throw him into the mix some time next week. Although I known it goes without saying, I hope the pair of you give him a warm welcome when he shows up!

@Java: haven't heard much from you in a while my friend, are you still about? I'd hate for Ulysses to leave the game all of a sudden - I've become quite fond of him!

2013-01-05, 08:28 PM
Yes, sorry ... been working every day. 12 hour shifts don't leave much time for thought. While I will continue to be working a 6/12 weekly shift for the next few months, much of the chaos that had existed has disappeared so I should be able to post more regularly. Posting was less an issue of time than it was the ability to focus. I'm running two PbP games and playing in another PbP game that have also suffered through this distraction, but as I have so little other recreational outlets with this ugly schedule, I am able to now focus almost exclusively to my e-gaming! :)

2013-01-06, 01:08 AM
I ditto the suggestion to use the SWD Chase rules! I have used this to great effect in my games, and with some cinematic flare and dramatic license, they can be quite exciting! And, Fast, Furious, and Fun!

My best was a Deadlands: Reloaded chase through a crowded cabaret with the hero swinging from a balcony, crashing a poker game (and blowing the undercover op of a PC who was later paired as that PC's partner), and sliding down a banister to make a diving tackle on the bad guy ... and twisting his ankle in the process! It took us a few short exchanges and we had a heck of a narrative and action moment where the decision was not final until the last draw of the card! (I use shared Google Docs to create an ongoing narrative broken down by headers for [GM] and [Player XYZ] ... it can later be converted to a more-or-less running narrative by removing those headers). :biggrin:

2013-01-06, 02:42 AM
I had a similarly awesome chase in a Firefly game. A pickpocket lifted a couple of cred from a player while they were at a festival and - of course - a chase ensued. Weaving in and out of the crowd acted as a nice set of obstacles and distractions.

Ice cream stands were knocked down, PCs were distracted by dancing girls and it culminated with a PC leaping from a moving ride to crash tackle the thief.

I must say, in my experience it is one of the best ways to run a 'non-combat' action sequence in any system... If you are in a pretty 'action packed' environment. In the current chase, every obstacle and distraction being 'tripped on a rock' wouldn't be all that exciting.

2013-01-06, 03:04 AM
Oh, I don't know ... tunnels can have openingw, stalagtites and stalagmites to run into or leap over, sudden channels of water, creatures and men to come across, leap over or crash through - it can be done, and I have every confidence that Hack could come up with an interesting tale! :)

Hack Writer
2013-01-06, 03:46 PM
I'll certainly try to use the Chase rules in the future, especially for a more spectacular set-piece affair like, say, a speeding car chase through city streets or something. For now, and because this chase was both a bit impromptu and figured out on the fly, I'll keep things vague and move you along to a suitable juncture where we can introduce the adventure's newest player character.

Hack Writer
2013-01-11, 03:08 PM
Consider me a convert to the newly proposed chase rules - they're fab! Not entirely sure how they'll work in a forum-based context (any advice on how best to run them, either of you?), but I will certainly be using them for any further chase escapades I run.

Now, apologies for the delay - once again, duty called - and let me reassure you that I'm right behind keeping the game running. Further good news comes in the form of our newest player Azahul, who's been lurking on these boards for a while now and watching the game unfold - the man must have the patience of a saint, I swear! Azahul, feel free to introduce yourself on the OOC thread.

I'm actually free the whole of this weekend for once, and I plan to do nothing other than sit about in my house and monitor this game - so post, and I'll respond quick-sharp!

2013-01-11, 08:06 PM
This is the system we used when we played it. It's basically the same as printed but using the adapted d20 initiative system.

Attack Range & Complications Tables

Roll 1 – 2 = Out of Range = Disaster
Roll 3 – 13 = Long Range = Major Obstacle
Roll 14 – 16 = Medium Range = Minor Obstacle
Roll 17 – 19 = Short and/or Melee Range = Distraction
Roll 20 = Short and/or Melee Range

To determine if a card was a ‘club’ for complications roll a d4 along with the d20. On a 1, it was a club. Usual rules for Jokers apply if you roll a 20 (activating edges and +2 to rolls that round) and in addition a Joker cannot be a club.

It takes a few iterations of rolling but it works in the end. At the start of each round the DM rolls his NPCs agilitiy and action cards. Then the players roll their agility and action card to see what their allowed actions are that round and state their intentions (each player can do it in any order). Once all the players have made their intentions and rolls required (like shooting etc) the DM looks to see what actions are now legal for the NPCs and makes their actions while resolving the entire round. DM then posts up the agility and action cards for the NPCs for the next round.

