View Full Version : Relationship between fantasy mmorpgs and modern-shooter rpgs?

2012-07-03, 10:37 AM
So given the rise of class-based shooter mmo's such as team fortress, valkyria chronicles, mass effect 3, borderlands 2, battlefield 3, etc.., I've been wondering about how such classes correspond to the classes in class-based fantasy mmorpgs. Given the basic classes, rogues, warriors, healers/clerics, and mages, how do they correspond to the classes in shooter mmorpgs?
For example in valkyria chronicles, I see how healers, rogues, and warriors fit in, but where do mages fit in? In team fortress 2, it's obvious the healer is the medic. The infantry, spies, demoman,.... all fit in within the rogue/warrior classes. But where do the mages fit in? The engineers?
This raises the question of what exactly defines the mage class rather than simply magic? Are there are other things that define such a class? We can label it as squishy and dps class, but at the same time, so are rogues?
So what class in class-based shooter games correspond with mage classes?
What do you guys think? 1) Say that you like the rogue and warrior classes. Since there's the general concept of it, can one relate this to other classes in other class-based shooters? 2) How would this relate, and what would we have to look at to relate the classes?
3) Are the base classes of mmorpgs rogues, warriors, mages, and clerics?

In short, all I'm trying to figure out is how classes in fantasy rpgs can relate to classes in class-based shooters or in any other genre.

2012-07-03, 11:10 AM
Take tf2 for example which represent most classes in class-based shooter.
I would definitely put ranger/rogeu calsses with spy, scout, and sniper.
Warrior with soldier and heavy.
Cleric obviously as medic.
Where would demoman, pyro, and engineer go?
I'm trying to figure out if mages should correspond with more technologically advanced classes or are nukers even though rangers/rogues nuke harder or have ranged aoe skills as well in some games.