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Sgt. Cookie
2012-06-23, 05:33 PM
Gnolls. Let's face it. They're pretty sweet. Who doesn't like the idea of playing an antropomorphic hyena? But, they are rather, well, limited. At least in my view. So, this mini-project will give Gnolls race variants.

Howler Gnolls

In a time long in the past, there was a tribe of Gnolls who revered dragon kind, worshiping all dragons who crossed their path. In time, the tribe split, some became champions of good and followed the Metallic dragons, others were in awe of the Chromatic ones, and drove themselves to even more wicked and evil acts, in an attempt to win praise from their new "gods".

But one splinter group, the only one who's traces have survived to this day, are the tribe who worshiped dragons from a plane afar. The Howling Dragons.

These dragons, pleased with their new worshipers, gave them praise and power. Though the praise of an evil being is a strange one indeed. As a reward for their unwavering praise, the Gnolls found that their offspring were birthed with traits that their god-masters bore, spines and screaming voices.

While the details are unclear ((I.e, D.Ms are free to muck around with this)), this tribe reintegrated with the normal Gnoll tribes, and throughout the generations, Gnolls were born with screams and howls that were not born from this plain, and as such were known as Howler Gnolls.

These Gnolls bore signs of their unusual heritige, a purple or black tint to their fur, a spine-like tufts on their heads and arms and yellow tinged eyes.

Howler Gnolls are identical to normal Gnolls, except as indicated below:

Dragonblood subtype: Howler Gnolls have the Dragonblood subtype. (See page 4 of Dragon Magic.)

Outsider (Native): Due to their source, Howler Gnolls are Native Outsiders, rather than Humanoids. Their Darkvision does not improve, however.

A Howler Gnoll's two outsider levels gives it the following:

2d8 hitdice
+2 BaB
+2 Ref, +0 Fort and +2 Will

Skill points equal to 5x8 (+ Int mod X 5)

One feat.

Maddening howl (Su): Once per day as a swift action, a Howler Gnoll can produce an ear screeching howl, targeted at a single creature. Unless the target makes a Fortitude save (DC 10 + half the Howler Gnoll's HD + the Howler Gnoll's constitution modifier) he takes 1 point of wisdom damage.

Resistance to Sonic 5

Songmaker Gnolls

Among the Gnoll tribes, there is one group who do not revel in slaughter and mayhem. These lean Gnolls prefers the subtle call of birds and the sound of the breeze, and are known to produce some of the most beautiful songs known to the world, and even beyond.

Songmaker Gnolls, as they call themselves, are differentiated from their cousins by not being brutish thugs, but cultured, even civilised, people, welcomed throughout the land, and as are their songs.

Songmaker Gnolls are easily distinguishable from the other tribes by being leaner and their fur is a much lighter tone. Another distinguishing fact is that Songmaker Gnolls appear to have a certain grace about them, leading many to believe that Celestials uplifted the tribe long in the past.

Songmaker Gnolls, even those who are "untrained" are capable of playing instruments to a well-honed degree, and Songmaker Gnolls who are formally trained as Bards and Minstrels are some of the best around.

Songmaker Gnolls are identical to normal Gnolls, except as indicated below:

Ability adjustments: Songmaker Gnolls use the following ability adjustments, instead of those presented in the MM: +2 strength, +4 Charisma, +2 intelligence.

Songmaker Gnolls do not share the normal Gnoll's hardiness, but they do retain some of their strength. Songmaker Gnolls are also somewhat smarter than their Cousins

Alignment: Songmaker Gnolls are usually Chaotic Good, rather than Chatoic Evil.

Perform bonus: Select any instrument or (Singing) Perform skill. Songmaker Gnolls gain a +4 racial bonus to that skill, and that perform skill is always considered a class skill. This bonus also counts as perform ranks, to qualify for Bardic Music.

Bardic Music (Su): A Songmaker Gnoll gains Bardic Music as though he were a Bard of his HD (Excluding Hit Dice gained from any class or PrC that gives Bardic Music or increases his daily uses of Bardic music). The Songmaker Gnoll still requires actual Bard Levels (Or similar) to qualify for any prerequisites or ACFs (Except for the Extra Music feat) that requires Bardic Music. This ability stacks with any actual Bard levels (Or similar) that a Song Maker Gnoll possesses.

Automatic language (Common): Because of a Songmaker Gnoll's well-travelled nature, they gain Common as an automatic language, as well as Gnoll.

Favoured class: A Songmaker Gnoll's favoured class is Bard, rather than Ranger.