DM: Bag guys roll a 13.
PC1: I rolled a 16. This means I am at Medium range so I will shoot the bad guys!
PC2: I rolled a 9. Since this is less than 13, I don't have advantage and cannot attack this turn. So instead, I will continue chasing.
PC3: Oh no! I got a 6 of clubs! Thats a Major Obstacle! I roll agility to avoid it.
DM: PC1 killed one of the attackers, but the other three are still running at you! Since bad guys 13 is higher than 9, they attack PC2 at Long Range! PC2 ducks and weaves and doesn't take any damage. PC3 is struck by a falling tree and takes 1 wound! For the next round, the bad guys rolled a 5.

Each of those little snippets probably takes 3-4 different posts in the Dice thread, since you need to roll in order Agility, Action Cards, Attacks and any necessary Defences.

PS: I wonder if Azahul is playing one of these flying squids. :smalleek:

Hack Writer
2013-01-12, 04:06 AM
looks quite dice-intensive, but I expected that; Savage World games are never ideally suited to a pbp setup anyway, so I imagined there'd be some conversion work needed. Still looks good though, but I'd like to reserve it for set piece chase scenes that I've planned for ahead of time. Definitely will get use.

Not going to say whether Azahul's playing an Akalaian or not - when he makes his introduction on these boards, you'll know for sure.

Also, yeah, I found it quite humorous when you mentioned you had a background in mining, knowing as I did what was coming up for you guys. PLease, be gentle on me and don't critique my lack of mining knowledge too thoroughly though (because there're holes in there large enough to drive a Nazi drilling machine through!), rather let's just put it all down to the marvels of 'pulp science'....:smallwink:

Hack Writer
2013-01-12, 07:10 AM
@ThirthThr33: One thing; you remember that PM I sent you a while back concerning your Rhodes Scholar Edge, the stuff about collecting samples and evidence and such? Well bear that in mind whilst you're down here, that's all I'm saying.

That camera might actually come in handy!

2013-01-12, 06:00 PM
Thanks for the reminder! I suppose I should have taken photos of the blue vein room, but other than that it's been nonstop running around. Or even better, prying a sample off the wall. Taking a photo of the squids now would probably be a bad idea, considering I am trying to hide.

Don't worry about the mining critique. I was just thinking of how quickly I would get fired if two men and their dog wound up at the bottom of an Ore Pass in the mine I worked at. (I think that’s what you’re describing, probably unintentionally?)

I'm finding it surprisingly easy to compartmentalise my knowledge, the same way people who know the limits of guns can still enjoy a Hollywood shootout that knocks people off their feet when they are shot by the heroes wielding weapons that seemingly never need to reload.

And just because Mick says "there is probably a shaft or conveyor belt" doesn't make it so. It's just wishful thinking on Mick's part.

And if anyone in interested in knowing what an Ore Pass is:
Basically when you have multiple levels in a mine all producing ore it would be too expensive to install a separate hauling system for each working location. Instead, you connect all the levels by a sloped shaft and drop all the ore down it so it is collected at the same place at the bottom of the mine. From that centralised point it is hoisted or otherwise taken to surface. Needless to say, it is an extremely dangerous place to stand since you never know when tonnes of rock may be dropped down from a level above. (Rocks fall, everybody dies.)

Hack Writer
2013-01-12, 06:08 PM
@ ThirtyThr33: Phew, cheers mate! As with almost everything in my life, I'm taking a crash course as I go along; strange, I never considered mining a topic I'd ever read up on, so that goes to show that role-playing can be educational!

@Java: I've just realised that you haven't yet selected a phobia for Ulysses to shoulder, due to him failing his Fear check back during the party's first encounter with the aliens. If you check a few post's back you should find a pretty substantial list outlining your choices.

2013-01-13, 06:54 AM
Hey guys :smallsmile: Still working with Hack Writer to finish off my character, so you'll have to wait a moment to find out whether he has tentacles or not.

I'm not in too much of a hurry to start posting, for the record. I mean, I'd love to start as soon as possible, but I've got my real-life group (who I mean to start on DAR once we're finished our campaign set in Atomic Overmind's other fantastic game setting, Unhallowed Metropolis) to get my RPing fix, so I have something to keep me going while I wait. Gives me more time to agonise over where to put these damned attribute points. Probably a sign of good design that I don't have enough for what I want :smallbiggrin:

Hack Writer
2013-01-13, 07:19 AM
Fantastic to see you on these boards, Azahul! Yeah, we really do need to nail down just what passes for an 'incomprehensible ultra-telluric physiology,' don't we?

No drama on not being able to get involved right away; for what it's worth, I can slot your character in almost immediately, but I appreciate that you've got other commitments you need to pursue (heck, I think we can all sympathise with that!). Actually, this gives me a bit more time to write up a brief cue sheet for your character concerning what he/she/it knows about the present situation. I'll start writing this now, then I'll PM you the details.

Anyway, welcome to the game!

2013-01-13, 07:29 AM
Oh no, I'm willing to start immediately :smallbiggrin: Well, the moment I finish this character first. I've been seriously agonising over his attributes and whether or not I really to have a certain edge or if I'd prefer some attribute boosts. I think I've got it sorted now, just working up that new background we discussed. Should be done tonight (within the next hour, ideally).

