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Cipher Stars
2012-06-27, 04:10 PM
I think its rather inconvenient to have all my stuff spread all over. So I'm going to put my races all into one thread and just update the thread whenever I make a new race.

I'll be using different posts each and leave this post to link to all the individual posts as well as the thread behind them, where you can comment on them if you like but not here.

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Cipher Stars
2012-06-27, 04:11 PM


Personality: Nereen are a diverse race, like humans nereen are very curious, inquisitive, and free spirited. All nereen have a fascination with magic to some degree. Nereen are forgetful, though they don't mean to be, so they often take notes of everything. New places, new people, a nereen will write about them all. While they are not all compulsively writing things down every second, its very common to see a nereen's library have a large section dedicated completely to their journals they keep as they live out their long lives until the day they die of unnatural causes or accident.
Nereen are very respectful of death, appreciative of how death looks the other way as they age. When a Nere dies, every nereen city or establishment within 200miles pays its respects in an hour of silence during the funeral service.
Nereen females are particularly regarded as special. There is only one female nereen for every fifty males. When a female dies, its considered a particularly sad day. The close families and friends usually spend the year in mourning in the city where she was buried. Notable males receive the same treatment. And notable females can have mourning ceremonies that last a decade. What is a decade to the ageless nereen compared to the lost life of one of their own?
The nereen culture is run by a matriarchy, as females are more intellectually inclined and trusted to make the best decisions for their people. They are many times more likely to retain leveled heads and seek options that have the most positive outcome, while male nereen are more likely to look for the most direct options that usually result in complications and loss.

Physical Description: Nereen females are small. Very short, but they are proportioned just as if they were a tall human. Just kicked down a scale.
Males are of normal height for a humanoid and are even considered tall. Many male nereen find themselves unable to mate due to their size difference (Male nereen are close to Large size, while some females can be on the small side of small, average Small at best), further limiting reproduction of the ageless race as there are so fewer females to begin with.
Nereen have skin tones of cool colors, blues, purples, and dark greens can be found among their species and its not uncommon for nereen to be born with alternate colored markings. Nereen hair colors vary from yellows, greens, blues, purples, pinks, and whites while they also possess a pair of horns of which the design appears different for everyone- as unique as fingerprints but never too large, female horns are usually pointed backwards and rarely useful in a fight, but male horns can grow large. Eye colors are most commonly very yellow or gold, but red and vibrant green colors are also common.
Unique descriptions for females:
Water: Water nereen tend to have softer, more malleable bodies. Water nereen therefore are the most commonly seen with young, or with mates. They are more likely to have a coloration closer to blue. They share most of the same characteristics of Nymphs, save for their coloration.
Fire: Fire nerreen tend to have warmer average body temperatures then normal and are more likely to have a coloration closer to red. They share many of the same characteristics with Succubi.
Air: Air nerreen are always lighter. After rolling weight, minus 20 from the result. They share many of the same characteristics of Elves.
Stone: Stone nereen have tougher bodies. They are less soft and squishy, the opposite of water nereen. They aren't as likely to find fitting mates.no pun intended. They share many of the same characteristics with Dryads.

Relations: Nereen keep to their own race most of the time, most other races don't often see a Nere. They are elven in nature, and identify best with other elves. Most races, however, are seen as more violent or unpredictable. So only individual nereen mingle at times, usually under disguise, to satisfy curiosity. Nereen literature is dominated by autobiographies of nereen who venture out and explore alternate cultures. The current best selling book is one about a nereen who entered drow society, and how they were so similar yet vastly different.

Alignment: Nereen are almost always neutral in their alignment, they take little stance in good vs evil or even law vs chaos. They make decisions based on the rule of the greater good. What ever costs the least amount of casualty is usually the way for a nere to go, regardless of the actual morality the action would fall under.
They don't have a moral mind set, and typically think that if it makes them happy, and it makes others happy, the action is definitely good. If it makes them unhappy, they wont do it unless it would make an appropriate amount of others happy. Nereen usually avoid any action that would harm others, but if harming one person would end the harm they caused to many others, a Nere judges the action to be good.

Nere Lands: Nereen live in their own plane that is heavily dominated by the four major elements. Their lands are truly magical. On the material plane, hippies usually hug nature. On Nerevass, the Nereen hug magic. Their cities are a perfect union between the artificial and the arcane. The elements support the cities and the cities support the elements.
Flora and Faunta aren't normally organic. Instead there are features that are reminiscent of material plane counterparts. Stone trees, fiery grass, water grouped together to form lakes that can look like a mountain or sheer cliff. The four elements equally take up their share of different features, even features of the other elements- such as a river of cloud or rapid air currents or clouds composed of bundled flames.

Religion: Nereen do not have a religion. They do not know what gods or goddesses are out there for them, and they do not know what happens when they die. Such is left to speculation. Common belief for the romantics is that the female and her mates bond together to become a new more powerful elemental being living somewhere in the female's elemental plane.

Language: There are four primary languages the nereen speak. All female nereen automatically learn the language of their element from birth. Cities that are primarily served by a specific element usually speak that elemental language. All nereen strive to learn all four languages as they age, until by the time they reach Maturation for their age they know all four enough to communicate with any of the four elementals.

Adventurers: Adventuring is natural for a nereen. Their curiosity, and urge to explore new places pushes them to explore. When they adventure, they usually keep a large reserve of plank books and writing utensils so they can log their journeys. An adventuring nere will do many things for the sake of doing them at least once. A nereen adventurer can find themselves hard pressed to say no to a new experience.

Nere Racial Traits:
Female: +4 to Int, Wis, or Cha, or +2 to two. -2 Str, -2 Con Male: +4 to Str, Dex, or Con, or +2 to two. -2 Wis, -2 Int
Nereen females are smaller, and are wiser, learn easier, and are enjoyable to be around. Nereen males are stronger built then most races, quicker, and more efficiently built.
Humanoid (Elf)
Small/Medium: A male Nereen is Medium and has no benefit or penalty due to size. Females are small, and as a Small creature, a nereen gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but she uses smaller weapons than humans use, and her lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.
Nere base land speed is 30 feet
Fueled by Magic: Nereen run off pure magical energy, they do not need to eat, sleep, breath, and are immune to sleep, fatigue, and exhaustion effects. They need only remain in one 15x15ft area for 4 hours to replenish abilities that usually take 8 hours of rest to reset. However, she is automatically exhausted in areas where there is no magic such as in an antimagic field. Nereen randomly stop aging when they reach physical maturity, that is, the age they can start to reproduce. It is rare to see a Nere who looks older then 30, while the youngest one can look is 12. Though its rare to see a Nere who stops aging at 12, thats just when the random age block kicks into effect. The male nereen don't start the random age block until 16.
(Female) Arcane Sight: The female nereen all have arcane sight, as the spell. This can be used to see in total darkness as if it was not there. However, when in magical darkness you are still blinded. Instead of seeing black, you just see whatever color the magical darkness appears to register as to your magic-sensing sight.
(Male) Detect Thoughts: Male nereen have the ability to detect the surface thoughts of others, as the detect thoughts spell. They can use this at will. But whenever it is active, they receive a -4 to will saves against mind-effecting effects and can be effected by any language dependant spell even if he would normally not be. If an enemy would be subject to your detect thoughts, if they succeed on their will save they automatically know someone tried to invade their mind, and know your location.
Spell Resistance: A Nere has spell resistance equal to 8+Class levels. This Spell resistance increases to 11+class levels at lvl 10, and to 15+ class levels at 20.
Weapon Proficiency: Nereen are proficient with daggers and shortbows, while males are proficient with shortswords and longbows.
(female) Arcane Bond: Nereen have a close connection to magic energies. They have a direct affinity towards one in particular that the Nereen refer to as their "Guide". At level one, choose a school of magic. You gain +2 to your caster level, and a +1 to the DC for all spells of that school.
(female) Elemental Bond: Nereen females are connected with a particular element. Using Elemental Bond is a free action to suppress or resume.
Females gain fast healing equal to their class levels when in their element (When at least 15ft off the ground for Air, when touching fire or in a burning room for fire, when underground for earth, and when submerged at least halfway in water for water).
A nere in elemental form always has at least 10+1/2 their levels as energy resistance to that element.
Females gain the elemental type when in their elemental form.
Whenever a female is hit with the element they are vulnerable to, taking damage at least equal to half their character level in it, they are forced into their normal form for 1d6 rounds.

Water: Gain the [Water] Subtype. Your body appears to be made out of water. You gain a swim speed equal to your land speed, and can move in water without making checks. You can breath in water as well as in air. You become Vulnerable to Electric damage, as the charge fills your waters.
Fire: Gain the [Fire] Subtype. Your body appears to be made of condensed flame. You gain a climb speed equal to your land speed. You gain immunity to falling damage. But vulnerability to cold, which means you takes half again as much (+50%) damage as normal from cold, as the chill stifles your flame.
Air: Gain the [Air] Subtype. Your body appears to be made of gathered winds. You gain a fly speed equal to half your land speed with clumsy maneuverability. You become vulnerable to Acid damage, as corrosive fumes taint your winds.
Stone: Gain the [Earth] Subtype. Your body appears to be made of compact dirt, or smooth stone. You gain a burrowing speed equal to half your land speed. You become vulnerable to Fire damage, as you become molten like lava.

(Male) Uncanny Anatomy: Nereen males have bodies that are denser, and powerfully built. But while the females are more connected with arcane elements, the males are more connected with the flesh and as such don't have an elemental form- But their bodies themselves are more adapted to life.
Males have a 50% chance to ignore critical hits. Males are immune to disease, poison, ability damage.
(Male) Horns: A male nere has a pair of larger horns they can use to attack. The male nere can deal 1d6 damage with their horns, 1d12 if used on a charge.
Skill Bonuses: Nereen have a +2 racial bonus to spellcraft checks, +2 racial bonus to decipher script, and a +2 diplomacy bonus when dealing with elementals, +5 when dealing with an elemental of the same type as your elemental bond.
Automatic Languages: Common, Aquan, Terran, Ignan, Auran
Bonus Languages: Any, particularly Draconic, Dwarven, and Elven.
Favored Class: Sorcerer (Female), Males do not have a favored class.

Nere Random Starting Ages
Special* |+4d12|+6d6|+10d12[/table]
A nere is considered an adult whenever he or she stops aging.

Nere Aging Effects
{table=head]Middle Age|Old Age|Venerable|Maximume Age

20 | 25 years| 30 years|+4d6 years[/table]
*Note. This is comparative aging. Each age looks just like a human at that age, but in the scale of when Nereen usually stop aging its considered Middle/Old/Venerable. So a Middle Age Nere is 20, and looks 20, but is considered "Middle age" by Nere standards. Old age is when the Nere hasn't stopped aging yet but time keeps on passing, they are considered old at 30 because most do not age that long before they become ageless. Venerable is when the Nere is long passed overdue to stop aging. Maximum Age is when the Nere is reaching the end of the random age block window. The most a Nere can age would be 54 years old.
This table has no benefits or penalties, except perhaps to Appearance if using the BoEF.

Nere random Height and Weight
{table=head]Gender|Base Height|Height Modifier|Base Weight|Weight Modifier

Male| 6’11”|+2d6| 135 lb.|× (1d6) lb.

Female|2’9”|+2d6| 60 lb.|× (1d6) lb.[/table]

Nereen Racial Feats:
Great Horns:
prerequisite: Male Nere, BaB +3
Especially large horns protrude from your head. Your horns deal 1d10 base damage, and 2d10 on a charge.

Gender Trick:
prerequisite: Nereen race.
You can take either the Arcane Sight, if you are male, or the Detect Thoughts, if you are female.

Arcane Bond:
Prerequisite: Arcane Bond racial feature, caster level 10th
Your arcane bond is heightened. You can cast metamagic enhanced spells of your bonded school at -1 the increase to spell level.

Nere Nere Boost:
Prerequisite: Nereen race
You gain a +1 to one ability score that has already been increased by your racial ability modifier.

