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Karamoss was the first, we are the next step in the Numerian Evolution of Perfection.~a Technic Adept before entering Silvermount.

Physical Description:Numerians resemble humans, their hair may be grey with age or they may have small metallic protrusions from their skulls or chest but what many dont notice is their articulated movements, and their torsp and limbs at some places have a thickness to them. This is in fact their internal protection built of metal from Silvermount, the metal protrusions are often this protection jutting from the skin or seen under it. Their bodies are often thin and weak looking but they are indeed more then meets the eye if observed. The internal structure takes many forms ranging from harden metallic plates to hard studs set along the spine and scalp. It is believed to be nanites that multiply within their host feeding off energy, it is even unknown to League members what exactly makes Numerians what they are

Society: Numerians are rarely seen outside of Numeria and most are members of the Technic League or members who went rogue, they’re often untrusted outside the decadent order of arcanist if their nature is discovered. Numerians who dwell in Red Redoubt are considered by those of the Technic League as inferior compared to their own 'perfect' design of Silvermounts mysterious blessing.When a Numerian discovers Shory or Azlanti knowledge in anyones library they will often attempt to trade for these devices or tomes to add to their library in attempt to discover Numeria's past secrets and possible involvement of the two races of Golarion that while humans were still trudging in the mud they were using strange magics and creating advanced constructs and items. The Technic League has even went as far as send Numerians to the Sun Temple Colony in attempt to discover their secrets believing technology taken from the past may have been invloved in its construction.

Relations: Numerians have a strange air to them, a aberrant quality, and many races cannot trust them. Kellids see Numerians as horrors of perversion and will often kill them on sight. Though for those who see Numerians as they truly are they seem to be more then what they seem, and in truth there is more to them that meets the eye. Upon first sight many races think the studs and bumps in their skin are simple body modifications.

Alignment and Religion: Numerians are often of a Lawful nature following the laws of their own people and that of the League, though it is not uncommon for a small faction to be of Chaos often those who go into Exile from going rogue or living in Red Redoubt. They often share similar to religious veiws even though few take upon themselves the mantle of divinity because the idea of serving a divine entity often seem unnatural to them. They will admit worship of gods of magic, Great Old Ones, and the Outer Gods because they are entities who are scientific concepts incarnate.

Adventurers: Numerians often venture out of their order to discover more lost knowledge or stolen relics from Silvermount, few found among the ruins of Red Redoubt of Karamoss are the result of Karamoss experiments on organics in attempt to make better soldiers with his servants. Alchemist, Wizards, and Sorcerers are common among the Numerians.

Male Names:Obsidian, Garakane, Blotch, Bane

Female Names: Silver, Lin, Valve, Noxious


+2Intellegence -2 Strength, +2 Con, -2 Charisma . Medium Normal Speed: 30 Feet Languages:Common; Bonus Language: Draconic, Hallit, Azlanti Arcane Science: Numerians may cast Identify 1/day as a spell like ability with a caster level equal to half their hit die Technic Taught: Numerians treat Spellcaft as a class skill; If Numerians have Spellcaft as a class skill they then gain a +2 bonus to Spellcraft checks to identify technological* items and their abilities, as well as how to activate them.
*If your DM does not use the technology rules for Numeria, the bonus is used in its usual way.

Random Starting Ages
15 years|
+1d4 years(16 - 19 years)|
+1d6 years(16 - 21 years)|
+2d6 years(17 - 27 years)[/table]

Aging Effects
Middle Age|
Maximum Age
50 years|
+2d12 years[/table]

Random Height and Weight
Base Height|
Height Modifier|
Base Weight|
Weight Modifier
4 ft. 10 in.|
+2d10 in.(5 ft - 6 ft. 6 in.)|
120 lbs.|
+(2d10×5 lbs.)(130 - 220 lbs.)
4 ft. 5 in|
+2d10 in.(4 ft. 7 in. - 6 ft. 1 in.)|
85 lbs.|
+(2d10×5 lbs.)(95 - 185 lbs.)[/table]

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Class Options

Aballonian Grafter

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Improvements can be made, organism lacks proper equipment for mining so will improvise what must be altered.~Aballonian Grafter altering a 'pet' for specific work.

Aballonian Grafter hail from the planet of Aballon or the lands of Numeria. It is unknown where they truly come from, some even go as far to say it is the experiment from he technic league to combine skytech with the most adaptive mechanical creature known to them, the Aballonians. Even though Numeria has little knowledge of Aballon and it inhabitants but every so often a Technic Adept will disappear and months later will appear changed into something not fully organic.

Role: The Aballonian Grafter acts as support to front line assault if needed, they spend much of their time creating items and improving inferior designs.

Alignment: Aballonian Grafters are often neutral or lawful, very few become chaotic and those are often those who did not bond well with the aballonian.