Hack Writer
2013-01-13, 07:35 AM
And I'll try to get that background material sorted regarding your presence in the base. As I said, not particular rush on that front.

2013-01-13, 05:33 PM
Hi Azahul, welcome aboard!

2013-01-13, 09:03 PM
I'm guessing he will also be lost in the belly of the beast? :)

Hack Writer
2013-01-14, 04:13 PM
@Java: that beast's got one big belly, so there's plenty room for another lost soul down there.

It looks like you both want to attempt to sneak past the aliens; Mick needs to make a single stealth check, but Ulysses needs to make two. Roll for your stealth, then I'll post the next scene.

2013-01-15, 04:09 AM
My character's hanging around someplace. Still haven't heard back from Hack Writer as to whether the latest draft of my character is acceptable, but once I get the all clear I'll post him up for all to see:smallbiggrin:

Hack Writer
2013-01-15, 12:55 PM
Did you get that PM I said you, Azahul? I think I gave you the thumbs up in there...Maybe not, I might have thought, 'yeah, looks good', without actually putting it down in words! Well, basically, he's fine, but I'll need a better definiti- wait, I'll PM you instead!

Everyone else, I'll post In Character later.

2013-01-15, 11:10 PM
I did get the PM, and you never actually said the character was alright :smalltongue: I did kinda infer that you were ok with the concept from the information you provided though. You'd hardly be going to that much effort to work the character in if you didn't plan on accepting him :smallbiggrin:

Hack Writer
2013-01-20, 08:22 AM
Because I said I'd get Azahul running by the weekend, I'm going to set him up with his own little mini-adventure on a separate thread, until such a time as he can bump into the Mick and Ulysses.

@ Java and ThirtyThr33: I'll sort the next part of your scene - including PM's - today.

@Azahul: I'll PM you the link to your character's thread shortly; I'm writing the set-up now, and that shouldn't take too long.

Hack Writer
2013-01-21, 04:08 PM
Azahul's up and running now in his own thread for a while, which now that I consider it is actually a better move than just dumping him straight into the told. Mick and Ulysses still have an encounter with the aliens in their singular machine room/workshop.

@Java: ouch! That sounds like a nightmare work pattern, twelve-hour days for six days solid! No pressure if you can;pt get in on posting regularly for now; Mick can be decision-maker for a while, until Ulysses has the time to contribute equitably again. Also, again, I'll need you to pick a phobia for Ulysses to be lumbered with - but I promise I won't exploit it too readily!

2013-01-22, 06:20 AM
So, uh, being new to this site and all, I have no idea how/where to do dice rolls :smallbiggrin: Any help?

2013-01-22, 01:24 PM
This post (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=8483419#post8483419) should just about have you covered.

As a general tip, if you want to copy something you have seen someone else do, you can Quote their post to have a look at the code they used.

In general for rolling you will write:

and that will show as:

Be careful to NEVER try to preview a post that has ROLL code in it. It will automatically think you are trying to cheat and ruin your rolls and display things like [roll0] as well as display the database error you can see at the bottom of my post here. Instead you have to either remove the rolls and add them later via EDIT or submit the post with the rolls and then edit the text to match afterwards.

Hack Writer
2013-01-22, 04:04 PM
pretty succinctly summed up, ThirtyThr33. Yeah, essentially, that's how you perform dice rolls on this forum. I should've also made you aware of the dedicated dice-roller thread I set up for the purposes of this game, which is found here: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=250064

But really, it's not a big deal if you post in the OCC or IC threads, though keeping the dice rolls to a spoiler helps with keeping the thread neat and tidy. Right, I think that's everything you need to know now, Azahul. Although, thinking about it, there's probably something else I've forgotten!

2013-01-23, 05:47 AM
Alrighty, Notice roll posted. Completely whiffed it. Out of interest, is standard practice to continue posting or do I now wait for the GM's response?

2013-01-23, 03:29 PM
It depends.

Usually, you should wait or only post intentions on what you want to do next (which the GM may interupt). With a failed notice roll though, 9 times out of 10 hes just going to tell you "you don't notice anything out of the ordinary" and your clear to go on as you had planned. If in doubt, just wait.

Hack Writer
2013-01-24, 05:09 PM
I'm always happy to ret-con things in if there's a big decision to be made. But it's as ThirtyThr33 said; a failed Notice roll won't garner your character anything unfortunately, so you might as well post a response to my last post. Don't worry, you didn't miss anything too crucial (or did you...:smallwink:)

Hack Writer
2013-01-25, 12:55 PM
@ThirtyThr33: yes they're slow enough to jump in, yes they're easy enough to climb in, and yes they're suitable enough to hide in; you guys' choice what you do. I'm free again this weekend, so I'll be ready to post a response once you make a decision.