Dark Crawler Gnolls

In the caves of the Underdark, there exists a group of Gnolls that have adapted to the unending darkness and gloom. These Gnolls, unlike their surface brethren, are little more than scavengers. Clinging to the outskirts of Drow and Dureger cities, surviving on the waste they leave.

Dark Crawler Gnoll are called so because when they are covered with darkness, they are impossible to see, even with senses attuned to the dark. Only those who see without sight could find them. And Dark Crawler Gnoll have this sight without sight.

Dark Crawler Gnoll are lean, and agile foregoing the strength and hardiness that their cousins possess. Their fur is also a sleek, short black that looks like skin until close up.

While rare, some Dark Crawler Gnoll make themselves known to their hosts, where they find work as spies and assassins.

Dark Crawler Gnoll are identical to the standard Gnoll, except as presented below:

Ability score adjustments: Dark Crawler Gnoll use the following ability score adjustments instead of those presented in the MM: Str -2, Con -2, Dex +4, Wisdom +2

Dark Crawler Gnoll are not strong and hardy, instead preferring agility to win battles.

Natural Armour Dark Crawler Gnoll do not gain a natural armour bonus.

Agile fighting (Ex): Dark Crawler Gnoll may use Dexterity for attack and damage rolls with finesseable weapons. This ability counts as Weapon Finesse.

Tremorsense (Ex) Dark Crawler Gnoll do not gain darkvision. Instead they gain tremorsense out to 30ft but only in a cone in front.

Shadows are my greatest ally (Ex): Shadow Crawler Gnoll are almost impossible to spot when enveloped. Darkvision and Low-light vision do not aid a character in spotting a Shadow Crawler Gnoll in Darkness or shadowy illumination. Only creatures with blindsense or tremorsense (Or similar) can spot them. Shadow Crawler Gnoll also gain a +5 racial bonus to hide checks in darkness and shadowy illumination and are able to take 10 on those checks, even under duress. Hide is also always considered a class skill.

Shadow's protective hand (Ex): Shadow Crawler Gnoll are so intune with darkness that it protects them. Whenever the Shadow Crawler Gnoll is in darkness, but is found due to spot checks or the like, Shadow Crawler Gnoll still gain a 10% miss chance.

Creatures with Blindsense or Tremorsense ignore this miss chance.

Light sensitivity (Ex): Shadow Crawler Gnoll are dazzled in bright light, such as daylight or the daylight spell.

Languages: Dark Crawler Gnolls have Undercommon as their automatic language, with Gnoll being a bonus one.

Stalker Gnoll

Among the Gnoll, there exists a caste of hunters and trackers that are capable of tracking prey to the ends of the Material Plane. They are relentless and tireless, they stalk their quarry until they are caught.

What differentiates Stalker Gnoll from the rest of their kind is an uncanny ability to "assume" a quadruped form that boosts their speed, becoming closer to the hyena that they appear to be.

Stalker Gnoll are somewhat rare, with only 1 in 5000 births producing such a creature. The first signs that a particular Gnoll is a Stalker Gnoll are an enhanced sense of smell and very flexible joints.

Apart from that, Stalker Gnoll are almost identical to normal Gnoll.

Stalker Gnoll are identical to normal Gnoll, except as presented below:

Ability Score Adjustments: Apart from the following changes, Stalker Gnoll use the same adjustments as presented in the MM: +2 to Strength (This replaces a standard Gnoll's +4), +2 to Dexterity.

Quadruped Form (Ex): As a full round action, that provokes attacks of opportunity, a Stalker Gnoll can adjust his joints so that he stands as a quadruped creature. A full-round action is also used to change back to bipedal form.

When in quadruped form, a Stalker Gnoll gains the following attributes:

His Base Land Speed is doubled
He gains the benefit of the Run feat, regardless if he has it. If he already has the Run feat, then he may move up to 6x his speed.
He is unable to perform any complex actions that require the use of a free hand, such as gripping a weapon or using a somatic component. If, however, a spell or ability requires that the Stalker Gnoll strike a foe, a "bite" is used instead. This is not a true bite attack, however.
He is able to run for double the amount of time he would as a biped.
He is able to maul a foe.
He is unable to wear any form of armour.
Any other trait that a quadruped would have.

A Stalker Gnoll in quadruped form is unable to use any weapons or natural attacks (Apart from a bite attack, if he possesses one) but he is able to maul a foe.