Cipher Stars
2012-06-27, 04:13 PM

Personality: Elna are a very curious race. They are always curious about nearly anything new and like to ask lots of questions. If they don't know the answer to something they can spend days pondering or searching for the solution. They like reading, playing, and doing things on fanciful whims. They don't care about laws or structure, they just want to have fun with life and explore. Elna are a female only race and as such they are very curious about the Male species of other races, but in a "Its weird! and funny looking!" or "What is it?" sense. They have very open hearts and can make friends with creatures of all types. They have an eye for beauty, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and they see everything without thinking badly. Its just another unique shape or texture, or color to them! They are pansexual, and find good things in any and everything. An Eln is just as likely to find love in another female Eln, or an Elf or Halfling as they are to find it with a male of any sentient species.

Physical Description: Elna are short humanoids with well defined figures and an appearance that tends to surpass that of a Dryad and often on par or more then that of the Succubi, they simply don't naturally have as many tricks is all. They use this to their advantage to help them get close to people or play pranks of males. Their most prominent feature are a pair of rabbit like ears, and matching tails, that sit atop their heads, they are incredibly furry and match the color of their hair perfectly and when they are flat and not perked up they can even blend in with her hair as normal. When flat, they can blend in with most the standard humanoid races such as humans and elves. That is until someone notices the odd, soft texture of their hair and realize its soft fur.
It would be important to note that there are no male Elna, as they were all created by the divine blood of their deity who was female. Eln can still reproduce however, in a number of ways, any child an Eln has will be born an Eln if its female or of the father's race if its male. Elna leave a faint arcane aura at their touch, this aura can connect with the aura of other Eln during intimate moments and in intimate places to form a connection that shares information about their genetics and gives the chance that one or both of them will get pregnant and have a child created using the given information. This same aura can fertilize females of any sentient race in a similar manner, and can take information from certain fluids produced by them in the act of mating and the Eln herself can end up carrying, making Eln an excellent life savior or mate to any being and save a race if even one of its members survived an extinction event as an Eln can mate with nearly anything.

Relations: Elna are a race of travelers, they like to establish good relations when they can but that can be difficult when you have a reputation for being more troublesome then a pixie, with which the Elna have one of the few good racial ties with. Pixies get a long well with Elna. The nicer ones anyway.
If there was any race they definitely would have a hard time getting along with, it would be a Drow. Drow are so dark and moody, always seeing the negative.

Alignment: Elna are almost invariably Chaotic. They have no regard for rules except those that they make themselves, and even those are often broken. They travel too much and move from one place to the other too often to really learn anyones rules anyway.

Lands: Elna heavily populate the ruined demiplane owned by their deceased deity. They commonly leave the plane to visit new lands, and to travel uncharted territories, perhaps in hope that they will find out what caused their deity's death.

Religion: Elna believe that they do not have a god or goddess to serve as their patron deity. They did. But they now do not, because they are each the drops of blood shed from her dying body during a great war with an unknown entity. Their goddess was one over several domains, including love, travel, trickery, and luck. These traits show themselves in the Elna.

Language: Elna speak Elnuit. Their own language that is composed of soft, quick, sounds that seem to stream endlessly like a GrammaR Nazis' worse night-mare,Ever.

Adventures: Adventuring is perfectly natural for an Eln. Eln are remarkably curious and intuitive. They are always cursed with a sense of boredom and a need to explore, It is rare to see an Eln that remains in one place for a prolonged period of time. Eln are prone to take up almost any adventure with a promise of a new item they find interesting.

Racial Traits:
+4 Dexterity, +6 Charisma, -4 Constitution
Fey [Extraplanar]
Medium, they have no benefit or penalty due to size.
Elna have a base land speed of 40ft
Conjurer's Blood: Elna have an affinity for Conjuration spells. They have +1 to their caster level for spells of that school.
Trickster God's Heart: Created by magic, Elna all have a spark of divinity within them. A divine heritage. Elna do not die of old age, and do not receive penalties from aging. Their personalities match their agelessness, and they seem perpetually immature and irresponsible for the most part. They do not receive benefits of aging either.
Luv'n like a Rabbit: Eln never have to make recovery checks for sustaining an activity, and have a +2 to a certain perform skill.
Prestidigitation: Eln have the ability to cast Prestidigitation at-will, like a Sorcerer of first level.
Minor Colorblend: Eln have the ability to alter their coloration at-will. The color changes can include fine detail, like giving yourself what looks like a tattoo but is just different colored areas of skin or fur. If used correctly, this can allow an Eln to blend in and receive a +5 bonus to her Hide skill.
Skill Bonuses: +2 Escape Artist, +5 Jump, +2 Tumble and +2 Listen.
Automatic Languages: Common, Elnuit
Bonus Languages: Any, particularly Elven, Sylvan, and Gnomish
Favored Class: Sorcerer, Rogue, Arcane Trickster
Level Adjustment: +1

Random weight and height table:
Base Height | Height Modifier | Base Weight | Weight Modifier
4’1” | +2d6 | 60 lb. | × (1d6) lb.

Elna aging is complicated. Where a human would age from 5 to ten years of age, the Elna ages that time in twenty. The, it takes them forty years to age from the physical human age of ten to fifteen. Eighty years more, then they appear 18. See where I'm going with this?
A hundred and sixty years later, they'll look 20. Then 21 after 320 years. After that, their aging stutters to a halt.
It takes many more years to age reach a mental maturity. Their furry cat like brains develop fairly slowly, always learning yet always tinged with lighthearted immaturity. However, with general common sense and reasoning

Racial Feats:

Chameleon Blend:
Prerequisite: Minor Colorblend racial trait
Benefit: The creature with this ability can passively alter her colors. She can automatically adapt to her surroundings, granting her a +5 bonus to hide or stealth, and a +15 bonus when staying still. The Chameleon ability can be suppressed or activated as a free action.

Potent Prestidigitation:
Prerequisite: Prestidigitation usable at-will.
Benefit: Your prestidigitation is more potent, it now functions as the spell but as written here:
Prestidigitations are minor tricks that novice spellcasters use for practice... Potent Prestidigitation are the same tricks cast by someone who knows what their doing, the workings of the spell and how to amplify it.
Once cast, a prestidigitation spell enables you to perform basic magical effects for 5 hours. The effects are minor and have their limitations. A prestidigitation can quickly lift 1 pound/level of material, such can be used as an improvised ranged weapon for all effects. It can color, clean, or soil items in a 1-foot cube/level each round. It can chill, warm, or flavor 1 pound of material-If used on a living creature, it ends at the end of the Potent Prestidigitation spell. Prestidigitation can create small objects, they look incredibly life like but have an air of wrongness about them. The materials created by a prestidigitation spell are extremely fragile, and they cannot be used as weapons, and lack innate ability behind them to be used as spell components. Any actual change to an object (beyond just moving, cleaning, or soiling it) persists until the Potent Prestidigitation spell ends.

Hand Trick I:
Prerequisites: Trickster God's Heart
Benefit: You can use Mage Hand, as the spell, at will as a supernatural ability.

Hand Trick II:
Prerequisite: Trickster God's Heart racial trait, Hand Trick I, Character level 15th
Benefit: The Eln gains the ability to cast Mage Hand, but it uses your strength and is controlled by your own hand at a range of up to 60ft It can wield weapons and manipulate objects as well as you could your own hand.

Fluffy Heritage:
Prerequisite: Elna race
Benefit: You gain a pair of teeth with which you can make a bite attack. Your jaws are more adapt, and can open wider then most and bite harder. These teeth can vary, just like the ears and tail on an Eln can vary. Most are retractable, though they do not have to be. The appearance are more commonly cat like fangs, or two rabbit like front teeth (Which appear more like normal teeth until retracted, if retractable).
These teeth are only secondary to your more powerful jaws, they deal 1d6 damage for every five HD the creature has.

Lucky Rabbit:
Prerequisite: Trickster Gods Heart racial trait
Benefit: Choose one nonmagical attack you have, you now apply your charisma modifier as a luck bonus to attack rolls with that attack. Usually used by the Elna for the Eln's bite.

Potent Colorblend:
Prerequisite: Minor Colorblend racial trait, Chameleon Blend, Hide 9 Ranks
Benefit: You can access new colors, including states of colors such as Transparency or removing visual effect entirely.
You can make yourself invisible with your Colorblend, you can also do so selectively to make certain parts invisible while others are not. This only effects the Eln and not anything she wears, as this is an extraordinary ability brought on by the Elna physiology- items are not a part of her, now are they?
The state of the invisibility can vary, she can instead add a bonus to her hide check anywhere from +1 to +30, but only against Spot checks.
Otherwise, this functions in a similar manner to Greater Invisibility.

Prodigious Prestidigitation:
Prerequisites: Potent Prestidigitation
Benefit: You can perform prestidigitation effects on whim, taking no action. Your changes to the flavor or color of something lasts until someone dispels it as with Dispel Magic.
Even if you are not actively altering things around you with this, you bring life to things around you. All color seems to grow many times more vibrant, fading over the course of three days. You leave a trail of magic someone could potentially follow if they are within three days behind you.

Cipher Stars
2012-06-27, 04:14 PM
The Bachants

Personality: A Bachant is enigmatic, elusive, and very intuitive. They have keen eyes and are very blunt about observations they make. They are complex creatures, they do not often understand their actions entirely themselves. They themselves can never get a grasp of their own feelings and are often confused by basic emotions.
Bachants are nearly always calm, passive, and relaxed. They rarely ever appear rushed or in a hurry, yet somehow they always know what time it is.
Bachants can appear mature beyond their appearances, but turn around and do something very immature or say something naive and ignorant.
They don't often trouble themselves with what others think about themselves, but every Bachant thinks about others. They often judge actions in a large picture. What would happen if I were to kill the evil duke? Well then the undead his presence kept in check would go rampant, the black dragon and that balor he bargained with would come back and... you know what, never mind, lets skip this adventure for now.
Bachants are vengeful when provoked, and often do not stop until vengeance has been delivered to those who provoked her. Things that provoke a Bachant depend on the individual, but it usually has something to do with being a great annoyance or extremely chaotic-evil acts, All bachants are instantly enraged at any who steal her chronostaff... Such individuals never live long.
There are a different variety of Bachants who have lived for over many eons born during the time of a great war that stretched across time in many different planes, several of those planes no longer in existence due to the war. Those Bachants who participated in that war became simultaneously cursed and blessed. They have twice the statistical increases of a regular bachant, twice the speed, but turn to stone whenever observed even by another bachant similarly cursed.
These bachants are always lawful evil, and desire nothing more then to feed on sentient creatures, feeding off their age in reverse to a normal Bachant, gaining by reversing their age until they are erased from existence- a normal bachant is unable to reduce their age to such a degree.
These Bachants are wholly evil, and often inspire dreadful tales. These are almost always over level 40, and a very rare encounter- or at least, very few who have ever met one have ever lived to tell about it. Others that do are dismissed as crazy bastards, but the rumors still get out there and exist in Bachant history texts.

Physical Description: Bachants appear to be tall, lithe, humanoids. They have ample proportions most of the time and often have slightly longer legs, arms, and torsos then most. They have an odd sense of style and never wish to appear scraggly or dirty, despite not caring what others think of them. Its a personal thing for each Bachant to want to look well dressed.
Bachant's are almost always seen with their Chronostaff. Which looks different from others and is always wholly unique, perhaps more unique even then a fingerprint save for one trait; a marking on the staff that is shared with only one other Chronostaff in the entire collection of existences.
Bachants are outside of space and time, and there is never another Bachant in any dimension or alternate reality- But the one Bachant can visit any such plane and always retains their racial given traits and powers even if magic does not exist there.
Females are usually taller then males, standing 6'1" to 7'2" and the males stand 5'1" to 6'2".

Relations: Bachants are almost always solo, but few Fate Bound bachants who find each other are often paired for life.
As such, Bachants do not have any standing racial connections as a whole except for one- Their own kind. As told in personality, there is a more ancient species of Bachants who lived long before. They are cursed, and evil creatures who detest their new generations and will actively hunt one. In turn, Bachants hunt the Cursed in self preservation, and to eliminate their evil from the multiverse.