@Java: how're things with you? I take it your workload's still manic?

@Azahul: I'll move your scene along once you post a response. I've got a plan to introduce your man to some key faces in the plot soon!

2013-01-25, 06:42 PM
Sorry ... 10 days straight with 12 hour days, a massive grad school project and then Friday's disaster when PG&E shut off the power to connect our solar panels then restarted and my wife did not realize my computer was on! My iMac's power supply took a dump and I had to ship it off ... 2-3 week estimate for repairs, so I had to buy a new one and I literally got it up and running today.

I anticipate things easing back a bit ... we're contracting to the Sheriff's Office to man some of our shift holes until we can hire some more bodies to fill patrol. But, it still means 60 hour weeks through mid to late May at the least.

2013-01-27, 08:41 AM
Sorry replying is taking a while. In my defence, the weather here has been immensely distracting. Not my fault, it was the tropical cyclone! :smallbiggrin:

2013-01-28, 01:13 AM
Azahul, do you live in Queensland too, or is the whole world going crazy at the same time?

State wide flooding and internet/phone outage is making it seriously hard for me to get stuff done. Might not even be able to get my flight home on Wednesday.

2013-01-28, 03:40 AM
I do indeed live in Queensland. Been awesome fun, hasn't it? Nothing quite like standing at the top of a cliff above the ocean with 50+ knot winds blasting past you and the rain driving down in torrents.

Hack Writer
2013-01-29, 01:30 PM
@ Azahul: Don't worry about posting a day or two late, Azahul. We've all done it, it's part of the forum-based gaming experience! Glad you're still with us though and haven't decided to bail already, this game has the unfortunate habit of doing it to certain players...

Anyway, new post is up for your character, so feel free to respond. I'll still need a completed character sheet with all the loose ends tied up, which you can post here on the OOC thread when you're done with it. Also, see if you can grab a picture of your character to help us visualise what he's all about.

@ThirtyThr33 and Java: Now that Azahul's scene is up, I'm going to get your next scene together. Shouldn't take too long.

EDIT: ThirtyThr33, is there anything Mick wants to do? Java's responded, so I'll wait for Mick to post his reaction, too.

2013-02-03, 05:37 AM
Quick refresher, what were the loose ends? I just needed to do some trappings for his spells, right?

Hack Writer
2013-02-03, 11:37 AM
yep, just the spells. Oh, if there's anything you'd like to change, got right ahead; your character's profile isn't set in stone until you've posted it here.

Right, I've got to get some IC posts written up!

Hack Writer
2013-02-06, 04:16 PM
Hack is feeling distinctly under the weather at the moment, so my writing rate is slow - slower than normal. Azahul, you're not forgotten; I'll write something up for your character tonight, post it tomorrow. Java and ThirtyThr33, I'll give you both until tomorrow, too, before assuming Mick doesn't want to spend his Bennie on Sally's Stealth check.

2013-02-06, 05:25 PM
I don't want to use the benny. I'll get some actions posted up some time today. Basically, rolling initiative and throwing a grenade.

2013-02-07, 11:48 PM
Gah, I keep forgetting to sort out these trappings. Need to go do some research for suitable names for them at some point.

Hack Writer
2013-02-11, 03:00 PM
Hack's back! Feeling better, got posts to put up.

@ Azahul: just post your sheet with the trappings attached. Names would be nice, but not essential.

@ThirtyThr33: Mick's at it again? Oh this might be interesting...

2013-02-12, 11:57 PM
Yeah I kinda figured I might be nading Azahul, but if hes playing a Nazi there isn't much getting around killing him.

2013-02-13, 01:00 AM
Okies, character below. Haven't been able to find any pictures I actually like though, but basically he's a young Chinese chap wearing an old Boxer uniform. Also the names for his powers are pretty pathetic :smallbiggrin:

Guo Zai

Nationality: Chinese


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d4

Skills: Faith d8, Fighting d12, Healing d4, Knowledge (Taoist) d6, Notice d4, Survival d4

Charisma 0, Pace 6, Parry 8, Toughness 4, Power Points 10

Languages: Mandarin Chinese, Tibetan, English

Hindrances: Outsider, Luddite (Minor), Clueless

Edges: Arcane Background (Miracles)

Neidan Mastery (Boost Trait - Trappings: Neidan is the name given to the principle of Internal Alchemy, mastery of which allows the body's energy to be manipulated to greater feats)
Talisman (Smite - Trappings: learnt from his Buddhist masters at the lamasery, a Talisman can be created by concentrating the body's essence and placing it within a weapon, strengthening that weapon's power. Can only be used on Guo Zai's sword)

Damage Str+d8, Weight 4
Boxer Uniform


He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.

