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2012-07-02, 03:34 PM
So I ran an interest check for a Golden Sun based forum game and got a lot of responses. While we were deciding which system to play I made up some Djinn abilities that people could use if we ended up playing the DnD System.

Some credit goes to Infernally Clay for coming up with the original idea about using the Djinn.

Each Djinn offers a +2 in a stat or something roughly equivalent, a 3rd (ish) level spell for the character to use while the Djinn is equipped (this spell replaces one of the Adepts highest level spells) and an extra attack that unequips the Djinn used but is supposed to be equivalent to a 4th level spell. Once the Djinn is unequipped, the character loses the bonus spell and the stat boost, but can re equip the Djinn as a free action after a number of rounds (say 1d4).

So here are the tables, if anyone is familiar enough with the games to make some suggestions or come up with new Djinn to add, I encourage it:

Here's some other Djinn Tables I thought up. I'm willing to let people work out their own classes, provided they are thematically appropriate.

Venus Djinn:
{table]Djinn|Stat Boost|Spell|Unique Attack
Flint|+2 STR|Hail of Stone|Next Melee Attack does 1.5x Dmg
Granite|+4 AC|Mage Armor| Party gets +2 Dodge bonus to AC for 1 turn
Quartz|+2 CON|Cure Light Wounds| Stabilize and Cure Lesser Wounds on Ally at less than 0 HP
Vine|+2 WIS|Slow| Enemy struck by next melee attack loses initiative
Sap|+3 Attack|Vampiric Touch| Next Melee attack heals user for 100% DMG
Ground|+2 DEX|Wrack|Target must succeed on a Fort save vs (IDK) or be stunned for 1 round
Bane|+2 INT|Poison|Next attack deals 1d6 CON in addition to regular damage[/table]

Mars Djinn:
{table]Djinn|Stat Boost|Spell|Unique Attack
Forge|+2 STR|Magic Weapon|Increases each character's Attack by +2 for 1 turn
Fever|+2 INT|Searing Light| Add 1 extra attack to your next full attack action
Corona|+2 DEX|Barkskin (call it flameshield)| Allies gain +2 Bonus to AC for 1 turn
Scorch|+2 STR|Maximized Burning Hands| Next Attack deals 1.5x Damage
Ember|+4 AC|Lesser Restoration| Recover 1 used spell slot or spell per day
Flash|+2 DEX|Daylight|Gain Total Concealment against next attack
Torch|+3 Attack|Keen|Next attack has Critical threat range doubled([/table]

Mercury Djinn:
{table]Djinn|Stat Boost|Spell|Unique Attack
Fizz|+2 WIS|Cure Serious Wounds|Heal 1d8+LVL damage for each party member
Sleet|+2 DEX|Darkbolt| Ignore 5 PTS of DR with next attack
Mist|+2 CON|Sleep| next attack has 50% chance to put opponent to sleep
Spritz|+2 WIS|Mass Cure Light Wounds| Heal 4d8+LVL DMG
Hail|+3 Attack|Deific Vengeance| Next Attack has a +5 Bonus to Hit
Tonic|+2 CON|Restoration|Allies are cured of any status effects
DEW|+2 WIS|Cure Moderate Wounds|Ally is automatically restored to Max HP-1d6[/table]

Jupiter Djinn:
{table]Djinn|Stat Boost|Spell|Unique Attack
Gust|+2 Dex|Weapon Bless|Next attack has 50% chance of being a critical hit
Breeze|+2 All Saves|Endure Elements| Party gains resist energy 10, caster's choice
Zephyr|+5 Initiative|Haste| Haste all allies for 3 turns
Smog|+2 INT|Fog Cloud| Stinking Cloud effect
Kite|+3 Attack|Haste| Ally doubles # of attacks for 1 round
Squall|+2 INT|Winter's Embrace (lightning damage instead of cold)|Next attack has 20% chance to stun opponent
Luff|+2 WIS|Dispel Magic|Silence all enemies that fail FORT save[/table]

2012-07-02, 05:21 PM
What about the Tonic Djinn? :smalltongue:

2012-07-02, 05:23 PM
What about Tonic? Some of them were kinda tough to come up with the proper spells to use so I fudged it a little. If you're got any suggestions I'll listen to them. That's why I posted the tables here in the first place.

Morph Bark
2012-07-02, 05:30 PM
I don't recommend mixing Corona with Tonic.

I think doubling the bonuses might be a good idea, since +1 [ability score] does hardly anything. And how would one go about acquiring these?

2012-07-02, 05:49 PM
doubling the bonuses might work, it was supposed to be for an E6 game, so I was worried about them becoming too overpowered.

As far as introducing the Djinn into your game, they could be quest rewards or found throughout the game world. Equipping them wouldn't be any different than it is in the games, where you just sort of "have" them. Each Adept (I'm still working on those classes) can have up to 9 Djinn equipped at a time.

2012-07-02, 07:23 PM
What about Tonic? Some of them were kinda tough to come up with the proper spells to use so I fudged it a little. If you're got any suggestions I'll listen to them. That's why I posted the tables here in the first place.

Sorry. That was a joke suggestion. Take a look at my username. :smallbiggrin:

2012-07-02, 07:59 PM
I was wondering if that's what you were referencing. Unfortunately it seems to have gone over my head... ah well.

I'm going to go back and edit the first post so to power up the Djinns a little bit.