Alignment: Bachants are almost always Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Neutral Good, or Lawful Good. Cursed Bachants are almost always Lawful Evil, or sometimes Chaotic Evil.

Lands: Bachants do not own lands of their own, surviving historical texts say that their lands were in one of the many erased planes of existence involved in the great war that created the Cursed Bachants.

Religion: Bachants do not have a religion, but are often themselves worshiped as minor deities by lesser cultures.

Language: Bachants speak Common, and are born with the ability to speak their own ancient language Baccheshine. Though they rarely get to use it outside of issuing command phrases to their Chronostaff.

Adventures: Bachants are wanderers. They are all scattered throughout all known planes of existence and adventure, travel, to get a grasp or a sense of belonging. They often see many romantic relationships in their infinite (Ageless) lifetimes/lifespan. Eventually this tends to fill them with hopelessness or depression. Even if they die and are reborn, they often find themselves dreaming about people they bonded with, feeling the same love in the dreams that they once felt for them.
The emotional turmoil can corrupt a Bachant, twisting their minds until someday they go crazy and become Cursed just like the Bachants from the great war.
Not all share this fate however, some can suppress the memories or find a way to erase them. Some find a way to find the soul of their lost lover(s) and remain with them, some manage to meet their Fate Bonded soul mate and share long lives together- Some lose their Fate Bond and spend the next few eons searching for them again.
A lucky few sometimes hook up with an immortal deity and never have to worry about that stuff again.
But Bachants in general are always searching, for something.

Racial Traits:
+10 Strength, +8 Charisma, +6 Dexterity
Outsider [Native] [Extraplanar][Time (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/rules-for-monsters/creature-types/new-creature-subtypes#TOC-Time)]
Special: The Bachant can appear Tiny (Infant) Small (Adolecent) Young Adult-Adult (Medium) or Ancient (Large). See Time's Body.
Bachants have a base land speed of 50ft
Quantum Efficiency (Ex): Built around the idea that when something is unobserved it does not truly exist but is a cloud of probability, whenever there is no creature looking at the Bachant, she can move 50ft as a 5ft step and her base speed becomes 500ft. This includes when you have total cover, total concealment, or are invisible.
Time's Body (Ex): The Bachant can act normally under Time Stop or similar effects used by others. The Bachant never ages, and can always appear whatever age she wishes, changing size appropriately up to Large. Physical stats change appropriately, but mental statistics are not altered by making yourself older. Normal benefits and penalties for altered sizes apply. As such, you are not effected by spells that attempt to alter age. This is your true form, True Seeing does not reveal any differently.
When a Bachant is killed, it is reborn in a new plane of existence with no conscious memory of its past lives. Bachants always have the same Chronostaff in its lifetimes. Bachants are always considered Native outsiders. Spells made to "Banish" a Bachant automatically fail, any spell that tries to push a Bachant back to its "own world" or "own plane" Automatically fail, because it has no home plane to go to.
Time's Mind (Ex): The Bachant is immune to Mind-Effecting effects, Fear, and she has Telepathy at range 100ft unless she knows the target very well (Traveling together for 2 weeks or more, been in at least one life threatening situation with each other, or shared a bed a few times) in which case there is no range except that they share the same plane.
They always know what time it is, and are considered a psionic race with +5pp and a single bonus power known chosen from the Psion/Wilder 1st level list.
Time's Touch (Su): You can deliver a touch attack to reduce a targets age by up to a maximum or minimum of 10d12 years, +1d12 years every 2 character levels. They take the physical benefits and penalties appropriate for the new age category. If this would age them over their races natural life span, they die as if they died of old age. Creatures can resist this with a Fortitude save 10+1/2HD/character levels+Charisma modifier. Again, its up to a maximum or minimum. You can selectively age in between that time. The new age is True, and true seeing reveals no differently. You can use this a number of times per day equal to your HD/character level.
For every year aged, you gain 2HP. Excess turns into temporary HP for 24 hours. For every year you reduce age, you take twice as much nonlethal damage.
Foresight (Su) See a few seconds into the future. This ability prevents a creature from being surprised, caught flat-footed, or flanked. It also grants the creature an insight bonus to AC equal to its Charisma bonus. This ability can be negated, but can be restarted as a free action on the creature’s next turn.
Chronostaff: All Bachants are blessed with a Chronostaff. A unique item bonded to the Bachant. The Chronostaff can be wielded in combat as if it was a quarterstaff, it can deliver a Time's Touch that is half as effective whenever it deals damage as such. It gives the Bachant access to the Time domain as a cleric of her level, the spells the domain gives are spontaneous and can be used each 3 times per day + charisma modifier. As long as the Bachant is in possession of her Chronostaff, she effectively has an at-will Dispel Magic she can use which functions by reverting a singular effect or spell back in time until it never existed. At 15th character level/HD, the Bachant instead uses this as Greater Dispel Magic and she regains HP equal to 5x the caster level whenever she reverts an effect.
The Chronostaff is bonded the the Bachant and exists outside of time and space, she can cause it to disappear out of existence at will so long as she is in contact with it, and can make it reappear as a free action. The Chronostaff can be considered Invisible at any time, suppressible or activated as a free action.
Each Chronostaff is unique to the Bachant who owns it and no two are ever alike in all but one feature: a mark somewhere near the base of the staff. In which case there is always a pair, and whoever has the matching symbol is fate bound to be the other's soul mate, disregarding gender.
A Chronostaff shares the same HP as its owner and has a hardness equal to 4x the owners HD or character level. At 15th level, a Chronostaff cannot be destroyed- but can still be stolen. A broken Chronostaff causes the Bachant to go into a coma, under the effects of Timeless Body, until it repairs itself in 1d12+3 weeks and the Bachant wakes up.
A Bachant who's staff has been stolen always knows its general direction, and if its on or off her current plane of existence.
Special: Once every 20d20 years, the Chronostaff flairs to life signifying that it has connected to its ancient source and can now be used to cast Plane Shift, which she can use to travel to any plane she has been to or to travel to a new, random, plane.
Skill Bonuses: +10 Disguise, +10 Knowledge (Plantes), +5 Perception, +5 Move Silently
Automatic Languages: Common, Baccheshine
Bonus Languages: Any
Favored Class: Stylist, Wilder, Psychic Warrior
Level Adjustment: +7

Cursed Bachants are as follows:
+20 Str, +16 Cha, +12 Dex
Cursed Bachants have 10 racial HD, d10. And have a BaB equal to their level, and good Reflex and Will, poor Fort, and 6 skill points per level. These are all base, and the Cursed Bachant uses class features when available.
Quantum Efficiency: Built around the idea that when something is unobserved it does not truly exist but is a cloud of probability, whenever there is no creature looking at the Bachant, she can move 100ft as a 5ft step and her base speed becomes 1,000ft. This includes when you have total cover, total concealment, or are invisible. In addition, they can deliver four attacks per round.
Whenever a Cursed Bachant is being observed, they become Petrified- turned to stone. They are unable to move. When Petrified, they are under similar effects of Timeless Body. They cannot be damaged, they cannot receive even beneficial effects, they cannot be moved. They are still aware of their surroundings and see normally from their stony eyes. Other Cursed Bachants count, thus when two Cursed Bachants see each other they are eternally petrified until someone breaks them apart. Note it is an extremely unlikely event in which two Bachants meet, let alone two Cursed Bachants.
Time's Touch: You can deliver a touch attack to reduce a targets age by up to a maximum or minimum of 20d12 years, +5d12 years every 2 character levels. They take the physical benefits and penalties appropriate for the new age category. If this would age them over their races natural life span, they die as if they died of old age. Creatures can resist this with a Fortitude save 10+1/2HD/character levels+Charisma modifier. Again, its up to a maximum or minimum. You can selectively age in between that time. The new age is True, and true seeing reveals no differently. You can use this a number of times per day equal to your HD/character level.
The Cursed Bachant almost always reverses aging. If a creature's age would hit 0 or less, they are erased from existence and the Cursed Bachant gains all the XP the victim had. Anyone who knew the victim makes a Will save or forgets they ever knew the victim. Any image of the victim is modified to suite the creatures new lack of ever having existed, and somewhere in the universe a new Cursed Bachant is born, there is a 1% chance that it will instead be a normal Bachant.
Level Adjustment: +15?

This subtype is applied to creatures (usually outsiders) with some connection to the Plane of time. They exist outside the normal flow of time and often age differently, sometimes not aging at all and other times actually aging backwards. They are immune to spells and effects that affect time. They also possess the following trait:
Foresight (Su) See a few seconds into the future. This ability prevents a creature from being surprised, caught flat-footed, or flanked. It also grants the creature an insight bonus to AC equal to its Wisdom/Charisma/or Intelligence bonus. this ability can be negated, but can be restarted as a free action on the creature’s next turn.

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2012-06-27, 04:15 PM
The Gomuran


*Humanoid (Augmented): Gomuran (Gomu singular) are humanoids that are inherently born with the Augmented subtype.
*+6 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Wis, -2 Int
*Medium: As Medium creatures, gomuran have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
*Gomuran base land speed is 30 feet.
*Rubber Body: Gomuran have elastic, rubbery bodies massively resistant blunt trauma. Gomuran are immune to bludgeoning, falling, pressure,crushing damages, they are never subject to death from massive damage, and never need to make fortitude saves unless it would effect a construct.
They have a bonus to escape artist checks equal to their total HD x10- and they get +1 to their reflex saves every two HD. It is very hard to get a hold of a gomuran who doesn't want to be trapped, and they are very spry.
However, a gomu always fails a swim check.
A gomuran subject to True Seeing appears to be made of plastic, plainly artificial and unreal in appearance though definitely humanoid and far from featureless- They appear startlingly humanlike yet blatantly "off" (Just like the given image up top)
*Rubber Reach: Gomuran can stretch easily. Their reach is increased by 5ft for every hit die the gomu possesses. A level 1 gomuran for example has a 5ft boost. Every 10HD the bonus is doubled thereafter. a 10th level Gomu gets +10 instead of +5 every level thereafter, and at 20th the Gomu gets +20ft and every level thereafter.
*Malleable: A gomuran's body isn't set in stone. A gomuran gets the minor shape change ability, as a changeling, but coloration does not change and it takes a full round action to do anything other then subtle changes granting a +2 to disguise checks. This also means the gomu is softer. A gomuran takes x1.5 damage from slashing or piercing weapons. A gomu maintains the altered shape for as long as it concentrates. A gomuran cannot change its gender, though it can appear as another gender using this ability.
*Pliable: A gomuran is relatively thick in the head. They are especially susceptible to influence and receive a -5 to sense motive checks and a -2 to will saves to resist compulsion effects.
Racial Skill bonuses: +5 Jump, +2 Climb, +2 Disguise
Automatic Languages: Common.
Favored Class: Monk, Barbarian
Level Adjustment: +4

Racial Feats:

Pistol Fist (Racial):
Prerequisite: Gomuran
You can make a melee attack at double your normal reach, factoring Rubber Reach into the doubling. This counts as a melee attack with a "Pistol Fist" weapon. Dealing damage reliant on your Size. For every size larger then Small, you increase the die by one. Small size: 1d4. medium: 1d6 Large: 1d8, Huge: 1d10, Gargantuan: 1d12, Colossal: 2d8. Colossal+: 4d6, then 5d6, 6d6, and so on.
Pistol Fists count as both an unarmed attack and a monk weapon, it deals its given damage in addition to Monk Unarmed Damage bonuses.

Rifle Fist (Racial):
Prerequisite: Gomuran, BaB +5
You can make a melee attack at triple your normal reach, factoring Rubber Reach into the doubling. This counts as a melee attack with a "Rifle Fist" weapon. Dealing damage reliant on your Size. For every size larger then Small, you increase the die by one. Small size: 1d8. medium: 1d10 Large: 1d12, Huge: 2d8, Gargantuan: 4d6, Colossal: 5d6. Colossal+: 6d6, then 7d6, 8d6, and so on.
Pistol Fist becomes a Basic attack.
Rifle Fists count as both an unarmed attack and a monk weapon, it deals its given damage in addition to Monk Unarmed Damage bonuses.