China is in chaos, petty warlords and foreign powers fighting for territory while the Nationalists and Communists fight to try and establish control of the country. Monsters run rampant, bandits sack and burn villages across the land, and pirates rule the coasts. In these dark times, it is not surprising that many young peasants have been drawn to old, re-emerging organisations that might protect them from the ravages of war. To put it another way, the Boxers have returned to China.

Guo Zai isn’t sure when he was born, but estimates that it was at least two decades ago. Born in a land wracked by civil war, he sought out training in the arts of fighting from an early age. His father taught him what little he knew, before the warlord’s men dragged him away to fight. In the wake of his father’s disappearance, Guo Zai was taken in by an old, crippled hermit named Yi Tien.

Decades earlier, Yi Tien had fought in the Boxer Rebellion. He had believed himself infused with the powers of a lesser Taoist deity that would make him impervious to the weapons of foreigners and able to drive them from the shores of China. Instead, one arm was taken off by a cannon shot in the very first battle he ever fought. Rather than losing his faith, however, Yi Tien chose to withdraw from the world and train himself to listen to the little gods, the spirits on the edges of civilisation.

Guo Zai grew up under Yi Tien’s tutelage, training to fight with blade and fist like the Boxers and learning many Taoist beliefs. His faith was strong, despite the silence of the spirits, and he learnt quickly. Then came the days when stories were whispered of a great war in the West. A few years later came the Serpentfall.

On that day, when the ground shook, the heavens trembled, and every twisted monster and demon came bursting from their burrows, Guo Zai finally heard the gods speak to him. As the village was overrun with enormous serpents, Guo Zai felt the blessings of the gods upon him and took up his sword. The streets ran slick with snake blood, but it was not enough. As the village burned, Guo Zai and Yi Tien fled.

Yi Tien was quick to realise what had happened. The Europeans had brought an end to the world, raising up the old monsters in their furious war. The foreigners had nearly brought destruction upon the entire world, and in the chaos of the aftermath China was even worse off than it had been before. The pair began to wander from village to village, speaking of what had happened. Yi Tien met with other old veterans, and together they decided to raise the banners of the Boxers. New recruits flocked to their banner, and soon a small army was growing.

Guo Zai was enthusiastic in his support for this campaign. As he explored the potential of his new-found powers, he realised he had been given the powers the Boxers had once thought they had. He saw it as his duty to protect the people from the monsters unleashed by the Europeans. Unlike Yi Tien, however, he did not hold every European to blame for the rise of these creatures. Although he did not trust them easily, when the Boxers began to massacre every European they encountered, civilian or soldier, Guo Zai was forced to make a difficult decision. He chose to slip away, to head west towards the mountains of Tibet.

He found shelter at a remote lamasery in the Himalayas. For the last two years he has stayed there, practicing his fighting skills and newfound powers alike. By drawing upon the power of the local deities, Guo Zai has found he can make himself stronger, faster, more skilled then he ever thought possible. He chose to take on the role of protector for the monks of the lamasery, finding a worthy goal fighting monsters to protect the innocent. He still wore his Boxer uniform, choosing to try and redeem it by acting with honour while wearing it, to show that not all that bear the colours are willing to commit such acts of brutality as the Boxers were known for.

When the Europeans came, claiming kinship with the lamasery’s monks, Guo Zai chose to keep his distance. These men with their dark uniforms and their guns made him uneasy, but the monks were fascinated by the philosophies espoused by the leader of the European expedition. When the decision was made to begin investigating the mountain, Guo Zai accompanied the monks as their protector, but kept an uneasy eye on their new allies at all time. He is troubled by the sights he has seen under the mountain, but has yet to be given a reason to act on his suspicions.
Also, a character picture:

Hack Writer
2013-02-13, 04:31 PM
Azahul, Guo Zai's now ready to go! If you could be so kind, a nice little picture representation of you character would be a nice addition too, just to help us visialise him better. I always like using photos.

Don't worry too much about the powers; when a more pulpy or dynamic name grabs you, simply let me know and go ahead and rename it. I think they're pretty good!

Also, for Java and ThirtyThr33, here's the on-going thread involving Guo Zai, just in case you'd like to follow it: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=268500

2013-02-14, 12:21 AM
So, I got a 4 (rolled a 6) on my Wild Dice. That's an exploding dice, right? So I roll the d6 again?

2013-02-14, 01:34 AM
Hmmm ... some sort of a Zen mystic? ;)

Hack Writer
2013-02-14, 12:58 PM
exploding dice means you do indeed roll an additional d6, Azahul. Looks like Guo Zai might persuade him after all!

@ThirtyThr33: If it's any consolation, they were probably paid-up, card-carrying Nazi mining mooks...with friends, and family, and people that loved them....Only joking! Who knows? Being a heroic sort, it'll probably play ill on Mick's soul for a while, killing them so, so, soooooo ruthlessly like that. Still, waddaya goin' to do! :smallbiggrin:

Sorry, I'm being mean, and maybe enjoying it a bit too much. I tell you, this game might've been chugging along a bit slowly recently, but it's thrown up more than a few memorable moments: Ulysses shooting Zeitzkenov square in the head, Mick's little grenade trick with the first lot of Nazis - and now this! Hope there's more to come!

