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Princess Tracy
2012-06-22, 07:22 AM
Okay, so I like Epic Spells. I don't like them for their power, because lord knows Epic levels are unbalanced enough without the Wizard cooking up a 100d20 damage spell at level 21, but i like the idea of custom spells in general. I would like to see the system expanded to create custom spells at pre-Epic, but in the initial run, I shall simply try and rebalance Epic spells to make them more viable in any sort of game balance. First, let us analyse the problem. Now I don't have much experience with Epic Spells, so I'll have to call upon the experience of people who HAVE used them if you would be so kind to help me out. Thank you!

I'll put something in my next post when my first draft is complete.

Princess Tracy
2012-06-22, 07:24 AM
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Princess Tracy
2012-06-22, 07:26 AM
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2012-06-22, 09:16 AM
I don't think I've ever actually used them, but the problem, as I see it, is a combination of two things.

The lesser problem is that it's too easy to apply mitigating factors that don't really weaken it that much. Mitigating factors need to be depowered.

The greater problem is that it's based on a skill (spellcraft), and skills are extremely easy to boost with items. Make it hard to boost your spellcraft skill, or use something else entirely, and most of the problem should go away.

You also need to look at each seed; the heal seed, for instance, is probably overpowered due to the fact that it doesn't increase the DC with the amount to be healed.

Princess Tracy
2012-06-22, 11:16 AM
yes, the mitigating factors are a major focus of the this; my initial thought was just to rip them out entirely. However, I am in favour of more powerful spells taking rituals and assistants to cast since it allows teh use of one shot plot device spells without breaking combat balance or something.

2012-06-22, 03:36 PM
Yes, allowing one-shot ritual spells does make sense. So how about do exactly that: You can make a ritual spell with effects that would otherwise require a far higher DC, but it takes a long time (days if not weeks or months of preparation beforehand for both the location and the participants, and then hours for the actual ritual), the preparation sends "ripples" in the magic for a large area that can be recognized for what they are with a Spellcraft check (so it's next to impossible to carry out the preparation secretly), and once the ritual has begun that particular ritual can never be used again, whether it is completed successfully or it is interrupted.

Fable Wright
2012-06-22, 04:36 PM
The biggest issue I have with the system is that the spellcraft DC gets insane fast for adding in a few minor effects to the spell. For example, look up Animus Blast. DC 50, at level 21, for a Fireball and a few skeletons. A lot of that is due to the +20 DC for the standard action casting, which should probably be the default. Setting the base DC at 10, and then applying seeds adds a number equal to their current value -10 would be a good step in making it less stupidly hard to make something useful without cheesing it up.