Cannon Fist (Racial):
Prerequisite: Gomuran, BaB +10
You can make a melee attack at quadrupling your normal reach, factoring Rubber Reach into the doubling. This counts as a melee attack with a "Cannon Fist" weapon. Dealing damage reliant on your Size. For every size larger then Small, you increase the die by one. Small size: 1d10. medium: 1d12 Large: 2d8, Huge: 4d6, Gargantuan: 5d6, Colossal:6d6. Colossal+: 7d6, then 8d6, 8d6, and so on.
Rifle Fist is now a basic attack. Pistol Fist gains a second attack with each use (+20/+15/+10/+5 would give eight attacks instead of four, two for each bonus)
Cannon Fists count as both an unarmed attack and a monk weapon, it deals its given damage in addition to Monk Unarmed Damage bonuses. Cannon fist counts as a two-handed weapon (The attack is made using both hands), and adds x1.5 your strength modifier to the attack as normal for two-handed weapons.
Cannon Fist knocks targets back by 10ft for every 5 damage dealt unless the target succeeds on a strength check DC = your attack roll.

Gatling Fists (Racial):
Prerequisite: Gomuran, BaB +15
The Gomuran can perform a flurry of Pistol Fists. Roll a d12 for each enemy in a 60ft cone. The number that appears is the number of Pistol Fists they are potentially hit with. Make a single attack roll at your highest bonus, if it misses- all the Pistol Fists miss. If it hits, they all hit. Critical hits or fails are only against one fist, re-roll for the others.

Gatling Storm (Racial):
Prerequisite: Gomuran, BaB +20
This functions as Gatling Fists, but roll a d20 and use Rifle Fist instead of Pistol Fist. Gatling storm's cone is 120ft.

Compress (Racial):
Prerequisite: Gomuran BaB +5
As a move action, you can compress your body. Building and storing resistance and energy. Your next standard action is made as if you were a size category larger.
This feat can be taken multiple times. Each time, you add one to the size category increase.

Gear Third (Racial):
Prerequisite: Gomuran, Compress 2 ranks, BaB +15
The gomu can bite herself to let in air, expanding in size temporarily. This works like Compress as if she had three more feats spent on it, but it is always active for a number of rounds equal to the gomu's constitution modifier. Once Gear Third's duration ends, the Gomuran is reduced to three sizes smaller then her base size and becomes even softer, taking x2 damage from piercing and slashing weapons and is unable to deal damage with her fists and cannot effectively use any weapon made for her normal size. This size decrease lasts as long as Gear Third did.

Quick Compress (Racial):
Prerequisite: Gomuran, Compress, BaB +15
You can use Compress as a swift action.
Normal: Compress is a move action.

Spring Loaded (Racial):
Prerequisite: Gomuran
As a move action, a Gomu can compress her legs, twisting, building pressure then releasing it. This lets her make a jump check with a bonus equal to her HD x10.

Quick Spring (Racial):
Prerequisite: Gomuran, Spring Loaded, BaB +5
You can use Spring Loaded as a swift action.
Normal: Using Spring Loaded is a move action.

Gear Second (Racial):
Prerequisite: Gomruran, Quick Compress, Quick Spring, BaB +17
The Gomuran can build on attributes from Quick Compress and Quick Spring, pumping blood throughout her at increased rates and building tension so high her skin becomes reddened and steaming. Her speed increases by x10 of whatever it currently is. She can move 50ft in place of 5ft when performing a 5ft step, can make a reflex save to avoid attacks DC equals the opposing attack roll. Even then, she has a +5 dodge bonus to AC.
While in Gear Second, her BAB increases as if she was five levels higher, and is considered to be under the effects of Spring Loaded and Compressed as if she had two compress feats (Even if you would have more) but can take an action to compress yourself as normal if you'd normally be able to compress further.
Gear Second lasts for a number of rounds equal to her constitution modifier. When it ends, she takes 1d6 constitution damage and is Fatigued until she gets an 8 hour rest. In addition, her maximum age is reduced by 5 years whenever she uses this ability.

Wide Whip(Racial):
Prerequisite: Gomuran, Rifle fist
You can make your Rifle Fist against all in a 60ft cone. Automatically make trip attacks against each that you deal damage to.

Afro Power (Racial):
Prerequisite: Gomuran, Disguise skill +10, BaB +5
Gomuran have an affinity to the power of Afros, and are deeply connected to the flow of awesome from within its large spherical mass.
A Gomuran can make a disguise check DC 5 to put wear a large black afro, or a DC 10 to include side burns.
With the Afro on, the afrogomu gains a +2 Afro bonus to all rolls and can make a will save to avoid dying with a DC of 10 + 1/2 the damage taken that would put you at 0 or less HP. If you succeed, you are instead at 1 hp.
In addition, any male ally is given a +2 Moral bonus to Will saves and all checks to cheer on or otherwise support the afrogomu. Enemies must make a Will save DC 10 + the gomu's charisma modifier to avoid being shaken at the first sight of the afrogomu for a number of rounds equal to the afrogomu's charisma modifier. An enemy can only be effected once per day by this effect.
The afro is immune to damage, but can be Disarmed causing the gomu to lose his or her afro bonuses.

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2012-06-27, 04:16 PM
The Camazotz

The Camazotz
Humanoid (Shapechanger)
*+4 Str, +2 Dex
*Special. Camazotz are Medium when humanoid and hybrid, but Large when fully transformed.
*Transformation: Hybrid: At-Will, a Camazotz can transform from a perfectly normal looking humanoid into a Hybrid. A winged being covered in coarse and bristly fur, a batlike head that retains humanoid characteristics. It is still humanoid, ish, but it has ____ legs and has claws and a short tail. Big ears and a developed noes grant it an increase in senses.
When transformed, the Camazotz strength bonus increases to +6 and dex to +4.
It gains a natural claw primary attack, 1d6 damage x2 critical.
It gains a bite secondary attack, 1d4 damage, x3 critical.
It also gains the Scent ability, and automatically succeeds on Listen checks within 30ft. It can hear the beating of a heart within 10ft, and is completely unaffected by invisibility within 10ft. Within 30ft, the Camazotz can hear well enough to make an attack at the proper 5ft area where an invisible creature has moved to on its last turn.
The Camazotz has a fly speed equal to its land speed with poor maneuverability.
A Camazotz can change into Hybrid form as a move action, and change back as a swift action.

*Transformation: Full:
A full transformation. The Camazotz becomes a Large creature and all the benefits and penalties that apply to such. It becomes quadrupedal though it can stand on two legs, but can't walk on them.
It gains a primary bite attack with serrated and slightly hooked fangs dealing 1d6 damage, x3 critical. Whenever it deals damage with a bite attack it deals 1 constitution damage and the victim bleeds profusely, taking 10% the damage again until the damage is healed. This only effects targets who are not immune to critical hits.
They have a longer claws, dealing 1d8 damage x2 critical. And it can make a grapple check as a free action whenever it hits with its claw. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Every round it maintains a pin, drain its blood. Dealing 1d4 constitution damage and restoring 1d4 damage per two hit dice the victim possesses. If the target is bleeding from the Camazotz's bite attack, it heals an extra 1 damage per die.
The Fully transformed Camazotz has Blindsense out to 30ft and Blindsight within 10ft.
It retains the Scent ability, but can use it to determine sex and type unless it is impeded by some means, such as strong perfumes or scent altering items or magic.
It gains Darkvision 60ft.
It gains a flight speed equal to twice its land speed with average maneuverability.
A Camazotz has a Fearsome Presence. Creatures not immune to fear must make a will save DC 10 + Camazotz charisma mod + 1/2 Camazotz's HD. If they fail, they are shaken. If they are already shaken, they progress up the Fear scale to the next appropriate level. A creature can only be effected by this once in a 24 hour period.
A Camazotz in full transformation is susceptible to abilities such as Animal Affinity. And has a -4 to will saves to resist spells of the enchantment school.
A Camazotz can maintain a full transformation for only a total number of rounds per day equal to their Constitution modifier. They can transform back as a movement equivalent action. It takes a full round action to change from Humanoid to Full. But only a movement action to shift from Hybrid to Full.
*Blood Dependency: A Camazotz must drink blood from any living source once per week or it gains a cumulative -2 to all ability scores until it dies or it drinks blood once more. It can be from any living creature so long as its fresh (Harvested within the past 6 hours).
*Sunlight Weakness: A Camazotz who is exposed to direct sunlight takes 1/4th its HP in damage upon contact that is not negated by any resistances and does not heal naturally, and cannot be magically healed for 24 hours. This means the Camazotz counts for spells that would deal extra damage to creatures such as vampires.
*Light Sensitivity: A Camazotz is instantly blinded if it suddenly goes from Dim lighting to Bright lighting, such as if in the area of a sudden Daylight spell or similar effect, or if abruptly exposed to sunlight. If it gradually adjusts to the bright light, it only takes a -2 to concentration checks. A Camazotz who is frequently exposed to bright light eventually overcomes this weakness unless kept in the dark for one week, or in Dim Lighting for a month.
*Vampire Affinity: Camazotz count as vampires for spells and effects pertaining to vampires so long as they have an ability in question. They could not take a feat that improves a vampire's turn resistance or Mist Form, for example.
Automatic Languages: Common, Abyssal.
Favored Class: Barbarians, Blackguard
Level Adjustment: +3 ?

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2012-06-27, 04:18 PM
The Yeomi


Yeomi are a race of womanly beings created by nature itself, by the earth, in reply to the many other sentient beings that walk its surface and dwell within her rocky form. Mother Nature, Gia, Whatever name she is named among the many races, created her own being to walk among the others. A Race to call her own. So was born the Yeomi. A race without males designed by Earth to be among the fairest of the creatures that dwell with her to bless mankind with beauty and a loving hand to care for them as she herself would care for them if she weren't restricted by all this cosmic law nonsense established by these uppity newbloods who call themselves gods.

Personality: Yeomi are a quiet and elusive race. They are always thinking and staring off into space just as likely to be day dreaming as they are to be pondering something. They are always graceful in their movements, never jaunting or making too sudden a movement. Yeomi are romantic creatures with ideals of romance. They enjoy doing things that benefit either living or nonliving things. While she wont particularly care about a rock to such an extent, a whole area of stone or unique formations garner her attention.
They feel an almost physical pain when they see people in states of great sorrow or injury. They cannot bear it, and a Yeomi who lives in such a state for too long starts to turn gray in color and lose her personality, becoming dull and lifeless. Eventually, they will blacken and die. The same can happen if a Yeomi herself suffers great sorrow that she cannot recover from.
As such, Yeomi's avoid areas of great strife that they cannot hope to overcome and in eras of great depressions the Yeomi can die out entirely.
Yeomi can be immensely passionate about things, things they think are important and indeed often are. They never half-ass their emotions, they act on them whenever possible and feel a hole in their being when they cannot follow through with something. They regret it when they do not act on emotion, so they often do even if it would get themselves in trouble. Begrudgingly, they will withhold it if she knows it would get others into trouble unless it is just something that must be done.

Physical Descriptions: Yeomi are a female only race, there are only females and never males. Unlike the Elna, who can mate with any race and even each other by magical means, the Yeomi can only mate with other fey and produce half breeds that are part Yeo and part the race of the father.
However, the chance of conception is incredibly small and near nonexistant. Such children are often referred to as Earth's Blessings, a gift from the Earth who blessed the couple with child.
The Yeomi's true method of reproduction is an exchange of certain fluids between two Yeomi which are used to create a new Yeo using traits collected from the other. This fluid is secreted from the Seed of a Yeo, which is the storage of all the building blocks of the Yeo. This Seed bares another use... When a Yeo dies, this seed detaches from the body to set into place inside the womb, where it starts to steal remaining nutrients from the body and surrounding terrain if possible in order to regrow the dead Yeo, who after three to twelve months depending on the conditions, comes back to life looking like they did when they were twenty, or when they died if they were younger.
There is, in addition, a rare chance that a Yeo will be born as a first generation- Born directly from the will of the earth. This can happen especially during times of great prosperity and peace or when the earth chooses to give up a champion of its own to cleanse itself of evil, bringing forth its champion just as the deities would select a chosen one or divine or push for the birth of a hero.