Anyway, time's a-ticking and the pair of you need to come to decision as to what to do now; as sure as eggs is eggs, there'll be more Nazis (and possibly Akalaians) heading over to investigate and you can be sure that the alarm's going to be raised again, once they discover the bodies of their dead pals.

One more IMPORTANT note: Java, would you mind if I gave Ulysses the phobia 'fear of storms'?. ThirtyThr33, could you add Mick's fear of enclosed spaces to his character sheet under hindrances? I'd rather they were kept on character sheets instead of on my GM sheet at the start of the thread.

2013-02-14, 08:24 PM
I got a 5. I don't remember if the -2 penalty for unskilled carries over to the exploding dice, or if it's only applied once, so I didn't add the -2 to the second roll. If it is applied, then I got a total of 7. If it isn't, then 9.

2013-02-15, 12:50 AM
Fear of storms? Sure. I'll add it to the sheet presently ... grand ... a fair weather flyer! :)

Hack Writer
2013-02-15, 01:27 PM
@Java: you can select another phobia if you like, I just chose it because what with you being a pilot, the thought of not wanting to do this all over again might make for some interesting roleplay moments. But as I said, feel free to pick another if you'd like.

@Azahul: You add the modifiers on after rolling all the dice, so the -2 is effective only the once. Your total ends up as a nine, which is more than sufficient to convince Vogal to let you take the original manuscripts.

2013-02-15, 08:59 PM
Nah, that one will work - and it makes sense. Most people don't fly in really poor weather anyway ... he'll just be more sensitive to the risks to the point of panic when/if a storm materializes before him :).

Hack Writer
2013-02-16, 06:45 AM
@Java: yep, the layout of the tunnels is exactly as you described; Ulysses and Mick took the right-hand branch of the 'T' and are about twenty yards down the tunnel, which is the direction the other Nazis are heading from. Backtracking will take you down the left-hand branch, which is currently unexplored.

Also, I think the technical term for Ulysses's fear of storms is 'Astrophobia' - which is a rather cool name.

@ThirtyThr33: Is there anything Mick wants to do in this scene, before I move it along? Once you've posted, I'll get the action rolling again.

@Azahul: Guo Zai's total of a 9 earned him a single Raise, so you pretty much nailed convincing Vogal. I'll move your own scene along today.

Hack Writer
2013-02-18, 12:47 PM
@Java & ThirtyThr33: Guys, can you clarify how you're tackling this scene for me? Are you sneaking through the room using the mine carts as cover, or are you effectively trying to bluff your way past by acting nonchalant? The first course requires a Stealth check from each of you and one for Sally (the miners are passive, so it isn't a Notice check to spot you) whilst the second course of action will require a single Persuasion roll from one character (probably Ulysses, he's actually got the skill) with a -2 modifier tacked on due to 1) having Sally with you, and 2) not looking much like Nazi miners (you're still wearing the cold weather clothing given to you by the Lieutenant Mooreland-Lee back at the British base camp!).

A quick note: trying to hop into the mine carts and using them to get past the miners would give you a +2 bonus to your stealth checks. Just thought I'd mention it as it hasn't been put forward by either of you.

2013-02-18, 12:55 PM
Ooh! I'm for jumping into the carts! Also keeps the workers from telling pursues they saw someone pass by them!

2013-02-18, 06:25 PM
Sure, cart ride it is then. If it works it will also be a good opportunity to take a sample of the ore.


2013-02-18, 06:50 PM
I gotta buy Stealth!

Stealth roll ...

Skill d4-2+2
Wild [roll0]

2013-02-18, 06:52 PM
Hmm ... okay, Skill roll ... [roll0]

2013-02-19, 06:58 AM
Right, well, I seem to be set for now :smallbiggrin: Just waiting on you guys.

Hack Writer
2013-02-19, 03:11 PM
Ulysses passed with a total of 4, so only just! Still, all's good with you. I'll wait until ThirtyThr33 gets his roll in before continuing on.

Azahul, I'll give it a couple more days, see how the guys get on with this next scene, then I move Guo Zai's scene on.

2013-02-20, 12:05 AM
Already rolled above in this thread... I also got a 4.

Hack Writer
2013-02-20, 04:53 PM
@ThirtyThr33: How did I miss that? Can't believe I missed that. Oh well. You do need to make a Stealth roll for Sally too, but I'll let it slide just this once, knowing full well that it's usually Sally that fails her checks. Seriously, Allies (non-Wild Card ones) are more of a burden than a blessing sometimes.

