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2012-07-03, 06:10 AM
Hiya guys,

I thought up a short contest for anyone willing to have a quick go at it.

The long version of this post:

Iím the main DM in my group and my players are all pretty green in terms of crunch, however a few of them have expressed a desire to have a go at DMing but none of them feel ready to commit to a full blown campaign and seem to really like the world we have going on. Iím all for training up the DMs of the future so I decided that I would allow they to take over the reins in small single session chunks of our current campaign (setting up small sub quests separate from the main story that can play out in a session).

Anyway, Iím looking at making a character for me, as the main DM, to drop in and out of controlling as a player.

I still want to make sure that the players are the driving force behind the campaign and donít want to fly in and act as some kind of spotlight stealer, so I figured that I will play as a support class.

That begins said I want to play a support class with a different more ďactiveĒ feel. I donít want to be a walking passive bonus.

Iíve had some ideas already, but I thought it may be fun to open this up to you all. So my task for you is to inspire me! Make a support class which focuses mainly upon aiding and facilitating the actions of other players but does so in a way which will be interesting and interactive for the person taking on that role.

I will be playing an E6 campaign with the class in question but I think it would love to see the class fleshed out to its full 20 levels (so others not playing E6 can use it as well).

the actual heart of the post:

Make a support style class, which focuses upon aiding and facilitating the other players in the group. The support offered by the class should be implemented in an interesting way for the player providing that support (not just passive bonuses).

I thought I would offer this up as a short contest with an end time of the 8th of this month (July)Ö so you donít have long!

More Rules for the contest:

1) Letís try to keep everything you post original, so while you can direct me to your old creations donít expect to win with them. Make something new and original.

2) As the time frame is short Iím going to be pretty lenient on whatís finished in terms of fluff, but i do expect the crunch side to be complete.

3) Again as time is short I will be a little lenient on formatting issues... but if you make it unreadable or overly difficult for my eyes to work through your out.

4) The ending time is GMT based but Iíll probably end up closing the thing on Monday morning, none the less, donít take the risk of missing the cut off point. Submit early to avoid disappointment!

2012-07-03, 06:19 AM
Try Kenneth's version of the Marshal (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=224745) with my tweaks for scaling shouts that is in the last post

It is very mush an active support class that is able to fight from the frontline as well.