Technicalities aside! The Yeo are a beautiful race who look like ideal females who aren't quite human, having vibrant colors and with a wider spectrum of hair and eye colors including blue or green hair or red or yellow eyes, for example. Whatever the color, it is never a ruddy color, it is always vibrant and of a pleasant shade. Their bodies are always shapely and full of stature by the time they are twenty. They are often placed at the same level as Nymphs when it comes to looks, but they do not have supernatural beauty to them that blinds or stuns.
They always grow to 6'2" in height by age 30, and they never otherwise appear to age until they hit 60, when they rapidly degenerate and shrink, and wither. Their hair shortens, but they otherwise do not fade in color. They always die at age 80, on the exact time of 2,524,554,080 seconds lived. Their seed then feeds, grows, and reproduces the Yeo at the ripe age of 20.
Though they are plant-based, They were made to mimic the human form. They do not have blood, and do not truly need most of what they replicate, but they do have plant mirrors of human fleshy counterparts. They do not have blood, yet they have a heart which circulates water like liquid about their body through thin veins rather then blood. They do not have all the organs of a human however. But they do have a plant based brain that functions the same as a living. The difference being that each "organ" works properly even when damaged, or is simply shut down while it repairs itself and the body functions without it. The cells themselves function as miniature brains as a "Back up generator" or sorts for heavy damage to the head.
It may be hard to wrap your head around. But the Yeomi appear just like humans. They just don't make red messes whenever they get a limb taken off and pay as much heed to a stab through the heart as a human would care about a stab to the foot or hand.

Relations: Yeomi share good relations with Nymphs and Dryads in particular. Most fey creatures get along with the Yeomi, and Earth Elementals are never naturally an enemy of a Yeo without outside intervention or manipulation.
They are often found desirable to have around, and most good races do not complain about them. Evil races, or evil cities or kingdoms however do not like Yeomi due to their caring nature and desire to help those in need which can include finding ways to be rid of tyrants and oppressors.
Drow have the worst of relations with the Yeomi, due to their ruthless nature as well as similarities- Both being female dominate (Though the Yeo have no choice in that regard), and both being connected to the earth in some manner.

Alignment: Yeomi are always Neutral Good, or True Neutral. Rarely, a Yeo could potentially be corrupted into being evil.

Land: Yeomi do not call any land their own, but they are at peace with any location so long as they can feel the earth, even overdeveloped cities. Especially overdeveloped cities where they can help out the lonely or ill taken care of.

Religion: Yeomi do not believe in any god or goddess in particular, but believe in the earth as a child believes in her mother. A knowing and trust in a parent figure of sorts rather then a belief in faith in a deity. They would be fine believing in deities of good domains such as protection, healing, good, or of nature, and especially plants.

Adventures: Yeomi can very very adventurous. When they set their mind on a task, their determination can see them through to the bitter end. Which for the Yeo in question, can result in several bitter ends until an enemy decides to burn her corpse or kill her with a Disintegration, or perhaps trap her for eternity with an Imprisonment.
They often adventure for the typical reasons a good character would adventure for, to over come some evil or retrieve some item of great good, to help out a good deity, or perhaps just to generally help people instead of staying in one place helping with the little things.

Plant [Augmented]
+2 Str, +4 Con, +2 Wis, +6 Cha
Size: Medium. A Yeo does not suffer penalties or benefit from bonuses due to size.
Seed: When a Yeo is killed she has a seed within her that will start to grow over the course of three months to a year depending on the growing conditions. This seed feeds of nutrients from the Yeo's previous body to grow, eating away at its past self to reform into a new fully formed Yeo of the age of maturation, which is a visual age comparable to a human of 20.
The Seed cannot develop if it is damaged or destroyed, such as if the cause of death was a Disintegration spell or if the body was cremated before the Seed was removed intentionally or otherwise. This seed regrows even if the cause of death was natural or due to old age. The new Yeo retains all memories and experience of the previous Yeo, there is no loss of any sort- it is the same Yeo. They simply grow bodies similarly like a human would grow hair.
A Yeo's body does not decay on its own, remaining full until the Seed eats away at it.
A Yeo who becomes undead has its Seed detach and become as lifeless and hard as a rock until the day the undead is destroyed and its essence released, when the Seed slowly comes back to life.
Yeomi Anatomy: A Yeo's sustenance comes from the Sun. A Yeo without access to at least 30 minutes of sunlight a week starts to die. It takes 1 constitution damage the first week. Then 1d4 the next. 1d8 after that. 1d12 the next, then the dice doubles there after until it dies or gets 30 minutes of sunlight. The constitution damage reverses for every 4 hours of sunlight the Yeomi receives. A Yeo that dies of sun deprivation takes five months longer to regrow. A Yeo that dies twice in a row of sun deprivation lacks the nutrients to regrow from her Seed, which remains stagnate until it can be moved to a source of proper nutrients.
As a 1 round action, the Yeomi can gather light to absorb it quicker to restore 1d12/level + Cha HP. She regains the HP at the start of her next turn, if she is damaged during that time she gains only half the HP she would have.
A Yeo does not need to eat normal food, but she does need to drink water or suffer dehydration. A Yeo's lacks a true stomach, and it cannot support solid foods or obscure man-made liquids. A Yeo who eats solid foods, or drinks obscure liquids, is nauseated for 2 rounds and sickened for 2 hours with a very upset stomach and abdominal pains. Whats more, they expel the food back up the way it came relatively shortly after consuming the food. Their body knows it cannot digest it, so it expels it. Hold it in as long as they can, but its coming out eventually...
A Yeo still needs to sleep, A Yeo's true life essence is connected to the earth. As they sleep, they do not expend what energy they get and instead gather more and build up. They dream when they sleep, their minds connect to an ancient primordial consciousness that shows them old stories and events, their dreams can sometimes show them past beings who overcame challenges the Yeo must face to help them through rough times (DM plot tool).
As a Plant creature, a Yeo has the following traits:

Low-light vision.
Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects).
Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, polymorph, and stunning.
Not subject to critical hits.

Yeomi are soft creatures. They can never develop a Natural Armor bonus, even through class features. Instead, they gain a dodge bonus to AC equal to their charisma modifier, moving with supernatural grace. This stacks with normal dexterity or dodge bonuses to AC and if a class feature would give Natural Armor, it instead gives a dodge bonus.
A Yeomi takes extra damage from slashing weapons and fire effects, which deal x1.5 damage to the Yemoi. Cold spells reduce the Yeo's speed by 5ft per 5 damage taken in a 1 hour period, after 1 hour from the last taken Cold damage the speed reduction is lifted.
However, a Yeo in contact with water gains fast healing equal to their HD or overall level. A Yeo can only benefit from this for a number of rounds equal to her Constitution modifier before she becomes waterlogged which makes her sickened for twelve rounds or until she takes 25% her HP in fire damage or in six hours.
Healing Affinity: By spending a full round action in order to use a healing spell, the Yeomi can add half the healing she could perform on herself through her Yeomi Anatomy to her healing spell.
Skill Bonuses: +2 Handle Animal, +2 Heal, +5 Knowledge (Nature), +5 Survival.
Automatic Languages: Common, Sylvan, Terran
Bonus Languages: There are few languages that haven't been spoken without the earth hearing it. The Yeomi can select any language as a bonus language within normal rules.
Favored Class: Yeomi can choose to take the Druid Class, but do so using Charisma using spells known and per day as a sorcerer, replacing Wisdom references with Charisma. Or they can take the class normally. In either case, Druid is the favored class of a Yeo.
Level Adjustment: ?

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2012-06-27, 04:19 PM
The Feljen

http://bloodycupcakes.webs.com/photos/Things-that-have-made-me-lol/England__s_Imaginary_Friends_by_trumpet__artist.pn g

Feljen are a race of creatures that inhabit the minds of sentient beings. They exist on a mental layer in a similar manner to ethereal creatures inhabiting the ethereal. Many people mistake Feljen for ghosts or poltergeists, but that is very incorrect.

Personality: Feljen have the same personality dynamics of the human species. They are varied, no two have the same personality though they can share traits, just as humans can share personality traits. One Feljen can be wicked to the core while another can strive to be a paragon of good.
All Feljen however are protective of whoever serves as their Host, even the evil ones begrudgingly or otherwise protect him or her, hell or IT so long as its sentient.

Physical Description: Feljen do not have true bodies, spiritual or otherwise, they are pure mental essence made sentient on its own. They exist mentally, and need to sustain themselves by connecting with a Host. Feljen can interact with other Feljen like a human interacts with another human. Two Feljen can even reproduce together.
What they look like varies greatly. Generally, they can look like whatever they please and its considered their true form, they do not have a single set "True form" like a physical creature.

Alignment: Varies just as a human's.

Land: Feljen inhabit the mind, that is rather unique to them, otherwise Feljen do not have lands to call their own.

Religion: Feljen vary in religion, but generally Feljen do not believe in deities.

Adventures: Feljen can adventure for a variety of reasons. To find purpose in their life, to find a host they can be happy to protect and bond with for the rest of its life, or perhaps because it cant find a decent host and the one its stuck with happens to be an adventurer.

Outsider [Imaginary]
+6 Wis, +4 Int, +2 Cha
Size: Special, see abilities.
Speed: Special, see abilities.
Manifestation: Feljen exist, and yet they don't exist. Feljen have no body or any physical or spiritual form to speak of. They can look like whatever they wish to whoever they wish (Two people, or more, can see something different), they can be whatever size they wish in direct correlation to their personal power. The maximum size they can appear is 100xHD or level. Instead of size, they can simply appear anywhere in that range. Which must be in contact with its Host (Ie, the range starts adjacent to the Feljen's host), as read later on.
However, they do not really exist.
Feljen have no strength score, no constitution score, and no dexterity score. Thus, they cannot physically manipulate anything, they cannot be harmed by conventional means, they are immune to anything requiring a reflex or fortitude save.
A Feljen can only be seen by people with True Seeing or people with a Telepathy communication ability. Spells and powers count if it has a duration, but things like Sending or Message that relay only one line of communication at a time do not, it must be a constant and active ability.
As a free action, A Feljen can invade somethings mind, forming a link with it. They can only link with one sentient creature at a time. When linked, the host can see the Feljen normally and even interact with it.
A linked creature can effect the Feljen normally despite its immunity and lack of a real body. However it cannot be killed by its host creature. As long as it is linked with a host, the Feljen will reform itself from its mind.
Any image taken or drawn of a Feljen becomes a new Feljen of its own. This is not true of any image another Feljen makes, as its not really real. These image born Feljen just find a host within a week or they will fade away.
A Feljen who cannot bond with a Host for a number of weeks equal to their HD will fade away and become nonexistent, as they require the mental energy to sustain themselves.
As a swift action, the Feljen can merge back into the mind of its host, becoming immune to anything and completely undetectable unless someone succeeds in using Detect Thoughts.
A Feljen, merged or otherwise, is still vulnerable to Mind-Effecting attacks and psychic damage and effects. Such as Deja Vu, Disable, or Mind Thrust.
Willpower: The will of a Feljen is strong. They add their charisma modifier to will saving throws, the Feljen's charisma is also added to its Host's will save.
They can channel their willpower through their host to effect the world around him or her, moving objects at a range equal to twice the size it can appear as ( Range = 200 x HD or Level ) using its Wisdom in place of strength. This force can act as unarmed damage and perform maneuvers such as bull rushes, charges, or trips. It can only concentrate this force in a limited way, effecting one object or creature but not multiple. It can, however, make multiple actions as normal such as with bonus attacks with a high BaB.
Whenever a Feljen makes use of this effect, which is considered a Force effect, it leaves a mental opening until the start of its next turn any creature who knows it exists in some way can use to channel any conventional spell or even a nice fist the Feljen would normally be immune to. If the spell targets that opening, it becomes a mental Mind-Effecting effect and focuses direct against the Feljen who must save as normal using Charisma in place of Constitution or Strength. This opening is also created when the Feljen tries to use any ability that isn't Mind-Effecting, otherwise it would still be mental in nature and not real, and unlikely to even be seen by its target.
Feljen can appear as whatever they wish, as stated, when a Feljen makes an Intimidate check, they can give themselves a +10 by assuming a frightening form and focusing their willpower to appear in the targets mind to become visible to it. It also gains a +10 when trying to bluff to make an enemy flat footed, or to disguise + bluff to appear as someone the host creature knows or that it can see through someone else's mind by alternate means, such as a Feljen Psion or Wizard who can use Probe Thoughts, for example.
A Feljen can use its willpower to touch the minds of anyone in range of its normal force effect of Willpower, instead of manifesting through to the material, it remains mental and can be used as Telepathy, and be used as an at-will detect thoughts.
Possession: Similar to its ability to bond with a host, a Feljen of 10HD can outright possess a body instead of bonding with a host. It can possess even if it has a bonded "host". The body's own mind is moved to the back burner and displaced to the mental layer just as the Feljen was. Effectively switching roles forming a mental triangle: The Feljen, The Possessed, and The Host. If the body is killed, the possessed becomes "Imaginary" but has overwhelming mental energy and does not require a host to sustain it and can go as it pleases like a ghost. It is still bound with its spirit and is not technically dead- it just needs to find away to gain a physical body if it wishes. The Feljen is also simply ejected when this body dies IF it has a host. If it does not have a host still, it dies with the body.
Skill Bonuses: +2 Autohypnosis, +2 Intimidate, +2 Bluff, +2 Diplomacy
Automatic Languages: Common:
Bonus Languages: Any
Favored Class: Wilder, Sorcerer
Level Adjustment: ?