Hack Writer
2013-02-26, 12:14 PM
@ThirtyThr33: Anything you want Mick to say/do before I move the scene on and have you meet up with Guo Zai? If you can, post tonight, because I plan to update before tomorrow's over. Also, again, add the sample of rock to Mick's inventory.

Hack Writer
2013-03-03, 04:23 AM
so sorry again guys about the delay with that last post, so many things have gone wrong for me this weekend that I consider it something of a minor achievement that I managed to get it up at all. Still not entirely happy with how I've framed the scene, but it's succeeded in achieving the primary goal of getting you three together at last.

Fire any questions you've got my way, I'll be around pretty consistently today and will be able to answer 'em swiftly.

2013-03-03, 05:33 PM
so sorry again guys about the delay with that last post, so many things have gone wrong for me this weekend that I consider it something of a minor achievement that I managed to get it up at all. Still not entirely happy with how I've framed the scene, but it's succeeded in achieving the primary goal of getting you three together at last.

Fire any questions you've got my way, I'll be around pretty consistently today and will be able to answer 'em swiftly.
I just woke up from my bizarre sleeping schedule (6x12 hour shifts - mostly graveyard ...) from what I can see, you consistently do a grand job framing the scenes and pushing the action forward. I DO understand the delays that real life brings as I experience them often myself. I run THREE games using Google Docs (with shared editing so that all parties can add to the story) and sometimes we "mark time" with mundane chatting and tasks (good for character building, but it slows down the action) when one or all of us don't have the time to propel things forward. So, I for one think you've done a great job!

I'll reply to the IC post when I have had a cup ... or two ... of coffee.

- Carl

Hack Writer
2013-03-04, 01:12 PM
Thanks for being so understanding, Java. The weekend headaches were a combination of lots of little life dramas that amounted to an all-round pain in the ass: car breaking down on a shopping trip for birthday presents for my dad, missing said dad's birthday as a consequence, forgetting in the middle of it all that I'd not bothered to reschedule other arrangements I'd made...And so on. All told it was a bit of a headache - but hardly life threatening.

I salute you for your own GM'ing duties too; running one game consistently isn't always an easy task, but running three of the blighters sounds downright masochistic! That said, with the time, the energy and the wherewithal in place, I'd certainly like to run a second game of some description, maybe even another DAR game (got to say it, I love DAR). I've long been inclined to try out Skype as a forum for an RP game, not having a group of my own to game with; thing is, with time zones, schedules and personal commitments being so varied (and, in the case of yourself and ThirtyThr33, so downright insane), I couldn't see it working. There's also the fact that I get a massive kick out of reading over the story we've all contributed towards; when I look at how the game started to how it is now, I get a strange feeling of semi-satisfaction at what we've created!

now back to business: Java, if we get to combat I'll have to roll for surprise to see who gets the drop on whom; just something to bare in mind, even though I realise Ulysses isn't actually engaging in combat but more rustling up a response.

2013-03-04, 03:01 PM
Real life got hairy for us two weeks ago ... one son (in college) had HIS car break down for $588, another son's phone and starter died the same day (likely costs up to $400), the wife's car was in for repairs to doors on her van (a side door wouldn't open and a passenger front door wouldn't unlock and this cost about $300), and a third son's laptop took a dump costing me nearly $200 to repair!! Now all that overtime I am working is going to pay for these things rather than previously accumulated overtime debt! A wife and four teenage boys can be pricey!

It's daunting at times to run three and keep them entertaining, but occasionally we pause for a regroup between adventures and conduct an interlude of sorts. It helps to build on the characters, though it does slow the action down a lot. I do have one game - a Deadlands Reloaded game - that is more about pushing the action, so it moves along pretty well. That's the one I have used the extended action rules for with great effect.

And, as for THIS game, Ulysses does know Mandarin Chinese ... though, I suspect the monk muttered something in Tibetan or other language.

Hack Writer
2013-03-04, 03:39 PM
Crikey yeah, kids are the ultimate parasitical drains on resources aren't they? Not yet having any myself, I can only go by what my dad has ever said about raising myself and my brothers. I'm sure one day karma will turn round and bite me on the ass, and it'll be me being bled dry my by own children. Emphasis here on one day.

Ooooh...I absolutely love the Deadlands (and Hell On Earth) setting, but never gamed in it. A lot of people get a bit sniffy about the reloaded rules versus the classics, but SW seems tailored for it, so reloaded gets my thumbs up.

As far as this campaign goes, after this adventure is complete there'll be a spot of down time for you guys to gather yourselves together and engage in some free-form stuff. Without wanting to give too much away, expect me to throw situations at you that are intentionally written to make you explore your characters' back stories in ways you didn't originally imagine.

And you're right, the old monk - Choden, if you've read Guo Zai's thread - spoke to Guo Zai in Tibetan. You could add Tibetan to your list of languages if you like, it's up to you. Depending on what Azahul does next, it's not too crucial whether you understand Choden's words or not.