Hit Die: d10

Starting Gold: As Wizard

Class Skills
The class name's class skills are Bluff (Cha), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (history) (Int), Knowledge (local) (Int), Perception (Wis), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), and Survival (Wis), Use Magic Device (Cha)
Skill Points at First Level:4 + Int modifier

Aballonian Grafter
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Grafter Pool

+2|Graft Pool, Apply Graft,Grafters Bond|


+3|Bonus Feat|

+4| Reprogram |

+4|Mind Thrust 1/day|

+5|Solar Cells 1d6 2/day|

+5|Bonus Feat|

+6|Mind Thrust 2/day, Beacon to Aballon 1/day|

+6|Solar Cells 2d6 2/day|

+7|Grand Conversion|

+7|Mind Thrust 3/day|

+8|Beacon to Aballon 2/day, Solar Cells 3d6 2/day|

+8|Bonus Feat|

+9|Mind Thrust 4/day|


+10|Beacon to Aballon 3/day Solar Cells 4d6 3/day|

+10|Mind Thrust 5/day|

+11|Class Ability|

+11|Solar Cells 5d6 2/day|

+12|Beacon to Aballon 4/day, Behold the Machine|

Class Features
All of the following are class features of the CLASS NAME.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Aballonian Grafters gain no proficiencies.

Grafter Pool: (Ex):Grafters have a pool of evolution points that may be applied to a willing organism or himself, most often his bonded companion or hirelings. The evolutions available come from the Summoners Eidolons evolution list. All grafts created through the graft pool are temporary and will disintegrate after 24 hours.
Apply Graft:(Ex)At 2nd level Grafters may apply evolution's to other creatures and even to constructs if they are willing, any creature who has a evolution applied to it while not willing to accept will take xd6 of damage where x is equal to the evolution's cost.
Grafters Bond (Ex): A Aballonian Grafter creates a Bond with a host organism and augments it to total conversion. This Functions like the Eidolon class feature of the Summoner but is a construct instead of a outsider
Reprogram:(Su)At 4th level a Aballonian grafter can attempt to bend the will of a construct to his control even if it has a master.If the construct is mindless a Aballonian Grafter may make a Handle Animal check to determine if it was successful, otherwise if the construct is intelligent it must make a spellcraft check of 20 during 2 full rounds.
Mind Thrust:(Ps)At level 5 Aballonian Grafters gain the use of Mind Thrust 1/day as a psi-like ability. Every 3 levels after they gain a additional use of mind thrust per day.
Solar Cells:(Su) At 6th level a Aballonian Grafter may take a full round action to heal 1d6 damage, every 3 levels after the amount increases by 1d6. You may useSolar Cells to heal your Bonded 'Pet'
Grand Conversion:(Su) At level 10 Aballonian Grafters gain the (half construct) subtype in addition to their other subtypes.
Beacon to Aballon:(Su)At level 8 Aballonian Grafter may make a standard action to summon 1d4 of Aballonians once per day.At every 4 levels after a Aballonian Grafter gains the use of Beacon to Aballon a additional once per day. All Aballonians summoned this way will disappear after 6 rounds or if they are taken down to 1/3 of their health.
Behold the Machine:(Ex) A Aballonian Grafter at 20th level gains all construct traits and from now on counts as a construct and is not affected by Hold Person or Hold Monster.

Numerian Augmenter

Augments(Ex): Numerian Augmenters gain Augments in exchange for the Graft Pool, Apply Graft, and Grafters Bond Class Features. Numerian Augmenters choose from a list of Augments that advance as they level. They may gain a new Augment after the first every 3 levels after. 1,4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19.