Imaginary creatures do not have a set life span, they become ageless unless their creature entry says otherwise in the case of creatures inherently Imaginary as opposed to gaining the subtype later in life.
Imaginary creatures have no strength, dexterity, or constitution score but move about on whim on a mental level, appearing however they wish within 100ft x HD, including rapid movement appearing within that distance instantly, and repeating ranged jumps like that until it gets somewhere quite quickly. Three such movements count as a Move action for an Imaginary creature.
Imaginary creatures cannot on their own effect anything unless it can manifest Telekinetic abilities, such as Telekinetic Sphere, or Telekinetic thrust.
Mind-Effecting abilities effect an Imaginary creature normally and the Imaginary creature itself can use Mind-Effecting abilities normally.
Creatures born with the Imaginary subtype can generally change their appearance within the 100ft x HD range as they wish, but creatures who gain it later on retain the appearance they kept when they were physical unless they force change using spells/powers such as Alter Self.
Any spell or effect created by an Imaginary creature, unless stated otherwise, is also on the mental layer and cant effect anything.

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2012-06-27, 04:23 PM
The Vorimr


The Vorimr are a race of tall beings that hail from the far reaches of the outer planes. They are investigators and travelers who's collective goal its to map the entirety of existence. Every plane, every world, every realm. The Vorimr travel, man, catalog, and record.
They are known as the secret-keepers and knowledge-seekers, several races hunt them for things they know, others come to them demanding knowledge. They never give in, they use their knowledge aggressively when repelling such demands, using their secrets and information on their species to overcome them. Otherwise, the Vorimr are very peaceful.
The Vorimr almost always accommodate those who are respectful of them and go about requesting information reverently, as opposed to demanding or outright searching for the knowledge for unsavory reasons...

Personality: Vorimr are very relaxed and peaceful. They are always in a state of being similar to an old monk. They are almost never seen angry or vengeful, they are always considerate and are willing to help any who ask or help on their own accord if it really looks like they need it. Otherwise, people don't always want their help so they make sure they don't mind before helping anyone, as they don't want to cause problems or inconvenience anyone. They can talk to anyone if they talk first, loving conversation and learning about the lives of others. They love hearing and telling stories of exploration and adventure, and occasionally of order overcoming chaos. A Vorimr is incredibly patient by nature, and can sit for hours doing nothing- especially if its to sit and just listen to someones adventures.
They collect books, and always stock up on writing tools and paper to write and draw their own recordings.
Vorimr almost unfailingly keep a journal in which they detail their days, in addition to their recordbooks in which they make notes on new things, and draw maps of new places.

Physical Description: Vorimr are very tall beings with pinkish skin similar to a human's own. They have very kind and knowing eyes that once you get to know them are comforting and tend to make people feel safe and secure, and reassuring them that like all Vorimr they can keep a secret and stand by your side in friendship when you need it.
But as good as their inner appearance is, their outer appearance reflects the opposite. Vorimr have bony, warped appearances akin to the undead with a monstrous skeletal face and a mouth of sharp teeth, from which some protrude along the sides and front. Their head is somewhat long and alien in shape and their fingers, bony like the rest, are long and seem to have especially rounded joints. Their necks are longer then a humans, and they have indents where they should have ears and depressions about their frame. Their head has spikes that vary from Vorimr to Vorimr, and most appalling is the hole where a human would have a nose, similar in appearance to the flesh-less nose of a skull, yet the Vorimr's is all fleshy and just as pink as the rest of them.
But if you look past the strangeness of them, if you get to know them, these features seem to change. Where once was a grotesque maw can be seen a gentle smile, where once strange cheekbones may have seem aberrant now seems to show the hearty cheeks of a kind soul who laughs and enjoys friendship. Their long arms and capable reach, even their long neck, with their warm flesh becomes the perfect embrace to comfort your sorrows.

Alignment: Vorimr are almost exclusively lawful neutral. They value order in the world and are exceptionally caring and considerate when it comes to life. The Vorimr would never intentionally harm anyone unprovoked, and would never seek the destruction where redemption is possible. It is the desire of the Vorimr to unite all life under one banner in the sanctity of peace. All Vorimr are deeply troubled by strife and genuinely care when life is lost from the smallest of animals to the largest of creatures.

Land: Vorimr have their own homeland on their distant homeplane. Their cities are crystalline and peaceful, large and orderly. They live in a world without money, where each trusts another and supports the other, services are provided for services and care for care. They themselves do not have their own defenses but the land itself is akin to a Psicrystal of planetary size. It stores information imputed into it from returning Vorimr and itself is vastly intelligent and serves as both their land and their god. Its name is Variline and can manifest itself as a humanoid female to communicate in person with its people. It garners incredible power from its own psionics and its divinity accentuates and magnifies this to great heights. It is comparable to an overdeity, but it cares for all life as opposed to the general notion that overdeities are heartless beings who care little for mortal life.
Variline can alter its surface at will, and generate more crystal at speeds enough to form lances and spires larger then our sun at near instant speeds, capable of shattering planetary objects or meteorites before collision and destroy most threats with little effort. However, against true threats it can manifest its own immense psionic power to smite them down with powers scaled up to incredible heights.

Religion: All Vorimr do not so much worship, so much as know, respect, and love their creator, benefactor, and friend Variline- a powerful psionic deity of great influence. Variline would do anything for her children, the Vorimr, but is bound by the same rules other deities are and can do little to help them when they leave her to venture out in their explorations. When they are on her, as she is a psicrystal many many times larger then our earth, she can defend them with all her power. When a Vorimr dies, their consciousness is taken and merges with Variline and can wait to be reborn.
Vorimr do not actually have religious laws or doctrine so much as they have history. What "laws" they would have are already deeply ingrained in their race and personalities.

Language: Vorimr speak Veanisune, a language composed primarily of feeling and emotion that only psionic creatures or creatures with psionic levels can learn. These impressions are released outwardly similarly to sound waves being released when you normally talk. Certain sounds are also used to emphasize things or used like we would use punctuation in writing.
Their written language looks something like boxes that build spiral squarely out from a center and end in a similar manner to how we end paragraphs. These blocks of text can be mistaken for single characters at a first glance of someone unfamiliar with the language or unskilled in Decipher Script. But within these text blocks are many characters that are about as complected as Japanese is, even a touch more so, but the Vorimr use short, small and straight lines instead of smooth curves.

Adventures: Vorimr adventure very often. Almost every Vorimr leaves Variline to venture out and explore. Their primary motive in general is to help bring peace to the universe when they can and to record their journey as they go. They desire to map all of existence, so nearly every Vorimr draws maps as they go. They also keep personal journals in which the writings of great adventure are very desirable, as these journals are read in their death ceremonies in reverence and respect for the lost brother or sister.

Aberration [Extraplanar] [Native]
+4 Wis, +2 Cha. Vorimr are wise, and though very charismatic at heart are rather hard to look at at first, thus they have less charisma then they would have due to a drop from appearance. If you use the BoEF's appearance rules, Vorimr have +4 Charisma and -4 Appearance.
Medium size. Vorimr do not have benefits or penalties due to size.
30ft speed
Psicrystal (Psi): All Vorimr have a Psicrystal, a shard of Variline herself. They can use this psicrystal to store information and to generate small pocket dimensions in which they can store items like a bag of holding with a size equal to 1/4th its HD or character level.
This Psicrystal uses the Vorimr's HD or character level as a Psion level for determining the Psicrystal's capability. Even if you do not use Psionic rules, they still have this Psicrystal as a standalone item. If you do use psionic rules, the Vorimr counts as a Psionic creature with 6 bonus power points.
Skill Bonuses: +4 Autohypnosis, +2 Diplomacy, +2 Handle Animal, +2 Knowledge (Geography, Psionics (Or arcana) and Planes)
Automatic Languages: Common, Veanisune
Bonus Languages: Any
Favored Class: Wilder, Sorcerer, Favored Soul
Level Adjustment: +1

Random Starting Ages
Adulthood | Simple | Moderate | Complex
350 | +40d12 | +60d6 | +100d12

Aging Effects
{table=head]Adulthood | Middle Age | Old Age | Venerable | Maximum Age
150 | 350 | 750 | 1550 | 2000 [/table]

Random Height and Weight
{table=head]Gender | Base Height | height modifier | Base Weight | weight modifier
Male | 5"5" | +2d8 | 130lbs | x(1d8)lbs
Female | 5'5" | +2d8 | 120lbs | x(1d6)lbs[/table]

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2012-06-27, 04:25 PM
The Tuatha


The Tuatha are a race of magically included humanoids, who indeed look very much human, who live several times longer then a normal human. They are descendants of ancient kings and queens, royal blood raw with arcane potential fuels them and empowers their spells. Many Tuatha ascend into godhood, having much more deities stem from their race then any other mortal kin.

Personality: Tuatha vary greatly in personality, much like humans from which they are related to. Tuatha generally have a few traits that are consistant throughout most other Tuatha. Tuatha believe, in more of a cultural thing, in Hospitality and treat it as a kind of sacred ordinance almost. People who violate the hospitality or others or who deny hospitality are generally seen as honorless cretins. Tuatha are very vengeful and can take the smallest of slights as a grievous insult and must be punished- usually with death.
Tuatha have little humanity and tend to kill first and ask questions later. They are very angered when they cannot strike someone down, or get someone to bow to them. They are very dominate people, who can only bend their knee to someone proven better then them- who is also another Tuatha. Almost anyone else who isn't either Tuatha or a goram Deity is about as significant to them as the distance of which they can throw them. They would sooner hunt and kill someone who shows potential to equal or better them then acknowledge that they are better or on the same level.
Still, they are not inherintly evil, per say, and some like to call themselves good and indeed some may well be considered good. But this "goodness" is as far as it suits them and is usually only because they think its best. They retain a dominant alpha-status as they go about it, expecting to be served and repaid and thanked, and all that as if they are the best thing thats ever graced the sad lives of anyone who isn't Tuatha.

Physical Description: Tuatha look very much like humans. But in almost every outside way perfected. They are stronger, faster, and more durable then a human. The women are sleek and very pleasing to the eye, each of them looking like they belong in a magazine rather then standing before you while they wonder whether or not to threaten you, kill you, or to take you. The men are generally muscular. Hardly hulk like or grotesquely so, but the form of a strong exceedingly well fit human who doesn't have peanut sized testicles in direct contrast to their bulging mounds of muscle.
Their colors can vary within human ranges, though more vivid, but blonde and red hair with blue or green eyes are most common.