2013-03-05, 06:29 PM
Nah, he doesn't need to know Tibetan. I'll save an add for later on if it furthers the story. :)

I'm waiting to reply giving Mick and Guo Zai a chance to act ... it might influence what Ulysses does.

2013-03-06, 01:00 AM
Just found out today the mine I am working at is closing down next month. No idea what I'm going to be doing after that.

Looking for another job and/or moving again over the next few months may impact my post rate. I don't intend to quit this game unless I really have to though.

PS: I'm happy for Mick to just stand there and look menacing for the time being. Mick isn’t in any rush to start shooting after the previous mistake and Mick doubts any of the four know English or Russian anyway.

2013-03-06, 02:18 AM
Then I think I'll wait to see if our new swordsman will be taking any action ... if he holds, then I may be forced to do something to the Nazis raising arms in our direction!

2013-03-06, 08:28 AM
Sorry for the slight delay :smallbiggrin: Semester just started up again at Uni, this kinda fell off the back of my mind. Will get a post up in a moment.

2013-03-06, 08:37 AM
And got a 1 for my first ever attack roll :smallbiggrin:

Hack Writer
2013-03-06, 12:34 PM
Not the most auspicious of starts Azahul, but you didn't roll Guo Zai’s Wild Die – a d6. I’ll roll it for you now in the Dice Roller thread, just to speed up play. Also, I see that you’ve figured in a –2 penalty to the roll; for drawing Guo Zai’s weapon, right?

Azahul, I didn’t make it clear to you before but I’ve given Guo Zai three Bennies to use for re-rolls, which you’ll find at the start of the OOC thread; one of them I’ll use if Guo Zai’s Wild Die comes up as a miss – taking a liberty, I know – in order to try and ensure you make an ‘impact’ (yes, a pun; cut your groaning in the back there).

EDIT: Nope, you missed! Even with a re-roll and a ridiculously high Fight score, Guo Zai's attacks went wide... I'll update the IC post accordingly later this evening, right after I get back home from the gym.

Hack Writer
2013-03-07, 04:03 PM
Azahul, I should explain combat etiquette for you a little. Essentially we’re rolling a d20 for combat initiative, in lieu of card draws; an Ace is a natural roll of 20, and action order is highest through to lowest, with ties been rolled off by me when I make the draw.

Now, you’re free to post your actions whenever you want, but you won’t actually act until your turn comes round. I don’t like taking actions on another player’s behalf, so if I don’t get an answer from a player within a couple of days I usually opt leave their character on Hold or move him out of harm’s way – usually.

I’m also averse to using maps, mainly because they’re time consuming to cook up, fiddly to employ on these forums, and lead to a greater degree of rules queries, questions about range etc. than the just plain old descriptive text. If you have a specific question regarding positioning, range or anything else during combat, ask me it in the OOC thread.

And now, for some amendments to yesterday’s post:

Nazi’s attack on Mick and Ulysses: I’ll confess: I was tired and in a rush, so I missed a few things. First, Ulysses was hit too, despite my claims to the contrary; the Nazi’s attack hit with a ‘4’ (deducting the –2 from the Auto fire attack), which should in theory Ace. I’m bypassing that, just to cut you some slack, although I’ll not make a habit of it for the rest of the adventure. The damage total was however a whooping 13, which is enough to cause two wounds, plus the Shaken status. That’s pretty nasty, so my hasty post about Ulysses being unscathed was a big ol’ lie – he got it the worst out of all of you! Sorry, Java, for getting your hopes up on this one, it’s what happens when I write stuff when I’m tired. Suffice to say, you can attempt a Soak roll to mitigate the damage; you’ve got two Bennies, so you can afford to spend one. Choice is yours.

I need to get Choden’s post up, as well as his stats block for you all to take a look at (at the front page of this thread). He’s a GM controlled NPC, and his skill set might prove useful to you all if you’re ever going to get out of here alive!

Also, ThirtyThr33, I’m really sorry to hear about the potential job insecurity. My knowledge of the mining industry is, as you’re more than aware, pretty loose, but I’ve have my own fare share of employment problems over the years, though things do eventually come right in the end. I’ll of course not mind in the slightest if you’re not able to be as active as you have been previously – heck, I’d worry if you decided to spend all day in a forum game instead of working! – and you can rest assured that Mick will remain an integral part of the game as we move forward (‘cus I’ve got adventures planned where he’s the focus, and I’m not scrapping those now!).

2013-03-07, 08:32 PM
Okay ... a benny for a soak ...

Vigor: [roll0]
Wild [roll1]

And, another die if needed ... [roll2]

2013-03-07, 08:33 PM
Ugh ... no good on the soak! Wounded twice and Shaken ... ugh!

2013-03-08, 01:22 AM
So I can post now, even though the second Nazi and Ulysses get to act first?