View Full Version : 3rd Edition BESM- new GM help

The Hooded Boy
2012-06-23, 01:03 AM
Hey, I play a lot of roleplaying games and everything but I am new to the Big Eyes Small Mouth system. I have the 3rd edition book and have basically memorized the rules, but there is nothing for the GM on building encounters.

I am finding myself quite flustered on creating the villains and minions. I feel like I should build them the same way players do, but I do not wish to underpower my main boss or overpower my quick encounter minions.

If I would be running a campaign I would simply experiment with the players, but I am instead running a one shot and since the other players know less about the system than me, I wish for it to be an enjoyable experience to introduce them to it and hopefully interest them in an ongoing game.

The one shot will be a 300 point, mythical based, modern urban fantasy, and we are using benchmarks (if that information helps).

So can anyone help me with guidelines or tips on building my encounters?