Alignment: Tuatha are a very sort of self centered species, very often Chaotic in alignment but they also have the most obscure way of being both totally lawful yet totally chaotic at the same time in a sort of Chaotically Lawful or Lawfully Chaotic. Its quite a mess really, but a good start would to just pin them as True Neutral in that they don't give a damn.

Land: Tuatha often inhabit a land of their own just outside the material plane. Its a very green place with plentiful forests and rolling hills rimmed with stony jagged mountains with peaceful lakes and streaming rivers. The name isn't very well established, as it changes once every few thousand years as power squabbles cause changes in leadership which in turn alters the name of the land, usually named in some fashion after the current head of the Tuatha.
The land is connected to the Material plane and travel to and from it is a very easy task for the Tuatha.

Religion: The Tuatha do not believe in gods as things for them to worship, but believe them to be merely other beings who are almost as worthy of worship as they are. The Tuatha believe themselves to be gods and do not worship others, but do respect and follow the head of the Tuatha which is as close to worshiping anyone else that they get. The Head Tuatha is, in fact, a god and so are the other more powerful and influential Tuatha. Not all Tuatha are gods, they simply have a tenancy to find ways to rise as such and when they do they are added to the table and a contestant in the endless power squabbles. Though these squabbles are generally kept somewhat civil, they do occur. Each Tuatha finding ways to one-up the other, or making alliances while simultaneously planning for betrayal from the others. Though friendships between Tuatha can exist, its a very concept and hard to establish. Generally, they only really trust outsiders if they can or other Tuatha who are not yet a part of the divine table.

Language: The Tuatha speak an old tongue that has died out in most practical applications on the material world, known only to old scholars or those who know of the Tuatha. Since the common mortal has long forgotten it, they renamed it after themselves as Tuathic. Tuathic consists of symbols called Runes and sounds somewhat breezy to the ears.

Adventures: The Tuatha are always looking for things with which to grow in power, they adventure often for artifacts and items of mysterious origin even if there is just the possibility that another Tuatha may be looking into it as well. They do however enjoy monster slaying, many Tuatha seeing the victory over great beasts to be a mark of honor and glory in triumph. They usually keep some part of the beast as a trophy to flaunt their victories. They often also adventure to quest against some uppity fool who insulted them or insulted Tuatha in general, someone showing disrespect for their kind and may be a threat some day.

+6 Cha, +4 Str, +4 Con
40ft speed
Noble Blood (Ex): The Tuatha have an ancient bloodline of magic that fuels them. They can cast magic even in areas of Antimagic or in planes in which magic does not exist. Doing so uses spell slots or spell points as if the spell was three levels higher. The Tuatha's spell DCs are increased by half their charisma modifier in addition to their normal spellcasting ability mod, even if it was already charsima they just add half again. A Tuatha casts spells as if she were four caster levels more then she is, a Fireball at 10th level would deal 14d6 damage instead of 10d6 damage, for example.
Always Magic (Su): A Tuatha can always cast spells as a sorcerer OR a druid of half her level. If she selects druid, she only uses the Druid spell list but actually casts as a Sorcerer but casts as a druid equal to her level instead of 1/2. If the Tuatha is already an arcane caster, they take cast spells as a Druid of their level. If they are already a druid or use the druid's list, they cast spells as a sorcerer of 1/2 their level. If the Tuatha is a divine caster, she chooses normally between the two.
Skill Bonuses: The Tuatha have a +2 racial bonus to Bluff, Concentration, Disguise, Knowledge (Arcana), and Spellcraft
Automatic Languages: Common, Tuathic
Bonus Languages: Any
Favored Class: Wilder, Sorcerer, Favored Soul
Level Adjustment: 5

Random Starting Ages
Adulthood | Simple | Moderate | Complex
50 | +10d12 | +40d6 | +60d12

Aging Effects
{table=head]Adulthood | Middle Age | Old Age | Venerable | Maximum Age
50 | 150 | 300 | 500 | +25d12 [/table]

Random Height and Weight
{table=head]Gender | Base Height | height modifier | Base Weight | weight modifier
Male | 6"5" | +2d8 | 200lbs | +(1d8*1d12)lbs
Female | 5'5" | +2d8 | 120lbs | +(1d6*1d10)lbs[/table]

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2012-06-27, 04:27 PM
The Immorthos

The Immorthos are a race of near immortal humanoids who are said to be unstoppable in combat. They have great regeneration capability and can withstand even the most pressing of forces.

Personality: Immorthos are violent by nature. The are heavily driven by instinct and desire, and by emotion. An Immorthos always acts on what it feels and it feels things quite directly. An Immorthos doesn't play around either, it is serious and has little sense of humor.

Physical Description: Immorthos look like lean muscular men or women, human in appearance, with either black or white hair usually kept short. They have flawless skin, as it never ages past when it hits adulthood and never retains scars or imperfections.

+6 Str, +2 Con
30ft speed
Regeneration/damage reduction (Ex): An Immorthos has regeneration and damage reduction equal to 10+its level/HD. Neither of these is overcome by a substance, but by a situation. In a situation where the Immorthos is within 15ft of another Immorthos, its regeneration decreases by 2 per round until it hits 0, When fighting another Immorthos they do not have damage reduction against each other, and have fast healing instead of regeneration against another Immorthos's attacks. Attacks made against an Immorthos with golden weapons within a consecrated area deal normal damage and bypass damage reduction.
Die Hard (Ex): An Immorthos has the Die Hard feat for free. The Immorthos also becomes immune to effects requiring a Fortitude save unless they would also effect objects.
Unsleeping (Ex): An Immorthos cannot be rendered unconscious by magic or natural means.
Static Local (Ex): An Immorthos cannot be pushed, pulled, or moved against its will except by another Immorthos of 1 level lower or more then the Immorthos in question.
Godly Strength (Ex): An Immorthos is a wellspring of strength. Their strength is considered six times as much when dealing unarmed damage or for determining the amount it can lift. It can wield weapons meant for four sizes larger then it is, and if it gains natural attacks, including unarmed damage, it deals that damage as if it were four sizes larger. For some reason this strength doesn't multiply when dealing damage with normal weapons however. An Immorthos who wields a normal sized weapon packs to much strength for it to handle, and must restrain itself to its normal strength stat or break the weapon after damage is dealt.
Skill Bonuses: +2 Autohhypnosis, +2 Balance, +2 Climb, +2 Jump, +2 Swim.
Automatic Languages: Common
Bonus Languages: Any
Favored Class: Barbarian (Damage reduction stacks)
Level Adjustment: ?

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2012-06-27, 04:29 PM
The Malbred

The Malbred are a race of evil sentient creatures that haunt the land. They are the stuff of nightmares and legends, the reason Curfews are made and the reason parents caution their children to stay in the yard and to never stay out too late.

Personality: The Malbred are very patient creatures with burning wicked hearts. They are always hungry and have a strong desire for the flesh of the living. But not any living can satisfy one, they seek the flesh of sentient life. Humans in particular are especially savory to them.
The Malbred are intelligent, and will patiently wait for perfect opportunities to strike. Hiding in plane sight masked in illusion and transformation to appear like normal, unassuming objects right out in the open on street corners or in alleyways. They strike when a potential victim is alone and unguarded, when they are vulnerable... They never remain in the same place for more then a week before moving on to a new location or when they make a kill.

Physical Description: The Malbred look almost eggshaped with large bottoms up to a smaller top of their head in oval like bodies. A gaping maw takes up most of the front of their bodies and two large red eyes in which can be read the wickedness that resides in their dead hearts through the beady points of crimson light. Atop there head are a pair of ears, larger somewhat rabbit or catlike ears that are fine tuned and hear all around them.
At there sides, they have arms almost as long as they are with long fingers excellent for wrapping around a potential victim. They remain against their sides until ready for use, blending in against their bulbous body while they stand still with their great mouth open and waiting.
They do not have legs, but the bottom of their torso has a sluglike effect that they use to slowly crawl and inch silently closer to their target, arms at the side waiting to snatch them up in a flash of movement.
Young Malbred are the size of a shortish full grown human, while adults are big enough to swallow eat ogres.
Malbred weigh only five pounds, as the majority of their weight is anchored to their extra-dimensional stomach.

Alignment: Always chaotic evil.

Land: Malbred come from a twisted dimension of flesh and blood.

Religion: Malbred don't care about religion, but they believe in the All Evil, the high king of all Malbred said to be large enough to swallow cities in a single bite and to have the corpses of deities of good in its extradimensional stomach large enough to house a planes worth of objects.

Language: Malbred speak Abyssal and Infernal, many can speak Common as well.

Adventures: Malbred generally lay in wait for prey to fall into their trap. But not all. Malbred can produce adventurers who quest to serve the All Evil and aspire to rise to similar greatness and one day feast on the flesh of gods, carving a bloody path on their greedy quest for ascension.

Monstrous Humanoid [Extraplanar]
+6 Str, +4 Con
Medium to Large: A Malbred of 1-5HD is Medium sized, a Malbred of 6-10HD is Large size, and a Malbred of 11-15 HD is Huge. The rare Malbred that gets to 16 HD grows to Gargantuan size, 21 they become Colossal. Every 15 levels there after they gain a new size (Colossal+ and so on).
[B]Speed: Malbred have a land speed of 5ft and cannot take 5ft steps, but they can teleport in a range of 40ft.
Alter Form: A Malbred can appear to look like a normal mundane object up to four size categories smaller then itself. True Seeing reveals the Malbred's true form, as normal, and Detect Evil can be used to detect evil emanating from the object, and detect thoughts can detect the silent, slow, anxious thoughts of the Malbred. This disguise is a physical Polymorph effect. A Malbred of 15 HD can appear as a humanoid creature of Small size up to the Malbred's own size.
Natural Weapons (Ex): A Malbred has a bite attack that deals damage as normal for a creature of its size, but adds one extra die to its damage. It also has a claw attack as normal for its size.
Improved Grapple (Ex): Malbred gain Improved Grapple as a racial bonus feat.
Improved Grab (Ex): Malbred have the Improved Grab ability, whenever they hit with a successful claw or bite attack they can make a grapple attempt as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity.
Swallow Whole/Paralysis (Ex): A Malbred can try to swallow a grabbed opponent by making a successful grapple check. Once inside the Malbred's mass, the opponent must succeed on a DC 20 Fortitude save or be paralyzed for 3d6 rounds by the Malbred’s digestive juices, taking 2d6 points of acid damage per round. A new save is required each round inside the Malbred. The save DC is Constitution-based. A swallowed creature that avoids paralysis can climb out of the mass with a successful grapple check. This returns it to the Malbred’s maw, where another successful grapple check is needed to get free. A swallowed creature can also cut its way out by using a light slashing or piercing weapon to deal 25 points of damage to the Malbred’s interior (Use the Malbred's Flat Footed AC). Once the creature exits, the Malbred’s regenerative capacity closes the hole; another swallowed opponent must cut its own way out. The number of creatures a Malbred can have within it does not have a limit, as its stomach is extradimensional in nature.
Regeneration (Ex): Malbred's flesh is very tough, and hard, it can endure great heat and it repairs itself quickly... however, it is brittle, conductive, and necrotic, so bludgeoning weapons, electricity, positive energy, force, and acid deal normal damage to a Malbred. A Malbred that loses part of its body mass can regrow it in 1d6 minutes. Holding the severed portion against the mass enables it to reattach instantly. This regeneration stops their aging and makes them grow quickly. They look fully formed, just Medium size, only a week after they are born and never change in appearance, only size, thereafter.
Blindsight: Since a typical Malbred does not move much, they developed excellent ears to see what their limited stationary cone of vision does not. They gain Blindsight within 30ft.
See in Dark: Malbred gain the See in Dark ability, unaffected by darkness of any sort and still distinguish color.
Skill Bonuses: +6 intimidate, +14 Disguise, +4 knowledge (Religion)
Automatic Languages: Abyssal, Infernal, a Malbred with 11 or more intelligence also knows Common automatically.
Bonus Languages: Any
Favored Class: Cleric
Level Adjustment: ?

