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2012-06-26, 04:43 AM
I really like ideas for campaigns so post your personnel campaign ideas here that i might use against adventures. and here some you can use.
1.Gnomes, Goblins, and kolbolds are fighting over some tropical islands. The Goblins are trying to take over all of the islands and want to control a volcano in the center island. The gnomes hate goblins and want to destroy them.
the kolbolds my Favorite race in this story also hate goblins and have a treaty with the gnomes but want the goblins territory if the gnomes and them win.

2.dwarfs were digging in the under dark making many tunnels looking for rare ores when they dug into a Drow settlement and fighting soon followed and with the battling in the mines the ground above fell in and when the dust cleared a huge crater that went all the down to the under dark but on the land where the crater formed was a human and elf settlement and due to all the stone and dirt softening the impact the settlement survived but now in the under dark will the people of the settlement live?

2012-06-26, 01:40 PM
the awakening of the old gods

archeolagists begin excavating an ancient mine and begin experiencing strange dreams warning them to stay away from the site but the archeolagists continue their excavation and they eventually dig too deep and release 3 ancient and powerful gods who had been imprisoned thousands of years ago

2012-06-26, 08:42 PM
For variety, consider one where the good guys are taking the offensive: A powerful relic of Good has been discovered, and now the PCs must protect it and its wielders from the inevitable attempt by Evil to prevent its use.