Exo-Skeleton(Ex): Exo Skeleton offers a increased armor score. At 1st level Exo-Skeleton gives a +2 bonus to their armor score and if taken at a later level it gives a +1 bonus; every 2 levels afterwards this is increased by 1. The Exo-skeleton covers the torso and vital areas making sneak attacks -2 to hit.
Enhanced Strength(Ex): Enhanced Srength canot be taken until level 10, Enhanced Strength give +2 to two hysical attributes of you choice. This Augment
Neural Implant: When attempting to reprogram a construct you may reroll to determine success. This ability can only be used in conjunction with Reprogram 2/day.
Nanites Infusion(Ex):Nanite Infusion functions like the Alchemist Spontaneous Healing Discovery.
Plasma Claws:All unarmed and natural attacks used deal a extra d6 of fire or electric damage.
Metallic Claws(Ex): You gain a natural claw attack that deals damage equal to your size.
Blood Filters(Ex): You must have Nanite Infusion to gain the effects of Blood Filters, when a Numerian Augmenter is infected with a disease it gains a +2 bonus to all rolls to discover the symptoms and cures of the disease.
Plasma Breath(Ex) A Numerian Augmenter gains a breath weapon that deals 1d8 of fire damage in the form of a cone with the reach of 30 ft when it is taken; once ever 2 levels after the damage is increased by 1d8 but cannot exceed 3d8. Plasma breath can be used 2/day.
Burst(Ps):You gain the ability to manifest Bust as a psi-like ability 2/day with a manifester level equal to half your total hit die.
Extra Arm(Ex):Same as Alchemist Vestigial Arm Discovery. This Augment can be chosen up to two times.
Grasping Tendril(Ex): Same as Alchemist Tentacle Discovery. This Augment can be chosen up to two times.
Ferrous Touch(Su): Your touch can be corrosive to metal similar to that of a Rust Monster, as a standard action you may cast Rusting Grasp as a spell like ability with a caster level equal to half your total hit die.
Rapid Growth(Ps): You may manifest Expansion as a psi-like ability x/day where x is your constitution modifier with a manifester.
Wall Crawler(Ex):You gain a climb speed equal to half your land speed.
Burrower(Ex):You gain a burrow speed equal to half your land speed and after two levels of this augment it is increased to your full land speed.You must have the Metallic Claws and Plasma Claws Augments.
Techno-Organic Wings(Ex):You gain a flight speed equal to half your land speed.After 3 levels of taking this Augment the speed is increased to your full land speed.You must have the Wall Crawler Augment before taking Techno-Organic Gills.
Techno-Organic Gills(Ex):You gain a swim speed equal to half your swim speed. After 3 levels of taking this Augment the speed is increased to your full land speed.You cannot have Techno-Organic Wings and Techno-Organic Gills at the same time, to take Techno-Organic Gills you must have the Burrower Augment.

Plasma Grenade:Plasma Grenade replaces Beacon to Aballon, it functions like the Alchemist Bomb class feature and benefits from the shocking bomb discovery.discover.
Quake(Ps):You may manifest Stomp as a psi-like ability 1/day with a manifester level equal to half your total hit die. Quake replaces Mind Thrust and advances in the same manner.
Technological Artificer:At level 6 you gain a +2 bonus to all Use Magic Devices and Spellcraft checks to uncover the nature of all technological* devices from Numeria. If Technological Artificer is used on a regular magic item it only gives a +1 to Use Magic Devices and Spellcraft checks uncover their nature. Technological Artificer allows you to build constructs with the (Robot) Subtype if you have the supplies to do so. The bonus increases by +1 at level 9, 12,16, 19.This replaces the Solar Cells.

We are those who tend to the Chaos Engine, we serve he and he alone as we study the ruins of the Shory and in that knowledge we are like Godlings among our Kind.~a Chaos-Technician referring to a fellow Technic Adept status.

Chaos Energy Pool(Su):Chaos Energy Pool follows the same advancement of the Grafter Pool.The Chaos Pool fuels many of the chaos-technicians abilities.


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Feats will be posted here. WIP

Prerequisites:Favored Enemy class feature, Favored Enemy is construct, Track class feature
Benefits: All damage dealt to Constructs deals a extra d4 of damage. If the construct in question has the (robot) subtype they gain a +2 competence bonus to all attempts to identify the tracks of a construct and its general direction.

Numerian Survivalist
Prerequisites: Numeria Native, level 1
Benefit: You gain a +2 to all survival and knowledge(geography) checks to determine if food is hazardous or the land is dangerous.

Numerian Mutant
Prerequisites: Numeria Native, level 1
Benefit: You gain 2 evolution points to spend on a evolution from the Summoners Eidolon evolution list.

Psionic Science(Psionic)
Prerequisites:Use Magic Devices 2 ranks, Wild Talent or Psionic Talent
Benefit:You gain a +2 bonus on all rolls to activate psionic items or to uncover their purpose and nature. By spending up to 3 Power Points you gain a +1 for each point spent to use magic devices rolls.

Sky Shaman
Prerequisites: Kellid ethnicity, Cult of Sky trait, knowledge(Geography), Knowledge(Nature)
Benefits:All Knowledge(Geography) and Knowledge(Nature) checks gain a +2 competence bonus if they are to determine unnatural weather patterns that may lead to space debris or meteors, or features of terrain if they are a impact site of meteors or space debris.

Technic Adept
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Use Magic Devices if attempting to discover the function and use of technology.

Aberrant Stalker
Benefit:You may cast Detect Aberration once per day as a spell-like ability. This is cast at your highest caster level gained; if you have no caster level, it functions at CL 1st.

Cult of Sky
Benefit:You may cast Sun Metal once per day as a spell-like ability. This is cast at your highest caster level gained; if you have no caster level, it functions at CL 1st.

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The Race and Class are done, possible archetypes will be made for the class though. You may post now regarding the material thus far.

Let the PEACHing begin!