Cipher Stars
2012-06-27, 04:30 PM
The Grebblits

The Grebblits are undead creatures that prey on anyone who wanders too far away from the city, to deep into the wilderness. They lurk around civilization and wait for living creatures to stray to far into their reach. They are carnivorous and eat any meat, but to them the flesh of a human is a savory treat...

Personality: Grebblits are chaotic evil creatures with a mind of chaos, they only socialize with other Grebblits because its beneficial to them, more hands means more hunting. More hunting means more food.... more humans to eat.
They care little for anything other then eating, and will eat all day everyday if they can. They don't beat around the bush with trickery, only patience and waiting. Waiting just long enough for them to get out of sight from the others, then they don't play with their food; they swoop in with knives and blades. The only boon is that the Grebblits prefer their meat fresh, and will keep their victims alive until they are cooked- cooked food tastes so much better to them.

Physical Description: Grebblits look like bipedal rabbits often torn in places with bones sticking out and chunks missing from their sides with bite marks a plenty from squabbles around the cooking pot. They often wear clothes they loot from the bodies they steal away. They are small, and quick creatures with sharp spike like teeth and faded white eyes.
They always weight anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds and they all stand 3.5 feet tall.
They are not born, they are made. They are created by the same All Evil the Melbred serve, created as a wicked accomplice in the consumption of the living.

Alignment: Grebblits are always chaotic evil.

Adventures: Grebblits sometimes adventure to break away from the pack, to find their own food so there is more for themselves. They'd adventure to seek new flavors, new tastes, new flesh to consume. Grebblits love eating more then anything, and the idea of eating exotic flesh fills their mind and pushes them towards adventuring.

small undead (magical beast)
+4 Dex, +2 Str*
*- this already factors strength penalties due to size.
Small Size
40ft speed
Natural Weapons: Grebblits have claws that deal normal claw damage for a creature of its size, and a bite attack that deals damage as if it was two size categories larger (i.e. claws do 1d4 points of damage and bite does 2d6 points of damage).
Taste of Death (Ex): A grebblit that has done melee damage to a creature can take a swift action to taste its blood, or savor a chunk of its flesh, so long as it could do so (i.e. a grebblit need to be able to lick its blade, or pick up a severed limb; bite attacks do this automatically).
The grebblit takes on a frenzied state that pushes it to deal extra damage equal to its HD or character level, and takes a fourth of that as a penalty to AC. A 20th level grebblit deals 10 extra damage per attack, and has a -5 penalty to AC.
Blood Hunt (Su): A grebblit who has tasted a creature always knows its general direction and can sense its presence. A blood-red mist, visible only to the grebblit, emanates from the tasted creature, marking it and foiling any disguise, illusion, and shapechanging effects. A grebblit can can target a tasted creature with spells, spell-like effects and supernatural abilities without line of sight or line of effect. The mist is a mental effect that only affects the grebblit. There is no save and no way to discover this effect, not even by magical or supernatural means. This lasts until either the target or the grebblit is dead.
Pack Hunt (Su): A grebblit can cut its paw like hand and make a similar cut on the palm of another creature. By shaking these two hands together a pact is made and now both creatures can sense a single creature the grebblit can sense in the same way as the grebblit can through Blood Hunt. If the other creature is also a grebblit, it can share one creature it has tasted as well at the same time.
Skill Bonuses: A grebblit has a +2 racial bonus to the following skills: Intimidate, Jump, Listen, and Move Silently
Automatic Languages: Common
Bonus Languages: Any
Favored Class: Ranger or Barbarian
Level Adjustment: 2

Cipher Stars
2012-06-27, 04:31 PM
I notice a lot of conflicting ideals about Changelings. Many people play them as featureless creepy things, others try to play them more humanized. I see plenty of more humanoid pictures of Changelings but many more pictures in which they are somewhat featureless, with hints of features more then actual features. There are also lots of questions as to Changeling's gender, and effects of changing gender.
I read it up and its true. Changelings are, much to my disappointment, creepy things.
So here's to all you Reality Seekers who want to look nice without having to be someone else.

The Pretanians

The Pretanians, or either Pretana when referring to a single one ("I'm a Pretana paladin.") or Pretanian wen referring to a single Pretanian but in a genrealized way ("We should find ourselves a Pretanian paladin...") but it really doesn't matter, are a race derived from the Changelings and Doppelganger heritage pool.
Pretanians are more reputable in their deeds and have a racial social structure all their own. Pretanians, unlike there Doppel and Changeling relatives have very humanoid appearances that are only somewhat alienlike, but only about as much as a Tiefling would be.

Personality: Pretanians are a nobler race, they have values and morals and uphold ideals that are in the lawful good spectrum. Unlike most Lawful Good creatures or people, Pretanians do not view trickery in combat or guile as something evil, only as evil as what it is used for. To use poison against a corrupt business man trading in slaves is acceptable, to use poison against the kind owner of an orphanage is evil.
That is the mindset of the Pretanians. Actions are only as evil as their intent. With that in mind, many Pretanian paladins have a few bottles of poison with which to give their smite an extra punch, or many rogues still hold a holy symbol close to their heart. No Pretanian is above using their abilities to get themselves in positions elsewhere in life or to blend into a different race for a variety of reasons, but their more natural looking appearance unlike the Changelings allows them to simply be themselves if they desire it when by comparison a Reality Seeker changeling would have some baggage.

Physical Description: Pretanians appear as averaged sized humanoids, with hair like any real "humanoid" would. Their colors are always soft, soft pale grey skin or soft toned hair. Faded purplish, reds, blues, and less commonly greens are the typical colors of a Pretanian. Their skin is typically only slightly grey or silvery in its tone, but otherwise based on a very soft pink of a very human shade. Where the familiar humanlike appearance ends is in their eyes, and in their nails. Pretanians have eyes that are pitch black and just ever so slightly larger then a human's. Their nails are hard, and durable, allowing them to be used akin to claws if filed with an edge and grown out a bit long. Beyond the black however, they don't openly appear all that unnatural, perhaps just like black nail polish has been applied. Their eyes are less inconspicuous. They are likened to orbs of obsidian that stain the flesh around them, making it look like they have built in eyeliner. Still, they aren't too unnerving. They have long elven ears that are tinged with black in the edges where the cartilage is most visible through the skin, but lastly, Pretanians have a pair of small black horns, like their nails, these small horns are impractical for use and are in fact rather blunt, but they actually look rather cute if you think about it. As you may notice from the ears, horns, and nails; Pretarians have black skeletons and bones, which some of the lawful-stupid races take as a mark of their demonic origins, having been blackened by the infernal fires of hell. Unlike Changelings Pretanians have clear and defined genders just as humans.

Relations: Pretanians like to keep in good standing with the other races. Their best relations however would be with the Changelings. The Pretanians take in changelings who wish to live a normal life away from all the lies and deception. Reality Seekers fit in best with the Pretanians, and even have some places among the Pretanian ruling class to help with governing.
Pretanians are seen as a slightly demonic and evil race, and some celestial races question them despite evidence of them reaching out to be as good as any race can be. It is common for a lone Pretanaian to be mistrusted as they are put in a similar bracket with Changelings in the minds of those who are uneducated and are simplistic judgmental twits.

Alignment: Pretanian society is generally lawful good, however the individual Pretanian can be just as diverse as a human would be. A Human heavily influenced by social norm that is. Pretanians are not cookie cutter, and have their own personalities, aspirations, motives, and outlook on life.

Lands: Pretanians can be found on any plane Changelings or Doppelgangers exist. They tend to keep together and form cities and kingdoms just as well as any other race. They tend to live where other races would not, because of their lack of need for some things that may be critical for other races to survive. They need less to eat, need less air to breath, and need less water to drink. As such, they can live in deserts and wastelands as easily as a human can live in a prosperous kingdom. But just as well the Pretanians who live on rich land don't use as much, and tend to have a good export of food they don't use for cheaper then it would if a human kingdom was there, much to the thanksgiving of lesser kingdoms in surrounding lands.

Religion: Pretarians do not have an established religion, and they do not have a patron deity. The true origins of their species is a complete mystery even among the gods. The first pretarians seemed to appear quite suddenly, humans and changelings alike woke up one morning to find themselves changed. Since then, the race met and established itself and reproduced normally without any known cases of changelings or humans finding themselves to be Pretanian one morning since the first day.
There are theories by scholars aplenty, but none know why or just how they came to be. However, there are a fair few deities who can care for them and a few religions that are more dominate among the Pretarians. However, most interesting seems to be a keener intrest in the Pretarians from Celestian, Cyndor, and the greater goddess Istus. None of the three deities will comment about their interest and seem to be meeting with one another more frequently then observed in the past, causing a bit of tension among the gods.

Language: Pretanians speak common and are perfectly capable of learning other languages. Pretanians who are in immense stress or call out in duress in the midst of danger sometimes find themselves speaking a strange language that is unknown, even among themselves. Few words are known of the language, as in such situations its uncommon for anyone to remember exactly what was said. But a Pretanian once traveled with a bard, who described the language as simultaneously filling her with dread and hope and sounding musical in nature, as if the language is one meant to be sung rather then merely spoken.

Adventures: Pretanians know all the same reasons for adventure as seen among humans. Their motives vary, their desires change. You'd be just as likely to find a Pretanian who adventures to retrieve a legendary plant in order to make a medicine for her dying lover, or to meet a Pretanian who quests to slay a dragon that took the lives of its family. Pretanians are slightly more likely to be landed with quests that involve skill and stealth then a human, however, as such quests tend to seek them out as there are few races who could be better suited to these. But its a minimal difference, a Fighter or Paladin Pretanian is no less common then a rogue.

+2 to one stat
30ft speed
Medium size: Pretanians don't have benefits or penalties due to size.
Power of Belief: "You will see. I'll save you, I'll save you all someday."
Pretanians have this thing they do. You see, humans often say that "If you believe it, it is possible". Well. For Pretanians, its much more true. Pretanians who believe that they can do something usually can. A DM should never make something wholly impossible for a Pretanian, within reason, so long as they convincingly tread the path towards that goal. Circumstance bonuses are double their normal value for Pretanians.
Be who you want to be: "I am who I am, and I am you"
A Pretanian can alter her appearance through her Power of Belief. This functions similarly to a Changelings Change Self ability. A Pretanian can perfectly alter her appearance slowly over time, over the course of one week taking a standard action each day before she sleeps to focus on her desired form. This is considered a true change and is not effected by True Seeing, but normal rules apply and they gain extraordinary abilities of the new form, but not Spell Like or Supernatural.
While changed, a Female Pretanian who is now a Male Human can impregnate, like wise a male Pretanian is now a Female Elf can become pregnant. In that situation, the Pretanian cannot change back until the baby is delivered or otherwise removed from within her as hormones and protective instinct build up in her subconscious and interfere with her ability to change. A Pretanian always remembers her true form, and she must continue to believe in the new self (Consider it a free action once a day) or else her original appearance reveals itself as she changes back over three days, this is not in effect on a pregnant Pretanian who is stuck until the condition ends.
Mechanically, there is no visual difference between the two and the belief doesn't so much as change her personality so much as it adds a second layer. The new form has instincts and is somewhat intuitively guided in knowledge the new form should know, but it does not actually know what her mimicked form knows. This means she gets a +20 to disguise checks made with this form as opposed to a normal +10 from shapechanging effects.
Special: With this ability, polymorph spells and abilities obtained through other means can last twice as long.
Skill Bonuses: The Pretanians have a +2 to Disguise, and gain one extra skill point per level.
Automatic Languages: Common
Bonus Languages: Any
Favored Class: Any one.

Pretanian Aging:
Pretana Random Starting Ages
20 |+12d6|+12d8|+12d12[/table]

Pretana Aging Effects:
{table=head]Middle Age|Old Age|Venerable|Maximum Age

75 | 120 years| 150 years|+10d6 years[/table]

Pretana random Height and Weight
{table=head]Gender|Base Height|Height Modifier|Base Weight|Weight Modifier

Male| 5'2”|+2d6| 135 lb.|+ (1d8 * 1d12) lb.

Female|4’8”|+2d6| 90 lb.|+ (1d6 * 1d10) lb.[/table]