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2012-06-26, 01:48 PM
BFRPG Class Supplement

The Athlete is a pinnacle of physical condition. They make a point to be as fast and strong as they can be. Rather then using standard weapons they would prefer to fight with his hands and feet. In this way they are masters of brawling and wrestling. They would also rather fight in cloth then be bogged down with bulky armor. They are also performers and will tend to lead with higher Charisma. They are excellent swimmers and climbers.

An Athlete must have at least 15 Str, 11 Cha, and 13 Dex. Must not have Int higher then 17.

An Athlete losses is special abilities when wearing heavy armor.
Can use thief ability climb walls with +10% to normal thief roll for equal level.

Special Abilities:
+30% Movement.
+2 to Str and Dex checks due to physical conditioning.
Never truly unarmed and can use fist combo to fight with 3d4. If armed us that weapons stats instead, no combo.
+3 to normal AC with no armor. If wearing armor use that AC instead.
+1 to hit dice. (d4 becomes d6, d6 becomes d8)
+1 damage when wrestling.
+1 damage with thrown weapons (spears, tridents, oil flask)

Saving throws:

BFRPG Supplement Class

Tinkerer is a subclass of Thief but he is very different from your common pickpocket. The Tinkerer prides himself on his ability to manipulate mechanical devices. At an early stage this would include a trap or trip-line. As his skills develop he may collect parts to make other mechanical devices to serve him such as machine-arrow gun or mechanical suit to make him stronger or faster. As his levels increase it is really up to the players imagination as to what he may create, so long as he has enough parts. Tinkerers are commonly small races such as gnomes and goblins, but any race is allowed (up to the DM of course).

Tinkerer's main stat is INT, a 12 is required.

Tinkerer may only use small weapons (or medium if he is a giant class). He would prefer to wear no armor as it would make him less capable of disarming traps. If he is wearing armor he has a -2 AC to whatever armor he would have, he also gets a -20% to disarm/disassemble machines (traps included).

Special Abilities:
Tinkerer may disarm and disassemble traps. The higher level he is the more parts he can recover. For every 2 levels he may recover 1 more part.
Tinkerer is also gains +3 to save vs electricity. Tinkerer may use some but not all Thief abilities. He may: Open Locks and Remove Traps. He gains a +10% chance to success. He may also take apart/disable other mechanical devices found on his adventures.

Making devices:
Your DM should be able to determine which device your requesting is.
Small Device - 10 parts. 13 to work.
Medium Device - 50 parts. (Also level 3) 15 to work.
Large Device - 250 parts. (Also level 8) 17 to work.
Massive Device - 1000 parts (Also level 15) 19 to work.

If you make many of the same device you may be able to make them will less parts (thus more efficiently).

10 parts is 1 pound. A devices weight should be measured in parts.

Time to make equals 5 minutes per part. Total time may also be lowered by experience making that device. Multiple Tinkerers may work on a device together to lower total build time. Divide total time by number of Tinkerers. Time may also increase or decrease depending on the environment.

A Tinkerer also needs his/her tool kit to make a device. Basic Took kits weights 10 pounds.

After making a device roll a d20 to see if it works. Repair if roll failed. Fixing requires 5 parts per roll. Roll gains +1 per repair and +1 for INT bonus.

Saving and Levels:
Saves as a Thief.

Levels as a Cleric. Should gain XP for Opening Locks and Removing Traps even if unsuccessful.