To maul an opponent, the Stalker Gnoll must first make a trip attempt against that opponent. The Stalker Gnoll gains a +5 circumstance bonus to this check. If the check is successful, the Stalker Gnoll then falls upon and starts biting and raking at the foe. This attack is considered a Primary Natural attack, even if he already possesses one, that deals 1d8 damage. An opponent being mauled is considered helpless.

To "maintain" the maul, the Stalker Gnoll must succeed on a grapple check every round. The Stalker Gnoll gains a +5 bonus to this check. If the opponent wins, the Stalker Gnoll is thrown 5ft away.

Scent (Ex): A Stalker Gnoll gains the scent extraordinary quality.

Forest Gnoll

Some Gnoll find their solace not in battle, but in the trees and the woodlands. These Gnoll are refered to as Forest Gnoll, as they have become one with the woodland, taking their own place in the natural cycle.

These Gnoll are also protectors, something the forest itself exudes, as the Forest Gnoll appear to cast a small number of spells, that only Druids use. And the Druids accept them as brothers-in-arms in their fight.

Forest Gnoll are wiser and more profound than their cousins, striking down only what is needed, and not what is wanted, as all things have a place in the cycle of the world.

Forest Gnoll are identical to normal Gnoll, except as presented below:

Ability score adjustments: Change the Gnoll's ability score adjustments to the following: Str + 2, Con + 0, Wisdom + 4. Int and Cha are unchanged.

Spells: Forest Gnoll cast spells as a 2nd level Druid. This spell casting stacks with any Druid levels the Forest Gnoll possesses.

Woodland Stride (Ex): Forest Gnoll can move through any sort of undergrowth (such as natural thorns, briars, overgrown areas, and similar terrain) at his normal speed and without taking damage or suffering any other impairment. However, thorns, briars, and overgrown areas that have been magically manipulated to impede motion still affect him.

Connection to nature: Because of a Forest Gnoll's innate conection to the forest, he is treated as a Druid for all purposes (Such as learning Druidic, or attending Druid only ceremonies) even if he has no actual Druid levels.

Alignment: A Forest Gnoll's alignment is True Neutral, instead of Chaotic Evil.

Languages: Add Druidic to the Forest Gnoll's list of automatic languages. Because of Connection to nature (See above) a Forest Gnoll can be taught Druidic at no cost to the teacher. If the Forest Gnoll teaches Druidic to a non-Druid or a non Forest Gnoll, then he looses his casting until he receves an atonement spell.

Favoured Class: A Forest Gnoll's favoured class is Druid, instead of Ranger.

More to come.

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anthropomorphic hyena, not wolf.


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i feel like they should laugh instead of howl

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i feel like they should laugh instead of howl

they heckle you. intimidating you, etc.

Sgt. Cookie
2012-06-24, 12:41 PM

Added Stalker Gnoll.

Edited Dark Stalker Gnoll.

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Added Forest Gnoll.

Updated Dark Crawler Gnoll. Again.

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I personally would like to hear more about the physical descriptions of these variants. Like I just wonder a little if they look much different. Like the dark crawlers maybe having oily fur or the forest ones having some sort of foresty fur color.

Sgt. Cookie
2012-07-31, 07:41 PM
Alright, some more physical info for you. (I'll add these to the OP later, as I'm typing this out on a tablet with a plugged in keyboard, so plese forgive any spelling mistakes.)

Dark Crawler Gnoll's fur, as already mentioned, is short and sleek. Their fur is about 5-10 mm, but due to the fact it covers their whole bodies, it looks like they have black skin from as close as 2 ft. This fur is also soft and luxrious to the touch, meaning that some Drow hae taken a liking to their "pelts". This may go some way to explain why the Drow have not eradicated them. No more Gnoll, no more pelts.

Dark Crawler Gnoll rarely wear anything but the bare essentials, prefering to let their fur blend in to the darkness of their hostile home. "Known" Dark Crawler Gnoll (That is, a Dark Craler Gnoll who is more valuable as a mercenary, than a fur coat) instead wear clothing commonly accociated with those who are rather well off.

Forest Gnoll's fur is a corse, fiborus clump that is easily removed. A trait that is served well due to thickets and brambles costantly catching onto them. This fur is rther dull, taking on hues of browns, blacks and greys. This fur is often found in birds nests, where it finds use as a soft, warm bedding. Acording to folk tales, if a nesmade from this fur is found near a home, the ocupants are said to be granted small favour with thier tasks.

Forest Gnoll usualy dess in clothing made from natural fibers, plants spun into thread and the lie. This gives their clothing a greenish tint. Large portions of their bodies are often left bare, so that the forest may make use of their fur.

How's that?

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Cool. Sounds good.