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2012-06-25, 02:59 PM
Notice: The Avatar mentioned here is the cartoon series produced by Nickelodeon.

So, apparently there have been numerous attempts to convert the game to D20/3.5 System, some created even by these very forums, but it also seems that they are no longer worked on. Though the website about the system is intact and contains all the info needed to play an Avatar game (https://sites.google.com/site/avatard20/), I have seen comments deeming the system "unbalanced" and who also advise playing with the ruleset provided by a PDF file, which is no longer available.

So, I was wondering if there's a get said PDF file, or if there's a newer work on an Avatar ruleset.

2012-06-26, 10:48 AM
I have a copy of the PDF from that site available, i wasnt aware that it had gone down. I'll see if i can find a way to put it up then.

2012-06-26, 12:23 PM
Here's one that's still being updated, which is much more mechanically balanced. (http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?board=93.0)

2012-06-26, 01:21 PM
I've been working on an Avatar system, as well. The thread is in my sig. I've be running a playtest with my group, testing the system and makign tweaks as we go. so far, everything seems to be running very well.

I've also made up several PDFs for what I have of the system right now. I was going to get it put online, but the firend who was going to do it had to drop out because of work, and I'm too computer-challenged to do it myself.

The one thing I did with my system that everyone who has played really liked that none of the other systems I've seen have done is that "bender" is not a class. A member of any class (barbarian, bard, fighter, martial artist, ranger, rogue, sage, and shaman are the classes currently) can be either a bender or a non-bender.

The one problem with the thread I have going on here is that I haven't had the chance to update it in a while; I've changed a bunch of smaller things (and some big things), so it's not very accurate at the moment. I'll be trying to get the PDF online soon, so I can link it here for others to read.

Of course, I'm likely biased, but I'd recommend the system. It works well.